Back Pain Questions and Answers
Archive 2008 Part 1

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Q: Hi there. On Sunday (Feb 3, 2008) I went for a jog around the park and all of a sudden I felt a sharp pain in my lower back. Do you have any idea of what might have caused this and should I be worried? David

Q: I am a 55 year old female. On Dec 7th of 2007 while kneeling down to vacuum my van I experienced tremendous pain in my right knee. It became swollen immediately. An MRI revealed a tear in the lateral meniscus. The orthopaedic doctor took x-rays and in addition to the tear I also have arthritis on the outer part of the knee. Arthroscopic surgery is recommended, however, it may only help for 2-3 years when I may have to have a total knee replacement. On Jan 6th while getting out of my vehicle my back went out. I have been in a lot of back pain as well. My doctor recommended I have an MRI of the lower back before doing anything. The back MRI revealed at L5-S1 a mild asymmetric left bulging annulus. There is mild fact and ligamentum flavum hypertrophy bilaterally. My question is will decompression therapy be helpful for the back pain or should I go back to the chiropractor who did not diagnosis the bulge. He said there was just a lot of inflammation which he saw when he took an x-ray. Should I get the back fixed first and then the knee? Or the knee and then the back? Please help me. Thank you. Margie

Q: Hello, I have severe fibro, can hardly walk. Can you recommend something? Caroline

Q: My wife had a discectomy and fusion of L-5/S-1 in late 2005. Although the surgery was deemed successful, she continues to suffer from pain (post fusion syndrome). In the past three months she has been hospitalized 4 times for a variety of intestinal disorders that have caused severe vomiting & diarrhea. A nurse told me that sometimes a person’s body will reject the implanted hardware from the surgery, and this can cause similar symptoms. My wife is only 37 years old and her quality of life has been greatly diminished. Is the above mentioned hardware rejection a common occurrence, and if so, does removal of the hardware usually stop these type of symptoms ?? Richard

Q: About 4 weeks ago I was working at a garage and tried to twist a oil filter off a car. I couldn’t get it off and put all my force into it. Later that night I shoveled a bunch of snow. After that my upper back had a dull aching feeling in the middle toward the neck. It lasted about 2 weeks then went away. I figured I pulled a it and rest it. It went away and felt fine. The pain was gone for about two weeks then I went back to work again and came home, next day it hurt again. Now there is a dull aching in the upper back and my left arm. The same arm I used to turn off that oil filter. The arm pain is a dull aching the forearm. Are the middle back muscles and the arm muscles connected together? Should I continue to rest it or go see a doctor? Thanks for your help. David

Q: I would like to find a way to relieve pain from my herniated disc. Had a discectomy 10 yrs ago, but its back. Rod

Q: i had an l5 s1 discectomy in october 07 everything was fine for a while but for the past few weeks the pain has again got gradually worse and now im in as much pain as i was before the operation and i don't understand why. Rachel

Q: My wife is 39 years old.She is suffering low back pain since Augst'07.We have consulted number of GP but no result. Doctor has given blood tests and antibiotics but after taking the medicine she suffered from severe loose motion with mucus .Every day in the night around 3 O Clock she use to get up from due to sever left side back pain & stiffness.The pain generates from the lower back,Lumber spine & also radiates to the leg creating difficult to move from one side to the other.Pl.advise what is to be done. Hara

Q: I had spinal decompression surgery on the 9th Jan 08 and whilst the recovery is slow there are subtle changes. However, I have a constant ache down my lower back, leg and toes (right side) and only able to walk or stand for between 5 and 10 minutes. I still require pain killers in order to have some sort of sleep. What is the normal recovery time as I want to ensure that I am progressing correctly and do not ignore any possible problems? What sort of issues can I expect and what should alarm me if they occur. many thanks Glen

Q: I've had chronic lower back pain for 3 years now is there an orthotic brace I could use instead of the one you get at the drug stores,like the one with the suspenders and the one that has the elastic straps those don't do anything for me. Please help me im in a lot of pain. Jeremy

Q: About a year ago I heard of a device that could be placed on the spine and removed easily by a minimally invasive procedure. The device separated the vertebrae to relieve compression on the disk. I am unable to remember the name of the steel looking little clamp. The procedure took less than an hour and one could return to work in less than 1 week. Can you help me find the name of the device and the procedure. It was on a local news channel in Minnesota and had people telling their story and the relief they felt any help would be appreciated Dan

Q: I know this is a site for back pain, but I do not experience back pain, and I could not find a general site. If this question is not appropriate, please direct me to the right site. My condition is severe GERD, and it is due to severe stress. I have changed my diet drastically to ward off spikes of acid, I exercise daily, do yoga, cadio-kickboxing, bike, kayak, walk. After listening to Dr. Sarnos CD, The Divied Mind, I thought it was written about me. So, knowing that my condition is psychosomatic and where it is coming from, I don't know what my next steps should be. I reconciled my past long ago, and have managed well for 60 years. But, it is the present that has me stumped. Help! Lori

Q: I had spinal fusion surgery three months ago and so far so good. Will I be able to play golf again and when? Ron

Q: My name is Nina I am 50 years old. In my early teens I fell down a flight of stairs on my back, I never felt anything at the time, but later in life it came back to haunt me. I started to feel pain in my lower back. After many tests from my family Doctor she found that I have deteriorating disc in my lower back and neck and there was nothing more she can do except for surgery, which I told her it was out of the question. I started to see a chiropractor in 1994 which helped with the pain that I was experiencing and continued faithfully with treatments. About 1 1/2 years ago I started to experience burning, and muscle tightness on my left knee. My doctor sent me to do an MRI, and physiotherapy, the focus was only on my knee because this is where I was feeling the problem. I continued with physio for a few months, but the feeling did not go away. The burning continued, it comes and goes in different areas, and I also have frostbite feelings around my knees and lower legs. I also have what feels like pulling on the nerves and muscles on my knees. I am going for physio on my back because they think this is what is causing the problem. Do you have any explanation why this is happening? And could your clinic help me resolve this problem? Nina

