My Back Operation and Recovery

Hi, I was having bad lower back pain for years. I went to the Hospital and had a scan done, with x rays, last year, and this year. They said I had herniated discs of lower l4 and l-5. So I figured that pain pills would work. We moved and got near the orthopedic specialty group. I went to see my regular Dr. She said I needed to get an MRI. I did and when I was in the tube, I felt my lower back give a disgusting crunch. I knew I would be headed for the surgeon's office.

Well, I trusted these people because they worked on my knee so I knew I'd be in good hands. I went into the Dr's office and he sat me down and examined me, with the MRI. I liked his manner, because he showed me where the damage was and then explained everything to me. I went thru an anterior lumbar fusion in the front and the other surgeon fixed 2 hernias and removed scar tissue and adhesions.

They cut me in my lower abdomen. I was there from Tuesday till Saturday. I used the morphine pump and then they gave me shots in my IV of toradol, and another pain medicine. Wow, did it hurt - worse than giving birth to 2 children.

I'm in the 7th week of recovery. It aches and I have tremadol for the pain. I'm in physical therapy 2 times a week. My Therapist is fantastic. She has me on the machines now. I want to go, but I cant. It doesn't hurt like it did and I'm glad I did it, even tho I was scared out of my wits. I had God, my husband and my family there. - Rachaelle

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