Back Pain Questions and Answers
Archive 2008 Part 5

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Q: Hi, First my background, I am 51 yrs old, not overweight, and have exercise in one former fashion for years.(Retired Military). Back in late March I began working out with Tae Bo tapes and I've had great results. But approx. 1 1/2 months ago after finishing a Tae Bo tape I began lifting a 35 lbs dumbbell from a squatting position until the weight was above my head. It was then that I felt a small but sharp pain in my lower back. I know this exercise wasn't the brightest thing I ever done, and I haven't tried it since nor will I. What I've experienced since is lower back pain and "stinging" sensations (low pain level) either running down my left leg or in my upper buttocks area. Also now if I do a hip rotation or standing hip raise, I feel and can hear what seems to be mainly in my hips but also in my lower back a crack & pop.Also, my present occupation has me sitting for most of the day vs my previous position having me on my feet 60-70 % of the time. Any advice would be so appreciated. Thank you, Bill

Q: Hi, I started having upper back pain 2 and a half months ago, which kept traveling between left and right shoulder blade. Also I feel kind of ripping pain down below left shoulder when trying to turn sideways. I thought I might of injured it while traveling from carrying heavy luggage. Recently, in the past couple of weeks, I started also having burning sensation in the upper back which I also started having in my butt/hips last couple of days. I had x-ray done (turned ok) and had about 10 physio therapies with no results. Any idea as to what this might be? Thanks Dijana

Q: I'm an elite rhythmic gymnast training daily since 9 yrs old. I'm now 13 and recently had a fracture in my spine. Both the mri and city scan confirmed that i have a fracture at a bone spur (medically termed pseudo joint) that grew at the left posterior area between T12 and L1 of my back. I experience pain from the fracture area that radiates down to my buttock and left leg. It's been 3 mths now the pain got slightly better and the radiating pain is now reduced to my knee. It comes on and off but rather irritating. my question is why is there a continuous muscle spasm on my left back around the fractured area and I felt weak and extreme pain when I try to do back bend even after stretching. I also can't balance on my toes like I used to do. Please help because I need to get back to my normal training now as I'm quite behind my team mate. Low

Q: I started with neck pain in 2007 after I had a hysterectomy. Upon complaining of neck pain and not being able to move my head I was diagnosed with some disc herniation. I also have a mass in my neck (small 1 x 3cm). I recently had a follow up MRI done of my neck only to find no change in the mass, but the herniated disc at c-5 & c-6 are significanly herniated and causing some spinal cord compression. I am currently under the care of a neuro surgeon. He has suggested surgery to repair the disc. He has told me that if I fall, or get into a minor car accident I could become paralyzed. I am going for a second opinion in a few weeks. I am going to try to send a copy of my MRI image I had taken. I would really like to have your thoughts on this. I am really nervous about having this surgery. Margaret

Comment: Sensei, I just want to thank you for your website. I am a 24 year old stay-at-home mom of 2 small children. I have had problems with 3 herniated and degenerative discs since I was 14 years old. I had terrible pain as a high school athlete and had physical therapy, injections, chiropractic adjustments, bed rest, and finally laser disc surgery. The surgery helped for 7 years, but now with bending and lifting to care for my children all day, my pain is back. I am now trying out disc decompression therapy, and I will be trying knowledge therapy. The first time I visited your site was the first time I had ever heard of knowledge therapy, disc decompression, psychosomatica, etc...and I have seen 20+ doctors concerning my back pain! I just want to say THANK YOU for providing such a thoroughly informative and necessary resource. I will tell every back pain sufferer I know about your website- it's the best the web has to offer! Sincerely, Nikki

Q: hi, I am having problem on my lower back, i first felt the pain last April this year,i already have several therapy's with a chiropractor but unfortunately nothing happens,my doctor advised me to have my MRI,the MRI results said that my discs are fine their is narrowing what so ever, the only impression was i have a straightened lumbar curvature,most likely secondary to a muscle spasm,i already take up medicines but nothing change,i saw one of your article where you said that there is actually nothing wrong with your back, do you think that my case applies with yours? David

Q: Hello. First off I'm going to tell you that yes, I am over weight. I'm 28 and just had my first child last year. About 5-7 years ago I used to have severe back pain. At that point, I also weighed 334lbs. After I began taking a drug for diabetes (metformin), I began losing weight. Once the weight loss began, my back pain pretty much went away. Then I got pregnant last year. I had a rough pregnancy which included symphysis pubis dysfunction so the point where I could barely walk beginning my second trimester, but that's another story. Anyway, due to this, I chose to have a c-section so that I would not further damage my pubic bone. After I had my daughter in July of 2007,I was at my smallest weight since high school yet still overweight at 250lbs and I have had constant back pain, to the point where I take celebrex and vicodin everyday, sometimes twice a day. I do sit at a desk all day at work and that is when my back kills me, to the point the pain runs down both my legs and they ache. Also, I can never get a good nights sleep because of the pain. When I first get into bed, I'm fine but after about 3-5 hours, my back kills me and then I toss and turn until 5am comes and I have to get ready for work. My problem is that I'm too young to be on pain meds on a daily basis. I know I need to lose weight but that can't be the only cure. Now I did have an MRI done about 4 years ago. They told me I have arthritis in my back and that while it would never go away, by losing weight it could really help. In addition, I have a DDD-F breast size and I know that doesn't help either. I'm just at my wits end with this back pain. I take pain meds daily like my mom does who is 55 years old. 28 year old should not be on vicodin and celebrex daily. What can I do? I'm researching buying a new mattress hoping that may help the problem. Tenneahea