Q: Hi, 8 months ago I had to deliver my 5th baby by c-section being that he was breech. When I went into surgery, the doctor that gave me a spinal and couldn't find the right spot 3 times I might add because I was crocked on the table they finally realized. Anyway, the 4th time worked and after all was said and done, major back pain. I was scared that someone would even come near the lumbar area and it would hurt so badly. Even if to much air was on it. I did go and see my doctor twice since then both times, really nothing troubling here he would say, but that was at One month and 3 months after surgery, they said I was still healing. O.K. but now it's 8 months later and wow, still hurt bad sometime, not everyday unless I sit a lot. If I sit on a bad back day I start to feel almost sick because of the pain still. Pms days are horrible. If I arch my back at all while typing this it hurts or touching my toes in a sitting position. I have other back symptoms too, (might be related) tingling in my right shoulder blade, up my neck a bit and down my arm some from the shoulder. My neck always feels stiff and I have to crack it often specially to fall asleep and my upper back some but tiny cracks compared to my neck( my head feels like it will crack right off).I just don't understand how my back could be getting worse even this long after right where the needles were put. The only thing that is much better is that I can finally touch that spot. Any help would be WONDERFUL! Thank you so much for your time. Reena

Q: hi im 24 and was diagnosed with facet joint disease 3 years ago ive been given anti inflammatories and pain killers, it seems to come and go throughout the year and i've lost weight, gave up going to the gym and try and avoid lifting although its hard because i work in the building industry, which resulted in me taking time off as i was bed ridden and couldn't move, it has been getting less frequent and i use crutches when im in pain so i can supervise at work, i paid private to see a specialist that resulted in the painkillers, being 24 i don't really want to rely on pills, and was told i cant play sports, just swim, i was wondering if you have any suggestions as i have been messed about and spent so much money privately and have really lost faith medicine. James

Q: I am 16 years old and two years ago I started having trouble with my back. I fell at a beech on a huge boulder and have been suffering from pain and problems ever since. I have been diagnosed with spina bifida occulta which I was also told wasn't true that I infact have spondylolisthesis, I have a lordosis of the thoracic spine I have a curvature of the spine and have lumbar stenosis. I was referred to a physiotherapist and the exercises I was given seemed to make my pain worse.I have been on what seems like an endless list of painkillers only some help but the pain always returns I always have a dull ache of pain but any amount of movement and exercise makes it worse. Would you be able to tell me whether this is a nocebo effect or psychosomatic effect??? Samantha

Q: I had a partial laminectomy in 2004. I have now been diagnosed with post-laminectomy syndrome. I have such intense muscle spasms in my lower back that I cannot stand and end up on the floor/ground/pavement - wherever I happen to be. They are becoming more and more intense and lasting longer. What could be causing them, and is there a way to make them stop? thanks. Elaine

Q: Hello, I am a 41 year old female who is completely addicted to my martial arts training. I have recently suffered low back pain with referred pain to the inner thigh, pelvis and back of the leg. I did not suffer any trauma during training and can only attribute it to overload as I have been training hard (about 2-3 hours a day, 5-6 times a week). I've had some relief from massage therapy, but not enough to get back to the Dojang. Something still feels wrong. I saw a Chiro today who is sending me for an MRI tomorrow. He suspects a herniated disc or SI joint problem. I burst into tears in his office thinking that this will prevent my martial arts journey which I sahre with my nine year old son. We train together (although he does train as much), compete together, etc. I am trying not to get depressed because that will exacerbate the symptoms and slow my healing. Can something like a herniated disk put me out of the art I love so much? If it is in fact a disk, are there non-surgical modalities that really work that will put me back in the game? Thank you for your time. Ann

Q: Please help me! I am a 26 year old female who weighs about 135 pounds 5'5. I had a microdysectomy 6 months ago and have had a tough time recovering. Right now, both of my legs have throbbing muscle pains constantly...aggravated more when I walk (a little or a lot). It's gotten so bad that it's limiting my time with friends and family and I can't seem to find anything to help....I would greatly, greatly appreciate any ideas or advice on what to do.... Laura

Q: Hi i just had my mri results back and wonder wat u thought. i had pain in my neck down my arms tingling numbness everything. well the results of my cervical spine: small right paracentral disc herniation at c5-c6 with minimal compression of the spinal cord/mild bulging of the annulus at c6-c7 suggestive of an empty sella. had a mri of the lumbar spine: mild desiccation of the l5-s1 disc focal central bulging annulus/minimal disc herniation without compression of the thecal sac. just wanted to see what any one thought so i could understand it more thank u Annie

Q: I an 38 years old now, and had a diskectomy in 2004. The surgery was a L5-S1 diskectomy. Surgery was recommended back then because of the amount of pain I was in and because of how badly the nerve was pinched. Any way 4 years later now I am relatively pain free, but my right leg is numb and I have very little strength in it. My question is there anything I can do to get the strength and feeling back in my leg? The surgeon at that time said the nerve had been compressed for so long that it is permanently damaged and that I would just have to live with it. Wanting my active life back, Robert

Q: Hello, My name is Mina i am 23 and about a year ago i started to feel pain in my lower back.. I went for an MRI and it showed that I have slight herniation on L4 L5 and S1. I went to physical therapy and it help a bit but the pain is still there. I decided to go to the gym the other day (2 days ago) and tried to work my abdominal area and I instantly felt pain on my back. It been two days and the pain is more intense that ever before. I also have some pain radiating down my leg but not too severe... I never had pain going down my leg until the other day after the gym. I am so scared because I am in school for Dental Hygiene and I see patients every Tuesday and Thursday. I refuse to get SURGERY! Will this be an ongoing thing for the rest of my life?. I use to be so active before, running, working out, ect ect. Will I ever get back into doing those things? Do i have to get surgery? What can I do now to help with pain? I cant even get out of my car!!! Please help me. I feel so lost!Thanks Mina

Q: I went on a three day activity school trip. We done many different activities like trekking, archery, rock climbing etc, and now I have really annoying pains! I am thirteen years old, so it might be silly coming on here, but I need advice! I have pains in my: Upper, middle and lower back. Neck,Upper arms and forearms, Elbows and wrists,Fingers and knuckles,Knees, Feet and ankles,Shins,Shoulders,Sides...It is a huge annoyance because it really hurts typing on my computer, sitting down, going to bed etc. I have tried stretching exercises to relieve the pain, but it keeps getting worse. The pain is very strange and I've never had it before - it is coming from my muscles and joints. I've tried massaging my muscles, but it hurts just touching them. I would really like to know what kind of pains they are and how I should treat the pains. Thanks. Alice

