3 Failed Back Surgeries

Please read, this might save your life!

My name is Tom. Yes, 3 failed back surgeries. Yes, my lower back hurt for years. I first injured my back at work and was awarded lifetime workman's compensation, which was great at first because it paid for me getting P/T. What worked for me was deep tissue massage and water therapy. My back seemed in check with the P/T. But one day I received a letter from Workman`s Comp stating that they want me to see an orthopedic surgeon.

Wow! What a mistake! that was seeing this doctor. 1st MRI. this doctor stating no wonder your in so much pain, you have 2 herniated disc and must perform anterior surgery ASAP! Something to think about!

I trusted this doctor`s advice for having surgery. What a mistake! After the 1st surgery I was in more pain than ever. why? Because the hardware fell away from the L4 L5 disc. But again I trusted this doctor and he now performed a second surgery from the posterior (fuse L4 L5 disc) Sad but true! I woke in more pain than ever!

Again trusting this doctor because my posterior fusion was coming undone, the hardware pinching nerves, and again trusting this doctor to remove the hardware praying this time I will have some relief but not so! My last meeting with this doctor, he told I have no pain tolerance and have no manhood!

Bottom line: do not have back surgeries of any kind, especially fusions!

This doctor basically disabled me for life! Note: please contact me ASAP if anyone can help my pain issues. Help! Tom

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