Nurse with Back Pain

I am 32 and have been in chronic pain since my injury at work seven years ago. I am a personal support worker, working full time in a nursing home. I'm in a relationship with another chronic back pain sufferer. Sometimes it feels like my world revolves around pain and complaints.

I have been diagnosed with DDD in my lumber spine, scoliosis and facet joint syndrome. Not to mention the arthritis that has set in over the years. This makes my job almost unbearable. I am pushing, turning, lifting and pulling elderly people in and out of bed several times a day.

Why not change jobs you might ask? Because I need the good income this job brings to my family. I don't have the strength to clean my house some days,never mind go back to school and work too.

I have been on meds from the beginning of my injury. Dealing with side effects and bowel issues have made it hard for me to live a normal life. Although the pain meds help at first for awhile, they seem to make my pain more constant and intense. I recently went down to the lowest dose to see if I'm better off coping with exercise and other methods of pain management. It has made all the difference. Still in pain but better on my days off work. mentally, it's relieving to be almost med free! - Lisa

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