Q: I have had constant back pain since 1994 when I was at work and twisted wrong, it felt like my side was on fire, I couldn't even walk out of the business, I had to crawl. Finally convinced my MD to let me get a MRI and CT scan. The scan confirms what my MD said, herniated disk L3, L4, and L5. My problem is it is getting worse, I walk, I exercise daily, not overweight, but my legs and feet are swelling, I have no reflexes in my legs, and half the time I can't feel my legs. I did go back to see him today and he is sending me for more test, but do you have any idea what this could be? My CT scan states this: Left Asymmetric Disk Bulging at L$-5. Small focal left posterolateral extraforaminal disk protrusion at L3-4.MRI scan results: Tiny left foraminal disk protrusion at L3-4. Small left foraminal annular fissure at L4-5. Minimal syrinx of the lower thoracic cord. Please help.Thank you so much, oh yea, my dr prescribed me a mild pain reliever, but if I can fix my back, I would give the pills back!!Thanks again, Rose

Q: Sensei,Very pleased to make your acquaintance. Our stories are somewhat similar. I possessed at one time a GOD given talent of a free flowing, flexible body that adapted to any sport I played and because of that gift I excelled in sports. At 19 yrs old my back pain started after I slid into 2nd base during a softball game. I stood up and my whole hip was shanked up and my low back felt jammed. I felt like a rip in, a knife had cut into me. I started chiropractic with short term relief, I tried massage therapy with short term relief, I broke down and had a disectomy in 96' that brought temporary relief. Now at 39 I still suffer from low back pain. I missed most of my 20's and all of my 30's not being who I am because of my back pain. I have discovered magnesium is something my body lacks and I believe caused my back to go out initially making my structure weak. I started having kidney stones another sign of a defieciency in magnesium. The magnesium which I introduce through epsom salt baths does help loosen me up then I am seeing a Thai therapist, alot of stretching. I am trying to tune in to my body and allow it to heal itself. I had dreams of studying the martial arts and that all fizzled when my back pain crippled me. I would like to ask you a favor for your help as I am now 20 years into this pain and fell I have tried it all, Bending is the worst for me, something catches when I bend and my back goes out. I would love to return to the pre-pain days and rediscover the GOD given talent that lies deep within me.What style of martial arts have you mastered? I would love to learn and teach martial arts. Thank you Sensei for your time.Sincerely,Dale

Q: I was rear-ended 4 years ago and have been through extensive therapy sessions of physical therapy and chiropractic care. I continue to get worse instead of better. It is a chronic, dull pain most of the time with bouts of sharp pain and numbness resulting in exhaustion. I have had x-rays and MRI's which read fine. My neck and back pops like cracker jacks several times a day with the slightest movement. I have been unable to perform any type of physical labor and am careful not to do so. What can I do to feel better? Clarissa

Q: I had a epidural shot of my back yesturday 1/24/2008 i just wanted to kno wat should i feel the next day? and where i got the shot is black and blue is that normal? i work as a mailcarrier and have to do alot of heavy lifting is it ok to go back to work the next day we lift 70lb or heavier alos want to kno can this shot by any chance make you not sleep? thank you Annette


Q: After a soccer playing incident I started feeling pain in my right ankle. It did not go away so I went to see a DR. He sent me for MRI and then for Physiotherapy. After 2 months of that I feel almost the same. When I walk upright (for 2 minutes or more), pain shoots from my foot up. When I bend slightly the pain stops. I have been doing (recomended) pushups (while pushing my stomac to the floor) but that did not produce any results. When I turn in bed I wake up since moving my leg produces slight back pain. The good Dr said it is a nerve pinched and he wanted it, with physiotherapy exercises, "pushed" back in. It does not work. I know that my pain is not muscular. What would you suggest I do to get rid of that leg pain. George

Q: iv had a herniated disc in the bottom of my back my left calf is numb it been like that for 4 year now i cant bend over its all on the left side what do you i have done Kym

Q: I have been diagnosed with loss of lumbar lordosis which is straightening of the back.I have had pain on and off for about 10 years.The last 6 months have been constant pain and Chiro and massage do nothing.Was thinking of trying the Bowen Technique.Have you heard of this,it's supposed to reset your muscles.I have been going to Physio lately and am doing lots of stretching exercises and no luck yet.What do you recommend?Would your book be beneficial?And do you ship to Canada? Thank You,Bruce

Q: I'm 15 and I have scolioses my upper curve is 31 and I don't now the bottom one but I do know I had the top one first and then the bottom one was a result of the top one. If that makes any sense. Anyway I was wondering if surgeons would do surgery for curves around 30, for people that are in pain. Thanks Kristin

Q: Is there a Vax-D machine/office in the Pacific Northwest (Seattle area)?

Q: hi, my name is jake, i am 19 years old and in college. I wrestle and cant wait to get back in shape. i was just wondering how long it normally takes for a fracture L7 vert, to heal. I have been out of sports for the past couple of months, I have been taking care of it. Is there anything that i can do to make it heal faster. Well thanks and have a good day

Q: You said "The back pain epidemic continues to grow year by year. Back pain is the #2 reason why people visit a doctor. Back pain is also the #1 reason why people will stay home from work. 80% of ALL people will suffer some moderate to severe back pain at some point in their lives." Do you have sources for this? I find it hard to believe. Especially the thing about lost work, because in the last 10 years, I've only known 2 people that lost any work time to back pain, one of them was out for surgery (about a week total?) the other was out for a couple days total. p.s. Thanks for your website. I had never heard of TMS before coming to your website. I've definitely got it! Haha, like everyone else, I was skeptical at first. Listened to Sarno's book. No back pain for last couple weeks. What does your book offer that Sarno's does not? p.p.s. Its frusterating trying to share this info with other back pain sufferers, no one believes the pain is caused by your brain, in fact they take it as an insult, making it only harder to share with friends (which I did in my own excitement). Darren

Q: I have had severe pain in my hip and leg for over a year with no real results from chiropractor or acupuncture. My muscle on the left side of my back is so tight at times that i cannot walk upright, it draws my hip to the side bad. I don't know what to do, I'm reseaching on the internet to see what my options are in treatment. Please if you have any input email me and let me know. Thank You Belinda

