Still Suffering

I'm 27 years old and completely miserable. I first injured my back running track at 16.  I somehow thought that would be safer than football, how wrong I turned out to be. Every time I went over the high hurdle I sent a shock wave into my spine, devastating the right side of my L5 disc.

I couldn't believe I was 16 and barely able to move. It was the worst feeling in the world, especially at that age. I did 4 months of physical therapy and was almost completely cured.

10 years later, at 26 I threw it out again. The symptoms came back and I couldn't make them go away this time. I tried seeing a chiropractor, but that failed. I had spinal decompression done and that failed.

At a friend's recommendation I started doing yoga and success. I felt better than I'd felt in years, I was like a whole new person. I felt I had a new lease on life. All of a sudden I was able to do everything I was able to do before. I started a rigorous new exercise program and started really living my life to the fullest.

Until about 6 months later, it came back. I quit doing yoga, that hurts now. I started doing acupuncture, but it didn't work. I went back into physical therapy, but it's not working either.

I'm in pain as I write this. I've had to give up everything I love to do again. I have cuts on my hand from all the things I've punched out of anger.  Anger that I can no longer alleviate by working out. I'm massively depressed and I want to cry all the time.

I have an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon to see if I finally have to throw in the towel and do a surgery that I can't afford because I don't have insurance. That's my wonderful story. - Rob

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