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Q: I got a lamenectomy back in august of 2006. The doctor cut my fluid sac, in turn he stiched it and said its fine. I have lots of back pain and have gotten worse since surgery, would this have anything to do with it? Or is there anything I can do about the fact he did this? Susan

Q: I am looking for a doctor in Nasville, Tennessee area that has the cervical accu spina machine. Wallace

Q: In March my lower back began to hurt. Soon the pain was felt in the pelvic-hip area. I was sent for a back x-ray, ultra sound of lower and upper abdomen and a back MRI. The ultra sounds were fine. The diagnois was bulging discs. If it was only my back hurting I would be in pain but at least it would make sense. Having pain in the front is very distracting. My GYN has examined me twice and finds nothing. My gastro doctor did a colonoscopy (routine) in December and that was fine. My question if it hurts in the front how can it be my back????? Evelyn

Q: Hello! I have a query. Two years ago a lump in my left breast proved to only be fibrous tissue (thank goodness!) but I was told that as the chest area is attached to so many points of the body, my shoulders, chest, arms, neck, back etc may be painful sometimes. This was true. I changed my diet (as suggested), started aerobic exercise 5 times per week, and the lump reduced in size, and the pain almost disappeared. However, if I slip into my old eating habits (bread seems to trigger off the pain) my aches and pains return. As I'm now into healthy eating and exercise, I've been taking more notice of what my body looks like. Today after my shower, I noted that the middle section of my spine curves inwards quite a bit. I have no idea if it has always been like that, as I don't look at my back! (planning to ask hubby later if it seems to have changed shape) I still have some weight to shift (about a stone), but despite having what I call 'fat pads' on my back, my spine does appear to be curving alarmingly inwards. I asked my children to show me their backs (hahah) to see if mine was overly inwards, and it does appear to be worse than theirs. (I do realise spines are naturally curved.) So, I'm obviously aware of why I ache sometimes and can tell the difference between breast related pain and back pain. I also sit awkwardly in my desk chair (lean to the left) and this won't help my posture. If I sit in the chair for long periods of time, I get a 'nipping' pain where my left kidney is. My main back 'aches' are in the kidney area, and my skin feels like it would had I had a bruise there and poked the bruise (make sense?). I'm 34. I smoke around 7 cigarettes per day (have cut down from 25, trying to give up). I've had five children (background info for you!) and my periods were on time and normal until about 6 months ago. They started being a week later each month, every month. Abdominal pain pre-period, bad PMT, when usually I don't have symptoms like that. I noted I'd been eating bread a lot around this time, so stopped, and last month my period was normal. No pains, no bloating--bloating had been a big factor the past 6 months, as if I were 8 months pregnant, then as soon as my period started my tummy went flat again for two weeks before bloating again when ovulating. My back and shoulders ache a lot today, they did yesterday, but that seems to coincide with the fact that I did my first power-walk Tuesday evening (3 miles), so I'm thinking it is that. My main concern is my curving spine. I dislike going to doctors, only go when I absolutely have to. Should I go just to check it out? Any ideas from what I've written as to what it could be? Thanks. Michelle

Q: I've had back problems on and off for years. I also am genetically predisposed to osteoarthritis. At 48 yo I received a total knee replacement. Nine years ago I had three "cages" placed in my lowerback - I don't remember which discs - two shoulder surgeries - you get the point. Well for around a month now, my lower back and left hip are causing severe pain. I don't know if it is one issue or two. The interesting thing is, the pain is severely worsened when I lay down and sometimes when I sit. I actually get a little relief when I stand. I never heard of anyone having this problem. Usually sitting or laying down helps people. With me, those actions cause terrible pain. What could be the reason? Kim

Q: Hi,I am a chiropractor, or was, until I became completely disabled due to a bulging, degenerative, injured series of thoracic discs that I damaged 20 years ago during a body surfing incident. I had terrible symptoms for a couple years and found relief through chiropractic, but then when I had a busy practice, I started having terrible back pain, which became worse progressively. Finally, in 2003 I stopped working. I now take multiple medications just to get through the day and night which is totally against my philosophy. The neurologist I have consulted says that at least one disc just needs to be removed (it is effacing my spinal cord) but my symptoms are not bad enough for any surgeon to take that on. They are waiting for my bowel function or legs to go. I have really tried everything, including an extensive neuropsychology evaluation, which ended up being normal (I'm glad for that!). Any suggestions? Kelley

Q: Hi I am Seetha. I am 36 years old. I have been suffering from back pain for the past four years. It pains a lot only if I work hard or do sweeping, mopping etc. I am a medical transcriptionist by profession. I transcribe for atleast six to seven hours daily. For the last two months I have been suffering from severe back pain. My lower back is aching when I sit for long hours. My buttocks and the surrounding areas pain a lot. I consulted an ortho, who suggested an MRI. Following are the findings. Screening of cervical and thoracic spine: Minimal posterocentral disc protrusions seen at C5-C6 level and T8-T9 levels. Impression: Chronic right paracentral disc protrusion and osteophytes at T11-T12 level. The doctor suggested to take glucosamine for three months regularly. My query is_when the findings reveal that I have spur at the thoracic region, how is that my lower back is paining? Should I undergo any physiotherapy in addition to the medicine? Now I have quit the job as transcriptionist. Shall I continue the job in the future? Will my back pain worsen if I do so?THANKS

Comment: Hi Again Sensei, I know you never published my first letter, since it was very critical and I said some nasty things. I am sorry for that. I wrote to you looking for help and was very frustrated when you wrote back saying that my pain was psychological. I think I called you some names I should not have in my return email. I was insulted and was really hoping you could help me, but instead you wrote me off with some BS suggestion to read some books. Well, after cooling down, I did read those books and my back pain has been steadily improving for the past month. I am not completely well yet, but almost. I am back to work and happy with myself. I am writing again, taking the chance that you might actually read it (after what I said to you before…) just to apologize. You are the real deal and I thank you now from the bottom of my heart. I was stubborn and an ass*%@! before. I really feel bad. You were trying to help and I was an ingrate. Well, for what it is worth, your advice turned out to be priceless and I owe you BIG TIME. If I can ever do anything for you, ANYTHING, let me know. Sincerest apologies, Busta

Comment: This site was amazing!!! It answered all my questions and it was nice to know that someone knew exactly what i was going through. Thanks again bunchs!!!! Amanda

Q:For a number of years I have been experiencing pain along the sciatic nerve. The source of the pain seems to be at the joint of my right hip. I can function fine during the day under normal activity almost pain-free. When I sit for an extended time such as driving for an hour or more, the pain increases and extends into my thigh, but usually goes away when I am out of the car and moving around again. It is especially problematic at night. The only sleeping position I can find that is relatively pain-free is on my stomach. If I try to sleep on either side, the pain increases and extends down my right leg all the way to the arch of my foot. Should I go through traditional paths of treatment, or is this a symptom of a psychosomatic condition? You advice would be greatly appreciated. Colen

Q: Hi im frm pakistan plz help me i have severe back pain from last 5 month and went to 3 neuro specialists but the pain stil there .doc said i have sweling at l4l5 wht does it mean?the other checkd be by pinching pins at diferent points of my feet ,i felt like it didnt pinch me in my left toe i just felt numbing sensation.he lifted my left leg and it was ok at that time .its been a month now i on medicine and its geting hard for me to lift my leg it feels like my muscles are stif and i feel numbnes in the whole leg with pain in my lower back .do i need an mri plz help me .God bles u Sobia

Q: nine months ago I was in a car accident. The next day I began feeling pain that gradually became much worse. I went through several months of daily therapy. During much of the time the only way I was able to manage therapy was to take oxicodone shortly before going and definitely afterwards. about two months ago my doctor insisted I come off oxicodone. no problem. I don't like being high. I like being in pain even less. I no longer have anything with which to mitigate my pain. I am on 300mg of gabapentine three times a day and 200mg of welbutrin once a day. The gabapentin is not helping as far as I can tell. While I have regained much of my mobility the pain has not gone. I frequently experience bad headaches. sometimes these headaches are intense enough that I have to restrain the impulse to smash my head against things. I have referred pain in my left arm (elbow and two small fingers), between my shoulder blades, under my right shoulder blade through to the front right of my chest, and down the middle of my back. Now for the really confusing part: If I stay at home and do nothing other than my stretches I am usually fine. If I take a walk of three blocks or so my back starts to react and all those symptoms I mentioned above will start in. A half hour bus ride will drop me for a couple of days (cars are fine as long as I can put my head back and have full back support and there are not many bumps). I kayak for three hours solid hours and it is no different than a three block walk. does this make any sense at all?? I did this recently with a friend who talked me into trying it (which was not hard as I hate my life since the accident). I have not done any activity this strenuous since before the accident and I did not experience any soreness at all beyond what I usually feel. what could explain this. Sean

Q: Hope you are fine and doing well, Im Faraz from Afghanistan. want to tell you my story regarding back pain and needs your sugesstion and treatment. "When i entered in my teen ages i started minor back pain and was then a continious back pain. Maybe it was due to my teenage but afterwards it was not a continous, sometime it felt and sometime didnt. now Im 25 single not have any sexual relation or any other activity but still for a shorttime in a week i feel minor backpain, and sometime come to one of my leg as well." The pain is not severe but i want to get rid of it as i have to marry and want to live a healty life with my future partner. kindly advise

Q: I have suffered with chronic lower back since 1992. I am nearly 65 years old, and keep myself very fit. I have been doing exercises almost daily since the onset of back pain. I am told that the truth is nobody can fix your back pain by a leading Physiotherapist who works in our National Health Service. If somebody had found a cure, they would be known world wide,etc. How can you possibly claim that you can fix my back pain? Tell me how? I live in Scotland in the United Kingdom. Thanking you. Colin

Q: Hi, I am enjoying your website. What a fantastic resource. I am a dancer/choreographer and have suffered for many years with lumbar/sacral pain. I found out recently from an MRI that I have a severe (almost 1cm) bulging disc L4/5. I have tried everything. I am now considering a decompression treatment from a chiropracter in the los angeles area. His program is 25 decompression treatments, 25 PT treatments, 6 personal trainer sessions along with exams throughout the treatment that spans 3-4 months. The cost is 7,000. Which seems like a lot to me. For what I have researched the going rate is more or less 2500 for 20 visits. What is your opinion about costs? Chris in LA

Q: So I have been experiencing pain for 4 yrs now, after a horrible accident. And it's seriously ruining my life. I'm only 26 yrs old and is really hard for me to deal with. The pain is severe and I can only stand for maybe 10-15 mins at a time, then the pain radiates down my left leg and I have to sit down cause it's so severe. I have gone to several different doctors; spine specialist, osteopathic,etc. I was dignosed with Spinal Stenosis and Degenerative Disc Disease in my L4, L5, SI after viewing my MRI's. Doctors say the that I have mildly bulging dics, I just don't understand. I have tried physical Therapy, Chiropractor, steriod shots and several different pain killers nothing works. It's just getting worse, I can't even sit on a couch without it killing me. I feel like my life is over at this point. I also experience similar symptoms in my neck going down my left arm but it's less severe. I started school going for a nursing degree and was half way through when the pain started I feel like there's no point in finishing, and im at a dead end job. So I recently went to a Neurosurgeon and now asking for a operation. Many doctors have told me i'm to young, but I can't live with this anymore, I feel like my life is over! What's your opinion on spinal surgery? He was suggesting a Lamintomy. Stephanie

Q: I have a question about my neck. I have recently been seeing a chiropractor for a pinched nerve that I have in my neck. Well about 2 days after I started getting my adjustments the left side of my neck has been itching terribly. It itches all the time and there is no rash. I have been using anti-itch creams but they don't seem to be working. What could be causing my neck to be itching like this? Juliann


Q: Hi, i am a 46 yr old female suffering from low back pain for almost 17 yrs. Usually with chiropractic visits the pain use to go away. Now it only worsens to the point i can't bare the pain. Muscle relaxers don't help long. I am now having trouble with my legs and can hardly walk or stand straight. Should i seek other help than a chiropractor? I have to work where i sit on a high chair in a teller window and am up and down all day. Any suggestions? Annette

Q: I was wanting to know if this pain I have is serious enough to see a Doctor. Everytime I get up from sitting My lower back hurts really bad, when I stand up is the worse.I worked for the post Office , lifting heavy bags.Now I do a lot of walking at the job I have now.My back never bothered me when I worked at the post office, but my neck did sometimes.Now on my new job, my back hurts really bad. what should I do? Martha

COMMENT: Good day, I would like to inform you that I am glad you made your website and book about psychological back pain. It was funny as few days before i found your website I had unlocked the secret to my chronic back pain on my own by journalling and breaking it down,etc. I know for few years now what causes it, but never fully understood why. I was also in denial about it probably. I came to the same conclusion as you but in a more spiritual perspecitive. I felt that my body was causing the pain as when I did the activity I usually do I am not thinking positively,etc. I realized how I think and that it is not good for my spirit, or mind and that my body was trying to protect me from getting worse or going crazy,etc. I was quite happy and surprised how easy it came to me as I broke it down on paper. I was even more happy when I found your website as it backed up everything I figured out, then I really knew I was right and on the right track. I am currently seeing a chiropractor, and last year or so when I was at the very tip of the iceberg of my research on the power of the mind,etc. I said to him how I had read some books about how people mention how powerful the mind is in regard to pain,etc. I thought it was strange that he did not acknowledge what I said and rebuttled by giving me the positve aspect, as he gave me his very own example of how he positively visualizes this thing and how it works for him every time. I belive it from both ends, but can not fully understand why doctors run away from this psychological issue in life of anykind. I am not sure if maybe he was nervous or taken by surprise and did not know what to say, or was afraid of giving me to much like your info,etc. I already read your e-book which is very good, and like candy for my soul :) Its like being given a huge golden key to a magnificant door to be opened in life and spirit. It is very healing for me to read all of your info. I do have a question though if you are able to break it down more for me or elaborate. I also have acne and I assume it is also related to PIPS, however I am unaware of what type of issues may or how they cause it,etc. The only thing that ever worked to rid of it was the pill, but I went off it as I try not to take an meds at all, and it has negative side effects too. Unfortunately my acne has come back again. I figured it was due to hormones, as that was why the pill worked maybe. Could this be true or do you think it is solely to PIPS? If so what type of emotional problems could usually bring this on? I also only see my chiropractor for adjustments, do you think this is ok to continue, or do you feel adjustments are not needed at all? He has never diagnosed my pain at all and never talks to me about it. In the past I use to tell him if I had during our visits, but he never says anything about it, just smiles at me or changes the subject,etc. I assume he is aware that my pain is psychological. I wish he would just tell me and other patients this fact. he seems like a very nice person and doctor, but I wish he and others could just tell patients the truth. Anyhow thank you very much for making your website and books, they helped me very much and always will and I hope and pray they will help millions of others. I personally emailed your website to all my friens and family. Hopefully they will access your info and use it. My goal was that they would all send to their contacts, and on and on, until millions will know about it. That is my hope and dream for the world. Thanks,Michelle