Q: Hi: I am a 44yr old with medical questions within and also stated to my doctors, in 1999 i was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis but the day that happen i visited er hospital with a blood sugar level of 350 which caused tightness stiffness in back and heaviness in legs and numbness in feet unfortuantely i was given intarvenous steriods at that time 5days and released until 2yrs later no problem then finally spasm in my back and heaviness problems in my leg and feet especially the rightside of my body my back always have a constant feeling of tightness and tightband in my back still at question about this ms diagnosis and again given steroids reccommend this time by doctor for therapy treatment injections everyday but honestly that did'nt work successfully it seem as no medication helps this back problem now moving forward and desperate 2008 nothing has worked but mri taken on brain no ms legions or active but i did'nt understand and still don't also complained about lower back problems given x-ray to the lumbar from doctor at pain-institute and finally he suggest that my problem the major part is arthritis L4L5 but still don't understand i guess spiritually i believe in mind over matter and that's why i'm writing you and asking for some advice because now my doctor advise me of epidural injections to lower lumbar understanding only diagnosis is ms and arthritis in my back and maybe:::: my other symptoms or from ms really unable to stand and limited movements after 8yrs of not really treating what's really going on with my body still doctors going on ms diagnosis i am so frustrated with this process i have been going through because i am not accepting ms diagnosis so please help me MAY GOD BLESS Carolyn

Q: I had anterior cervical disectomy with fusion/instrumentation 11/07 and 12 days later woke with a paralyzed volcal cord. Are there any statistics on this occurance and what would cause the delay of paralysis? Thank you Trish

Q: Hi, I have had pain in my left scapula and left back pelvic/hip area on and (mostly) off for about 8 years. It has now become constant over the past couple of months though I can't figure out why. I have used a chiropractor for many years, now a physiotherapist. Nothing helps. I do yoga regularly, am pretty fit and quite lightweight, I walk a lot. The pain is now spread into the upper left buttock and while I try not to take pain killers, sleep is becoming more difficult. I have a hot spa which I use a lot and brings great relief (temporarily), massage too is good for a short time. I have been advised to try acupuncture next! I guess if I knew that this is IT and nothing will cure me, then perhaps I could adapt and accept back pain is my lot (I don't mind standing but sitting down aggravates the pain!),but it seems so difficult to understand since I have not had any injuries or significant spinal pressures in my life. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated - or if anyone else recognizes the symptoms? I wouldn't feel quite so alone with IT. Thanks, Carol

Q: Hi Sensei. I`m a very physically active 43 yr.old. I finished my 4th marathon 3 months ago & try to run one e a year. I try to run daily or every other, min. 3 miles. I`m not really fast> 6ft 1 & 225lbs. I have boxed & done martial arts for yrs.Now I just run . I compressed a disc in lower back about 25yrs ago in the gym doing squats. Since then have done light wts. but mostly run. Running seems to loosen my back up & as you know helps deal with the everyday stressors in life. I see a chiropractor every 3 - 4 wks & then the pain is quite manageable in my lower back. I abuse it alot but try to be careful with a backbrace when on the tractor or cutting firewood for long periods (other hobbies). When I have trouble bending I take an advil & a robaxactte muscle relaxant. (a little mix that works well I discovered.) I know I should stretch more or do yoga or something but its hard to fit everything in with a job> side biz, wife & kids...Here is my real dilemma though. Please tell me if you have ever heard of this. Last winter we wnet skiing as we always do for a wk. The beds were hard. I had severe upper back pain & over shoulder blade for 3 months finally went to my old chiro & dropped the new one as pain persisted . The pain was dull in the daytime but after 4 hrs sleep it woke me up> very acute . My old chiro rubbed area very hard with a pen tip like device & eventually it left. Its back again this yr. Only at night> can`t sleep more than 4 hrs. Both this yr & last I got bronchitis> don`t know if thats significant. Can you help> sleeping pills nothing works until maybe summer heat?? I don`t know. Thx alot Shawn

Q: I have had back pain for about 10 years, but in the last 8 months it has become severe. So bad I couldn´t even work anymore. I have a physical job and probably have to change it the doctors told me. The doctors suggested a fusion for my lower back. I have 2 herniated discs, degenerative disc disease and stenosis. I am not sure yet if i should do the surgery. One of the doctors said not to if I don´t have to, yet I still have so much pain. I am trying alternative things such as physical therapy, and acupuncture, mabye that will help.What did you do for your back pain? Thanks, Tobi

Q: This is Jyothi from Bangalore(India)aged 25 years working as a software professional I have Kyphosis because of that chest deformity also there. How much correction I can expect front and back side. Please suggest me

Q: Hello, I am from Pennsylvania and I have a question regarding my lower back. I periodically due manual laborer work that is a bit intensive. I feel pain for a few weeks after completing the work. After this past time I, am expericing a dull achy sensation on my left groin area. It only hurts when I am awake and moving. If you would have any thoughts it would be greatly appreciated. By the way I am a middle aged male. Thank-you Joshua

Q: Hi, I have had lower back, lower buttock/ upper hamstring and groin pain for nearly 9 months now. I have tried everything and been everywhere to solve the problem. It started when i was training for a Marathon and i was getting a dull ache at the top of my left leg and it has carried on from there. All my left sie of my back feels constantly stiff as well now. I am really concerned. I have had MRI scans, deep route nerve injections,physio; i have seen a osteapath and chiropractor. Please could you give me some advice to help me?. Steven

Q: i have had 2 injections and still lower back pain from middle of my back cant find the cure please help me Greg

Q: I am a Loss Prevention Officer. Age 45 On Dec. 3rd, I helped carry a large printer to a womans vehicle, I felt a weird pain in my neck and soon after, a numbness in my 1/2/3 fingers and great pain in my left arm. An MRI taken showed that I have a large herniated disk on # C- 6-7 which will need Spinal Fusion as was said by a Doctor, I got a second opinion from another Doctor at Duke who said the same thing. I dislike pain killers but am forced to take them or not be able to laydown/sleep. Of course Spinal Fusion scares me, I don't know what else to do ?? My workers Comp adviser wants to make an OR appointment for me in less then two weeks. The ruptured disk seems to be getting worse as it presses on my nerve, nothing helps. I attend PT 3 times a week with a neck stretch machine and after a TENS machine for pain.I would sincerely appreciate any help you can give me, Thank you, Adam

Q: Hello,I came across your website, and was somewhat intrigued. Not only am I a firm believer that our thoughts can affect how we feel, but I am also a low back pain sufferer. I am only 24. This all started about 6 months ago. Honestly, I could probably go back about 2-3 years, but in the last 6 months it was severe enough to bring me to the doctor. Before going to the doctor, I tried acupuncture, massage, and chiropractic treatments. Months later, I ended up in the hospital where doctors explained what was going on and to consider pain management drugs. I would not consider this. Not only do I hate the side effects of these medications, but I convinced myself I was young and healthy and would feel better within time. Well, I still don't feel better....yet, I'd be the first one to consider my mental health, and natural ways to deal with pain before seeing a doctor. I went to different doctors, and all came up with the same diagnosis. Do you really think this could all still be in my head? I have disregarded what doctors have told me because I have trusted my body to heal itself...but it hasn't worked much to my dismay. Carrie

