No Life for a 21 Year Old

I am a 21 yr old mother of a one year old little girl and I feel robbed of my life as I write this.

When I was 10, my parents noticed that I leaned to one side and that my clothes didn't sit quite right on me. Luckily, my dad's best friend was a physiotherapist, so they took me to see him to get his opinion. He immediately diagnosed it as scoliosis and wrote a letter to my doctor asking for me to be referred to my local paediatric orthopedic hospital.

My parents took me there and we had to endure a noncaring consultant who disagreed with the scoliosis diagnosis and instead said I simply had one leg longer than the other and I had one of my shoes built up. This continued for 2 years and eventually my father demanded that the consultant measure my legs in front of my father. (Surprisingly the consultant had never done this, yet managed to diagnose me with one leg longer than the other)

After my father confronted him, they measured my legs and found that they were fine. We then demanded to see another doctor who confirmed scoliosis. I was continually monitored and had frequent x-rays to keep an eye on the curve.

At the age of 13, it was decided that I needed a Boston brace which I wore for three years for 23 hours a day every day, as they said this would stop the curve progressing. However when the brace was removed my curve had gone from 39 degrees to 46. And by this stage, I occasionally got pain in the area between my left hip to my bottom left rib.

It was then decided that surgery was the best option. At the age of 18, I underwent surgery and Harrington rods inserted from discs T11 to L4. It was painful, but I recovered well and very quickly.

That was in 2006, but unfortunately I suffered with continual pain from then on in the exact same area. I was told to wait for a year, as they believed it would be better by then. It wasn't!

After eventually having to hound the the doctors, they did multiple scans and tests and found that there was slight movement in the metal work at T11/T12. So the doctor decided to do another fusion to prevent the movement. This was planned for early 2008.

However, I discovered I was pregnant and was unable to have the surgery. The pregnancy was not smooth at all during the last few months. I could barely walk and suffered with sciatica alot. Due to the amount of metal work I had my little girl by c-section under general anesthetic. A year later I was booked back in for the fusion surgery.

This happened 6 weeks ago and since then, I have been in constant agony. I was told I would be fine within 4 weeks. I haven't spent one day with my daughter since the operation, as I cannot look after her.

When I stand or sit, the pain is so extreme I almost pass out. Lying flat with a pillow under my lower back is the only thing that eases it, although it does not stop the pain. I have been back and forth the doctors and have been prescribed a massive cocktail of drugs that have absolutely no effect.

Tramadol 8 times a day.
Paracetamol 8 times a day.
Di-hydrocodine 3-6 times a day.
Diclofennac 3 times a day.

All of which had no effect. I have seen various doctors and each one has had a different opinion. The first saying that something must be wrong with the surgery, so therefore its not their problem and I have to get in contact with the consultant. The second telling me it was normal pain after surgery.

I then went to see a physiotherapist who said she thought it sounded more like a chronic spasm pain and to ask the doctors for a muscle relaxant. So I went to see the 3rd doctor, who told me that she wouldn't give me any as she thought the pain was psychological.

So last week I decided to stop taking them. I am still in the exact same pain no worse and no less. I am miserable and depressed as this last surgery was meant to cure or at least ease the pain, yet it has magnified it to such an extent. I am unable to sit or stand for more than 5 minutes without getting an intense aching/throbbing pain.

I paid out two weeks ago and saw a acupuncturist in the hope that something would work. I have seen him twice and it does ease slightly, but not enough. I am continuing to see him to see if it improves and hope it does. I am at the stage now where at 21, I feel like any alternative treatment is worth a go, especially as my GPs aren't listening.

I am very close to wanting to try cannabis to see if that helps. I am not condoning this but so many people believe it helps.

Next week, I am seeing my surgeon for the routine 6 week follow up and am praying that he will listen to me and have some idea what is wrong or will at least accept this pain is too severe to carry on living with.

I have much respect for this website, as it does make me feel like I am not alone going through this and writing all this down has been very therapeutic for me. So thank you for reading, if you've got this far.

Also if anyone has any idea what this pain could be id be glad of any input whatsoever. - Victoria xxx

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