17 Years of Suffering

Hi, my name is Robert. For 30 years, I lived a non pain-filled life. My back was strong as an ox. I worked out at the gym for 2 - 3 years and was in great shape until June 24, 1994. On this date, I was rammed from behind by a drunk driver at approximately 60 miles an hour at a red light. I survived, but not the other occupants. Why?

2 years of therapy, but the pain never let up. 30 min every day after waking up and getting on my feet, it starts and gets worse hour by hour. I endured it and went back to work 3 years later, still in pain. I seemed to function as I did before to most people. Even my family questioned my constant claim of agony every minute of every day, but yet with my pride and strength of character, I endured.

X-rays in 1997 showed 1 herniated disc, 2 bulging discs. Triple fusion was an option given to me by 3 specialists. I took another option, which was to try to endure it. It is now 17 years later and I lost few friends. My family is now distant as no one understands why on earth I haven't just fixed it. Get the surgery and stop complaining. I did my research and found a 40 - 50% success rate with major surgery.

2 years ago I realized that no one cares, or wants to ever hear anyone complain about their health, so I never said a word about it since, even though the pain is now very bad. I can't believe that I am not alone in this misery. It's actually life and death daily. Why go on like this? Alcohol helps immensely, but creates an inevitable end.

Just knowing that there are thousands of people living like this is now what gives me strength to join the true champions in this life. Thanks for listening - Rob

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