Q: I fell in 1979 and herniated a disc. Had to have surgery which included a fusion using bone from my right hip. While in the hospital I fell, due to the nurses negligence (she was fired same day). When I fell I injured 2 more discs and had to spend 2 months in a body cast which made no difference. I was out of work during this whole time and 8 months later had 2 more discs removed, another fusion (left hip bone this time) and all nerve root endings were cleaned. The surgeries did the trick and only after 20 years did I have occasional low back pain. Three months ago while pulling on the hose in the yard, I hurt my back again. I had really bad back pain and saw the Dr. about it. Went for an X-ray first, which led to an MRI. The MRI shows 4 discs bulging and 2 of them are to the point of herniating. Also have either a slipped or cracked vertebrae Dr. has now scheduled me for a discogram :(, but can't get in for another month. I have tried so many medications to get relief to no avail. Lodine, Vicadin, and Ibuprophen and none of them are helping. I am allergic to Codeine. Sitting seems to be the most comfortable position for me and sleeping is a nightmare as every time I turn over I am in excruciating pain. Now, even walking is a real problem and for some reason I am having bad pain in the back of both legs also, which at times includes cramps too. I am open to any and all suggestion as to any help while waiting for what inevitably will be surgery with fusions and possibly a rod. I am scared and in pain. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks You. Holly

Q: Hi, I have strong carpel tunnel syndrome symptoms I took an EMG yet nothing showed up. Im schedule to take a Cervical MRI so Dr can try to determine the cause of pain and weakness in muscles. I'd be very happy if its turns up to be a slip disk then I know I can start working with your program with I believe in it ! 2 Questions - # 1 Would Dr. Sarno say that Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is also ONLY TMS and can be worked out trough his program to regain muscles and control?? # 2 - What his opinion about ALS? That's killing the Motor nerves. Also how can someone be sure he is not suffering from ALS??? Many thanks, Aron

Comment: Sensei, I noticed that you often recommended knowledge therapy, despite a variety of diagnoses and symptoms and always thought this was strange. I resisted the idea the you suggested to me, personally, that my pain was caused by oxygen deprivation caused by a psychosomatic condition. Truthfully, I thought you were nuts..sorry. Well, that was almost a year and a half ago and I came back to read your stuff again a few months back. This time, I took your advice, since as you say, I had nothing to lose. I was facing surgery for my pain and was scared to death. Well, to make a long story short, it has been 3 months and my pain is gone. My surgery never happened and I gave up on all my "symptomatic maintenance" treatments. I feel great. I just wanted to thank you and apologize for my assumptions and doubts. You know your stuff and I have already sent all my friends to your site. I will never forget the gift you have given to me and my family. Thanks ever so much, Bobby

Q: Several years ago I started having "traveling" pain. The pain would move from spot to spot and "sinus" headaches alot, which make me dizzy and sick to my stomach. At times the pain is debilitating. However, in the last couple of years I have started having dizzy spells, chest pains, and feeling like I'm going to pass out, vomit or both (which is very inconvenient when you're around people, especially at church). I have had extensive medical exams which show absolutely nothing wrong with me, I'm the "picture of health". Am I a typical TMS patient? Help! I'm so tired of feeling "sick". Karol

Q: I have had back pain for 12 years. The last 2 have been tough. Diagnosed with ddd and small protrusion on left side. Offered fusion 2 yrs ago, but refused. Everyday now I have symptoms similar to sciatica, constant pain in lower spine, toothache like pain in right hip/groin going down to thigh and shin. Hurst for a slight touch to my body. Have to sleep alone, as a movement from my husband turning on the mattress is also very painful. Obviously, something is touching a main nerve. Don't know what treatment to take next. Tried physio, chiropractor, tens etc. Nothing helps. About to try some sessions with the bowen technique. Can you help me. Elaine

Q: I have suffered with neck and back pain for well over a year and a half now. I have been diagnosed with two herniated disks between my c6 - c7 and c7 - T1. I have had two rounds of trigger point injections, an epideral, 8 months of therapy and been prescribed many different muscle relaxers. I have been managing my pain for the last 6 months with a TENS unit and a Thera Cane. I was sent to a doctor in another city to have them check to see if burning my nerves off would offer relief. When I went to the other doctor for a diagnostic test, the doctor made me feel like I was on an assembly line. The doctor, who I had never met before never talked with me before the procedure. Basically I was in an operating room face down on the table being preped before he even entered the room. Once he was in there he just started shoving needles in my back, he had to go into three different facet joints and injected a numbing medicine. After the procedure I was supposed to try to make my back hurt to see if it would hurt. I didn't feel much pain right after the procedure but my full pain returned within 30 minutes. I never saw that doctor again and I do not feel comfortable with being treated like I was on an assembly line. I am 27 years old and feel sentenced to live the rest of my life in pain. Does anyone have any suggestions or doctors I could see, I really am at the end of my rope and don't know how long I can maintain my sanity with this pain! Kelli