Q: I feel much pain in my back, from the muscle under the left shoulder down to the left side of my lumber region. This is really bad. I feel stress and much pain in the neck and in the left shoulder muscle in the back and almost altogether feel dizzy if I don't have a nap in the afternoon. Doctors have given up on me. I had all the differnt kind of drugs: from vitamins to antibiotics. X-ray on the whole areas show no signs of injury. Muctar

Q: Hello, I just had colonoscopy done on firday. my mid back on right started to hurt. first I thought I may have pulled something. pain is sharp and constant. it hurts when I lay down. I went back to the dr. she said it was not easy colonoscopy even thought result was normal she had to move around stuff and I am just sore it will be fine. by end of monday I could not bare pain I went to my regular physician who ran some test. he gave me antibiotic because end of day I had cold sore that came up all week end I had chills and fever. Does anyone know if having sever mid back on right is normal after colonoscopy? My dr. thinks it may be galdbaldder infection. can you please advise? Thanks Astha

Q: Recently I have been experiencing my upper back pain on my right side, just below my right shoulder/upper middle back. I have had pulled muscles b/f and i kno this is one of them b/c when I use that particular muscle to lift myself up or sit up straight in a chair it hurts. what has got me perplexed is that that portion has gotten somewhat better but the pain has spread to my whole right arm. its not excruciating but like my fingers and hand tingle, the whole arm just feels sluggish and i have minor pain throughout the whole arm. I now have this persistent buzzing sensation on my spine like about shoulder hieght/bet shoulder blades. I know I overexerted my right arm b/c other muscles were pulled there minorly but I don't know why that would cause the general pain everywhere. I am currently using a heat pack on it. I kno it will go away but what's going on? this hasn't happened b/f. Thank you! Denise

Q: i'm 17 years old and just had to under go surgery tuesday night. i have two herniated disks, however one was pushing on my nerve so my doctor told me I had to do surgery. I was told he will cut out the piece of disk pushing against my nerve to relieve the pain going down my leg.He didn't bother to do anything else to help my herniated disks. I'm just wondering if it was possible to be helped by the DRX 9000 system. Being at my age I don't want to miss out on my teenage life. John

Q: please help i have suffered with resistant back pain for over 15 years and it has got worse and worse as the years go by i have had no help from the doctors apart from pain killers which either knock me out or dont work i have tried all sorts of therapy and spent a fortune trying to at least control the pain for example chiropractors sports massage and phsiotherapy my physiotherapist discovered i had flat feet but was not convinced it was the whole problem i have orthotics which have helped but i am still in pain most days and sometimes i can not relieve it with pills heat or ice packs i cant sleep and struggle to get through a normal day please help Elizabeth

Q: I am 43 and one year ago developed lower back pain on my right side,which has been diagnosed as being casued by the Facet Joint.The pain is aggrevated by sitting and radiates into my leg down the right hand side on the outside. I have had pain every day for the past year. I had numerous visits to the Chiropractors, which helped a little. I then visited the Physiotherapist but the lower abdominal exercises given seem to aggreviate the pain. Finaly I went to my doctor who recommended an MRI Scan and X-Ray. This came back clear and actually showed that my back was in pretty good condition. I visited a Pain Management Consultant who injected into the nerve of the facet joint and the joint itself...but still the pain was there. I have been on anti-inflamatories, antripolean (pho)which did give minor relief but was always conscious the pain was still there. So I have gradually stopped these over the past month. I then was given Lyrica by my Doctor but found that it made me feel sick and bloated. So I have also stopped taking these. I am just wondering where to go from here as I seem to have been passed from expert to expert and still have the pain. Deirdre

Q: Hi, I have lower back pain for about three years. The pain is mild and I usually feel the pain when i sleep on my back. I feel very stiff and tight in my lower back. For my lower back pain, I was requested to take x-ray. In my x-ray report it says "Some premature disc space narrowing is clearly seen at L3-4". Can you please clearify me about this symptom, how should it be treated or cured, and will this cause me any serious back pain which will not be cured in future. It will be nice if you clearly descripe me about the problem that i have and how could it be cured. Thank you, Krishna

Q: i am wondering how you cured your own back pain, my husband herniated 2 discs at 20yrs old. he throws his back out once a year and we practically start from square one after he does. he is not a candidate for surgery. he just threw his back out again yesterdsay and he will be bedridden for a week. he doesn't believe anyone can help him, so i am inquiring. Deborah

Q: I have a 13 year old girl with sudden server back pain. she is a health child.never gets sick never misses school never takes medicine. She is in so much pain that after fighting her for 2 years to learn to swallow pills now she has learned. The doctors are running test after test and giving her pill after pill. They even gave her an antibotic. She has not bee sick before the pain. She did not hurt her back before the pain. And she has bee in pain now for over a month. Her back suddenly started poping alot and she says it feels better after it pops. Any way I was hoping you might have some ideas or suggestions that might help us. Wendy

Q: Hi its me again i have had no diagnosis of my back pain accept a muscle imbalance, doctors say there is nothing wrong and others just dont know i have read your book which was just like a light bulb going off and i have already started the programme i have removed all pain aids and try to vsualise my blood etc to ease the pain. i have had a rough life so it all seems to fit i witnessed my dad killing my mum at 5 years old then was sent to many foster homes and family members which were sometimes abusive at 16 i was cast out into the world wih only my twin sister who has experinced the same and also suffers with back pain then various abusive boyfriends and trials in my life i am here now and recently seporated from my partner leaving me a single mum i work part time and am also in my final year diploma in counselling as i wanted to help others as i had been through so much myself. I was dreading my life ahead but now i feel so much more positive since reading your book i have always feared putting hope into something as the fall would be harder but i truly believe you and will let you know of my progress and i will try to convince my sister to do the same. Thank-you Elizabeth

Q: I am a diabetic and whenever I sit on hard chairs after 20 to 30 minutes my left leg and foot began to get numb and it goes to the other leg making me take action in getting up to circulate the leg and it goes away. What causes this to happen. Nancy

Q: I am a 28 yo white male with a very bad back. According to the MRI's, my back looks like a 60 yo. I was told I have degenerative disc disease and some dry discs that are probably pinching some nerves. I have severe pain going down my legs. It feels like my balls are in a vice just being squeezed most of the time. I have tried physical therapy, epidural shots, etc., but nothing seems to work. I am at a loss right now. None of the doctors want to touch me because of my age. But, I can't live in this kind of pain for the rest of my life. I live in Nebraska and can't afford to travel to Florida or California to have the new surgeries done. Any ideas as to what my next step should be? Corey

Q: hello, for the past 2 weeks my head has been moving by its self when i try to turn it, it starts shaking by itself like if i am forcing to turn it. is is also stiff in my neck and it is emabarrsing it happen in the middle of no where i will be talking to someone. and someone else will call me then when i go to look at them it statrs shaking. is that a pinched nerve or a muscle spasm in the neck, or a symtom of somehting worse. thanks christina

Q: Hi....I went to the doctor the other day as i have arthiritis in my neck which affects my shoulder too......the reason i went to the doctor was .......i have lower back pain for about 6 weeks now and even if i stand at the sink and wasg the dishes it comes only maily starts paining me when i do doctor examined me and said the mustles in my back was hard and my spine is curving .i am 59 years old .i have never suffered with lower back pain you have any idea what it could be?.my doctor is sending me to a muscular clinis .......what can the muscular clinic do........hope you can help....thank you Winifred

Q: Hi This portal seems to have tons of information for people suffering from back pain and iam lucky to find this A million thanks!!!! For the past several years iam havin this deadly pain,there was no accidend or injury that caused this pain I had been through a serious of diagnoisis starting from x-rays to MRI scan ,and the report reads a sligh disc buldge in L1 & L2 I am not able to define the pain,when there is a tropical change the pain is miserable,pain disturbs my sleep very badly and mornin hours the pain is worse ok..started tests for spondolytis and it is negative.then angular spondolytis HLA B-27 Negative Microcid and orthobid - MR created a lot of gastric problems now,wots next!!! i live with the pain,at times feel mobility decreses need support to get up really cant describe the pain at times feel it radiates,feel pain in the arms ,groin even scrotum tried physiotheraphy and stuff I lie on the floor,now doctors suspect it could be a neuro pain i jus cant tell u how frustrated it is to live and work with this back ache Any recomendations,suggestions...kinldy help Age: 27 Height:5.9 Weight:76 Kgs so is it a scene with weight!!! Not sure i see a so many symptoms and kinds of back pain listed in your portal what kind of back pain is this,Please help certain things in life escapes defination and this pain is ofcourse .....the people who have it will know wot it is ... Awaiting your reply Thanks for your time in advance - Richie

Q: My problem started out as a knot in my upper back, which I'd experienced in the past and it always had gone away within a week or less. It prevented me from turning my head more than just a bit, in either direction. This time it didnt resolve itself. It was a time when I was spending hours at home studying on weekends (I;m old for a student, but was preparing for a professional exam.) I was referred to a physiatrist, by my Primary Care Dr. and he diagnosed a very bad spasm in my upper left back. He referred me for Phsy Therapy and prescribed Skelaxin and Declofenic, which did me absolutely no good. This was in June and by end July, it was feeling 90% better, and I was discharged. In August (mid to late) it started to return. It came back worse. This time there was pain and stiffness in my upper back,and also down my arm, which eventually became a pulling sensation. If I tried to do a neck retraction, it hurt. I also had pins and needles in my hand (thumb and second fingers). This time I called my orthopedist, who was not available for two weeks, so I went to another orthopedist, recommended to me by a friend. He gave me a shot of cortisone, in my back at what we th0ought might be the trigger point, but it did no good as I couldnt pinpoint the actual point of pain. I went back to him and he sent me for an MRI. It showed 2 herniated disks (mild to moderate in the cervical spine(i think c5 and c7, but not sure, the MRI report is in my office). Also 2 root compressions in the same area. He recommended Phys Therapy and I went back. It was very difficult for them to even work with me because I was so so stiff, and I had a lott of pain down my arm - not just pins and needles but now it was bad bad pain. In the meantime I had tried celebrez, ultram, and another pain killer none of which worked. I also visited wtih a pain managment specialist, who told me that eventually I would probably need an epidural, but that it is more complicated in the cervical spine than in the lower spine, becase there is less space to work in, and if he was just slightly off, he could hit my spinal cord. This did not inspire confidence at all. Nevertheless he told me that I should put it off it the pain wasnt realy bad, and stay with the phys therapy. He prescribed Lyrica, but neither that or the PT were working. Finally I went to my original orthopedist, who I wanted to see in the first place but who was on vacation. In the meantime, my Phys Therapist had told me from my symptonms that she believes my big problem is the median nerve, based upon where the pain in my shoulder, back and arm was. Every Dr. agreed that this nerve was involved. Back to my Orthopedist, he also told me that an epidural might be called for and gave me the name of a pain mgmt Specialist that he would recommend. I am seeing him for a consultation next week. However, the ortho told me that I shouold just go for a consult, to establish myself as a patient, and then see how it goes. The ortho also prescribed "dose-pack", a 6 day regimen of decreasing amounts of prednisone, taken in pill form. This was a magic pill. It did not eliminate the pain, but greatly reduced it to the point where I can function physically and mentally much better. It is also allowing the Phys Therapist to work with me more effectively, stretching my median and ulnar nerves, and massaging the tight muscles, which she couldnt do before. I know the Prednisone wont work forever, but it is getting me through and maybe by reducing the inflammation, I hope it will help the area heal by itself. The muscles are less tight - BUT - i still have the pulling feeling in my neck, shoulder and arm, and on and off tingling in my arm. So thats my story this is where I am at for the moment. Comments, suggestions??? Ken

Q: Hey I just have question or a hope that you might be able to provide some advice. I'm a 19 college student and I've had lower back pain for the last couple of years on and off. It comes and goes, it is definatley not constant, but is extremely uncomfortable when it does. I have been to a chiropractor, and they tol me I had this crazy problem. Please know that I might struggle explaining this but hopefully you get the drift. At the bottom of my back, right above my buttocks, a bone sticks out really far. It has a fancy name and has to deal with something not fusing together, I think, or that I fell when I was young and it pushed it a couple inches back. If you have suggestions on what to do that would be greatly appreciated. I could start seeing the chiropractor again, but I wasn't sure if that was the best solution. Or should I go to a hospital to get it fixed. All I do know is that I do remember a thing that the chiropractor did to get it to crack or "pop" and when this happened, it felt great. I vaguely remember it being more about muscle tension but im not sure. Thanks again and any help/advice would be greatly appreciated Andy

Q: IN 2000 I fractured a vertebra, but the injury was not detected until 2006 by a neurologist. I have excruitiating pain thru' the facet joint (I'm told) refering pain into my hip. It seems that no one and no pain relief (chemicals) remove or reduce the pain. I have had injections into my spine and a denivation, all unsuccessful. Is there any treatment that can relieve the pain. Naturally, I have depression and have put on weight. I was an exceptionally active and physically strong person. Any suggestions? Ivan

Q: Hello! I am hoping you can help me. I am writing for my mother who is in extreme pain at the moment. She has a weakness for lower back pain but has never experienced anything like this before.... We are currently on vacation and before we left she noticed a pain in her lower left side of her back. She took a couple Motrin and then was in a car for over 8 1/2 hours. From there she was on a train for about 17 hours and that's when the pain increased. By the time we got to vacation in Florida the pain was so intense she could hardly walk - and my mother has a high tolerance for pain. Her home doc prescribed pain meds and a muscle relaxer and in a couple days' time that helped but now the pain has traveled to between her shoulder blades! The same type of pain! What could this be? Any advice or help? I can't find anything about traveling pain like this anywhere. She does not have any numbness or tingling at all anywhere.Please e-mail me when you can. Thank you so much! - Debbie

