20 Year Battle with Back Pain

I am now seventy-years-old. I was around fifty when it started. I still don't know why. I was in a car wreck twenty-years ago this Memorial Day weekend. A truck ran a light and broadsided me, spun the car around, and I landed in someone's yard. I went to the hospital but only had a small cut over my eyelid.

At the time, I was working in a factory that manufactured toasters, and getting ready to move into the new house I had had built for my daughter, small grandson, and me. I did mostly assembly-line work, but there was some lifting involved. There was also a lot of physical work involved in moving into the house. Shortly after moving, I started to get out of bed one morning, and that's when I knew--something was wrong with my back.

I spent the next two or more years going to a chiropractor. He kept telling me I did not have a bulging or ruptured disc. I wish I had listened to him. Finally, he made an appointment for me with a neurosurgeon, who he said was the best. He was Canadian. I had an MRI, and the doctor did not think my disc was ruptured, but ran dye in my spine to be sure. As soon as he saw the results he told my daughter and son-in-law that I needed surgery, and I needed it immediately! I did not want the surgery, but his scare tactics worked, and I was operated on in February of 1995.

I came out of recovery at eight that night, and was back home, some thirty-five miles away, by two the next day. I thought I was going to die. It has been down-hill since then. I had a mortgage to pay, and was unable to work. I had to go on disability. Instead of relieving my pain, the surgery only increased it. I have had other MRIs, been to other chiropractors, and am going to an orthopedic surgeon next week.

I had an MRI two weeks ago. I think my doctor said L2, 3, and 5 were degenerating, and I have stenosis, and I'm not sure what that is. I do know that I have lived with not only the lower back pain, but intense pain in my buttocks, legs, and even my feet. Sometimes the pain is unbearable. I hurt so bad, I shake all over.

I am now seventy-years-old, still try to do my housework, go to college online, and I am deeply in debt. A social security check will not pay the bills. I don't know what this orthopedic doctor will say, but I do know I will never have major back surgery again. I take eight tylenol, eight aspirin, and four muscle relaxers in twenty-four hours. I might as well just take a drink of water. The only way I can get any relief is to lay down and take all pressure off my spine. I am a Christian, and I know God is more than able to heal me. I would ask that your readers pray for me. - Peggy

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