Q: hi world i am a 25 yr young woman who was slammed on my back on to gravel ground on 7-17-08 it is now 9-5-08 and after a month and a half of experience tail bone pain not in the coccyx but in the upper tail bone and back area i have awaken on 9-01 with pain in the coccyx. why didn't this happen sooner? what is going on? from 8-25 thru 9-03 i had a very abnormal menstrual period and not bleeding fresh blood and my bowel movements have been interrupted please some one tell me whats going on because shouldnt it been healed by now? Lanae

Q: Hi, I have been suffering with lower back pain for five years, but since discovering your books my condition is slowly improving, as is the quality of my life. However, in the last few months I have developed rosacea (on my cheeks, nose and forehead. Having researched rosacea I can see that I have have it vary mildly for several years but it has become significantly worse since last autumn. Is this down to TMS? Arfon

Q: 12 years ago I had a herniation of L4 and L5. An epidural worked wonderfully for me. I am very active (run 3 miles a day, hunt and fish competitively). I also have a landscaping and lawn business. I have used chiropractic care as a means to keep everything in line. Lately I have had lower back pain (stiffness-muscle guarding). I have not had any sciatic pain symptoms yet. However, my lower back issues are becoming chronic. My chiropractor thinks that my muscle guarding is protecting an area that I am likely to hurt....bad. My question: Is there a hyperextension back brace or something I can wear while I am weeding/hedging that will not allow me to bend and put as much pressure on my lower back? I use a hemorrhoid cushion with other foam to cushion the bumps on the lawnmower, but I really need a way to keep from bending unconsciously while trimming and so forth. thank you, Charles

Q: Hi,Can you tell me how many pages your book has & does it provide pictures so its easy to follow? Thanks, Stephen

Q: I have a herniated disk in my L4L5. It is pinching my nerve apparently according to the MRI. I am friggin' 31 years old. What do I do? James

Comment: My back pain is from tense muscles and stress... I have been doing yoga and stretching and it is better... but when at work.. I get so tense from bending over at a computer and working plus my job is physical-- a nurse. Suzy

Q: My mother has very severe lower back pain, I took her to a chiropractor and he says she has degenerative disc disorder, is this what is causing the pain, or could it be something else? I found a wonderful natural treatment for neuropathy. But now her back pain is really hurting and she's on a lot of pain pills. What can be done to get rid of it? She's had surgery on it and it seems to be coming back. Please let me know. thanks, Jason

Q: hi, read your book and was very helpful, however in my situation i had a car accident 5 months ago and my back started hurting after about 2 weeks, I've had an x-ray and mri scan and all they showed was narrowing of the disc space, I'm not in extreme pain but it is more of uncomfortable pain that wont go away, been to numerous doctors and chiropractors and physiotherapist and they didn't help at all, they doctor did however say they my muscles are so tensed that he can't push down on them, do you think that the pain is in my head all is it some thing else, i did suffer from anxiety for two months after the accident, please help. Joe

Q: Hi, I came across your site and thought I would leave a comment and a question. How is your approach different than Dr. Sarno's. I found his products when I first had this back issue, and not being close to NY, purchased his Tapes (VHS) and followed his program with no results at all. I followed his advice for months, with 0 change in any symptoms. I gave the tapes away to someone who had back issues with the hopes that it might help them. I have the same symptoms for the past 5 years. I quit my job, moved back home, started a new life to try to get out of a very stressful job, didn't work for 4 months, and the pain continued with no change at all. I am now on my 4th Orthopedic Dr. 3 MRIs, Bone Scans, 3 Cat Scans, all show virtually no problems with my spine, but I cannot bend down to pick up anything off the floor, without pain either a few hours, or the next day. What can your system offer me that Dr. Sarno wasn't able to? Thanks for your time,Zach

Q: I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis 6 years ago. I have constant and increasingly severe back and leg pain. I was told at the time of diagnosis that I must have back surgery. For me, this is not an option. I know that spinal decompression therapy is being offered in Vancouver but I have not been able to find anyone in Victoria who does this therapy. I can't afford to go to Vancouver and stay there while therapy is in progress. Do you know of anyone in Victoria who is offering it? Shelagh

Q: Dear Sir,i have been having back pains now for the last two years,have had all the x-rays and its be said that i have a bulging dicks.I have also been taken diclofenc and co-codmal for the last two years and have now been sent to a pain management center which is not until another four months as their are busy,but my problems is when i sit down for a while my left buttocks and the top off my hips hurt which sometimes runs down the front of my legs but never the back,and when am sleeping and lying on my left side which is were the pain is only on my left,its like am lying on a nerve and have to put a pillow between my legs just to sleep as it feel like am pinching a nerve,and when walking on a bad day it hurts my left leg,and have lost a lot of size on the leg when this first started,Hope you can help me as its been going on too long. yours, Billy Thank you

Q: Where can I find scientific information concerning the future consequences of lumbar spinal fusion? Information related to your following statement: "If you have this procedure as a young patient, expect a future filled with additional back pain and surgeries. In the case of huge trauma to the spine, this procedure can be a life saver. It is also a good procedure for the correction of serious spinal curvature. In almost any other circumstance, fusion can do more harm than good."Thank You, Aldo