Q: i have had 2 m.r.i,s and they showed nothing.i have sever back is in the lower may be my pelvic,they took m.r.i of that to.nothing,my back is afecting my walking, i have to hold something or i will fall i am 46.and i cant bend over,or roll over in bed without yelling out,the pain is really bad.i cant stand long or when i set down the pain takes my breath.numbness in my fingers.loss of stregenth all over,when i roll and turn a certin way mt back pops seceral times kind of grinding in the lowest part.i stay in a wheel chair most of the time because of the pain.i have seen a neurogylest.and he done all sorts of tests.and found nothing,i am going in one month to see a doctor in vanderbilt in nashville in 30 days,i dont know if i can take another day of this torcher,some days i cant get iut of the hauts when i urniate,and it is hard to hold it.i have wet myself several times,but they say my bladder and kidneys are ok,i am scared.and am in more pain then i can baredo you have any words of wisdom for me.and by the way i live in muhlenberg co ky,i have been to the e.r in greenville where i live they say we dont know wht to do to help you.and send me home every time ,with no reliaf at all.they are not acuiped to handle anything.anyone in pain around here are just doomed,, thank you angela

Q: I will start off by saying I am a gymnast. I have been having a lot of problems with my lower back. After I work out, my lower back will be super tight especially on one side which makes me sit sideways. I also feel like two bones grind in my back when i arch my back. The grinding really gets annoying and I feel like it causes my back to stiffen even more. It does it every time. I can barely touch my toes because it feels like my back is so tight and compressed together. Any ideas what this could be? Thank you Kristeena

Q: I have had back,neck and right chest pain for the last 9 mths started after lucentis eye injection and painting a fence prior to next short.The 1st shot led to a panic type reaction and doubling of prior tinnitus condition ---very upsetting and scary. Put on ambien/xanax and referred to pschotherapy, after next injection was given sedatives this time before injection and result was much less upsetting but that's around the time the back neck and chest pain started, I have gone PT and Chiropractic I have had CAT of chest X-ray of neck and all kinds of drugs. Nothing worked.

Through all this I have seen a psychotherapist but have not focused on introspective till I descovered Dr Sarnos books 4 weeks ago and whole heartly accept the TMS approach. I have always felt something else besides structure was happening. I'm 64 and feel pretty sure I know my body better than anyone else but also because I'm 64 the pain and tinnitus wears heavy on me as well as a life time of life review for as the Dr Sarno says for some patients psychotherapy is reccomended --- I'm one of the 20%. My questions are: I have had very little change and find this very discouraging. I have stopped all meds long time ago except for xanax to sleep. Should I try taking muscle relaxants again. I really don't want to but the pain does hit home? At times I feel life is not worth living for it seems this psychoherapy seems to cause more harm than good ---- could this be right? I do want to get bbetter but could the pain be pushing me faster than I can go? Has this happened to other patients and how do I know I have the psychotherapist that undeerstands fully the TMS patients and there needs? My therapist seems with me on this but it was I who accidently found Sarno's book after months of him saying the answer lies within? Why didn't he tell me sooner given that he said he was aware of them already. This leaves me doubt? Which Sarno says is something one should not have. Are there therapist out there that are trained with the TMS patient as central and have this experience? I sometimes feel mine is "winging" it I don't like feeling like a trail and error experiment. If so how would I contact them? I have other questions but I thank for being there to answer these for me at this time. Thank You Ron

Q: I'm having lower lumber back pain I had mri done they found nothing what could it be? Gerald

Q: Dear Adam: I find this all very interesting. I have previously read Dr. Sarno's book. I would like to get your opinion though on my pain. I started with mid-back pain about 3 years ago, which subsequently lead to open-heart surgery for a double bypass. I would have back pain when lifting heavy objects or walking fast. However, since the heart operation the back pain has persisted which has led me to believe that it had nothing to do with my heart. I do notice that it is worse if I am stressed out, which happens fairly frequently with elderly parent issues. I also have quite a time with heartburn, which seems to burn right through me to my back. I regularly have all the necessary follow-ups on my heart and everything comes back ok. I have also had x-rays and a myriad of doctor visits, chiropractic adjustments monthly, and massage every two weeks. These help for a very short period of time, but the pain is back again with a vengence. I also have good days and bad days. Do you feelthis is related to PIPS and is there hope for recovery? Keep up the good work on your site. Thanks for your advice Mary Lou

Q: Is there any help for my husband the has thoracic back pain lower back pain and bad disc's he has been living on pain pills and is in so much pain he cries, we are fighting work mans comp. IS there any treatment we can try that might elevate the pain. Any thing you can give me would be so helpful. Jenny

Q: I'm not sure you take questions like this but I figure the worst thing that will happen is you don't respond. I'm a 30 year old some what active guy. I lift weights regularly 3 to 4 times a week. I drive a truck during the week for work. My problem is a few months ago if I stayed leaning over for an extended period of time (bent over doing something) I would get a sharp pain in my lower back near my spine what would bring me to my knees. After a day or so it would go away but if I lean over for to long it would return. It's not muscle related but is the most painful thing I have ever felt and I have had 2 degree burns. When it hits the pain is so bad I can't move. I have no numbness in my lower back or legs or ever feel like one of my legs is going asleep. Do you think this is a pinched nerve or something else? I didn't do anything to my back to cause any injury either. It's now to the point of I can always feel a very small amount of pain when I sit. Standing I have no pain at all normally unless I say jump down out of a truck or something. This it's mild pain and goes away quickly. Any ideas? Derek

Q: I am 78 years old. I have had epicdural injections, which helped for two weeks, and three of them. Now they want to cut me open to try and fix it. I can't walk over 100 feet, because my left leg calf get very tight, and hurts. These injections was in L5, and did wonders for 2 weeks only. Tried pills next, didn't help. Would spinal decompression help? What advice do you have to help me. Also left leg is getting weak. % years ago I played tennis, and walked in the wood. I can't do nothing now. I am at my end of the rope. Please help. Thank you. Wayne

Q:I am a 36 years-old. I had suffered (for what Doctors told me) of chronic lower back pain; mostly before my period or if I had lifted something heavy. Two weeks ago, and after having lower back pain for 2 weeks, I took a HOT shower. It seems that the position how I took the shower & the hot water combination, sent me to ER with a herniated disc. My MRI impressions says: "L5-S1 extruded (possibly sequestered) cranially migrated disc fragment extending dorsal to the L5 vertebral body on the right with likely compression of the right L5 nerve root." So far I have seen an Orthopedic and a Neurologist; both concluded immediately that I required surgery. I have an appointment with a Neurosurgeon today...the true is: I DO NOT WANT SURGERY. I have heard so many horror stories and saw in person (with my brother) how he suffered after his 2 herniated removed discs, that I do not want to go thru that. Part of my right leg is still numbed and my L5 nerves are not working properly since my leg is weak. I can't move my toes up and do not have a lot of strength when I move my right foot to the left. I am so scare...I know today the Doctor will say that I need surgery, and although I am packed with arguments of why I think I should try other treatments first, he is going to paint a horrific scenario that would totally freak me out and I would decide to have the surgery. For what you see here, are there any alternative treatments that you would recommend that would improve the movement on my leg and prevent future lower back pain?. I have been out of pain killers for more that 24 hours and my movements are very slow, but I am not in pain. My leg it's what worries me now. Thanks! Linda

Q: At my job I usually sit all day in a medical cleanroom..and most of the products I work on puts me in a position where I'm leaning over to the left and forward to do my work..its kind of hard to do it sittin straight up. Thursday evening I was working on something and I was leaning rather hard or to the point where I felt the pain in my back but I wanted to get the job done quickly and would sit up when I was done.. After I was done..the pain subsided then I was off for the day..later that day I felt a really bad pain on the right ride of my back under my shoulder blade close to my only got worse that night. I tried a heating pad, it worked for the time I had it on but after it just stiffened up again. It also hurts to take a deep breathe. When I do he pain gets worse...its been since thursday and it still hurts and its saturday...the pain is not as bad but it still hurts. I also can't lean to the right ride but the left side of of my back is fine. I've taken excedrin back and body it seems to take the edge off but that's it.. Shaunera

Q: Dear Sensei Rostocki First off I want to thank you for the creation of this website, which offers very rational approach to all the back problems. I am 28 years old.My middle back pain has been around for 3 years. It started when I worked as a baker, lots of standing, table too low and lots of repetitive motion. I started feeling a tingly sensation at the T-11 level about 1 centimeter to the right. I did not paid attention to it for a few months, but with the time it got worse. 6 months after that I had a car accident, I hit the windsheild with my head, but I did not feel any change in my back pain sensation. I took physio for about 6 months after that but with no results, then lots of chiro visit, massage therapies, acupuncture but nothing really worked. The pain is mostly deep and dull, low level but exremely annoying. Usually when I walk it feels like there is something inside of the muscle, close to the spine, kind of contraction and tightness. The dull pain usually comes when I stand or sit for a longer time. It went away for about 2 months last year but then I lifted my friend, stupid joke, and the next day when I got up the pain was back. I had CT,MRI and X rays done with no findings. I do not really have any symptoms of those spine deseases. I went through some tough times for the past years, there were some emotional problems. I read Dr. Sarno, I kind of fit into psychological profile, but the symptoms of TMS are different to what I am experiencing. There are those tender spots on the back, the pain is usually sharp and more wide spread. I do not have those symtoms. Other than the back problem, I do not feel I have any hidden emotions, I really am able to acknowledge them. There were no trigger points found in my back muscles as well. Muscles are not tender, I feel there is something inside going on, I really can not localize the exact spot where it hurts or comes from. I would like to start yoga but streching sometimes aggrevates that sensation, creates a feeling of tingling or tightness. I can do all kinds of movements, I am not limited, but I do not know if I should go on with streching and yoga even though it does not create a pain, just that above mentioned feeling. Sorry about the long message, this is one of the few ways how to express my frustration.I do not want to give up, because I can not live like that. Thank you a lot for a possible answer. Sincerely Richard

Q: hi this is for my sister not for me,she is in her early 30's has always had bad back problems since she was 12! 2 years ago she had a massage through bowen therapy,he flick one of her nerves in her back and within days she couldn't walk or talk properly.the hospitals said that she was stressed and that was what was causing her to these "body seizures". she would have constant fits and no one could touch her back.We sent her for every test possible,even ones to determine if it was stress related. her naturopath has been able to temporarily stop her shaking by the pressure points in her neck,but cannot figure out what is triggering it! she is believed to have loupas in her blood and fibro mialgia and schuemans disease in her back. The doctors and specialists say that this is not link to her problems though. She has recently been having back spasms to the point where the hospital medicated heavily on morphine vallium and muscle relaxants but it only stops for an hour or so. She can now only get from her bed to her wheelchair to go to the toilet, but is pretty much bed ridden!My sisters and i dont mind caring for her as we care for our mother who had a stroke, but we cant help her much when we don't know whats wrong with her. So 2 years later she is getting worse and the doctors either say they have no idea what it is or it's stress. Please can you give me some feedback asap. Thanks. Georgina, P.s sorry about the spelling!

Q: Dear Adam I will start me story from the beginning. During my early twenties i developed back pain, which i was led to believe was caused from driving to much. I saw various chiros, consultants and had several mri c/t scans, which showed nothing. The consultant suggested removing my cocyx which didnt do much. Towards the end of my twennties the pain subsided and from 30 to 35 i had no pain at all. In May of this year i bought a new car and almost instantely i got tingling in my feet and then severe lower back pain which mainly comes from ls1 and my sacrum and buttocks. I went back to driving my old car which has done the trick in the past, but to no avail. I have been in pain for six months am unable to drive or sit at all. I have also tried various beds in order to make the pain less severe. I have had an mri scan which shows nothing and have had facet injections which did nothing. My back as i thought alwas was very sensitive to which car i drove and which matress i slept on, and i had always managed to make my small outbreaks go away. But this time it wont go. I downloaded and read your book which has inspired me. And now i am starting to think that your theory maybe why this is happening to me. My main problem is sitting and for three months i have avoided it at all costs. But since reaading your story i am trying to build up my confidence to get through my pain barrier and list of numerous does and donts. You are right i have stopped wearing varios ties to work which i thought made it worse. Ridiculous but real to me) I tried to go out for a meal at the weekend but after an hour had to get up from the restaurant beacuse of the pain. I am feeling very low and feel like my life is always goint to be like this. I am normally a driven and fun person but this has changed me so much. I have started making lists of everyting in my life, and am trying to tkink about things clearly. The one question i have is that if this is caused by pips then why has this happened when i am at my happiest. Beside the pain i have a great partner, sucessful business and have built bridges with my family. All i can focus on is the pain which is a constent reminder. Your feedback would be much appreciated. Martin

Q: Hi I have written before L4/L5-S1 Disc bulge L4/L5 foraminal stenosis L5-S1 Facet joint arthritis ALSO NOW C3/4 disc proplapse T6 COMPRESSURE FRACTURE 25% mild mid to lower cervical thoracic spondylosis What does this mean I have had pain for over 14months just had MRI Result mid diffuse disc bulge & facet arthropathy at L4/L5 with associated mild central narrowing & bilateral lateral recess narrowing. Bone density test clear. I have tried PIPS my pain is real & beginining to run my life this all occored after motor vechicle accident 24/03/06 car hit drivers side front fender at 140klm then in march 2007 another mild accident where i was hit from behind which aggraravated the previous pain I have become so depressed I am seeing physcoligist for anxiety depressive illness what does this mean in laymens terms Thank you Michelle

Q: hi-my name is Michel-at this present time i am 61-i had an accident at the age of 14-my right femur was broken -as a result i have a hip slightly lower than the other-my body was not balanced anymore -troughout the years i suffered from a subluxation but now i have constant pain and severe at the time-let me point that i do physical work-i am an electrician-and i dont plan to retire sometimes soon i have also degenarative disks in my neckand the pain there is getting worse-i was told streching will be beneficial for me-i still dont know how to name the condition i am suffering from-would you be kind enough to suggest some sort of relief.thank you

Q: Please tell me some doctors in Oklahoma City who do the DRX9000 treatments. My dauter in law ,who lives there, has herniated disk problems would like to know. Thank you. Ken

