Back Operation

In October of 2005, I was told that I needed a simple lower back operation in the L5-S1 area. Prior to the back operation, I had spent an hour on the Golf course. The operation was performed by a neurosurgeon.

Somewhere in the process some communication was missed between my heart doctor and my surgeon. The result involved the use of coumadin during the surgery. A massive blood clot formed at the incision and another operation was performed about one week later.

I am a Korean vet, 78 years old, and have suffered now for 4 years with two dropped feet and a wheelchair, leg pain and no driving. I spent over $80,000 dollars to convert my house to be wheelchair accessible. My wife does all my driving and home care.

I took legal action with a low cost lawyer and the result was that the medical examiner could not find the smoking gun. This is a very sad story which has resulted constant leg pain and terrible personal expenses.

My suggestion to anyone is to be very cautious about back operations. - Robert

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