Q: Hi,My mom is suffering from severe back pain.Well the exact location is the end of spine where she feels severe pain.She was admitted months ago as per doctors suggestion and weight was lifted at her leg to subside her pain.Currently her pain has gone out of control.If you want more details then please do ask so that i can provide u more medical details as per the reports. Hope u can help me out.I have just joined the group to know more on it.please help.Thanks and Regards, Reena

Q: Hi Sensei, I wrote to you back in November about the unexplainable muscle spasms that I had since I was around 7 years old. I am now 37... I just want to share how amazed I am about how this website and Knowledge therapy has amazingly changed my life. I do not have those debilitating pains anymore. There have been a few times in the past 2 months when I have felt tinges of muscle spasm pain.... I immediately stop and think... what are you thinking or not thinking about... I'll pray.. and I promise the pain leaves. Thanks for the resource of this website. Kimberlee

Q: Hi, my name is Bryan. I have been suffering from stiff neck for 2 years (only the left side, and it struck me after I had lower back pain). It is not very painful, but the stiffness is perpetual, every now and then. The stiffness struck me suddenly, when I was driving. The stiffness will prompt me to strech my neck and pull them to one side to release some clicking sounds. And doctor says that if I keep doing that, it will make the neck degenerate even faster. I have tried ultrasound, ice, prolotherapy but failed. I had an MRI and didn't find any structural abnormality, except the curve of the cervical spine is a bit straightened. I am very upset with the symptoms, which has not subsided after 2 years. I would like to bring this up to you so that you could share with me what other alternative that you have to share with me. Millions of thanks. Bryan

Q: At work I sit at a desk and have a mail tray on the floor next to me. I bent over to look for something in the tray and could not straighten back up. After awhile I was able to straighten up but with pain. I went home and took some Advil and put the heating pad on it. I went to bed and at 4:00am the pain was so bad I could not sit up or push my upper body up to sit, my husband tried to help but I broke out in a sweat I thought I was going to pass out from the pain. I decided to go to the ER. He said it was back strain and gave me naproxen and oxycodone he did'nt do an mri or x-ray. My question is it has been seven days and my back has gotten somewhat better but still hurts to stand or sit for very long. I have a dimpled area on my upper buttocks where there is pain. What is this and should I give the pain more time or should I go see my doctor. Kelly

Q: I have been suffering from various problems for the last 6 years, and on and off back pain for over 25 years and was diagnosed with DDD. I thought my sedentary job and being a weekend warrior was the cause, but and as I became more active the times when my back would actually "go out" lessened. I always am stiff however, and usually there is some pain in the low back. I try to remain active and play tennis a few times a week, but won't do anything like running. But for the last 10 years or so I have been in a terrible cycle of various pains in my body that keep me from playing tennis, working out, working and cause me much anxiety over how i am going to still be a mom/go shopping/clean etc, when I am in pain. I have had tendinitis in my elbow and shoulder, which I was told was from over use, now I play far less tennis than the people I play against who are the same age as I am(44)older than I am. I also had tendinitis in my left shoulder at least twice, where one time I couldn't lift my arm. That I couldn't explain, and neither could the doctors. I had MRI's etc. and no tears or anything so it was ruled as tendinitis.Ok-I could cope with those down times, but over the last 6 years it has been an absolute nightmare for me.I had pulled a hamstring having a running race with my brother-I know it was very silly, we are both old now, but that I just figured was my stupidity and after losing 3 months to that, that is when I really was on a downward spiral. About 4 months after the hamstring, I had some undiagnosable foot pain, where I hobbled arond for 8 months! I was told overuse, possible fracture, I had bone scans and MRI's with and without contrast. I saw 2 podiatrists and 3 orthopedics. Finally I was diagnosed with tenosynovitis of the flexor hallucis longus tendon and a cortisone shot into the sheath of the tendon did help me get back after a few weeks. It happened again over a year later and I received another cortisone shot at my urging, I just wanted to get back!!!! I was told next time I would need surgery to release the tendon. I have had bout with this since, on and off and you can see how Frustrated I was becoming, because I never knew what triggered this and how to prevent it. I was told that stretching could help, and it does seem to keep it at bay.Ok-all is well for a little while, I feel beat up, but able to keep myself together. Then last December my shoulder keeps aching and I figure my tendinitis is back, well I stop doing anyhing to rest, but it worsened. I had to go to the emergency room the pain was so bad-I had a calcium deposit. A cortisone shot took the edge off, but I feel I can't do what I wanted, so had it removed. Another 6 months of my life, missed another season of playing tennis, I am embarrassed that I am a personal trainer and always falling apart etc. Ok I come back from this again and I play tennis for about a month-I am getting back in shape playing great, a week before a competition that I have looked forward to for a long time my back spasms out and I can't walk up straight, and I couldn't work, again I get my duties as wife and mother accomplished, but I am in a lot of pain. Ok I feel better in a little over a week, but takes awhile for me to get back on a court and continue working out etc. I get back again after the holidays and now my other foot has pain!!! I felt it a few months ago, my chiropractor said it may be a strain of one of the tendons, or ligaments, at this point I don't even remember. But it didn't bother me too much, but I rested again, and went back to playing now it hurts alot-the side of my foot under the ankle bone, and behind my foot right above the heel.A friend recommended the Mindbody prescription and I read it and feel it could be me, but I am not sure. I wrote the list of things that anger/frustrate me and the list is tremendous. What do I do now? Can I have TMS? I don't want to see another doctor or spend another cents on trying to make my self feel better and be free of pain. I want to make sure that I am not going to further injure myself, but I am trying to just play through the pain and get on with my life. Help!!! Dina


