Back Pain After a Car Accident

I'm now 63, live in Jakarta, Indonesia. 3 years ago I had a car accident which caused tetra-paralyze (all legs and arms paralyzed) but I was conscious at that time and MRI showed there was no fracture, but nerve inflammation and narrowing in C4,5,6 neck spinal cord. Nerve surgeon advised me to get surgery as soon as possible otherwise I'll be paralyzed forever but the second opinion doctor said the C4,5,6 not because of the car crash but due to degenerative disorder and it can cured itself after 6 months. When the swollen nerve reduced but the degenerative can not be cured, I can walk but 70% compared to usual.

I decided to not take the surgery. after 1 month in hospital my legs and arms can move but I must use wheel chair and take physio therapy every day. After 2 months I continue to exercise at home. After 6 months, I could walk using walker. But after 1 year when I was trying to walk without walker, I fell down and my right knee was swollen, I had to stay in bed for 2 months waiting my knee normal again.

But since then I had to start from zero again. 1 year I had to train myself to use walker again, up till now. My neck is OK now, but the back-pain is now the biggest problem. My 2 arms feel heavy and I cant use my fingers to write properly. I don't want to sit in a wheel chair for rest of my life. I hope to hear and sharing with you if you have the same case. - Yohanes

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