Sacroiliac and Low Back Pain
Instant Relief

For over 45 years I've suffered lower back pain, from childhood gymnastics injuries. The coccyx bone is shifted aside and the Sacroiliac now shows signs of osteoarthritis. The Dr. suggested exercise and pills or as a last resort - surgery. If I chose not to take the pills and no surgery , then "learn to live with the pain".

The bones crunch with every move. I can not lie flat on my back,turning over in bed is a major effort and every day I suffer extreme pain on getting out of bed.

A massage chair works well enough to help with the pain. But I found something quite by surprise that works wonders. I love to garden and that means bending over and perspiring a lot.

The pain is so bad, that I thought it must be from dehydration, so I set about to drink more liquids. Having heard so much about green tea I added this to my daily drinks. Not having anything else but green tea in the fridge, I drank a couple of glass fulls in one go. This day I felt wonderful, no pain. Now I was convinced the pain was aggravated with dehydration. Several months went by until I began to notice it was not "liquid" that was helping with the pain - It was green tea.

Sounds too simple to be effective? I have tried other drinks, and the only one that works on the pain is green tea. I drink 2 quarts of iced green tea a day, usually starting in the afternoon when the pain and crunching returns. I can not say it is a cure, it is something that works on the pain and the crunching. The best so far is Japanese Sencha tea. 5 Tea bags per 2 quarts of water. I keep it in the fridge, everyday.

I am pretty sure if I told the doctors this, they would boo hoo it. But I suggest everyone try it. You only have pain to lose. I can not say if it works on the first day, or if one needs to have it daily over a period of time. It took me a while to figure out it was the green tea that was doing the job.

Good luck and I hope this helps you too. - Susan

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