Q: I am Abbey and 15 yrs old. I am in Year 11 and doing my very important GCSE's which I need to become a paramedic (my dream). I had no accident or fall to start off my back pain and nothing yet has been diagnosed. The first signs were over 2 and a half yrs ago now. Pretty severe lower back pain which I now put up with day in day out. I am on 13 pain killers a day, some of which are anti-depressants because it's getting so out of hand now - that I break down. Back spasms started back in July 2007. Since then at school, I have been having lock ups every other day. The most painful thing I've ever experienced and nothing is sorting it. I've had steroid injections, MRI, X-rays, Physio, and now I believe I'm becoming immune to these pain killers. I really hate my life like this, and I am missing so many lessons. It is showing in my school work now as my predicted grades are not being achieved. I am so down about them. I was just wandering what to do the moment before or as it happens??- To reduce the pain just a little bit would be wonderful? thank you. abbey

Q: In 1989 I was pushing an overloaded shopping cart to the van.The cart picked up speed as I was going down the incline from the front of the grocery store to the parking lot.I could see the top of the conversion van so I just steered the cart in it's direction. A front wheel of the cart hit a pot hole, jarred to an abrupt stop and flipped forward lifting the back wheels off of the ground. It happened so fast I didn't let go of the handle so I went with it. My feet left the ground. As the groceries began to fall out and get lighter it enabled me to catch enough leverage to bring the cart down. It came down really fast.When my feet hit the asphalt I slid beneath the cart. I fell flat on my back and the cart came with me, pinning me to the ground.I was in agony!!! I went to an Orthopedic surgeon in Lafayette La. After a slew of Xrays, scans, MRI's and several months of Physical Torture (oops Therapy) I was told that the muscles on the right side of my back were stretched beyond repair. The doctor explained my condition in laymen terms: "If you took a piece of elastic, stretched it with your hands and then let it go at one end it would retract back. My muscle was compaired with doing the same thing with a shoe string." He felt that because I am right handed (gripping tighter, I suppose) was the reason I did more damage on that side. I suffer from severe pain daily..Because of the lack of muscles on the right side,when I bend forward, the muscles on my left side are clearly visable while the right side is almost completely flat. I have a curvature of my spine because of this. If my husband just touches that spot it's like poking my nerve endings with a needle. I am not able to lay on my back to sleep and even laying on my right side for very long causes horrible pain. Most of the really bad pain is around the center of my back. I cannot stand in one spot for any length of time, cannot sweep or mop and I must sit on a pillow in any chair, pew, or car seat. After seeing my Xrays, not one Chiropractor will touch me and when I tried therapy, it only made the pain worse. I am on a pain management program. I take Fioricet each day and at times, when it is really bad, either Parafon Forte or Flexeril. None of these medications completely rid me of the pain and rarely does more than make the pain almost bearable. Maybe there is no medication that ever will. I've been taking Fioricet since the beginning because, at the time of my injury, I had five kids to raise and I couldn't be "zonked" on a hard drug. I have a very LOW tolerance to pain so this has not been much fun for me for the last 20 years. By any chance do you have any suggestions that would make this any better ? Thanks so much, Elise

Q: I was wondering if you had any ideas on how to help me with my problem. I have lower back pain. About 3 years ago it started (and no I cannot remember if anything happened then that would make it start) but it used to just be the week before my period started so I always knew right when it was coming. Steadily it has stretched into lengthier times until now for 3 weeks of the month my back will hurt when walking or standing and 1 week of the month when i am on my period it stops. If i sit or lay down i am fine. I can only walk or stand for about 10 min (if that). What it feels like is a charlie horse in my lower back. If i try to push through the pain and just keep walking, it starts to go numb yet still hurts. I went to my regular doctor and he said it sounds like endometrosis. I had never been to the gyno before (and yes I am a 34 year old woman) so I went. He ran tests and looked me over and said I do not have endometrosis and he sees no reason for it. I asked to go on the pill to see if it would help anyway. I was on the pill straight for 4 months and did not have a period. during that time, i had the pain the entire month with no relief. I stopped the pill at the end of Nov and still have had no period and no relief from the back pain. I went back to my regular doctor in december and had a CT scan. He said there is nothing wrong except for some mild arthritis so perhaps the arthritis combined with my weight (I am largely overweight) is hurting me. He had no other suggestions. I do not believe this. I know i have arthritis. I have other back pain in my back that is up a little higher and is always there. It is tolerable with a stretch or backrub. This is different. I also have proof that it goes away with my period. I went to Las Vegas in july and could barely walk through the airports. We had to take their little carts everywhere. Walking around the casinos I had to stop and rest every few feet. The day we left, my period started. I was able to walk through huge airports and casinos with absolutely no pain whatsoever. I would think that if its my weight and arthritis, that the period would not stop the pain, right? I don't know what else to do but its hindering my life. I want to exercise to loose weight by cannot stand or walk for more than 10 minutes. Just going to the grocery store hurts me. any suggestions you have would be appreciated! Janie

Q: Hi,could a bulging disc in the neck be the cause of my migraine headaches? I seem to get the majority of them over the weekends when I wake up. (no, I don't drink) LU ANN

Q: over45 days ago i hurt my lower back at work while pulling at something went to Dr said lower back strain gave me daypro formuscles 5 days later hurting so bad back to dr said same thing gave me robaxin and lortab next week still hurting dr gave same thing plus steriod pack called for mri mri all clear sent for week of pt still hurting sent to bone and joint dr took xray said muscle stain three weeks of pt then come back im almost done with pt still in pain and tired of everone looking at me like iam making it up cant hardly sleep took corzone shot and celbrax one pill aday from last visted still in pain and it not all in my head help what do you think? Bonnie

Q: I remember hurting my neck years ago. It now hurts terribly. The pain begins on the right side of my neck and goes up the back of my head, giving me a terrible headache. Some days the headaches last for days before I can get some relief. The only thing that will stop the pain is Goody powders or a strong prescription pain medication. I do not like taking any medicines. Please give me a suggestion that might help me. Thank You Stan

Q: My father in law is 83 years old, he's got arthritis and osteoporosis and his spine's curvature is more than normal. His back pain is so intense that he even he has a hard time breathing. Last night we thought that he was a goner, he couldn't breath and they in the hospital rushed to give him pain meds. They need to do some tests to determine if they could "cement" the vertebrae that are collapsed. What do you recommend we should do? I know he is old, but is surgery necessary? Thanks Paul

Q: I am 51/2 months pregnant and about 2 weeks ago I started with upper muscle pain that makes it hard to will be intense pain for a day and then everything feels more relaxed for a couple of days but then returns..what to do or take??? breathing is hard enough right now. Dawn