Q: My 41 year old husband for the second time this evening told me he hurt his back at work. he went to the kitchen called me because he felt severe in the middle lower back then cold sweat I got him to a safe place and I sat him down and he passes out but m ore in form of a siezure he stretches back and he makes these noises with his breath. It lasts for about 30 seconds when he comes out of it he acts like if he just woke up. this happened for the first time last year and the same thing complained of hurting his back but that time he passed out on me twice. What could this be? when we went to the hospital last time they didnt find anything wrong. Bridget

Q: How do you know your pain is real or psychomatic? psppur

Q: my back hurts up high about where a womans bra is and i wake up with it killing me what causes that? casey

Q: For the last year I have had this painful condition of which I am not completely certain I have been properly diagnosed. I have had pain in my back, underneath my scapula-the ridge and deep within. This pain sometimes radiates to the front. I also have discomfort and tightness while breathing especially on the inspiration part of the breathing process. I used to feel pain and discomfort more frequently but now, these last two months have felt it really only at night while lying down and in the morning. Night time and morning is not good for me. I have had C.T. Scans to test for pneumonia, lung embolisms, breathing tests for asthma, Bone Scans, and Ultrasounds to test for Gall bladder problems. Blood tests also do not reveal any problem. Once upon going to the ER Room at the local hospital I was thought to have Costochondritis. I also say a Chiropractor who mainly focused on applying pressure to my tight diaphragm muscles under my breastline. When my muscles there and my back are touched I have eyewatering pain. Any thoughts, again I have dealt with this a year. I have always been active, except since this occured and now would like to get more active again but deal with pain and breathing discomfort. If this is indeed muscular-as everything else has been ruled you know of any exercises to stretch these areas out? Thank you, and looking deeply for some of your thoughts on this. Heidi

Q: If one has lordosis, is there any treatment available that allows one to straighten there spine? Mckinley

Q: I have had RSI (esp.), back pain, knee pain, etc. and got a hold of Dr. Sarno's books recently. I have had some luck and more importantly had my hope renewed with the books; where many other treatments have shown only temporary relief if anything and despair. As a 29 year old athlete my life had revolved around ice treatments until recently. I live in the Twin Peaks area of San Francisco and am looking for an analytical psychologist with experience in TMS treatment given my recent symptom imperative experiences. Any help you can provide would be much appreciated. Scott

Q: Hi, im writing now because i am sick of this pain. i have had for almost 2 months and after reading stories on this site i realise that that isnt too long. 2 months ago i got into the middle of a horse fight and one horse lashed out at another with his foot and caught me on my back. at first i thought i was ok then the whole of my right leg went tingly and almost numb. the next day it seemed to be fine so i went to work as usual. then as i went down to pick up the mop i was overwhelmed with this pain in my lower back that knocked the breath out of me and i could barely walk. i rested for a week but then had to go back to uni.(you cant rest in uni. its impossible so i think i have brought the rest of the pain on myself). I felt better so i went to do my shopping and whilst carrying the basket my back went again but worse than before. I had to try and walk home. it took me half an hour on what would usually have been a 3- 4 minute walk. that was a month and a half ago. ive been to see the doctors and she says i havent slipped anything i just need to rest. ive been resting as much as i can but i have to walk to lectures everyday and sort out meetings and carry my shopping home and it just hasnt been helping. Now ive got that out of the way my question is, do you have any idea what is wrong with me as my doctor wasnt very helpful, she just said what i said before. and can you suggest any exercises or anything to relieve the pain. im just sick of staying in when all my mates are out partying and its really upsetting me. Any help would be appreciated. Lauren

Q: Thanks for your great site. Here's my story, appoximately 2 years ago I started having right leg pain, soreness in right buttocks, very difficult to sit, then it progressed to my right hamstring, and then to my calf, this was most painful, burning, tightness, like cramping, and then finally my toes were tingling. I have been to my doctor, and a spine sspecialist, I was diagnoised with a "slightly" herniated disc at L5, on thier recommendation I had 1 Epidurol shot treatment which consisted of 2 shots one at L5 and another at S1. Prior to the doctor visits I had been to Chiro for 3 months with no real relief.The shots I received did get me back to normal for 1 year,I might point out that I am a 53 year old male, weigh 200lbs. and am very active, (I bowl, do yard work, push the mower, like to work on my old cars). Well the problem has come back, but I only seem to have the burning pain in my right calf, I have been to see the Chiro again and he says my right leg is shorter than the left because of the way I carry myself, it's not phsyical, he gave me a foam wedge for my right shoe (it's appox.1/4" thick) it doesn't seem to do much. I do take a blood pressure med. and also an anti-inflamitory (Volteren)and my doctor sent me out SOMA and Vicoden. I am scheduled to see my doctor in 3 weeks (if you haven't noticed I'm using both a medical doctor and a Chiro at the same time to find relief)I am confident my doctor will recommend another Epidurol, but I am curious if decompression is the way to go. Thanks inadvance for your suggestions. Al


Q: About 7 weeks ago, my family and I were traveling home on a busy highway, when traffic ahead of us came to a stop. We, too, stopped with out any problem, unfortunatley, the man behind us did not. Our 2005 Saturn Ion was hit at an estimated speed of 60mph by a large Dodge Ram pick-up truck. I had my head resting against the passenger window, and was briefly knocked unconcious. Thankfully, my children and husband ended up being fine, but I was airlifted to the hospital. I had bruising all along the right side of my body, and within a few days, I noticed horrible back pain. I went to my family doctor twice, and he thinks I have sciatica along with bruised joints, but I think it may be more. Here are my symptoms: Burning, hot poker pinching sensation at that 'ball' in the small of my back, right side, that feels like a live wire. This pain goes down through the rightside of my hip, through the back of my knee, and sometimes in my toes. Also, my hip aches constantly, all the way around to the front side. I walk with a pronounced limp after about 2 or 3 hours of being on my feet. In addition, I have weird popping sensation at that 'ball' that is sometimes loud enough to hear, when I shift weight from my right to left leg. When I turn, or shift weight when walking, I feel a strange snap- crackle sensation in my hip. I can't say these sensations are necassarily painful, but more disturbing and kind of sickening, just not right. My doctor doesn't seem concerned, just says it'll take time. My life is on hold at the moment, because I cannot functionnormally. I made an appointment with an orthpedist because I don't feel I should sit back and wait. The X-Rays at the er showed nothing abnormal. What is your opinion? Jen

Q: I have battled sciatica pain in left leg and buttocks 6 monthsthinking about Accu Spina treatments Do I Need chiropractic manuliptation along with the IDD Therepy? Deb

Q: hello my name is sam. My dad has a really bad back pain. i really want him to get better could you give me some advise on how to cure him. he has taken loads of things such as vinegar. hot bed cover. medicance etc. i am his son and was wondering that if you could tell me this is causing it . my dad mainly drinks and he sleeps alot in the arm chair in the night. he normally stays in the chair for ages. i was wondering if that is making it worse. thank you

Q: Yo Sensei, I got a question. I have been having lower back pain for around 12 years (coming and going. I am (almost)sure it is TMS/PIPS. I red all Sarno's books, i red your book, Sopher/schechter etc. In february this year i first heard about TMS / PIPS. In April i went totally down with backpain. After that it went from half of may till last thursday okay except from anxiety. In holland TMS is not known so we are still in the dark ages, nobody can diagnose TMS or want's to. And yes i have seen all sorts of therapists. When everything went oke with my back i was cured for about 80%. I walked, cycled but no sports(still to much fear). I was beginning to push the fear further and further back. (pain was switched by anxiety) So after having being painfree in may the next mission was the anxiety. This took a while but the last month it became clear to me that i also had to get rid of the background fear. (i could sit but never long, still sleeping on one side, still making funny moves to release backpressure, lying on the couch at home instead of sitting, you know what i mean). I started to do more and not mind my back. The pain was already gone for almost 6 months and i did almost anything except sports or heavy things. Last week there was a big emotional problem which i solved and after that the pain returned. My question is; can it be that trying to totally get rid of the TMSPIPS monster can cause a flare up off pain. And in combination with emotional stress TMS is again back on track. I am also still working 50% of the time and within a year i have to find another job (2 kids and wife to take care off).Pressure enough but with the tools it must be beaten i think. What do you suggest? In a way i know what to do but i'am surprised by this very painful flare up.(iám doing all the Sarno stuff and also your advises, or at least starting towards a free movement pattern). I'am, like i said, surprised by this flare up. Any suggestions. Thanks to you already Sensei, Greetings Patrick

Q: Hi. I am new to this site. I have had 7 low back surgeries. It started with one disc herniation,then another,a scar tissue removal,and finally fusion of first 4 levels. I still have pain,which is controlled with painkillers. I might need yet another procedure to remove a loose screw and maybe all hardware since they are in there. I have had every test imaginable,every painkiller,and can help answer peoples questions. Sean

Q: My husband has degenerative and bulging discs, spinal stenosis and peripheral nerve is causing a dropped foot. He has always had back problems but never like this. He cant stand or walk. The neurosurgeon doesnt want to operate and is sending us to a neurologist and for physical therapy. Any advice would be appreciated. Ann Marie

Q: I had a disc fusion in my lower back at the 3-4 disc in March 2002. At one point prior to that, I participated in Wado-Ryu Karate. I still enjoy the katas and various techniques. I am concerned about the jar and quick movements that would be needed to spar. What are your thoughts about this? Also, what about stretching, is there a way to improve flexability after having a fusion? Scotty

Q: First of all, I would like to let you know I'm only 17 years old and a tennis player. I had shoulder surgery about 6 weeks ago on my right shoulder to repair a slight posterior labrum tear, an extra flap of tissue on my rotator cuff, and a sac of inflation. While undergoing sugery I was given a cortizone shot in a knot in my back a chiropractor or physical therapist couldn't get rid of. The knot was just a little left of my right shoulder blade and almost to the spine. The cortizone shot did not help, it ended up making it worse. I'm still experiencing a lot of pain in my shoulder because it is now frozen but I'm having a lot more pain in my upper back across my shoulder blades. The pain has gone across the middle of my back to the left shoulder blade and I feel as if the pain is going up my left shoulder as it did the right before the surgery. I always feel the knots in my back move when I do and it is very painful. I am a student and have not been able to sit up in class for a full day since the day before my surgery. I had an MRI and it showed nothing so my doctor assumes its a nerve problem. He has suggested an epidural shot if the medicine he gave me to calm my nerves down does not work soon. Could this be the long thoracic nerve causing problems? My doctor and therapist are quite confused with what to do with me and do not have answers for my pain. Lee

Q: dear sir,i have been suffering horribly with firstly,pins and needles,electric shocks and a shocking heat like an oven these symptoms strech from my bottom to the feet.i had mris and cts and general x-rays.which show definite damage at l1,l2,l3 l4 and specialist wants at the moment to do decompression at l4-l5 at the moment and may do all if need be also said he will use koflex as well.i am 64 and was an aussie-rules footballer 19 years in melbourne,australia.the last 5 years i had to big neck operations including plastic lacectomy which has helped me greatly but now my lower back is really killing me .what do you think of having the operation.i am a big guy and hope i will be wishes,hiram janover,israel.

Q: I was in a severe rear-ender where the car (brand New Taxi)is a total write-off! I was knocked out, I remember the impact but nothing more till I heard the Cab Driver (a big woman appox. 245lbs.) say she was sorry and asked if I was okay! I told her I felt like I had pins, needles and numbness on the top of my head! She started to go into severe shock, so I tried to comfort her! As for myself I think the head rest was set to low so my head was against the hardest part of my head! I have a severe pain that's like a burning sensation in my thoracic part of my shoulder as well as the muscles of the shoulders, which goes down my arms to my hand which go numb! I was released from hospital, even though my pupils were so big there was less than an 1/16 of the normal irises blue/green irises! It was a concussion, as the headaches are like torture!Dizziness, unable to focus, jaw aches, ears, throat neck muscles as I think I was actually hung or strangled by the seat belt! My Thyroid, and neck muscles and glands under jaw still hurt! I am vertically challenged so When I got swung back against he seat I guess the impact was hard I have a crown of them to prove it! I am an Epileptic, and I know I was knocked out, I also have neck swelling that looks like the Mumps/Gout! The back of my skull is still hurting as is my neck, shoulders and lower back! Could this be whiplash, and can this effect my Epilepsy? Or do you thing it some thing different? Sincerely, Joan

Q: I fell off a ladder and fell about 6 ft. onto my tail bone (coccyx). I went to a clinic and they gave me celebrex, vicodin and a patch with lidocaine in it. They don't do much for the pain. Sitting and standing up, laying on my back, reaching down all are horrifically painful. I don't know what kind of specialist I should go see and what options will best work on the area. I've read area's of your site but can't seem to find a good answer about coccyx pain. Maybe I'm just missing it. I would greatly appreciate an answer. Thanks Steve

Q: Do you have any info on a technique that uses a gel to replace the disc? Pete

Q: I got hit by a soccer ball on the back of my head and my back. I was sitting and it hit me full force. it happened 4 weeks ago. I feel dizzy, nauseous, have neck and back pain, forget things, am very tired all the time and my arms fall asleep while sleeping and so on. The MRI showed that I have 3 bulging disks in my neck, the doctor said I have a concussion and whiplash. No surgery needed they said , which I am grateful for. Besides heat pads, homeopathic remedies, rest, what else is there for me to do to get better fast and 100%? Hope you can give me some hints, Jacqueline

Q: I am 26 years old and hurt my lower back running. Its been a year now. The original pain I had morphed into something different - it now is primarily in my piriformis and sacroilliac region. There is no other pain, ie sciatic pain running down the leg. Everything seems to make it worse- walking alot, excercising alot, standing alot, sitting alot, sleeping, stress etc. I have gone to several doctors and types of therapy- it has started to get better several times (with massage, acupuncture, physio, etc) but eahc time it returns. Nobody knows what wrong my last doctor, who I trust the most, simply said its 'tricky' hard to get rid of and doesnt really know exactly what it is. I still go for massage, I wear orthotics and I'm starting chirporatic therapy monday cause I feel like ive treid everything and nothing is working(I've also tried ostheopathy, medication, bowen ,etc- as many possible things as I could have and I have given everything a chance to work before giving up on it). apparently there is a history of back pain in my family, but i dont know what it is. Do you have any advice for me? Any idea what it might be? I find it unbareable to sit and do excercise etc and its been ages and nothing is working. Josh

