Serena's Back Pain

My back pain started about 2004. While I was attending hair school. My future was bright and promising. One day as I was washing a clients hair I felt something very painful. As if a disc in my lower back was pinching a nerve when I twisted my torso.

Since then it only got worse, some days unbearable. I am 40 years old and just had a baby 1 and 1/2 yrs ago. I couldn't even pick her up. I tried the chiropractor. The doctor. X-rays and not even the x-rays showed anything wrong.

I am relieved to know that there is no degeneration or arthritis or any bulging discs. The fact still remains as does the pain that my back is in constant burning pain. Rating the pain from 1-10 the pain I have is constantly a searing 8 with debilitating acute onsets.

I also suffer from chronic constipation. Not having a BM for almost 2 weeks. I drink a laxative and that will help but not enough.

I believe my constipation is effecting my back somehow. I feel so old and like there is nothing I can do. I have a lot of energy and life yet my back pain limits me from being truly productive. - Serena

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