Back Pain in Turkey

After 3 years of pains and aches in my lower back and upper shoulders, and after numerous doctors appointments and even a orthopedic consultants appointment, which a MRI was ordered, I was told I had some minor degenerative disc erosion in my lower back which was not serious and nothing to worry over, which I accepted but went on for a further three years complaining and moaning about to all who would listen. Being a brewery representative for a large international company sitting whilst traveling was always painful but I appeared to manage with painkillers and a positive attitude. Anyway to get to the point I am now sitting at my laptop in the UK, postoperatively, after my partner and I went on holiday for a week to Lara Beach in Turkey.

We were so excited, lots of sun, sea and beer, typical Brit! I know. Anyhow day 2 into the holiday, I felt terrible pain in my lower left back and groin which we thought was my over exertion on carrying the suitcase filled to capacity with shoes, dresses etc, lol. But that evening the pain got worse and worse. We went to bed and I had an awful night, up all night in pain could not sleep or even keep still. Next morning down to breakfast and could hardly walk straight. I was leaning to my left side to walk and had so much pain, but more alarming, I could no longer feel my thigh, groin to the knee on the left side. Still thinking a trapped nerve.

My partner laughing saying you are such a hypochondriac, which I am. Usually always worst case scenario i consider. Anyway, went to see hotel doctor who was a French chap who injected me with cortisone and told to return in 4 hours. 4 hours later could not stand pain any longer, I was rushed some 30km to Antalya, which is the main city in the area and in very broken pigeon style English tried to explain my problem to the emergency staff who duly pulled and examined me. After some time the neurosurgeon arrived ordered an MRI and returned to inform me that 3 of my discs had herniated l2/l3, l3/l4 and partial l5. He told me due to the pain and paresthesia (loss of feeling), an emergency operation was required.

I honestly thought that i would fly back to the UK to be operated on locally and just take pain medication, but he said it was important to do immediately to stop any further damage to my back and leg nerves. Some 4 hrs later I was in surgery and had three partial discs removed along with some bone, ligament and fluids.

Woke next morning in general discomfort and shock, in hospital 2 days with no understanding of any language either of us were speaking, but generally understood what was done and necessary. I was eventually discharged two days later, after insurance company refused to pay medical bills (which is another story). Returned to my resort and got totally drunk for two days as is my nature and personality to do so, relieved I was alive and shock what had happened to me in a foreign country.

I am now back home recovering. Still have no feeling in left thigh and was told by my local practitioner this was unlikely ever to return. Also still have pain in groin, much less than before op, but very scared something will still go wrong. But I am keeping a positive state of mind after reading some of the other blogs and God willing, will make a full and speedy recovery.

I just hope the pain subsides eventually. Now day 10 post op and already itching to get moving around better, the frustration is just as bad as the pain of not being able to do things. But today I have decided to work my own body and mind. I know this sounds like some counselor bull#$%&! But I believe that if I got home from turkey all that way and made it this far I can do far more again in my own environment.

I am now due back to see the original orthopedic consultant privately next Thursday who originally told me here in the UK no problems or nothing to be concerned over. This should be interesting! Ever see a half Welsh/Irish man lose his cool?

God bless everyone. Let’s keep going and show the medics we are sustainable and strong. – Mike

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