DRX9000 Experience

I am writing to share my tale of spinal decompression treatment. I suffered from disc pain for many years, although I was able to work and do most things. The pain seemed to come and go and would flare up suddenly at least 2 to 3 times a year, landing me in bed for a week.

In between acute periods, I was pretty functional and even active. I tried the usual treatments, including chiropractic, acupuncture and TENS, but nothing really seemed to help. My orthopedist loved to treat me by trying to convince me to try several new drugs, but I never liked that idea, so eventually I simply stopped seeing him. I was better off for that decision.

Anyway, my chiropractor sent me to a friend of his who ran a DRX9000 treatment center. I talked to the new chiropractor and we decided to give the DRX a try for my lumbar disc pain. I went basically every day for a month and a few times after that. The treatments were pleasant and I actually got to relax and listen to some music on my Ipod. That was nice for a change.

I have been out of treatment for 10 months now and have not experienced any more back pain. I feel better and more confident to do activities that I knew were previously bad for my back. I have stepped up my lifestyle and now try to do everything I can to make up for lost time.

Well that’s about it. I found the information about DRX9000 on this site to be great and it helped me to make up my mind about trying it out. I am happy I did. I think I will be ok now and I hope some of you can also cure your disc pain using DRX.

- Martin

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