Q: Dear Sensei, I have come across your website when I was searching for the sypmtoms regarding the nerve impingement in a thoracic area. I am sure you receive a lot of emails but I would very much appreciate if you could answer my personal question. I visited an osteopath in Nov 07, his treatment was rather vigourious and he cracked my whole spine on 4 occassions. However one day he did a wierd thing, he pulled my skin away from my spine, whole spine. It was very painful but I managed. The night after the treatment I woke up with a terrible burning pain in my chest, whole sternum was very painful. The pain was quite located and lasted for quite a long time. It has been now 6 weeks after the treatment and I still get it time to time. I know my heart is fine, but I suffer from GERD, so I was not sure whether it was more stomach related. But I am not sure anymore and it is not pleasant at all. I was told that this so called skin pulling is prohibited on Th spine it is only allowed on L spine. I have a Scheuermann´s disease, Th 6-9 and Schmorl´s nodes, loss of cervical lordosis, my left 4th and 5th fingers are affected the moste and generaly have problems with my 2nd and 3rd rib. My question is, is it possible this pain could be really related to the bad spinal manipulation and a possible nerve entrapment? Could be so severe that it burns like a fire? Thank you very much for your reply. Kind regards, Hana

Q: I am having back pain since last 2 years doctors suggest me to take servical spodolysis as medicine and in my MRI report it shows 1. tryptomer&gabapentin and methylcobalamin 2. loss of servical curvature with early dessication & degeration changes associated mild to moderate degree disc bluge in c3-c4-,c4-c5,c5-c6,c6-c7 3.anterior&posterior osteophytes with posterior longitudinal ligament hypertrophied 7secondry cannal steonisis with myelopathic changes but i am not feeleng wel with current medicine and treatment .Can you please suggest me with any proper cure of the pain .Thanks diptendra

Q: How I Finally Cured My Back Pain...Over the years I have been sleeping on a pillowtop mattress which I purchased to replace my waterbed. Since they no longer made the flotation mattresses, the ones they offered left me waking up to no circulation in my arms. So I tried a tube water bed at the time. I woke up in pain. Then I tried the air mattress with the selection of air control...I woke up in pain every day and didn't know what my number was because this one didn't come with a number indicator. So I finally purchased a regular mattress with pillowtop. I was fine for about 6 years and developed serious pain in my back. I tried excercise, chiropractic which helped for a little while only for the pain to return. I have tried the Tempurpedic and another very expensive 1600.00 mattress. I would have paid anything just to get ride of my back pain. Then, one weekend I went camping and doubted how I would feel after sleeping on a pump up air mattress. When I woke up, I had no pain. Hmm..I thought...must be a coincidence. Went home back to the regular bed and the pain returned. Then I went camping again and slept on the air mattress. Again, I woke up with no pain. So I decided that I would continue to sleep on my air mattress. In winter I covered it up with a sleeping bag, mattress pad and sheets. My back pain has since then, not returned. I also don't work as long or as hard and I excercise, even if its only once or twice a week. My back pain has not returned and I feel like I got my life back. I am 53 with many more years of enjoying life without pain, thanks to my Coleman air mattress. Even a 1600.00 mattress couldn't provide me with the relief I got from my 20.00 Coleman air mattress I purchased at Walmart! Barbara

Q: I had and have L-4-5 S1 herniation.I had a micro disectomy with a golf ball hematoma after and my pain has 200-1000% worsened .My doctors said the reherniation or lack of fix there of was a shadow on my MRI.They fired me after getting me hooked on oxycotins.I sassed back at the little tird pill pusher..they do not like that..I have now consulted three doctors no five, 1 gave my $$$$ back in case of a law suit..What a joke..I am now on Morphine tabs with the pain radiating down both legs.unbearable pain.I wish I never let them cut me...They now say I have tethered cord syndrome..fatty tissues compressing the nerves.. my condition worsens every day and week...HELP>>>> Joseph

Q: Hey, my names kevin and i am 19 years old. i train muay thai boxing 4 days a week for 9 months now. I stopped going for about 2 weeks during the month of november because of family issues and went back in the begining of december. The time i took off i started feeling a light burning feeling in my left lower back. Naturally i thought this was just a sore muscle since i am so used to that feeling. After about 3-4 weeks later i still had that feeling but now only worse. I went to a chiropractor and without looking at xrays or taking xrays he adjusted my back which turned out to be the worst pain of my life. I almost litterally cried but i was in such pain i couldnt. Everyone told me it takes a day to get used to it so i shrugged it off. The next day after standing all day at work i came home and i couldnt even move my back. It went from the one spot to half my left back and making me pretty much crippled for a day. I went to the doctor and got xrays and he said i "slipped 2 and a half discs in my back. I am an active person who does not like to sit in bed with doctors orders. Can you maybe help me to see what is really going on?

Q: In the last 4 months I have woken up to acheing pressure points on the sides of my hips from my mattress. The aches are relieved usually in 10 minutes. Now I have had sciatic pain going down one leg and am wondering if the mattress is causeing it. I had a friend who got sciatic pain from his walltet pressing on his buttocks and am wondering if this is similar NIKKI

Q: Hi there Happy New Year. I am 31 years old, sence I was around 21 I have had acute or chronic muscle pain with no diagnosis. I have the HLAB27 gene but no proof in x-rays, I have had a dicogram no problems there,nerve injections didnt work eaither. My pain is constant and way way worse when its that time of the month, It feels so much better the harder some one presses on my muscles & I have been on a full dose and more of Ultram sence, no other pain meds even touched it, even the heavy ones. There is no end in sight. When it started i was cleanning 2 houses a day and doing heavy lifting, it started and is worse at night 20 min after i lay down. i have to take 5 ultam now just to be able to get out of bed and start my day. The ultram has allowed me to live, I work with horses, but i am always in burning, tight pain and taking way to may Ultram pills to survive now, my 14 year old daughter is now exibiting the same pain!!!!! what do I do now? Thank you so much Christal

