Back Pain Caused by Constipation

I have been suffering from lower back pain for nearly 10 or more years now. My treatments included OTC meds, Rx NSAIDS and a muscle relaxant for all 10 of these years.

Ironically, early on, I noticed my pain was temporarily relieved after a bowel movement, but never gave it much thought. A question on the chiropractors questionnaire was just this. He was going to attempt to "adjust" this disk problem. Apparently he couldn't, as I continued to suffer, again never gave it much thought.

Just this past spring/summer, I began eating foods high in protein, looking for quick muscle recovery, as I was getting into cross country bike riding. It just so happened these foods were also high in fiber. I became very "regular" as we would say, and no back pain!

This was all going on without realizing it was the fiber helping me, I thought it was the bike riding. Well, I unintentionally stopped eating these high fiber foods and boom, the back pain returned.

I strained my brain trying to determine why just a few weeks before I had no pain and now it was back. I eventually thought about my diet and realized I was no longer eating high fiber and was no longer "very regular".

I returned to eating the high fiber and voila. The "regularity" returned and the pain subsided again. I write this in hopes it will help some who have suffered with lower back pain with no relief via meds. It just might be a swollen colon pressing on a nerve, which soft stool might cure. - Keith

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