Q: Hello Sensei. First i must say im new to this site but it had provided me alot of info about back pains.And now at least i know,im not alone.thanks! I have back pain for the past 3 months..i dunno wads the cause of it but an xray show a shift in one of the bones in the lumbar i have pain like nerve compression...i feel that the pain is always there,whenever i bend down or lean,it will be there..but if i stay pain.. i am undergoing physio but it is of like no use..i am really very sad because i am only 16..i dun wan to have a chronic back pain..the sports i do are sprint kayaking and running.. i have stopped doing any exercises or sports since 3months ago..but i really want to know if i can get back to doing kayaking or sports.. thanks, Jimmy

Q: i am a 72-year-old female describing a horrible pain in my leg. i'm is 5'7" and approximately 125 pounds. i am an active walker with no history of osteoporosis. I retired from teaching 15 years ago. The pain is not in any joints and i cannot recall overexerting myself recently. No swelling is apparent and a close inspection of the skin has revealed no cuts or abrasions. The pain i am experiencing shoots down the back of my leg from my buttocks and it is excruciating. There is no constant muscle soreness. Brandy

Q: Thank you for the site. I am 59, I have compression of the disk causing pain in right hip and leg, comes and goes. I and was able to borrow a used inversion table. No directions. Some of my research make mention about using vitamins with the table, is there a formula for how long to invert? . Any help, thanks Roy

Q: Hi, I fell on my right side on concrete floor. The same night I had jerky, spastic head and hand movements, pain in back of neck, arms, then weakness in right arm (problem writing), now both. Prior neck surgery (Feb.07,C4-5 art. disk replacement)and back surgery ( Sept. 05,L3-L5 2 art. disk repl.)I have had trouble swollowing (something getting stuck), and occas. problem with coordination and balance. Diagnosis may 07 mild to moderate Lumbar stenosis. I had acute radiating pain from may 07 througout my bosy from head to toes. Now it seems that the upper region is worse. CT Myelogram (last week) shows C5-6 disk bulge with impression on thecal sac. My surgeon does not take me seriously anymore. He suggested to fing "someone to talk to". Can you help? Thank you so much Georgia

Q: Hi, I am a 29 year old female and have had lower back pain since I was a teenager. Most of my pain starts right above my tailbone in my lower back and sometimes radiates down my buttocks and into the back of my legs. Sometimes it feels like the backs of my legs and my toes are numb or tingling. I have had several MRI's and have been to several doctor's over it. I am a smoker and the dr's told me that my back pain was caused from my smoking and that they could actually see my discs deteriorating. Well, my sister in law has the same back problems and she is not a smoker. I have had several cortisone and steriod shots to help relieve the pain. I can't think of any injuries I have had for my back to hurt. I have 3 kids and with all 3 of them I had severe back labor. When I was pregnant with my youngest daughter my doctor had told me that I was having severe muscle spasms in my lower back and she put me on pain meds and muscle relaxers. They helped for a bit but now I'm in pain again. Sometimes it feels as if my back is locking up and I can't move for several minutes. This will happen when sitting, standing, bending, or walking. Also about 3 months ago I noticed a small indention on my right hip close to my buttocks. I didn't think anything of it as I thought it was just a "dimple" on my buttocks. Well, about a month ago I was drying off after getting out of the shower and I noticed that the indention had gotten much bigger. It is almost a reddish blue color inside the indentation. It hurts to touch and feels kind of rigid. The puffy skin around the indentation is hard and I have noticed when sitting it hurts around the site of the indentation and down my right leg. Now I have not associated my leg pain with the indentation until just recently because I have always associated my leg pain with my back pain. I currently have no insurance and want to get this checked out, but I only want to go to one doctor instead of having to be referred to someone. So, with that being said, my questions are 1. what do you think the indentation is and what could have caused it? 2. what type of doctor should I go to to cut out the middle man, so to speak? I hope that you can help me as I have shown the area to several people and no one has ever seen anything like it. Thank you, Nicole

Q: I am 53 years old. I have been diagnosed with cervical spinal stenosis by a neurologist. Later I was diagnosed with opll. I am not in therapy becasue thus far I have refused surgery until I try other options. Please let me know...if I am making the right choice. ps. wondering if spinal decompression would help... thanks, Emma

Q: Dear Sensei Adam Rostocki, I have been living with chronically tight back muscles for over a year and a half now, which is nothing compared to 18 years but still somewhat of an irritation. My question for you is, once you finally discovered your new method for curing back pain, how long did it take for your pain to subside completely (or almost completely)? I am looking to purchase your ebook but am not sure it will be beneficial, as I have tried nearly everything to cure myself. I would like to be optimistic, though. If you were to write back it would be greatly appreciated. Thank-you for your time. Michael

Q: I was in a horrific accident in 93. My jaw was replace, had another replacement in 2001, I had a fracture in L-3. I have been experiencing chronic pain for for many years from what I thought was due to my jaws. I had a MRI and CT done my results were: MRI: FINDINGS: The signal intensity of the cervical spinal cord is normal.At C2-3 there is no significant disc abnormality or foraminal stenosis. At C3-4 there is central disc bulging. There is no foraminal stenosis. At C4-5 there is a right paracentral disc protrusion or spur producing mild right sided foraminal narrowing. At C5-6 there is mild posterior disc bulging. There is no foraminal stenosis. At C6-7 there is no significant disc abnormality or foraminal stenosis. At C7-T1 there is no significant disc abnormality or foraminal stenosis. ^ IMPRESSION: FAR RIGHT PARACENTRAL DISC PROTRUSION OR LATERAL SPUR AT C4-5 NARROWING THE RIGHT NEUROFORAMEN. IF FURTHER EVALUATION IS CLINICALLY INDICATED, AXIAL CT IMAGING AT THIS LEVEL MAY BE OBTAINED. MILD CENTRAL DISC BULGING AT C3-4. MILD POSTERIOR DISC BULGING AT C5-6. CT: TECHNIQUE: Axial CT images of 1.25 mm thickness were obtained from the occiput through T2 from which reformations were created. FINDINGS: There is no evidence of acute fracture or dislocation. There is mild central disc bulging at C3-4. At C4-5 there is minimal posterior disc bulging that is slightly asymmetric and more prominent to the right with some slight spurring. Minimal right sided foraminal narrowing is produced. There are no significant disc abnormalities at other levels. When today's study is compared to the MR examination of 10/23/07 the minimal disc bulging and spurring on the right at C4-5 likely corresponds to the abnormality on the MR. ^ IMPRESSION: NO EVIDENCE OF ACUTE FRACTURE OR DISLOCATION. MINIMAL POSTERIOR DISC BULGING SLIGHTLY ASYMMETRIC TO THE RIGHT AT C4-5 WITH MINIMAL ASSOCIATED SPURRING AND FORAMINAL NARROWING AT THAT LEVEL LIKELY CORRESPONDING TO THE ABNORMALITY SEEN ON RECENT MR. THERE IS NO EVIDENCE OF PROMINENT SPURRING OR DEFINITE DISC HERNIATION. MILD CENTRAL DISC BULGING AT C3-4. I went to see a Neurological Surgeon today and he diagnosised me with myofascial cervical pain and cervical spondylosis. Said he doesn't know why I hurt. He gave me some pain pill and said take these on you "bad days". I am in severe pain- Can you suggest anything? Kathryn

Q: I am an athelete, and a distance runner, having run many races and a marathon. A few months ago my sphodylolisthesis started acting up again. I survived a bout about 11 years ago and have been highly functional since the fire was put out. This new bout has been just horrible. The pain level has been such that I scream frequently and cannot walk. I am incapable of doing much for myself. I have tried acupuncture and aggressive physical therapy. I can't even sit on a stationary bike and pedal at no tension. Everything hurts my back and leads to misery. Of course, surgery has been recommended. I've heard so many horror stories and my PT is advising me not to have surgery. I just can't live like this much longer. It is destroying me. I envisioned myself as a very active elder. (I'm 59 now.) Long strenuous hikes and long runs were normal for me. One hundred mile bike rides were normal for me. I just do not know what to do. I can't sleep because of the sciatica pain. I can't walk or stand to do the most basic of personal care things for myself. What else can I do? The doctor wants to do an anterior/posterior surgery. I also hear that they do not straighten out the spine, and leave it in the slipped state! What's the use in having surgery if it is not going to straighten the spine and free up the nerves to end the compression and pain? So far they have done a medial branch block but when the pain returns, it comes back with a vengence. They have proposed a radio frequency ablation to give me some temporary relief. I'm worried about doing that because I don't know if it might cause some permanent damage. I'm so confused. Please help. Thank you. Karen

Q: Hello, I am a 30 year old female and in the past few weeks I have had a dull pain in my lower back. About three or four days ago, it became more and more painful, until it turned to a sharp pain in my lower back. I have never had lower back pain like this before, and it does not go down into my legs, it stays in the lower back, right above the buttocks. I do not believe it is a pinched nerve from the information on your page. All I know is it hurts so bad I cry sometimes and just want it to go away. I have been walking on a treadmill for the last two weeks, but I do not believe it is from that. Please help! Thank you. Heather

Q: I've had a small right paracentral disc herniation of L4-5 diagnosed in 2003. I've had 2 MRI's since then, one last year and one last week. There have been no changes since 2003. I've always had a problem on the right side but 5 weeks ago I started having a burning sensation on the top of my left foot and that stopped...then my left calf started to hurt and then the back of my leg started hurting as well as my hip. I mean, when I touch it it is tender and sore. Now, I have a burning pain in my butt on the left side and all this pain down my leg into the bottom of my foot. I have a burning sensation down my leg along with pain. I sometimes feel like there is something in my twitches sometimes but it feels like something is in there. I have some weird sensations down my right leg as well but the left is worse. The doctor doesn't know why I'm having all the trouble on my left side when the herniation is on the right. He looked at the film with a radiologist look at the film today instead of just reading the report. They don't understand why I'm having the pain on my left side. He gave me Lyrica to try and I did last night and it made me sick-too dizzy. I'm in a lot of pain and discomfort don't know what to do. He offered an epidural steriod injection in 2 weeks. I'm going to see him again today. I used to walk my dog every morning for 1/2 hour and I can do it but I'm afraid to cause more damage. I stopped all other weight lifting too. Thanks for reading. Karen

Q: I need some help. My dad has had numerous back problems amd surgery upon surgery to try to help it. He now has a pain pump that helps with pain but has recently been having more pain and there is no stronger medicine to replace what is currently being used. My dad is 60 years old, has grandchildren now and will have more in the future, and I am not ready for him to not be able to do the things that I know he enjoys. If anyone can help with ideas or doctors that may specialize with this type of thing it would be greatly appreciated. I am not ready to accept that that there is nothing to do about his pain. Thank you. Heather

Q: Hello There my name's Tony and obviously if i have found this site i have back problems. I am 18 years old and an extremely active person going from general fitness exercise to freestyle BMX riding, motorbikes, martial arts and all. My condition seems almost identicle to yours i have herniations in my L4-L5 and L5-S1 disks, the L5-S1 disk has slipped in the past and leaked the nucleus pulposus so i had an acute episode so i have felt the hell too of an acute episode i have. it all started about 1 year ago from working 2 jobs 1 delivering jumping castles which some were 4 times my body weight and also being a mechanic which had me bending over for long periods of time and heavy lifting eventually i had muscle imbalance but from the pressures from bosses i had to continue to work untill i am at the state i am now. before all this i was training to join The Australian special forces SAS and as you would know they get you doing extreme duties that demands extreme performance from ones body such as running kilometers on end with heavy backpacks, heavy lifting etc. now my question is, reguardless of wether this pain is psychological or what do you think it is possible to recover well enough to build myself back up to be able to withstand these pressures in the future if i have had a herniated disk in the past. or would i be wasting my time if i still attempt to get in if my disk is likely to flare up again on the selection course and give me another acute episode? Your advice would be much appreciated. Tony.

Q: I have been diagnosed with myofascial pain syndrome in my right shoulder.. Had a MRI which showed 4 perineural cysts in the cervical area. Had a consultation with a neurosurgeon in Toronto but he says that they do not cause symptoms.. I have radiating nerve pain down my right arm that does not go away and my shoulder feels frozen.. Do you agree with this neurosurgeon that these cyst do not cause nerve pain? Thank you. Rita

Q: Good day. My husband is in dire need of assistance, but we do not know the next step to take. He was hit in the back by a JCB digger in Nov. 2003 and has been getting worse over the last couple of years. He is in an awful lot of pain and now has a wheelchair and on occasion uses crutches. He is able to walk but only for a few minutes, because of the pain. His eye-sight is deteriorating and his hair is falling out more and more. He complains of pain all over, from his head all the way down to his feet. He was told that he has a herniated disc, and was prescribed oxycontin, oxynorm and lyrica (been taking this medication for about 2 years) and the dosage was increased twice before. Thing is that he cannot move if he had not taken medication and even when he does, it still hurts. We have 3 small children, 9,5 and 3 and they are unable to play around with their dad, and it has had a tremendous affect on all of us. My husband was also put on anti-depressents, as was I. This is controlling our lives in so many negative ways. My husband attended pain clinic about 2 years ago, to no avail. He has been to see Chiropractors, Neurosurgeons, Physiotherapists, Pain Specialists and Orthopaedics. All say there is nothing they can do for him, and we can't help but think that they are not being truthful. Please help. What alternatives do we have. The medication he is on is now taking its toll on his kidneys, he started having breathing difficulty about a month ago and complains of numbness in his arms and legs and constant chest pains. He has never had any back problems or ill health before the accident. Quite the opposite. He was very active and healthy. What are we to do? Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Regards Karlien

Q: Hello, Just came across your website and thought I'd drop you a line. My name is Matt and I'm a bit of a unique back-pain story. When I was 18 years old I herniated the L5-S1 disc in my back. It was a combinations of things: weight lifting, car accident, poor daily mechanics. I had a micro-discectomy by a very talented surgeon in South Florida. After a few months of physical therapy I was back in the gym. I'm now 23 years old and live in Southern California. I've been very active with weight training for the past 8 months and recently my back began to act up again. There was no particular incident that started this bout of pain. Learning from my last round, I immediately stopped weight training and only do some light stretching. I work a desk job and am sitting most of the day and just can't seem to shake this pain. Though it's slowly getting better, I'm wondering if you might be able to share and advise on how to improve my condition and get back into the gym. Thanks, -Matt

Q: so. My pain is emotionally based? I'm stunned and do not want to believe it. But somewhere, way back in my head, I think you may have something here. I guess I have to buy your book to find out. If you think the pain industry is such a sham, why do you let them advertise on your website? Erika

Q: Hi. My name is Lyn. I'm writing you today because my boyfriend have a back pain and it really bother him. We both don't have the money to pay for health insurance so I'm hoping that you have a cure for his back pain. He said it hurt when he sneeze, when he yawn, when he moves, everything hurts him. He said that it feels like someone is grabbing into his back and squeeze it very hard. Please help me find a cure for his back pain. Thank you very much. Have a good day/night.