Q: My pain is in my butt, not my tail bone and not my hip joint. It hurts when I am sitting and it is almost unbearable when I am driving. I have been to many Doctors and none of them has any idea what the problem is. I have had x-rays, MRI's, bone scans and nothing shows up as to what the problem is. But it continues to hurt. I was going to have a nerve block, but I had a heart attack before the date for the verve block. I have had this pain for the last ten years at least. But it seems to be getting worst. Any help would be greatly appreciated. John

Q: Hi, My name is Grace and I'm 18 years old and live in south Jersey and in four days I'll be moving up to Boston for college. I have 3 herniated discs (L3-L4, L4-L5, L5-S1). In January I woke up at a friends house and went to sit in my car to go home and that's when i noticed the pain that was running down my left leg for the first time, and it was of course during basketball season. So i went to the trainer and he told me to see a chiropractor and i did and i was better by the end of February. In early July i re-injured my back again, but it was just my sciatica again and have been seeing the chiropractor since. A week ago, my sciatica had gotten better and i went out to breakfast with a friend and then lunch, and then we walked around the mall and when i came home i couldn't lay down flat without feeling like the muscle was going to rip from my spine. It's been a week now and the chiropractor seems to help and i've been icing it but i can't sleep. Should i still move up to Boston, what can i do? Thanks, Grace

Comment: I hope you receive this email. I am on page 40 and 'wow'...13 years of bull$%!@ is going away. Even a $30,000.00 plus laser surgery rip off. Thank you. By the way I am 69 years old and just got 20 years younger. John

Comment: Not to come off rude, but I read your article to do with scoliosis. I would just like to give you my input. First of all I would say I have moderate to sever scoliosis 50-70 degrees. However, my pain came before the diagnosis, so it is nothing like what you said on your article. Secondly, other web pages with useful information don't go bashing this stuff out against people with scoliosis, you may or may not have it, but leave it to the Doctor to tell them if what you say is true. Lastly again I have scoliosis, it was untreated and has caused me mobility and breathing problems even though it is not over 70 degrees. My main curve pushes against my lungs, and I honestly struggle to breathe while walking. My consultant said it makes sense. Some days are far worse than others, and I need help. I was about 15 complaining about my back, my Doctor put it to growing pain, and obviously he was wrong. I am not sure if this site is to make any money or not, but please take my case into consideration. Thanks!! Paul

Q: Hi,my name is rachel and i am in a very depressed state of mind at this present time of my life. I am feeling severe hamstring pain in my left leg when i try to run and walk, and when i hop it hurts.If i squat down on one leg it causes the same pain, as though my leg is going to collapse and as if i had pulled/strained a muscle there. However, the pain came on over the course of a couple of days and i had no sudden pain come on during any physical activity that i can recall. A physio i saw could not locate or diagnose any hamstring strain as i had great hamstring flexibility and strength when performing his physical tests. I have read Dr. Sarno's books and i am now reading your e-book i downloaded (thanks), as i had a back pain problem on my left side 8 months ago which lasted for 6 months until i realised and believed it was psychological. But why won't the pain go away, i feel like ending my life if this keeps on bothering me, as i used to run 85 miles a week and compete for england for fell running. I feel terrible and don't know what to do. I have seen a psychotherapist and a councilor and still i have pain? How did you get over your problem? Is there anything else i can do to get emotions out of my unconscious mind for example, please please help, im desperate now indeed. THANK-YOU FOR YOUR TIME, Rachel

Q: I visited a center in South Jersey that uses your therapy & got info but I live in upstate NY near Syracuse--are there any places near me that use your technique--I have cervical problems--bulging disc & other concerns..thank-you Rob

Q: So if it was not the cause of your back pain...what was? I am in a great deal of severe pain and I'm only 29. Nothing else seems to be showing up except DDD. Please write back, thank you, Stephanie

Q: I have been diagnosed with herniated disk and spurring in my neck. It causes sometime excruciating pain down my forearm and numbness in my fingers. Also my shoulders feel dislocated. I have been taking neurontin,naproxen and vicodin for pain. The doctor told me today that I had a big disc and needs surgery. Can the herniation of the disc sometime go back in place? I work at night and require constant sitting at the computer for long periods. The pain hinders my work performance. I am scared but have been in lots of pain. What do you suggest? karen

Q: H. My 35 year old daughter has been diagnosed with a Bulging Disc -work related injury(lifting in nursing home where she works)-now on restricted work duties/hours via Google came to your site. Will information in your book help her get better. If so I will purchase for her. She will be most grateful if it helps. Thanks for responding to me, Peter

Q: i have a friend who pulled something in her neck. we found out it was disc5, 6 and 7 in her neck. she's been going for physiotherapy for about 6 months and taking medication, but yet there's no improvement. She can't work, she's down and just want to be back like she use to. I'm trying to find the help she needs, maybe a different treatment approach,maybe a specialist, anything to help her. we're from Canada in the maritimes, and I'm sure looking out of town to a bigger city or a facility for theses types of injuries would be considered strongly. who to contact, where to go is what I'm trying to find.if you can help it would mean the world to her and for myself, because i want to see her have her life back. thanks Mike

