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Weak Arm

Having a weak arm might be an indicator of neurological compression in the neck, but other causes can also exist.

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Sciatica in Both Legs

Sciatica in both legs, also called bilateral sciatica, is less common than symptoms that exist in only one leg, called unilateral sciatica.

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Sciatica in One Leg

Sciatica in one leg is known as unilateral sciatica and can exist on the left or right side, depending on the causative process.

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Pelvic Misalignment

Pelvic misalignment can take the form of tilting, tucking or rotation.Any of these conditions has the potential to create painful spinal symptoms.

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Pain When Turning Head

Pain when turning the head is one of the most common motion-related symptomatic triggers. Learn why head rotation causes neck pain.

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Causes of Upper Back Pain

There are many possible causes of upper back pain, including back injury, age-related spinal degeneration, soft tissue pathology and other non-structural issues.

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Spine Pain

Spine pain describes symptoms that originate in the actual vertebral column, as opposed to the surrounding musculature or other anatomical locales.Spinal discomfort can be neurological or mechanical.

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Osteoarthritis Diagnosis

The osteoarthritis diagnosis is one of the most profitable conditions in medicine. Most patients do not know that osteoarthritis is normal and universal in adults.

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Isthmic Spondylolisthesis

Isthmic spondylolisthesis is a vertebral misalignment condition which can cause pain in serious cases, but may be asymptomatic in mild to moderate forms.

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Neuroforaminal Narrowing

Neuroforaminal narrowing describes a loss of patency in the spaces through which the spinal nerve roots use to exit the spinal column. Foraminal stenosis is typical in the lower back and neck.

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Burning in Lower Back

Experiencing burning in lower back is scary and can come from an assortment of different causes. Learn about lumbar burning sensations.

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Influenza Back Pain

Influenza back pain is a common sign of flu infection. In fact, back pain might be one of the first symptoms experienced when the flu begins.

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Lower Back Pain When Looking Down

Lower back pain when looking down results from muscular causation in most patients. However, other explanations are plausible in less common scenarios.

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Middle Back Pain Diagnosis

Achieving an accurate middle back pain diagnosis presents additional problems compared to lumbar or cervical pain syndromes.

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Neurogenic Intermittent Claudication

Neurogenic intermittent claudication describes a set of debilitating symptoms most often associated with lumbar central spinal canal stenosis.

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Stenosis or Stress

Stenosis or stress story, sent in by Raven, details a question of which is the true causation of pain.

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Back Pain in Athletes

Back pain in athletes can interfere with performance and might even bring an athletic career to an abrupt halt.

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Back Injury from Headbanging

Back injury from headbanging can occur in virtually any location of the spine. Learn why headbangers often suffer from back or neck pain later in life.

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Piriformis Symptoms

Piriformis symptoms can mimic any other form of pseudo-sciatica, since the sciatic nerve is often affected by compression from the piriformis muscle.

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Chiropractic for Sciatica

Chiropractic for sciatica uses hands-on spinal manipulation to relieve pain without drugs or surgery. Learn about chiropractic sciatica treatment.

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