I Can't Take the Pain

Hello, I am a 40 year old white male. I am married with 3 sons age 6, 3 and 6 months. I had back pain since my teens. I was diagnosed with scoliosis around the age of 15. I wore a brace off and on for a few years. I was active in sports until the age of 19. My pain became more and more unbearable as the years went on, but I lived with it because I did not know what it was like not to have back pain.

I have had x-rays, chiropractic, physical therapy, you name it. Around 5 years ago the pain was so bad I went to my family physician and told him he has to help me. He first sent me to get an MRI and then to see a pain management physician. When I brought my MRI TO the PM Doc. He could not believe I was still walking.

He showed me the MRI. He said every one of your discs are decayed. They are black. The tissue between the disc should be white. He said the scoliosis is not what is causing your pain. You also have 2 bulging disc and several herniated discs. He said why wasn't this ever diagnosed before. I said I only had x-rays and the doctors said it was due to scoliosis. He immediately put me on pain meds along with epidurals, cortisone and nerve blockers every other month. He helped me relieve some of the pain, but it is still there.

I still work at a desk 40 hr work week and I am in tears. He told me because of my disc disease there is no cure and it just has to be managed. I am miserable. I cannot do the things I want to do. No one understands how this ruins your life. This has ruined my life and I feel like a junkie. I do not drink nor smoke, but pop pills all day that last a couple hours at a time. Yes, I am prescribed 80 mg oxy 3 times per day along with percs and valium but I do not take nowhere near that because I am afraid.

Is there any hope?

Thanks for listening. - Scott

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