Q: I have been experiencing neck pain. It starts as pain in my neck-can't turn head left or right w/o severe pain it then goes down the sides of my arms with a tingling numb feeling. My concern is I get this often. My question is: Since I get it often is it something that can be healed permanently? I am going to see my Doctor regarding this issue and I just want to make sure there is a clear diagnosis and treatment. In other words I'd like to be a head of my Doctor to ensure proper diagnosis and treatment. Thank you, I appreciate any information you can provide. Linda

Q: I have a urgent question, i am a 22 year old female and when i was 18 was in a car crash, my neck lost its natural curve hence a 'domino' affect, out of place points on my back, hips and jaw. I have been having chiropractic treatment for 4 years and i am still in daily pain. I have tried massage, physiotherapy, movement, hot water bottles, pilates, jaw surgeon... everything! I am in constant pain and its ruining my life have you got any suggestions? Thank you so much, Claire

Q: I contacted you a month or so again regarding my experience with back pain and how it has not yet improved after 7 years of treatment. My story is basically your story (same bulges and am a dancer) but my body has yet again frozen up and my hips have 'gone out'. I finally have ordered Dr Sarno's books and am excited to read them... What I don't get, is that, can anger (repressed emotion) truly be THAT POWERFUL to cause the entire alignment of the body to be pulled out of center? Can emotion be that POWERFUL that it literally binds the back like glue and doesn't allow for movement? I can't seem to comprehend that but as time goes on I have nothing else to believe in as no physical treatment is working ...I am doing a lot of emotional work with a counselor and the pain is intensifying and once again my back is frozen...and its hard to move let alone dance as I would like. Can you share any further insight at this stage? Many thanks, Nancy

Q: Do you have a view on myofascial (connective tissue) release therapy for lower back pain? Alistair

Q: Hi.My wife has legs,feet,and back pain. If you believe your e-book will help her, I will buy it. Thank You, Robby

Q: Hi, just wanted to say thanks for all your help over the past 3 months. I feel so much better and will always remember you in my prayers. Maria

Q: i have back pain due to loss of lumbar lordsis of spasm of back muscle so request you to suggest remedy for the same. pankaj


Q: can back pain get worse after eating with a nerve pinched in back? mercedes

Q: I can't believe that at 30 I've been diagnosed with Degenerative Disk Disease on my L5 S1. I thought this was supposed to happen when I'm older, in my 70's 80's perhaps. Four weeks ago, I woke up and could barely get up from my bed without it taking me a minute to adjust my back straight. I knew something was wrong because my morning stretches weren't happening - I wasn't able to extend and stretch like I normally do. So, I went to an acupuncturist, had three sessions - nada. She was able to remove some of the nerve pain, but the lower back still hurt. So I decided to go to a chiropractor, albeit not a fan of them but I felt I needed an adjustment really bad. And he actually relieved much of the pain and I did need to be adjusted. Big time. So in my quest to finding out exactly what is wrong with me, I called up my old orthopaedic doctor (he treated me for a car accident years ago) and when he saw the films from the chiro - he said DDD. Wanting to get a second opinion, I went today to another orthopaedic and he said the same thing: DDD on the L5 S1. So slightly depressed, I leave the doctor's office and call my older sister in Louisiana who also suffers from back trouble. She was amazed to find out we have the same condition on the same exact position of the lumbar spine. She agreed with the doctor's diagnosis (she's a pharmacist but practically a doctor, and she's married to a doctor). So now that I know apparently I have this "thing", what are the appropriate therapies to make sure the disk doesn't degenerate further? I do yoga, but now I'm scared - not all types of yoga are good for the lower back. Swimming I'll have to take up - that's a given. But what else? Liz

Q: Hello, my name is Susanna from Germany Munich. I have big pane in my neck and can not get an help. A friend from Denmark gave me your name and now i found you here. first of all i would like to know if the DVD´S and the books, if they are also in German language on the market? Best regards from Susanna

Q: Hi, my name is Rachel and i had recently recovered from a back/hip pain problem which i had suffered over a period of 6 months. Having just gotten over this problem i now am feeling severe hamstring pain, which i have been to a physio for, and he did not believe it was a hamstring strain (as i can stretch and contract my leg with no pain). I only feel pain when i walk, hop on the sore leg or run. I do not know what to do to get rid of the pain, but i believe that if it does not ease soon that it must be another psychosomatic pain condition? Please help, can TMS syndrome affect the hamstring muscles or tendon areas? Thanks, Rachel

Q: I had spinal surgery in April 2007. I am 50 lbs. overweight and know that is part of my problem, I did quit smoking but gained weight. I have so much difficulty walking and now I am also having chronic pain in my neck. My left hand goes numb and the dr. said it was carpal tunnel.... but I am right handed. Any suggestions to help me with this paid would be helpful. I know I have to lose weight and am working on that. Barbara

Q: Hi, I just wanted to thank you for your book. It was the best $10 I ever spent and in the past 3 days, I have already felt so much better. I guess you hear this all the time, but I wanted to thank you after suffering for over 6 years. Tommy

Q: Hi my mom is feeling pain in her neck come down into her arm on the left side,she went to the doctor and he said its Pinch Nerve she got a cream to apply to the area and pain killers but its not working,can you advice me on what to do.The pain is along her Upper Trapezius down onto her Biceps,so i was wondering if it could me Trapezius Spasm,I am emailing you from Jamaica,and i await your response,Thank You Ebony