Q: I'm a mother of a child who has suffered with Chronic Back Pain now for the past 5 years. It was when she was 14 yrs old that she was 1st diagnose with "Sherman Kyposis". After different types of treatment, and not any relief, I was told that surgery was our next step. I gave this lots of thought. I wanted my daughter to be able to do the normal things a teenager should be able to do. (pain free) She had the surgery (where they fussed her back) After she still suffered. She complianed of pain everyday & could feel the Rods in her back. We explained this to the Doctor, and he would put it off as nothing serious. Telling us that it just takes longer for some patients to heal. O.K. we thought. Months turned in to years, I watched my daughter suffer everyday, every time she would try to do an activty at school or with friends, The pain became unbearable & she was reclined to bed for days before the pain eased up. But always still there. Finally I couldn't watch her life slip away in the bed, so I found a different Doctor whom I thought was the awnser to my prayers. ( over 300 miles away) After he put her through Physcial Therapy & different meds, then he suggested we remove the rods, along with an exploratory surgery as well to see what could be wrong . She is 17 yrs old now. Febuary 19th 2007 she went under for this exploratory surgery. I was told that one of her Rods was laying in a Muscle and up aganist a Nerve, this I was told was why she has been in so much pain. With this news the furture look good for my daughter. Except she never got rid of the pain. She had to drop out from school (where she was a honor roll student) She has lost touch with her friends, She is in a deep depression from all of this suffering, I have talked to thease Doctors till I'm blue in the face. I have been told the pain is in her head. I have gotten nowhere with any Doctors or Physcial Therapist. I know my daughter better than anybody else and I know this is REAL and she DOES feel the pain. Something is still wrong and I don't know what to do for her NOW! I have notice a pruding bone from the spine now, that didn't use to be there, since this last surgery. I'm praying everyday to find a way to help her. Please if you can give me any suggestions I would be forever greatful to you.. Thanking you in advance, Sandra

Q: Upon my chiropractor's xrays, my lower back has arthritis. He said that the pain I feel is probably not from arthritis thou. It's almost continual, wakes me up at night, worsens with walking, bending, etc. The past few weeks, both hips have been hurting as well. I am wondering if my pain in the lower back might be related to bowels? I have IBS and have tried several bowel cleanses over the past 5-6 years. Nothing ever brought my stool to a normal size nor got me out of constipation past the regimen. I recently started a bowel cleanse that a friend gave to me, and it hurts to go, but I'm finally seeing the proper size stool (not in 13 or more years have I - i'm usually pencil thin with flat on one side) and I feel somewhat bloated. Could the two issues be related? I've had IBS for many years. Constant lower ack pain for about 6 months or so. Financially strapped so I'm trying hard not to go to doc. If and when I do go, which doc should I see, for intestincal or back? Thank you Very much!!!! Susan



Q: hello' whenever i lift weight or exert my back i suffer from abdominal distention and constipation.This started when 5 yrs back i lifted a heavy weight.i am otherwise fit ,but do also suffer from lower back pain of moderate intensity alog with constipation .kindly help. KULLU

Q: I am writing to you from Kenya. I have a question for you regarding my back pain. I have suffered from lower back pain off and on for about 10 years now. I was living in West Africa in 2004/2005 and hurt my back due to long hours of sitting, bad roads and a load of stress. I returned to Kenya to see a specialist and do an MRI. The MRI found that my L4/L5 were mildly degenrated. I did 10 sessions of physio (TENS and Ultrasound) and returned to West Africa. I swam daily and my pain subsided considerably. 2 years later I got the same pain in the lower right area of my back and did the regular physio. It got better. However, I did 2 weeks of hydro therapy with a therapist who was anything but involved in the work that we were doing. I guess we over did it because after a session my back went into the worst spasm of my life and I was in agony. I was admitted into the hospital for 5 1/2 days and underwent an MRI which indicated the same result as the one 2 years earlier. I also has an ultrasound done on my blatter and stomach and all is normal. I was discharged and have been doing daily gentle stretches and exercises as well as walking casually. I am off work and on several pain pills and muscle relaxers. I am in a place now where I can move around somewhat comfortably and can drive for short distances. However, I am still havng soreness and some stiffness. At times it feels as though the back wants to spasm but is not able to. The pain has also moved t my middle right and upper back also It is quite barable but ater 4 weeks should I not be fully better? I am sitting and standing properly and even sleeping with a pillow between my legs. I have never taken longer than a week to be 100% back to norm. Any thoughts? I a getting frustrated. Best regards, Brennen

Q: My son is 19 and has multiple disabilities including cerebral palsy.( spastic quadraplegia) He had a dorsal rhizotomy at age 3. Also bilateral tendon releases at groins , knees and ankles at age 5. He has a significant lordosis and his spine is actually visible through his abdomen. Recently a new problem has cropped up. Gastroparesis, which we are trying to cope with by using an enteral feeding pump to deliver slow feedings through his g-tube. Although he is nonverbal we are able to tell when he is experiencing pain but I'm not sure if the pain is gastrointestinal or related to tight muscles in his back. What I'm wondering is ... could the lordosis be the cause of gastroparesis? Although he is non-ambulatory, he trembles and tenses when we move him from one position to another and particularly when we roll him over. Could the lordosis cause this much pain? The only pain med we use for him is tylenol and it is effective even though I'm never sure if it's treating his back pain or gastrointestinal pain. Is it possible the lordosis is causing pressure to organs such as his stomach? Thank-you in advance. Much appreciated. Linda

Q: Hi, I found this site accidently and hope that you can help me out. I get severe upper back pain. I also have muscle spasms elsewhere that cause my feet to curl and fingers to 'jump up'. It is quite painful. You can feel the knots in the area that is affected. An x-ray of my upper spine showed straightning of the C-spine due to the muscle spasms. Also my last bout elevated my CK enzyme levels. Any ideas???? Thank you in advance....Maggie

Q: Hi, I am 37 years-old. Over the past three years I have gained 40lbs. The trend has been with ovulation. When the weight gain initially started, it was about 2-4lbs per month. Over the months the gain subsided and the episodes less frequent. The gain is back. During these times of ovulation/weight gain, the common factor has been severe sciatic pain in my right hip/thigh area(but more in the front of my leg). The pain stops me in my tracks. Following ovulation of these times of pain/weight gain are heavy periods. During the times without consistent pain, my rom and endurance in my right leg is noticeably less in my right leg during exercise even when I am not having a flare-up. My right thigh has always been a little thicker than the left. The pain lately has begun to radiate down to my foot. I experience no back pain. There is noticeable cramping in my pelvic area. I wonder if the muscles are cramping on the nerve during ovulation. Medical treatment is a problem for me because of my insurance situation. Do you have any advice for me? please let me know if more information will help. I also wanted to let you know that sometimes my right arm has been becoming numb with some dull pain. I don't know if this is related. I only smoke occasionally with my neighbors, not every day and no more than once or twice a week if that much. I do not drink alcohol. Thanks, Angela

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