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At 40, I was suffering back pain constantly. I stopped playing soccer or volleyball and was afraid of long flights. Back pain came suddenly and unexpectedly. Some times just by climbing a chair to change a light bulb. It came as a pinch followed by an expansion of the pain to the lower back. Moving was painful and all I wanted was to be lying in bed until painkillers made effect. This sometimes took a couple of days. So I often ended up calling a physician, a physiotherapist, a massager or visiting a Chinese doctor that treated me with acupuncture and herbs.

X rays and scanners show a minor disk stretching and the best and more trustable doctors told me: yes, there is a problem but should not be so painful. Do some exercise, eat differently, loose weight, take these pills... Of course, I was reading all I could on back pain, and trying everything. Almost by chance, I found Dr. Sarno´s book. I read it and convinced me to visit him the first time I had the chance to be in New York. Meantime, I said, let us follow his advice.

When I finally had the chance to visit New York, I was already cured. I felt like going to see him just to give him my most sincere thanks, but did not want to use his valuable time to repeat something that he surely knows.

I am 55 now and feel well, running through the hills of my neighborhood, playing basket, flying without fear and driving in the Bolivian rural roads, which are not very well conditioned. I have been explaining other back pain sufferers about TMS and advising them to follow Sarno´s teachings. Now I also thank you for opening this site and encouraging the readers to move forward. Our experiences are real. Roberto

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