Severe Back Pain

I injured my back in 1987 when I slipped on the stairs going to the basement of my house to do laundry. I went to the hospital but the doctor said their was no visible injury. I withdrew from college for a full semester because I was in severe pain.

The pain then disappeared and it came back in 1995. I went to a doctor saying my right leg was painful, but after the examination the doctor told me that I had two displaced discs L3 AND L5. After two weeks I had my first operation lumber decompression and had 3 more by the end of 2000. Ever since, I am on medications and therapies (pilates, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, RPG, acupuncture).

Now my doctor says I have the degeneration of the spinal cord and I also suffer from pain in the tailbone of the spinal cord. I feel like there is a thing the size of a tennis ball in my butt. Its very painful to sit for long, sleep, walk, and any thing that includes bending. I felt a lot of pressure at that point. I use hot water bottle 3 times a day and I walk for one hour every day.

Now it's something I have to learn to live with. I find pilates to be of great relief. Now I do not like taking any medications because as soon as I finish the medication, the pain comes back.

Take good care of yourselves and listen to your bodies always. -Tsitsi

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