Q: I looked on web but can't find my problem. I am about 50lb overweight, but am active. Ocasionaly I have back muscle pain, take motrin, goes away, and then low back at waist pain that is hot to touch. Its not easy to go to a Dr., I have recently been walking 2 mi every other day, and it is really aggrivated. Nowhere do I see where a pain is described as hot. Can you help? Thanks Tess

Q: Thank you for helping me with this!! I am really desperate. I have been in pain for almost two years, gradually increasing. I tried a chiropractor for a few months, also a physical therapist for a few months, and finally an acupunturist but my discomfort level keeps increasing. I cant sit down for long periods of time. The last spinal specialist told me to try the steroidal epidurals, and I do not know if this is a good idea. Here is my MRI results. My MRI report of my lumbar spine shows that at L4-L5 there is disc desiccation and mild diffuse disc bulge and mild bilateral facet arthropathy without neural compromise. Also, at L5-S1 there is minimal diffuse disc bulge and facet arthropathy without neural compromise. Also there is minimal disc space narrowing at L4-L5. Therefore there is a mild discogenic and facet arthropathy at L4-L5 and L5-S1 without neural compromise. Thank you soo much. God Bless!! Andres

Q: My family doctor has just diagnosed the cause of pain under my breasts and armpits as Facette Syndrome. He has told me that rowing exercises, and exagerated tricep lifts will help eliminate the condition. I have explained this to my Physical Trainer. But, I was hoping to find more information on specific exercises that help eleviate my condition. My doctor tells me that with proper exercise, the condition will improve. Can you give me some advise regarding exercises to pass on to my physical trainer. Thank you. Lynn

Q: Hi there, im not sure if you can help or not but im just looking for a bit of an answer without paying to see a doctor. forgive my I was thrown from a horse i'm breaking in about a week ago. I landed quite heavily on the right side of my lower back. Just above or near my hip. It was a servere stabbing pain when it first happened. I took a few deep breaths and stood up and the pain dulled slightly. I jumped back on and finished working the horse. There was swelling to the area straight away and was very sore to walk. I also noticed numbness to the area pretty well straight away too. Its now just about a week on and the pain is still quite bad, finding trouble in walking, and the numbness is still very much there. Do you think it is bad enough to warrent a trip to the doctors or an x-ray? Or should I just suck it up and tough it out? I dont usually do this sort of thing but the pain and numbness has me a little concerned. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you for your time. Simon

Q: I stumbled upon the book; Mind over Back pain by John Sarno last night which led me on this web search today. For the last two days I have been experiencing severe upper to mid back spasms on the right side. I have had these pains off and on since I was 5 or 6 years old. They recur just about once/twice a year. I have had every test imaginable and the doctors have never found any "medical condition";-- no disc, spine or muscular issues. After reading the books and your articles I am convinced that my condition is mainly emotionally motivated. I remembered that my first muscle spasm occurred during an act of abuse that occured toward me when I was 5 or 6 years old. Strangely though, it seems that there is also a link between cold weather? I seem to have these pains mostly as Fall turns to Winter or in the height of winter. What do you suggest. Is there a specialist in the Chicago area that you would recommend. Thank you for your work. Kimberlee

Q: I had Acupuncture and Shiatsu treatments for the first time, did not feel any discomfort. In the evening, it seems that one point under the sholder started giving me enormous pain. It is now more than 72 hours with constant back ache although not as severe as before. I am using a heating pad. Martin

Q: I was misdiagnosed for 2 1/2 years. I injured myself at work and had pain in the middle of my back to the right of my spine below the shoulder blade and it went up over the shoulder. Doc said it was muscle tears in shoulder. I went to PT, the therapist said it was a neck injury and the muscle tears was caused by my shoulder trying to compensate. Doc said no and did MRI on shoulder after 6 months of pain, that showed the muscle tears. I begged for MRI where the pain originated, he said that was referred pain. After more PT on and off work and agony at times I woke up with unbearable pain in neck. Had MRI of neck and it showed a large herniated disc at C5-6 pressing on spinal cord and nerve. That was 2 1/2 years after the injury. I had epidural injections which made pain worse. Finally at 3 years post injury I had surgery: discectomy with fusion. Doc said that he found 2 pieces of the disc had since broken off. I have recovered well from the surgery but the nerve symptoms changed and were severe. Pain was down the inside of right arm to thumb and first finger, after surgery, pain was down both arms on the outside and to the last 3 fingers. Another MRI showed all is well post-op. Now 6 weeks post op I am much better but still have the nerve pain with numbness to the fingers. My question is: How can I tell there is permanent damage from the nerve compression? Why were the symptoms different and so intense? When can I expect relief? My doctor isn't sure, he said he never had a patient that went so long with the herniation and nerve compression. Thank You, Dawn

Q: I have a recurring back pain that that usually occurs after physical activity. usually about once a month and lasts for about 3-5 days. It stems from an injury I sustained about 3 years ago, I fell down some cement stairs and landed on my right side of my pelvis, now I have a recurring pain there that comes after I'm active. The more I stretch the worse it gets, can never find any tender muscles to massage either, it feels like the pain is coming from inside, kinda like it's in the hip joint too. The only thing that gets rid of it is resting and not moving too much. I've been to a couple chiropractors and it has never helped. My right foot also falls asleep quite often while I sit on my couch but is not accompanied by any pain. Thank you Adam

Q: hi, i am sham i am 27 yrs old. i have back pain for the past 4 years. it caused by misbalance of heavy weight lifting. i took many treatments, but it dint get cured, can you please suggest me any treatment with medicene as well some exercise. thanks & regards, Sham

Q: I am a 69 year old female who just recently suffered severe stabbing pain in the back of my thigh radiating down to my calf. This only happens when I'm lying flat, either on my stomach or back and seems to disappear when up up and about. It leaves the area sore, almost like when you have a leg cramp. There is no part of my back that has any discomfort. What could this be? Jacqueline

Q: This is the first time I feel like there is someone that truly understands my pain and the sadness that come with it. What I have been reading helps answer 14 years of unanswered questions and countless times that I have doubted my intuition and listened to others instead. My intuition has been telling me the pain is from my hurt heart not my spine since day 1. But, how can feelings and my own mind cause me such extreme and uncomfortable pain. It's like self mutilation at the subconscious level. I love myself and my life and I don't want to cause my self any more pain. I was actually writing to ask how to get your book in print? I cannot find it in book form only PDF. Truly, I need it. Kristin

Q: Yes,I have a herniated disc (L-5 S-1) and a couple other lumbar bulging discs as well as disc disease,narrowing ect. I was wondering if the DRX 9000 is for everyone and also if there have been cases where it has made a disc worse? Also,if you are not hooked up to the machine right or not adjustd first if it can do more damage than good? I am scared to go back on it after my symptoms seemed to worsen after my last treatment so I have decided to see an orthopedic spine specialist now after seeing a couple of neuro surgeons already. Any advice would be appreciated greatly.I frame houses for a living and my condition continues to worsen.I also love to ski dirt bike and snowmobile(or did) HOW DO I GET MY LIFE BACK? thanks jeff

Q: I am having a lot of neck pain and cannot afford an MRI. I decided to have x-rays done and the result says this: Five views of the cervical spine were performed and reveal reversal of the normal lordotic curvature of the cervical spine. No prevertebal soft tissue swelling is identified to suggest acute abnormality. There is a degenerative change most prominent at C4-C5 and C5-C6. an MRI should be performed to exclude abnormality. My doctor perscribed Physical Therapy because I still cannot afford the MRI. Can you explain the results better for me? Noreen

Q: Can you file for disability because you have arthritis in your lower back?? every day my pain in my lower back is from a scale of 1 to 10 ten being the worst my pain is a 7 to 8 every day, about a week befour i start my period my lower back pain is a 10 its so unbaring at times. I have a job to where i stand on my feet for 8 hours a day, my dad also has arthritis in his lower back he is 87, but i think he retired early due to his back pain. im not sure what to do for lower back arthritis?? is there treatment or what can be done about it??? Denise

Q: Ive been babysitting for nearly 4 years for my sister so she could work and such, i've had minimal exercise. a couple weeks ago i started having lower back pains. i was wondering if this was from no exercise or if i've got some kind of bone disease or something like that. if it is from no exercise, what sort of stretches can i do to get back to normal? Thanks. Mike

Q: Hello, I have had a long history of back pain. I am a 50 year-old male and I don't have any other serious health issues. For most of my life, I was fairly fit. But my first injury started while I was exercising about 20 years ago to L-4,L-5 and I don't think I herniated the disc. I think the bulging caused the pain symptoms, but I went to a place in San Francisco where I was living at the time called Back Pax. The wonderful people there put me on a special execise and stretching program that gave totally healed my back. I walked in their wearing a brace and within two weeks I was pretty much pain free. I found that a lot of my pain came from very tight ham strings and weak back and abdominal muscles. Everything was fine until a few years ago when I was gardening and I lifted some mulch and "ping" I had the worse back pain ever--this time going all the way down my right leg. For six months I couldn't stand or sit. I ate and lived on the living room floor. I used some pain meds for a while, but all they did was make me groggy. I have been to every kind of doctor, physical therapist, neurosurgeon, chiropractor, etc. I had an MRI and that told me that there was a protrusion at S-1, L-5. A lot of the pain went away, but I still have residual pain or chronic pain. It usually feels like I am sitting on a piece of glass in my right buttock. I can do some light stretching, but that is about all. Of course, the lack of physical activity has caused me to gain weight. I write for a living so I sit a lot, but I am able to get up and move around. I have wondered about inversion therapy, exercises and I even wondered about the TRUE BACK advertised on TV. Do you know of any approaches that I can try, medications, specific type of doctor. I went to the best neurosurgeon in the Rochester NY area and he more or less told me to live with the pain. Any advice would be appreciated. Tim

Q: Hi, I have recently had an mri done on my cervical spine and lumbar region. The mri report was as follows: At C5-6 there is a broad-based posterior central and left parcentral disc protrusion/extrusion which may impinge ontot he ventral root of the emerging left C6 nerve. Effacement of ventral subarachnoid space is evident and this disc does make contact with ther anterior surface of the cervical cord. However; there is no compression or cord edema. I have been waiting for my doctor to call me to explain. I am very anxious to find out if this is something that may need surgery. I have been doing to much research on my own and not really finding out what I need to. Can you help me with this? Carol

Q: To start with, my mother at age 45 began symptoms of pain in her legs, as time went on she began to have pain in her arms, as time went on her pain got worse to where by age 63 she had been perscribed Morphine patches, vicodin, neurontin 3800per day, and tylonal w/codine. She had been tryin to get an diagnosis for 16 years until at age 64 they told her she not only had neuropathy in her legs,(she didn't have diabietes)but she had 4 months to live. Her Dr. told here she had SLOW PPROGRESSIVE A.L.S. Just like my mother I began unknowingly of her medical problems, began the start of myself having pain when I turned 45 1/2. I am in so much pain,an I am being perscribed I am on lyrica for the pain in my legs, and I am Norco for the constant pain in my arms,chest,legs. And as of 3 days ago I (after walking in the christmas parades) I now have terrible terrible back pain. I am 49yrs old and very very active considering the pain medication. What are my chances that I have the exact symptoms as my mother did, there seems to be no diagnosis for me and it has been 3 1/2 years of progressively more and more pain. Is slow progressive A.L.S. herditary? All tests came back negitive and all mental testing fine. I am only 5 pounds over my high school weight.And i do everything possible to be healthy. I've tried everything to not be ill! Helene

Q: I was diagnosed with slippage of L5 a couple of months ago...Stage 2. I've had an injection...did not work. Had physical therapy...did not work. Now the pain dr wants to do radiofrequency lesioning. However...this same pain dr referred me to a surgeon that I went to today. He says the radiofrequency will not work. He of course says I need a fusion. Who do you beleive? I've had pain since last April. I don't do much is limited, my lifestyle has changed. I work at home, but cooking, cleaning...all getting more difficult. Fusion sounds very scary to me. Should I try the radiofrequency first? Jane

Q: My whole left side of my back hurts really bad. It hurts to sit, get up, walk, turn, lift my six month old son, and to reach for anything. I have tried tylenol and ibuprofen to manage the pain. They barely helped if at all. I don't know what is going on but it has only been two days. Please help me find out what is wrong. Mandy

Q: I was under the knife recently for a single fusion. Hundreds of x-rays, molygrams, MRI'S were done. Several Surgeons were consulted with. Two neurosurgeons were present at my hospital visit. Osteoarthritis was part of my diagnosis. Two nerves were found pinched flat as ribbons. Clearance was drilled in these areas almost to excess. The 2 surgeons met with me afterwards, with the same story. S1, L5,& L4 were already jointed and fused solid, with L3 in hot pursuit halfway there. It appeared to me that they were in a situation similar to be pulling & twisting taffy in order to break the joints free to further investigate the nerve damage extent, but the 2 men were unable to break the joints free. Their comments were that I was fused "solid as a rock", and no surgical fusion was necessary at this time. I have never been this inflexible before, and am very limited in my activities. Walking and standing are the most difficult as bending at the waist is impossible. Marcus

Q: I have been suffering with back pain since the early 90's and it started from a fall. I was told that I have scoliosis of the tailbone, I had a fracture spine that did heal, and a herniated disc. I severe pain from the waist down my leg, it almost feels like I am being electricuted. One doctor says I cannot have surgery, then another says I can. The only relief I get is laying down and pain pills. Exercise can only be done with pain pills and again I am laying down. Please advise what is happening to me. Thankyou. Sandra

