Back Pain Again

It was 1987 and I fell while rollerskating and yup ended up with my first of five herniated discs in low back l5/s1. I had laminectomy surgery in 1988, moved back home with parents and started a long recovery process. I got better even enough to go back to work, did with of course many flareups.

Well within 2 years, I had my 2nd herniated disc from what no one knew other than the first one can cause more. Treated and got better with of course many flareups along the way.

Well fast forward to 1997 while pregnant and sure enough my son pressing on my spine gave me my 3rd herniation. I suffered but somehow recovered. PT has been a way of life for me.

In 2002 while sledding with son, I again threw my back out and yup there's my 4th herniation. Along the way i also have scarring and degeneration. Well last month I fell on neighbor's driveway and now have tons of low back pain left side with numbness and tingling down my left leg, toes, heel and foot. I fell hard and this is the worst pain I can ever remember.

I am having another mri next week and by now pretty much know there will be another disc bulge based on how I'm feeling and my 20 yrs. of this. I'm on disability, single mom going under financially and don't know what to do at this point. Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks. for reading. - Nancy

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