20 Years of Chronic Pain

Hello my name is Mark. I am a 38 year old male who has had 13 major reconstructive surgeries and many other injuries including a near fatal car wreck. I am fighting a losing battle with my enemy known as chronic pain.

I have tried just about every thing one can do in order to get a little relief and serenity. I have tried opiate painkillers from class 1-4, chiropractic, hypnosis, acupuncture, physical therapy, the list goes on and on. I had a great pain doctor in Marin, California whom I had finally found the right combo of drugs and other methods to achieve adequate relief. I moved a few years ago to East Texas and my condition is now at its worst.

The problem of people abusing and selling their medications is very high in this area, leading to doctors being very wary of prescribing anything other than vicodin. So my pain level remains high and I am still looking for a doctor with whom I can discuss my conditions with without them looking at me like I am some kind of junkie or pill seller. This talk of strong narcotics with these doctors in my experience shuts them down from discussing all options and non drug therapies.

I asked my doctor for lidocaine patches and was told "They don't work you don't need them". I asked for a session of physical therapy and was told "You only get p.t. right after you have an accident". Crazy is it not?

Chronic pain is no fun. Our society, lawmakers, and medical people need to be more tolerant and understanding to what we go through on a daily basis. I go to work I pay my bills and live a good quiet life. I would just like to spend my time doing those things and time with my family comfortably. Not in constant pain. To all who suffer needlessly, my heart goes out to you. - Mark

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