SI Joint or Not

I believe it has been over 5-6 years now that I have had this issue with an ever increasing pain between my lower middle back and hip area. A little history on myself: no major surgeries, a couple traffic accidents, most recently 1999, the occasional fall from a horse at age 7-14.

I'm am avid exercise enthusiast. I generally take care of myself. All said, I still would like to sleep sound one night without an occasional sleep tablet. A few years ago, it all came crashing down when I didn't sleep well for several months and the aggravation/stress forced me to the bottom (feel like I'm almost there again at 12:54AM).

I decided there must be a solution. I knew I had some degenerative issues in the L4/L5 areas but there is nothing really between there and my hip that could be so painful to wake me up in the middle of the night. I've spent numerous hours online trying to diagnose myself. My decision was that it couldn't possibly be in the organs because I would have side effects (could be a tumor?).

Unless I'm just missing something.  I had the C-scope, the E-scope, the hida-scan, an mri and an ultrasound. Not to mention, other miscellaneous visits.  I'm in great health (other than normal age related things and such). Good to know I can miss all the fun my comrades will have in 3-4 more years.

The chiropractor does help when I go, but it only works for a short time (2-3 days), and you know, taking the time to go 2-3 times a week or even 2 weeks is consuming and stressful when you work full time and have a home. So recently, I went to the next level, a physiatrist. I've seen him before for a few injections in my L4/L5 area which worked wonders and still is good, 7years running. I wish my last return to him would have did as well.

The initial 2 days, it was seeming to be better and then it began to retaliate. Seems to be worse. So, now what do I do?

I haven't been back to the chiropractor and have put off my follow-up with the physiatrist. I'm just dealing with it.

I had given up on running very much due to my chiropractor's stern dislike of it and have taken care not to put as much stress on myself by asking for a little help now and again. I'm still waiting for a solution in the middle of the night cause it is radiating in my back as we speak, so it will be another nights of tossing and turning.

The main thing I notice is radiating/burning pain in the area of the SI joint on my right side. I sometimes find myself on my right side in a terrible transition state between trying to wake up enough to turn over to my back and it hurting so bad that I can only inch myself over a little at a time. I can sleep somewhat ok on my left side and back but then after 4-5 hours I start to ache on my right side.

I switched from a firm (foam encapsulated) waterbed to a Simmons Beautyrest several years ago to try to relieve some of these issues. I'm at a crossroads now. I've started back to running and plan to get to regular mileage. I am adding some different stretches but don't know where to go from here.

Thanks for reading, hope its helpful! - Donna

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