Too Young for Back Pain

I am a 22 year old who just graduated from a school in Virginia where I played division 1 lacrosse. Unfortunately, I only got to play for 2 years before I was injured from lifting and a cross check straight across my lower back.

Since that time, I have had 2 MRIs in which no structural damage can be found. I originally was thought to have a facet joint that was causing problems. However, it turns out 5 of my joints on each side from L2-L3 to L5-SI are problematic.

I have gone to a chiropractor who tried adjustments and decompression. I was given stimulation and ultrasound constantly while I was still at school.

When none of this worked, I went to a different doctor who started with facet joint steroid injections. We tried this three different occasions with different combinations of steroids to try and get my back to heal. While it did diagnose the problem (while the novocaine lasted I had no pain), it did not relieve the pain.

When none of this worked we moved on to radio frequency ablation. We did the left side first and I was thrilled when the procedure worked.  I was so excited to finally find something that could help. Unfortunately, since that time I have had my right side done, as well, and that did not help at all.

As of today I had another set of steroid injections on the right side to diagnose again and hopefully help relieve some pain. It's been two years and I cannot sit for more than 45 minutes, walk for more than 30, or stand still for more than 15 without severe stabbing pains which lead to aches in my lower back.

Hopefully I will find something that works, but for now I just constantly hear how I'm too young to have such a severe back problem.  Laura

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