Wendy's Upper Back Pain

I had been working a temporary job in a warehouse where I was loading and unloading heavy pallets of motorcycle parts, such as pistons and engine parts. I worked so hard to get the job because my family is so involved with them and I was thinking about discounts if I had gotten the job.

A week into it, I was unloading a large pallet and I am a female trying to work like a male and keep up with the boys. At lunch, I was having some real neck and arm pain. I called my brother and he told me to take 3 advil and a vitamin and eat lunch and it might help.

Well, next day I couldn't hardly pick up a coffee cup.  I called work and went to the hospital. I thought it was my shoulder because that's where most of my pain was. I went to the doctor for 3 months, but nothing they did for me helped.  I finally got an mri on my neck and had 3 herniated discs and arthritis in neck.

The doctor said this is not a workers compensation injury.  2 yrs later, after denying me everything, including a change of doctors, i just kept ending up in emergency rooms with doctors thinking I'm crazy and only wanting pain meds.

Finally, an ER doctor sent me to a spine doctor and I had 2 discs that were ready to paralyze me, pushing so hard on my spinal cord. I had to have emergency surgery.  I had c4- c6 fused.

A month later, I got rear ended by a large suv. I was in my small suv at a stop light. I now have levoscoliosis and disc desiccation, 3 minor disc bulges and minor disc disease. There is no central canal stenosis or neural stenosis, but is it going to turn out like my neck? All this is in my thoracic spine.

I know this doesn't happen too often in this part of your back. I just need to know do I just have a disc disease or is it from the car accident.  I did get a lawyer because I'm just not sure what to do. He is working on my workers compensation case and car accident. I don't know what to do. Do you have any suggestions?

I'm in awful pain and physical therapy can only seem to ice my back because I'm so swollen.  The doctor says there looks to be a large muscle that retains fluid on my spine but no notation on mri.  I do have a hemangioma on the t5 vertebral body

- Wendy

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