I Hit My Tailbone

Hi world. I am an 25 year young African American woman and am writing this 5th day of Sept. 2008. I was slammed on my back on July 7th, 2008 by a man I did not know. In fact it was a bouncer at a local night club. I was mingling amongst friends when I was approached in an offensive manner, shaken and pushed/slammed on gravel/concrete ground on my back.

I had went to the emergency room approximately 8 hrs. later after experiencing a troublesome restless and sore night in bed. I was told that along with head, back, hip and elbow injuries, I had bruised my tail bone, but no mention of my coccyx.

Shortly after I was seen by a chiropractor who informed me of the coccyx and how I could have possibly fractured it. I felt no pain in the areas that he pointed to, locating the sacrum or coccyx. I had been to the chiropractor approx. 10-12 days, but not daily over this period of time 7/17-9/05-2008.

A couple weeks after 9/01/08 I had awaken at approx 3 AM in discomfort and at 5 and then finally at 6. I awake and landed at the ER for trouble sitting and pain in the area that my doctor was concerned of. I am wondering why after no further injuries or activities that will stress the prior injury have this pain arrived.

I thought that I was ready to throw the towel in at the chiropractor. I was wrong. I don't know if him adjusting my coccyx with a hand held adjuster without diagnosis of the positioning is a good thing. What is he doing? Okay, so the pain reliever vicodin is not helping and sitting or laying neither why did my signs come late and the pain so strong now.

Is this a sign of a fracture because shouldn't this have healed on its own by now. What is going on and worst of all, I had a very abnormal menstrual period from Aug.25 - leading to the day of the coccyx pain. Lanae

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