Q: I have been diagnosed as suffering from DISC BULGE IN C4-C5,L3-L4,L4-L5,L5-S1 DISCS after I had a chronic pain in the back(disc prolapse). After undergoing spinal traction I feel better now. What treatment should I take to completely get cured?. Is there a possibility of me getting a Slipped Disc again?. I am a woman of 44 years and I am 5ft 2inches height and 70kgs of weight. REVATHI

Q: I am 17 and have been working out for two years. About 6 months ago, I began to feel terrible pain in my back, which I labeled as weakness. I worked out my lower back extensiveley, and the pain soon vanished. However, my upper back, particularly the shoulder blade area cannot go a day without tightening up, causing pain, and inability to function at school. Physical therapy had me work out those muscles, but it has not been effective. My upper, and sometimes middle back just gets so tight, that I can't handle it anymore. Working out was my life, and now I can't do it. DO you have any advice? Neil

Q: I had 2 levels fused 2 years ago, best thing that ever happened to me. I had a discotomy 4 years ago and after 6 months the pain was back and I herniated another disc right below the one that I had surgery on. The fusion was a last resort after extensive physical therapy, chiropractors, accupuncture (which does provide relief from pain for a limited time) to pain pills, antinflammatories (once vioxx was banded, it was very difficult). The best thing was I took the time to recover, I was off of work for 6 weeks, I worked from home on a limited basis after 3 weeks. I also worked out on the ellipitcal from the 2 week. My neurosurgeon recommended it over walking and I agree 100%. Although it took a good 6 months before I felt really good, my life has changed for the better. It was so painful before my surgery that I was ready to shoot myself. Now it is like I am 20 years younger. I think my neurosurgeon, Dr. Christopher Wolfa, Medical College of WI was fantastic! He changed my life! Steph

Q: Im having middle back pain to lower back pain, it almost seems like its my spine, because my wife massages my back and thats where it seems to hurt. I have been on vacation from my job for 8 days and i cant even sleep in my own bed. I have to sleep on the floor for best comfort. My job is very physical and when i am working it doesnt bother me at all, its when i take some days off that is more uncomfortable. Does anyone have an idea what this pain might be? Alex

Q: Hi: I am a 70 year old female, and have had some lower back problems in the last couple of years (did a lot of heavy lifting in my job) that I have had treated with acupuncture, physio and exercises that seems to have helped. Unless I'm on my feet for 5-6 hours at a time, (then my legs feel achy) I experience no difficulties. Recently I started having an unusual pain under my right foot (left side, near toes) The pain comes without warning, lasts only a few seconds but is quite painful -almost a burning sensation. This happens while up or lying down. About a month ago I had my CK levels checked. They were quite high. (I'm not taking any statins) and the doctor thinks I could have rhuematoidarthritis or Lupis, but except for some mild arthritis in the right knee, I have no swelling or painful joints, no low grade fever, no rashes. But this unusual pain does concern me. Could it be connected to a back problem? Thank you, Dorie

Q: I am 77 years old and I am having localized low back pain on the right side. I hurt in the morning especially and if I bend over it hurts to rise back up in a small spot the size of a silver dollar. I first went to a chiropractor for two weeks and the pain decreased by about 60%. Then after two weeks I bent over to tie my shoes and I could not rise up. I had to call the ambulance to take me to the hospital. There they said it was sciatica and the x-rays looked "OK". I then went back to the chiropractor and he could pinpoint where the pain was coming from. He said it was just under the crest of my hip and just right of the right PSIS. He also said that is where my gluteal muscles attached. He worked on me and I felt better and now two days later I hurt badly. At first the chiropractor said I might have facet problems but after the hospital visit he was thinking muscle strain because now the pain is more obvious. Please help with any ideas because I am going to go the medical route and see what happens. Brad

Q: Was injured 15 years ago in war explosion, many residual effects including slow posterior tearing of ascending yielding a dissecting Thoracic Aneursym. Long and short of it, was fractures of L3,4, and S1 that have cost me from working as Anesthetist. Main SX's started in R gluteal as ache . After 2-3 weeks begin traveling down R sciatic nerve with very decreased reflexology in R heel and +++ hyper response in both knees. L side would alternate with R. On score 1-10/ when this "sharp, even sleeping awakened " severe """electrical high voltage""" feeling down & up tract with 9-10 "yelling pain" Ortho/Neorology found "additional MRI = (3)roots highly inflammed...pain meds blunt it, but the sliding, decreasing dose of Predisone after 12 hours was "fantastic"!! since this old warrior is stuck with this condition, 'what is future utilization with these little white pills ??? Future treatments ? feedback Major

Q: I have significant continued chronic pain 18 months after artificial disc replacements in lumbar region (L3-S1), 3 discs. Why? The discs used were ProDisc, surgery performed by Dr. Bertagnoli in Germany. I reside in the U.S. I am 55 yrs., healthy all my life, male, 6'3" 210 lbs. I had a ruptured disc at age 36 L4-L5. subsequently the adjacent discs deteriorated with my only options being fusion or ADR. I chose ADR due to many factors, including recommendations by my local surgeon and Dr. Bertagnoli. I expected a long recovery time but it has been 18 months with good physical therapy. I own my own business so I can take off when pain increases. I only work an average of 20 hours a week outside of my home. My back pain will improve over weeks and months then, for no known reason, will regress again. I am on 75 mcg. Fentanyl patches and pain pills to boot. I am now going through a 3 week period of 7+ pain levels and really frustrated. My back surgeon says the architecture of the spine is fine, the discs are performing as they should. No one can pinpoint the cause of the pain - which is in the back, hips and both legs. Sitting, driving and standing in one place too long are major contributors of pain. In fact, I have hired a driver to avoid that activity. I cannot find information on similar patients with a similar procedure and a similar time frame for recovery. I have heard the recovery can be up to 36 months, I do not know this for a fact. If my pain is at this level, does it indicate revision surgery? Any help would be appreciated. Scott

Q: I bought a new Toyota Rav4 about two months ago. Shortly there after I started a new job. Around this time I started having severe upper back pain, right between my shoulder blades. It's been terrible ever since and I can't seem to get it to go away. At first I thought the car seats had tweaked my back. The lumbar support on the RAV is too much for me and I thought maybe it was pushing my neck forward and causing stress on my upper back muscles. I went back to driving my old car. The pain is still here. I now think maybe it's my new job. Maybe I'm very stressed because it is a new situation, a new position for me... but I don't feel over stressed out over it. Maybe it is the office chair i am sitting in? Please help. THis back pain is affecting my mood severely. deborah

Q: I was wanting to know what the recovery time is for Disk Replacement Surgery? The doctors at the VA said I need a Disk Fusion. I really have know desire to lose mobility in my back. I'm also looking to find out if the VA even does this procedure yet. Thank you for your time. Randy

Q: Hi Sensei, Just want to say thanks for the book and all your good advice. You have made a big positive change in my life and I look forward to being completely pain free soon! You are doing good work and I just want you to know I really appreciate it. Take care, Paulina

Q: I have lower back pain that has steadily been getting worse over the last few years. It started about 3 years ago as pain that would occur after walking or standing too long usually about a week before my menstruation. Slowly that stretched into 2 weeks of pain and now the pain is all the time except for the week that I am menstruating. It still only comes on with walking or standing, but I cannot even walk across a small grocery store without my back killing me. It feels like a charlie horse in the small of my back. At first my doctor thought it was endometriosis but we found it wasnt that and going on the bill did not help. It in fact made it worse because usually the back pain goes away while i am menstruating but while on the pill the body does not have a real menstrual cycle and i never got relief for the 3 months I was on the pill. My doctor did a CT scan and said everything looks normal and the only thing he can see is a little bit of arthritis near the lower part of my back but it was not enough to warrant medication. That is where i stand now. I really do not believe the arthritis is causing the back pain that I am talking about because it goes away 1 week of every month. I have other minor back aches that do get better with backrubs and ointments like ben gay.. thats probably the arthritis.. this is different.. Do you have any suggestions? Janie

Q: Good evening, I was wondering what was difference between "degenerative disc disease" and "degenerative joint disease" ? The reason why I am asking is that my MRI result is showing at the C3-C4 level that I have uncontroversial joint disease and that some medical staff I talked to stated it was the same condition as a disc disease, which brought me to conduct a research in order to clarify my question. Can you assist me into with the above mention question? Sincerely, David

Q: I had an MRI and it was all clear but I am still in pain. Workers comp says it's lower back strain. I am still in so much pain I cry 3 weeks later. What do you think? Donna

Q: hi i am poorni ,i am 26 years old. from the past 12 months , i.2 2006 december i am suffering with low back pain. doctor suggested me to do the excercises to relief from the pain. i did the excercises for 3 month s, but there is no use. actually last 2006 june , i underwent sacrum surgery. there is a tumor in my sacrum ( right side). I recovered from this surgery after 5 months. doctor told me that this occured to me due to very thyroid . in 2006 July doctors underwent me the thyroidectomy surgery. later i underwent 2 nuclear medicine treatments for reducing the galnds in my body. this is my previous history. now 2 weeks back i consult the orthoipeadician for backpain he suggested me the fusion surgery . now i want to know the clarifications can i recover from the fusion surgery ??? how many months it takes?? i did nt get married upto now?? can i do marriage?? can i walk , and do the other things Thanks && Regards Purni

Q: Twice now I've experienced severe pain on the right side of my body, under my ribs, my chest and my upper back. It's a constant severe pain that lasts up to 2 hours and extremely painful to breathe. What could this be? What can I do to get help with the pain? Jennifer

Q: I was told and treatment for my son, spinal decompresson, would ease Tic's or Tourettes syndrom is any of this sound correct? He, my son was treated for about 3 month's and was working, but his grandmother quit taking him, I'm not the custodial parent his father is. Janice

Q: Hello, I like your site..very informative. I am now 41 yrs old, 16 months ago I over exerted myself lifting some 5/8" sheetrock over my head on scaffoling. A couple days later I noticed a constant pain in my low back. Couple weeks later I saw a Chiro my Mom recomended, he determined a bulging disk, manually adjusted me. The next day tingling began in the left foot and has stayed since getting somewhat better but I also have a little numbness in soul of foot and up around ankle. Long story, I saw my GP took an MRI mild bulge to right L3, minor bulge L$, moderate bulge L5 to left. I have also gotten some pain in right hip/buttocks area. Worst damn thing I have ever gone through, I hate these pinched/irritated nerve symptoms. I have gone through the 3 month PNBC program and still exercise it seems to be all I can do, lots of opinions out there but no real answers. Like I said long story, I have seen many docs, most confusing injury one could ever go through. will this pinched nerve ever resolve or will I always have this numbness thing being it has been this long. Thanks Lee

Q: I had a benign tumor removed from my spine July 31, 2006. For about 9 months, I had intense muscle pain (tightness in the thoracic where I had the laminectomy. Most of the tightenss subsided for several months and then it returned ((ncreased considerably) a couple of months ago. I had an MRI and there is no sign of another tumor. I do stretching, and have had massage but the tightness (Primarily on my left side) will not ease up. It's not only painful,it puts stress on other parts of my body when I walk. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you, Sharon

Q: You have a great website and I am looking forward to reading your newsletter. Last night I had just purchased your book, I haven't read much yet only to page 18 but I can relate to much of what you have gone through seeing all the various chiropractors, physicians, orthopedics, etc. I have experienced much the same and have also seeing a nueroligist to add to the list, and like you receive varied opinions and advice all of which adds up to very little. Thank you for your help, you are doing a great service to many people. Merry Xmas, Lee

Q: Hi my name is Aunjell and I'd really like to get your opinion and I'd enjoy hearing more about what you went through with your DDD. I was diagnosed with DDD about a year and a half ago when I was 24 and I'm almost 26 now. When it started it hit hard and I got to the point where I was unable to walk, cook, or lift my baby. I went through chiropractic, physical therapy. and got injections. The 1st one didn't help so a month later and had 2 shots and that helped. Then a year later it hit me hard again and now it's really effecting my life, I hurt all the time and am on morphine and nothing seems to help. I just had an injection 2 weeks ago and found no relief. I can get more injections in January. Also, my DDD is L4 and L5. Am I just doomed or what else is available cause I really don't think I want surgery. I also wonder if I'm having this many problems is it just gonna keep getting worse cause I'm so young? I just want to get back to my life and be able to work all the time and be able to play with my kids more. Any advice you have would be helpful. Thanks, Aunjell

Q: My wife has been diagnosed with a herniated disc at c5-6. she has shooting pain in her left arm. Our chiropractor referred us to an orthopedic surgeon, who wanted us to try steroid injections and conventional therapy before considering surgery. We are interested in spinal decompression, but she is already exhibiting nerve damage (weakness in the arm, mixed up reflexes) so the surgeon tells us conventional treatments may not work and surgery is our only choice. If she did not have nerve damage, the surgeon would agree with the spinal decompression, but not at this stage of the problem. Do you know what can we expect if we don;t perform the surgery and rely only in the spinal decompression procedure? Thanks, Mario

Q: I have the same story beginning at 18, I'm now 47 and would love to hear your story. Cris

Q: I just found out that i had a ruptured disc in my neck, my doctors are saying its very serious and needs to be taken care of now. I would love to do the decompression therapy that is offered but it costs 1500 dollars and is not covered by the insurence company. I do not have that kind of money, nor can i afford to finance it. Is there any other way out there to get this covered, i do not want to have sugery. I am just trying to find any other option out there before surgery becomes the easier choice because the insurance will cover it. I would love your opinion........Roxanne

Q: My husband recently had an xray showing a fifth vertebra fracture. He has alot of swelling and some soreness on his lower right back. Doctor says the fracture could have occurred years ago and may have flared up now. We are concerned about the swelling, it's been about 3 weeks. Have tried cold and heat but the swelling is not going down. What are our treatment options? Should we consult a second physicians opinion? Thank you! Karen

Q: Hey my name is Michelle I am 17. I have recently been in a car accident on 07-25-06. I was like 7 months pregnant. We totaled out 1996 saturn, into a 2007 mustang. She was ticketed for a failed to yeild the right away. That is how the accident was caused. Well anyways I just went for MRI'S On my neck, back and brain. I do not understand it Could you explain the results to me a little? On my back...#1 I have Loss of the normal lordotic curvature. This may reflect Strain. #2 At L5-S1, There is mild Subligamentous Circumferential bulging, Which abuts the thecal sac. My neck. #1 Loss of the normal lordotic curvature, This may reflect strain. #2 there is no evidence for canal stenosis. My brain.... #1 Markedabnormal signal changes are identified in the left temporal bone. This may simply reflect the presence of mastoiditis. If additional imaging is desired, I reccomend consideratiob for a dedicated CT scan of the temporal bones, which may better visualize this region. #2 There is a single white matter lesion identified in the deep white matter of the right frontal lobe, which can be normal. The presence of a single white matter lesion is likley within normal limits. Okay that is what my MRI'S say, I really do not understand it, I tryed to research it up, but I am still confues, Can you please tell me what it means, not in docotor terms, in terms where i may understand it? I will really appreciate it. Thanks alot Michelle I look forward to hearing from you!

