Back Pain Down Under

Hi, I have just turned 18 and my back pain has been ongoing for just on 4 years now. It first started when I was playing cricket and was bowling. My lower back became stiff and could hardly move. I put up with the pain for about 8 months, but it got progressively worse, so I went and saw a physiotherapist.

The physio diagnosed me with a mild scoliosis and weak core strength. I was put on a stretching and core strengthening routine for my pain. The pain got slightly better but the routine was long and I ran out of time each day.

Then in early 2010 I finished a day of fishing and my back was tight, but nothing unusual. I got out of the car and just tested a bit and my whole lower back seized up. I could not move anything. The pain was unbelievable. I was carried inside a golf club house (as I am a golfer). The pain was so bad they had to ring an ambulance. The paramedics took my blood pressure and it was through the roof. I could not remember the exact number, but it was extremely high, so I was given a dose of morphine and it settled me partially. I did not recover for about 2 months.

After this ordeal I tried going to a general doctor. The doctor said my back pain was down to tight hamstrings and sent me off to a special sports physiotherapist. Since going to this new sports physio, my lower back pain has not been as acute as recent times but just constant and very annoying. I recently took a storeman job and I love it but my back is restricting me and I think I will have to quit. I really just do not know what to do. I have tried alot of remedies from searching on the internet and none have worked. I still have not been properly diagnosed and none of the doctors or physiotherapists have suggested to take an x-ray. - Dean

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