Q: 6 Years ago I was hit head on by an out of state person not following directions. My right tib was broke in pieces along with my fibula braking through my lower part of my ankle. That is fine but I have grinding and pain in my right breast, T4,5 and 6 are herniated but only slightly touching a nerve right shoulder blade pain all the time severe migraines 2 times a week C7 and 8 are also herniated no nerve touching If I sit for at least 15 minutes I feel like I have a knife in my tail bone very hard to stand up every time. I hurt just to roll over in bed in my hip and back area. I had several MRI's and no one has any idea or just wont help. I am a 31 year old female and on disability. If I just do normal house work I have severe pain,numbness w/swelling in my hands fingers feet and toes. I am bruised around the top part of both feet around my ankles and also both knees. Is there any kind of hope of having any relief? I have been to orthopedics and also a neurosurgeon and nothing. There has to be a reason for all this. I was a very healthy person before my accident. What to do. Nothing seems to help and still in physical therapy but ready to give up. Aubrey

Q: sir my dad has the herniated disk in his back and struggled day in and day out with it. since 2006. he has had it with it. but he needs an MRI and thats just something we cant afford and on top of that surgery. basically my dad ain't the same dad that use to play basketball with me and i need a cure for his back he has a nerve stuck and it pinches the nerve when he moves. i just need advice to help him. Brandon

Q: What causes pain in the upper thigh during menstruation? It happens at the same time I get regular cramping, the first couple of days. It has also just begun in the last few months. I am 43 and never had this before. Pam

Q: I have a bulging discs and the pain that i experience is pain shooting down my left leg and a burning feeling. Paula

Q: i have suffered back pain for a long time but i was on holiday last week just bent down to empty dish washer and got a very server pain across the lower part of my back i could not straiten up as i was in terrible pain i waited 4 days before pain got so bad and was referred by my doctor to a e i was told i had sprained muscles in my back after x-ray whats your advice please. Carol

Q: Hi - About 20+ years ago I fell on one of the legs of rolling desk chair and landed on my butt. It hurt terribly. Some four days later doing my laundry, my back totally went into a spasm. My right hip was way higher than my left. I was in severe pain and could not walk from the pain. I went to an orthopedist who took an x-ray and said I had a sprained back. It took me two weeks in bed to get back to "normal". My lower back has never been the same. I have had numerous sprains(not as bad as the first)over the years. Each time I rest for a few days till I can maneuver again. Basically, I try not to bend or pick up anything heavy. I know that will start my muscles hurting. The hurt is an indication that I should rest, or I will spasm again. I have been living all these years with a golf-ball size muscle(?)on my right lower back above my buttocks. It is painful to the touch. I had been doing quite well for a few years, until recently when I somehow injured my back again.Is there anything I can do to get my back muscles back to normal? What about the "ball" on my lower back? I would prefer not to have to go see P.T.'s, etc. Is exercise the answer? Can I get my muscles back to normal? AM I WRONG TO ASSUME THAT IF MY BACK MUSCLES HURT, AND I FEEL THE NEED TO CURB MY ACTIVITIES BECAUSE THEY HURT, THAT THEY WILL BECOME WORSE IF I CONTINUE THROUGH THE PAIN ANYWAY? I AM CONCERNED THAT THEY WILL SPASM AGAIN IF I CONTINUE THROUGH THE PAIN. Thanks for you time and expertise, Maria

Q: Hello I'm a 45 year old male who three weeks ago had a artificial pro disc placed at l3 and l4 an l5 fused together and they went thru my stomach 4 hours later they had me up walking the pain is so much better i walk two miles a day an when the pain starts the pain meds stop it with in like 20 minutes but i wonder how much range of motion i will loose if you can answer my question it would be great. thanks and have a blessed day Von

Q: Hi Mr Adam R. Thank you for trying to help me with my back pain problems. I had this problem for almost 6 yrs. It started 1 day when i was setting down on the floor, when i tried to stand up, i felt pain on my lower back that started increasing slowly when i was working back home. The time i reached home, i went to bed. But then after some 2 hours of bed rest, when i try to com out o bed, i felt a terrible pain that i could not stand. Then i was taken to the hospital when i was diagnosed with a slip disc. After some 10 days of traction at the hospital the doctor let me out.It did not happened after 2 yrs. But this time, i did not go to the hospital. i just took some pain killers and stayed at bed for 3 days. Then started walking again. But this happens almost every year. When lastly i took an imr picture that show a the disc between L3,L4 the L4 top was pressed by the L3. Today i work but the problem with me is the ache & i feel pain in my both foot when i start walking after a some rest. Pls advise me what to do. Thank you in advance. Best rgrds, ABDALLA

Q: Hello Adam, It is a pleasure to communicate with you. I am 55 year old male from India. I am having intermittent backache for a long time.But I am going ahead with my life without much problem. Two weeks ago, I had severe pain in the right leg extending downward and numbness in the lower part of feet. There is difficulty in sitting and getting up etc. I doubt it as a case of compressed nerve (sciatica) Please communicate some informations kind regards Shamsu.