Q: Dear Sensei Rostocki: As I write I am suffering from a upper back spasm attack. This is the third time spasm has completely devastated me. Background first: I'm 24 years old, graduate student in biomedical engineering. I started receiving chiropractice care 2.5 years ago for a completely different reason. I was getting A LOT of headaches and my arm movements was completely limited. Chiropractice has cleared the headache within the first visit (I was shocked) and I kept going. Back then, I was practicing Kendo, which require me to wear a set of Bogu (armor) that is quiet heavy, so I dropped Kendo and started Kungfu. My chiropractor complained that I was really "tight" because of my muscular build and my progress is not as fast as many of his patients. But nonetheless, my motion is mostly restored. I've made a lot of progress in my chiropractic care lately and this co-occurred when I finally learned to "relax" in martial art. I think they are related but can't be sure which is the cause. My current status/question: On an average day, I only feel this annoying "weighty" feeling on my neck. So I would sorta jerk my neck around habitually... I know this is a habit and probably psychological... HOW do I deal with this? Also, I've had 3 back pain attacks so far, starting last summer. (including right now). I think it's ischemia related. Everytime it's after I "over-practice" after feeling sore already. It's VERY spontaneous. The last two times I woke up with the severe spastic pain. This time, my back has been sore for a few days and I thought it's cuz my spine is mis-aligned again. And then suddenly it started out of no where to get tighter and tighter until I couldn't get out of bed. What is your suggestion, Sensei? From a martial artist perspective, how do I prevent this? Kai

Q: I have experienced occasional back pain that I could relieve with Advil and ice with a 24 hr recovery. Recently 5 days after 4 days of moving and carrying heavy boxes up and down steps I went bowling. After the third frame I experienced slight back pain. took two Advil and bowled one more game. two hours later I was walking like a penquin and found standing straight very painful. the next day the pain intensified and I could not walk. Xrays revealed nothing except tight muscles and I was given a shot of Delotid and phenergan so I could walk. I have since been on bed rest and skelaxin and oxycodone and find standing straight still very painful. I am 50 and physically fit. Is this a 72 hr recovery? Will

Q: Four months ago after a vigerous game of squash I went for a Spa. About three hours later my left knee was really stiff. I hobbled about for two/three days and my knee recovered but the pain moved to my left gluts where it still remains. I had an MRI which showed my L5 disc quite squashed but not severely so ! I am in a lot of pain first thing in the morning when I get out of bed and when I go from sitting to standing especially if I have been sitting for more than 30 mins ! I have seen two doctors and am now doing physio but am not improving especially as I have stopped taking painkillers (Acoxia). Any suggestions on a road to recovery ?? Maurice

Q: I believe that DRX-9000 can medically intervene in C 3,4 and Atlas medical issues I have. Have had positive major stable experience with VAX-D in the late '80s (after jump start with VAX-D, massage, chiropractic and electro stimulation, Yoga practice appears to keep me at maximal medical improvement) Am anticipating DRX-9000 canidacy when I retire (physical job might interfer with DRX-9000 therapy at this point in time, in my humble opinion). Please be kind enough to send opinion and/or links on non-evasive non-surgical, therapies offered to C 3,4 herniations and Atlas issue. Thank you for your concern.~Arnie

Q: i have had back pain for 9 months. i started to have neck pain this october. i have had a mri for both and have protruding discs in both cervical and lumbar regions. i am debating on getting drx9000 treatment and don't know if i should do the cervical region or the lumbar region.any suggestions. Wendy

Q: I am 5' 6" weigh 180, have a breast size of 40D. I suffer from excruciating back pain. I went to a gynecologist thinking I had endometriosis. Had a D & C that came out negative for endometriosis, with only mild cysts and scar tissue that were removed. Went to Physical Therapy, which helped, however now lower back pain has gotten worse, with tingling and numbness of legs and arms. What could be helpful to ease my pain, that I can do at home. Thank you for your response. Olcione

Q: My husband has been diagnosed with CFS. we are trying to find a way forward but the difference between fibromyalgia, tension myositis, and CFS confuse me. Are these variations of the same thing? I've not been able to assess the differences very clearly. I am open to anything that might help but don't want to go down a road with a wrong diagnosis. Thank you for any help you can give. Rochelle

Q: i suffered from chronical backache since i was pregnant with my daughter (now 13). i have been to doctors, and they would perscribe pain killers, until i have decide there must be something else wrong. since i developed as a young teen, i was always teased about my big breasts. i have always been self concious. i cant wear normal clothes, due to the fact of my breasts, then it will be too small over my breasts, and fine bellow, which cause me to always wear bigger clothes. 3 years ago i have been to a plastic sergeon who tried so hard to help me, for he aknowledge the oversize breasts, and deffinetaly need to reduce the size of of breasts, that is causing my backache. we tried with a motivation letter and photos which was send to my medical aid in order to help me with the prosedure. now i know there is allot of patients who takes advantage using the medical aids for their plastic surgere, with all respect not in my case. i do not have the funds the follow such a prosedure and i realy need to have this operation. i am 37 years of age, 1.50m tall, and weighs 62kg. my breasts are a big problem, can anybody help me to rebuild confidence that i have lost since childwood. i cant even get dressed in front of my husband, or have a bath together, i am so self concious. please help me. Sharon

Q: Hi. I have been suffering with back pain. I have see doctor after doctor, chiropractor, physical therapy, manipulation and still in chronic pain. Tried ant-inflammatories, nerve block medications, epiderals,and still constant pain, I have had Mri's, Emg, Mylegram with no luck. I have pain in my thoriastic, lower lumbar and buddocks and now left leg feels numb. My pain is burning, stinging, pulling and tightness and sometimes cold sensations. I feel I have classic symptoms of a pinched nerve somewhere in my spine. I pulled my back out just getting up from a kneeling position and I have had constant pain since then with no relief. Can you help? Thanks so much. Karen

Q: I had a lower lumbar fusion on August 24th 2007. Today is December 26th 2007. My question is how long does it take to recover from this? I have other medical problems fibromyalgia, diabetes, high blood pressure. My pain is not subsiding and I realize that a fusion does not always remove the pain, however the pain I am having now is NOT the same pain I endured pre-surgery. It is now higher in my back and restricts me from doing nearly everything. My surgeon says the rods and screws are showing all in the right position. I am so tired of being in pain. What would you suggest? Tammy

Q: Hi, You mentioned that there's 3 things to do to help resolve psychological issues that "create" or that are related to back pain from the Primary Gain: "...*Discover the repressed emotional issues and how they relate to your life and personality. * Acknowledge that these issues are indeed the cause of your physical suffering. ... * Accept these issues as part of you. ..." I really want to try. However, how would I know that I discover the emotional issue(s)? How do I find them, any tips? How will I know that is it? Should I look to events close to when my back problem started? It is communly relates to what, any examples that I could relate to? Many Thanks AG

Q: Trying to keep it "reader's digest" short :-) 6 weeks ago, I was sitting in my chair watching a ball game, and the left side of my upper torso went tingely, completely, and instantly, from the tip of my ear, to the waist, and down to my wrist. The ER said it was parantathesis (sp) but that I should see my doctor and let him guide me. I had none of the "standard" symptoms of a heart attack or stroke, in that there was no pain, no radiant, sharpness into my left side, no outward sign of any degradation in movement. In fact, I leapt out of the chair, freaking out, shaking my arm, and not quite sure what to do. For the days between the ER, and my doctor visit, I would still get smaller amounts of this tingling, which was across the surface of the skin, in various places along that same area that had gone completely "tingled" By the time I saw my doctor, these episodes had all but ended, maybe one or two small ones across my left breast. They seemed to be triggered by standing up, or getting out of a kneeling position. It left behind, pain in my chest, varying from a stab, to an ache, to a pain that made me have to stop and sit down By this time, I was awash with fear, anxiety, and terror, such that my already hypertensive blood pressure was off the scale. My doctor gave me an EKG that showed all normal, and put me on xanax to calm me down, then went after the high blood pressure, but has never given me a reason for the original incident. The pains in my chest area are "lightning bolts" "stabbing" and one spot just above the center breast bone that feels like a hot knife cutting into me. A second trip to the ER, and three hours later, several EKGs, chest xray, and blood work, and they told me my heart was okay, showed no signs of any kind of attack, but my upper chest still hurt. All the symptoms would come and go, never anything that incapacitated me, but only that scared me something awful. The Calcium and Beta Blockers my doctor gave me for the BP, made things worse, and the pain in my chest increased so I quit them for now. Through it all, my back hurt a big, but it was not the focus of my fears. I had a stress echo cardiogram, and they said the heart is fine. My doctor is sure its anxiety, but between the test results and the occasional xanax, I really don't feel anymore anxiety than usual. Now my back is really tight and sore and the discomfort in my chest makes me pretty much unable to function. If I had a job, I would have been fired, as I have not been able to move about much for these six weeks or so. I am better off laying down, and don't feel comfortable sitting for long. standing is okay for a time, but then I have to lie down for a bit. Draw a line slightly below the breasts, and around the back, and the another under my armpits and around the back, and there is the location of all the tightness, and discomfort in the back, occasional stabbing, and the burning near the center of the breastbone in the front I have to assume that I have injured or pinched, or somehow affected a nerve or more than one. My doctor is just a family doctor, and I do not know where to turn to get my back fully checked for possible nerve damage. Do you suppose the discomfort and 'stabby' pains in the chest, are related to a back problem? I will be reading your pages for more info, but am not certain if this means chiropractor, physical therapy, neurologists, or what. Where should I go next for some help with this awful discomfort and occasional pain? Thanks for listening, and a Merry Christmas to all. John

Q: What is happening to me is not a sharp back pain but my lower back in my spine starts making a tingling feel then I start having severe spasms. I'll shake all over the bed. After the first attack they seem to come and go for about twenty or so minutes. Most of the time it happens when I lie down in bed but now I've notice it happenening when I am sitting down watching TV. It never happens when I up and walking or at work just when I relax my back. I have had lower back problems all my life, even as a teenager, and I'm sure that comes from playing sports all the time. Now in my late 40's my lower back is very weak and hurts when I have to lift or do anything that requires me using my back. Thank's for any insight to my back spasm problems. Rick

Q: What to do? 7 Months of severe lower back, buttox, and leg pain-Treatments-General Practioner,3 Different Chiropractors, Neurologist,Acupuncture,Sterod{Prednisone}, Electronic Muscle Stimulation. No relief from any of these medical sources. Pain is still very severe when I walk over 50 to 100 feet. Pain is just as bad when I stand. Only partial relief when I lay down. MRI Results--L4-5 leftward protrusion and right anterior facet joint capsulosynovial cyst, with compression of bilateral decending L5 nerve roots. Mild central stenosis. At L5-S1, DISC SPACE NARROWING AND DESICCATION, WITH DISC BULGE AND SUPERIMPOSED BROAD BASED CENTRAL PROTRUSION. Partial effacement of bilateral exiting L5 nerve roots and a mild contour alteration of bilateral decending S1 nerve root sleeves, left greater than right. X-Ray showed that my right pelvis was one inchout of alignment{higher}. Was advised to consult a surgeon by General Practioner and Neurologist. That is my absoloute last resort. I do not have any confidence i back surgery. Pain is debilitating and depression has set in. Please comment and suggest anything that you feel might help me. Thank you sincerely, Rudy

Q: i took an epileptic grand mal seizure while in the house on my own and am unsure of the fatality, hoewever my ribs werein pain and now the pain has moved to also my lower back especially when i am lying or bending as i bend during my work i would like to get this cleared up and hope that you may have some suggestions as to what to do i have been taking painkillers over the past week but it is still there Willie

Q: Have you any advice for me, I have 3 children, youngest 20 month through an emergency section, and since then, every 3 months, I bend done, and my back lower goes into spasm, making it hard to walk, bend, get into bed for a few days. Has occured since my last child. Im 36. Have tried chiropractic, now trying bowen, and its occuring even more. Iv got caring responsibilitys and feel really diasabled when it comes on. MRI scan stated lower back shows compression. Im desperate, you got any real advice, i seem to be waisting money. Tasneem

Q: A relative of mine was in a CAR accident 3 years ago.... her upper back -- facets,spinal pinched nerves, discs , joints , muscles ,ligaments , are torn ,, INFLAMED ... she had 6 sessions of epidermal injections over the last year or so / the doctor also tried to burn the nerve in the SI joint -------- THE DOC. made her pain WORSE !!! The upper problem has caused her SI joint in her hip ----- PAIN,,,, she is on 10 PERCS a day . She can not stand straight --- What in your opinion CAN she do ??? She is almost ready to give up ........ Wally

Q: I am a 43 year old female. For the past 5-6 weeks only while laying in bed, I have developed A severe right lower back pain. Cannot get relief from the pain whether lying on my back or my side. Actually cannot wait to get out of bed the pain is so severe. Once I get up the first couple steps are difficult but once I get moving and take a hot shower I feel fine till bedtime rolls around. What could be a cause of back pain only while lying down? Irene

Q: I am a fit 40 yo man.7 days ago I sliped (not fell) and luckly caught my self.Unfortionetly,my back arched fairly hard (pelvis out)and I now have some moderdate pain in my mid and lower spine when I arch or bend over.I do not appear to have any decreased flexability.Today I made a Dr,appointment for mon. 12/26.I understand that you can not diagnose me over an E-Mail,but do you you think happened ? and can I wait till after Christmass to see a speacialist? Thank you for your time. John, New York

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