Back Pain Marathon

Hi, My name's Surya and I'm a 25 year old student. I was always pretty unhappy as a teenager. Never felt very competent at anything and had esteem issues. Then at around 17, I started doing Boxercise classes and running. Suddenly, massive self esteem boost! I started running all the time and felt so good. It eventually got to the point where I decided (at 23) to enter for a marathon, and trained at length... putting at least 600 miles into training.

However, throughout my training (and before) my back was becoming a little shifty. I spoke to my Doctor about this and she just recommended more stretching. Then about a month before the marathon race day I went down. I had just completed a half marathon a few days earlier. I could barely move. Any bit of movement usually resulted in immense pain, and I was like this for about two weeks. My mum brought me to an 'alternative' chiropractor, who clicked me into place and presented me with a device to help out. Supposedly my pelvis had gone out of alignment and this would keep it in alignment.

This treatment helped initially, but I found my back problem returning a month or so later when I started running again. Nevertheless I managed to press on for a few more months until my back pain rendered me unable to go to work. From that point on, my life has taken a gradual decline. I had to stop running and over the months I've become the depressive teenager I once was.

However, even with ceasing most of my running activity my back hasn't improved. I visited another chiropractor, which was very expensive.. and didn't really do much for me. I'm currently seeing a physio, which is costly again.. but she's provided me with some good insight. Supposedly my hamstrings are extremely tight and I have a lot of muscle tension in my glutes and lower back area.

Despite following exercises she's given me, working on my core overall, stretching, and working on my own trigger points. I still seem to be in the same position as before. Consistent back pain (for about two years now), unable to run and chase a career in the Forces due to my problem.

It sucks. I want to be able to cure my back pain, but I don't know what the answer is. I guess I'll just keep stretching, working on my trigger points, and building core stability.

I was never as happy as I was when I was running and being physically active. At 23, I was confident, full of life and excited about future prospects. Now at 25, I'm depressed and finding it hard to see the future in a positive light.

My research continues to find a way to solve this problem. - Surya

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