Q: I have just finished breastfeeding my daughter about two weeks ago i am having unbearable back pains now it is even hard to breath sometimes. Is this common. Or better is it from stopping breastfeeding? Rebecca

Q: Hi there Wondered if you could give me some more information about the sleeping back pain. For about 3 years now I've been suffering from upper back pain (in the muscles either side of my spine between my shoulder blades) that starts about 5am in the morning and gradually gets worse until i get out of bed. This is very frustrating as it's painful and also i want to lie in on the weekend!! I've been for deep tissue massage, acupuncture and osteopathy and nothing helps. I also get a very stiff tense neck / shoulders. I've just found your website today and read the story about the guy with sleeping back pain and the fact that it may be psychosomatic....i think this may be my problem can you tell me more about how then helped them selves. I'm very stressed and my postures not great - I'm working on these issues with swimming and yoga but thought you might be able to advise?? also what are your views on posture support braces?? look forward to hearing from you. kind regards, Harriet

Q: I bent over to pick something off the floor and got a catch in my back...( two days ago) Now it does it even if I bend a short distance or turn a certain way... I put ice on it. What should I do?..Will it get better in time if I baby it? Sally

Q: I have slept on a new Tempurpedic for the past two nights. Both mornings I wake up and feel that my spine has been "compressed". The pain is unbelievable. I spend 15-20 minutes "stretching" out my back so I can move. I had no problem with this on my semi firm cheap mattress before. Does the memory foam take getting used to? I'm ready to ditch it. I'm 47, female and in fairly good shape, though about 50 lbs overweight. The only thing I' ve been told before is that my spine does not have enough curve to it. Thought I would get a more rested night's sleep with a good mattress. Apparently this is not it. any suggestions? Marilyn

Q: Dear Sir, I came across your site and i was impressed. I am having a bout of IBS for past 3 months and recently i have severe low back pain, though i am having IBS for last 18 to 20 years, i never had a complaint of low back pain. The pain is so severe, i can barely do my day to day work. I am fed up and feel very bad, I have lot of responsibilities, l have to look after my family, i cannot keep complaining every day, my gasteroenterolgist says that it is not related to IBS, but i find many similar suffers on the net, can you help me. Anand

Comment: i just finished reading your story and can totally relate. I have had back pain since I was 15 for the most part it really didn't hold me back from doing things until about two years ago, I had a MRI and found i had a bulging disc. although over the past year it has gotten better I'm still in constant pain and I'm very limited in what I can do everything seems to make it hurt then I'm in pain for weeks. i am desperately searching for some thing to help so i can have a normal life. Crissy

Comment: i have been diagnosed with ddd. i am getting massages with muscle stimulator,ice it down and getting adjustments. with time its supposedly gonna get better. i am in my second week of treatment. Ed

Q: Fell one week ago. No bones broken but terrible pain in left buttock. Hurts to stand and walk. Dr. said to take Aleve which does nothing. Is there anyway to find out what is damaged and should I even be walking? Hurts also to sit. Thank you for any ideas. Pat

Q: I have had 4 operations on my back L5 S1 region.1st..crushed disc..little relief..2nd..Laminectomy and bone fusion..little relief..3rd infection..4th scar tissue and lamina removal..MRI showed these.I still have sciatic pain and acute muscle spasms.Can't walk far.Back stiffens up.Have to see my surgeon in 2 weeks.that will be 6 months after the operation.Am going through physical therapy once a week..what's going on? How can i get complete relief.The diagnosis was Degenerative disc disease with impingement on the sciatic nerve.If i can get through this pain,i am well on my way to walking and strengthening my hamstring and hip muscles..tell me what you think i should be doing or asking me doctor? Ron

Q: Hi my name is Trevor and I'm suffering severe low back pain for over 5 years.I am trying systemic enzymes (papain).Pain has moved over the last week,it has moved into both sides of the lower back.Last night was almost un-bearable and today pain has penetrated from the back to the front of the chest.Please give me your verdict.Last mri scan shows the disc bulging and possibly pressing on the spinal cord at L2 and L3.

Q: I get moderate back pain when I get up in the morning. This quickly wears off and I can function normally. The strange thing is that I only get the pain if I lie flat on one side or another. I can avoid the pain if I sleep propped up on pillows. Just wondered if this was common and you had any idea what the cause was. I had an X-ray years ago which showed I had a tilted spine. I certainly have to me careful or I would get back pain... bending over is a sure ways to do it. Keith

Q: My mother had performed Kyphoplasty operation in Germany on June 27th, 2008. I believe the operation was quite fine and the pain she had before operation due to pressure over the nerves had disappeared. She had complete collapsed vertebra due to osteoporosis (N8). The problem is she is having now upper back pain which doctor has advised is due to muscle stretched. He has stretched her back about 8 degrees to stabilize the spine. This muscle pain is getting severe sometimes and I need to know if it is normal? and how long it should last? She is doing now physiotherapy treatment and massage on back muscles. Thanks. Tarak


Q: I found your website about 5 months ago and read your e-book. I bought and read everything by Dr. Sarno several times. When I started the knowledge treatment the pain began to move around and I knew that my pain was caused by my unconscious rage. I have stayed with the program and last weekend I shingled my garage roof, 6 months ago this would have been impossible. Thanks for doing what you do, had I not read your site and book I would still be waiting for the next big attack. Patrick

