11 Year Old Back Pain

My 11 year old who has a mild scoliosis started getting bad back pain in December last year. It was so bad that when we drove to our holiday destination she was in pain the whole way. She felt every little bump in the road. She participated in all our holiday activities but it was obvious she was in a lot of pain. At the water park she could only go on one ride and then she had to rest and take neurofon till the pain got a little better. This continued and in late January I noticed that she was leaning over slightly to the right and that she couldn't lift her legs to climb stairs or march.

I took her for an x-ray but the scoliosis was still only 20 degrees. Her back muscles were very tight and the physiotherapist tried acupuncture, core muscle strengthening exercises, hydrotherapy and strapping. In February she had intense muscle spasms and I had to take her to emergency where she was put into hospital and given diazapam for 4 days. The did an MRI and nothing showed up.

She gradually had more and more trouble and car trouble was causing distress. Her feet were starting to turn outwards and she was leaning over more.If she tried hard she could stand straight but she said it was tiring. She then starting getting very loud popping noises coming from her back kind of like a popping of a champagne bottle which caused her a great deal of pain. The doctors sent her to a rheumatologist and organized a back brace for her. Not long after she got the brace she couldn't straighten up even when she wanted to. The physio had her doing exercises and they were causing her pain and one night I had to take her back to the hospital for pain relief. At this point her feet had turned out towards the sides and she was flat out walking. From there everything went downhill. The muscle tone in her lower half which had been very tight previously is now at a spasticity level. She has been unable to walk since then and we have had her to specialist which have told us it is conversion disorder.

The whole thing has been going on for 7 months. Back in December her back was just extremely sore with high muscle tone in her lower back. Doctors didn't do anything for her pain and now they are telling us it is some conversion disorder. Our life is a living hell. My daughter is a talented musician and a child who has always been on the go. Even now that she is in a well chair she always finds something to do and seems happy. My life on the either hand is a living hell as I watch my daughter life disappear before my eyes. - Teena

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