Susie's Car Accident

May 21, 2009 I was stopped on one of the busiest highways in Georgia, behind two other cars.  A 1990s pickup truck obviously wasn't paying attention to the road and hit me doing about 65mph, causing me to hit the car in front of me and caused that car to hit the car in front of her. It folded up the whole front of his truck and totaled out my car.

The EMT said if I didn't have on my seat belt it would've been alot worse. Well, I had looked in my rear view and seen he wasn't stopping and totally tensed up so I'm sure that didn't help, but it threw me back with such force that it broke my seat and when I got my wits to me, I was staring up at the ceiling of my car.

I went to the hospital and was told I had whiplash and given pain meds and sent home. The next day, I was getting out of the shower and passed out, so my husband took me back to the hospital and they did x-rays and said again that I had whiplash. 

Afterwards, I began feeling back pain, so I went to my doctor, who did more x-rays, and did some manipulations to my back. It helped for about a week, then more pain, so they sent me to physical therapy.  I was given the electric tech and cold compress and shown how to do exercises to help with the pain.  I also had an injury to my shoulder and am now getting cortisone injections for it.

Well it didn't work.  My husband would have to massage my back and try to relieve some of the pain. Everyone kept saying you have to give the body time to heal; you will start to feel better, well it only got worse.

Now, I am going to a chiropractor who x-rayed me and showed me how straight my neck is and that it can cause back pain.  I was told I have two places on my neck that are going to cause arthritis.  Should I continue with the chiropractor? Or could adjustments make it worse?

- Susie

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