9 Year Old with Back Pain

Hi! I'm Megan. I am currently 12 years old. One day, January 15th to be exact, I was dropped off at my small school. I was perfectly healthy, and life was good. My friends and I were playing at recess at 9:20 am. It had been below freezing the night before, so everything was frozen. I went down the slide, not seeing any ice (before I got my glasses). I flew over the edge of the slide into the air, and landed in a seated position on the frozen ground. I blacked out and couldn't walk.

My school made me walk to the nurse, who didn't call my mom, she told me to go back to class. I went to a doctor who said nothing was wrong, to give it time. It hurt worse. I went to my new doctor. He diagnosed me with Spondylothesis. It had spread to my sciatic nerve in my leg, and caused an imbalanced pelvis, making a leg shorter than the other. Not to mention depression. This was my life, my life gone so young. My life had now been ruined, in my mind. I was 9 years old.

My doctor prescribed me Naproxen, a back brace, and physical therapy. Nothing has helped me, nothing! I go back to the doctor soon to see about surgery to help me with some of this pain. It is horrible. I pray that they will one day find a cure to fix this.

This is my third year of back pain. No one knows how bad the pain is until they have dealt with it. The pain is something you can not describe. It is a pain that shoots through your entire body, and your mind gets tired of it. You begin to ask God why did you do this to me. You begin to wonder, will I ever be normal again. Life all of a sudden is a dark, painful hole you keep falling deeper into. You are in pain. The pain affects your life, every aspect of it. You can't sit long, you can't stand long, you can't walk, and you can't do sports. I have laid awake in pain many nights, crying, asking God "Why did you choose me to test like this?" I never get an answer. But I know my back pain is making me strong, and wise. Yes, it's painful,but there is a plan for my life and my back is a part of it.

My back has taught me many things, and it has made me much more mature than other kids. My back pain has changed my life forever. For the worse, and for the better. I will save people like this, who want to die from pain, when I grow up. I will be a psychiatrist or an orthopedist. No one deserves this pain, no one. - Megan

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