Q: Having read Dr. Sarno's books and studied his video's: Where/how can I find a list of doctors -in Northern Bergen County, NJ ...or - in Southern Rockland County NY who wholeheartedly embrace Dr. Sarno's discovery/philosophy (TMS) and can support me in my recovery-efforts? Helena

Q: Well i am 12 years old and i do a lot of gymnastics. about 2 months ago i went to the doctor and i got an mri and a bone scan on my lower lumbar spine. they showed that i have a little bit of a stress fracture, i have a bit of a bulged disc, i have over grown bone on the left side, and i have very inflamed joints. i started going to physical therapy and did 8 sessions and then the doctor told me to just rest. so i have been doing that. But recently i have been feeling terrible shooting pain going down the back and side of my legs and my feet. i haven't gone back to the doctor does any one know what could help it or what it could be? Kate

Q: Hi, I'm curious about your back pain cure ebook. My problem is SI joint pain, I have had lower back pain, but not now, and disk degeneration is apparent in upper neck area causing limited range of motion. On your order page for the book, I don't see any mention of SI joint as a possible problem to be cured. Will you back pain cure book also cure my SI Joint pain?

PS, my worst problem is lacking motivation to stretch my body regularly, even though I have instructions very handy. I'm a dancer, not an exerciser so I keep thinking that my dancing is exercise enough. Thanks for you help. Thanks for your informative website. Another question,my preferred treatment has also been chiropractic for many years, but I like you idea of a cure instead of treatment. I swear the design of Chiropractic is to just keep you coming back for more - even though I have had great pain relief from them. Sorry for going on and on... All the best, Saryanavat

Q: Can you PLEASE give me lists of foods that i must have to eat to help me relieve my lower back pain..It is really painful, most specially when my menstrual flow is approaching..PLEASE help me relieve my lower back pain. What are the things or exercise that i must have to do. PLEASE make it in detail...PLEASE. I really need somebody to help me with my problem. THANK YOU. Rea

Q: I suffer from two herniated disc L-5 & S-1, I have had two spinal blocks approx, 2 years ago. I also have had numerous therapies, chiropractic treatments. nothing has worked I am in constant pain. Will spinal decompression work for patients with disc herniations..Thanks, Jaime

Q: Hi, I am at a lost..I have had lower back pain for several years now but, I experienced something totally different this time. I was in the bathtub, pulled my leg back to stand up and I heard a pop.I couldn't move, I was in severe pain. I tried to stand on my right leg and the pain was terrible. The pain become manageable but when I woke n the middle of the night I couldn't move. When I finally got myself out of bed I couldn't lower back felt like it was going to snap with any weight and again the pain was so intense it took me an hour and soaked in sweat to get to the bathroom. Any ideas I would appreciate. Thank You Sue

Q: I had spinal fusion 2 years ago after having back pain for 15 years. I was fine for the first year but gradually I have been experiencing severe leg and foot pain which would indicate that the next vertebra has collapsed. I am back in the consultant loop and am awaitng an mri scan which will not be accurate because of the metal in the spine. I am having to take ever increasing doses of pain killer which always make me feel sick. What to do ? Ann

Q: Could you tell me of a Knowledge Therapist in Australia if you have one preferable in the state of New South Wales. Thank-you again for your site it is a life saver. Prospero

Q: 2 weeks ago I had a compression fracture and the procedure of kyphoplyothy or vertoblothy (can't spell them) was done. I am still in pain in my upper back, still have trouble breathing and when I get into a certain position, it is excruciating painful. I was told by the Dr. that my pain would be over by the next day, and as I said that has been almost 2 weeks ago. I have to say the pain is better, but still debilitating at times. Does this mean the procedure did not work, or is it possible they did more damage while pounding on me. I was awake thru the procedure and it was extremely painful, felt like someone was driving stakes thru my back. I'm not sure what to do now or who to see since I am in the middle of changing family Drs. Thank You Margie

Q: Hi,I am having lower back pain for about a week now. The pain is concentrated near the right side of my lower back. It pains when I try to bend down. The pain is more in the morning when I ger off the bed after my sleep. There is a stiffness due to which I am not able to bend down. It pains when I try to bend down to collect some items from the floor. There is no pain on any of my legs. Can you please suggest some remedy to this pain. ~ Parijat

Q: My mom is 76 years old and per MRI she has multilevel lumbar facet arthosis L2-5 and herniated disc @ L4. Her symptoms were lower back pain with pain and weakness to left leg. No osteoporosis, no fractures. She started with spinal decompression over two weeks ago and seem to have slight improvement after 8 treatments. Prior to the 9th treatment she started having severe pain with tingling on both legs that interferes with walking and it has been relived by ultrasound and jadex therapy after a nasty episode but it recurs as soon as she tries to ambulate. The pain has gotten worse after the spinal decompression treatment with the DRX9000. She had her 10th treatment today and the episode of lower back pain and pain to lower extremities with tingling was worse today than yesterday. The employees at the spinal decompression center seem to be puzzled by this as well as the physician. I was just wandering if you have heard or seen of somehow experiencing something similar before they improve? We are seriously thinking of stopping this treatment as her condition seem to be getting worse. I appreciate any input you may be able to provide. Thank you. Lou

Q: Hi there, I have lower back problem and my MRI report states: MRI LUMBAR SPINE: Clinical History: Left sciatica Technique: The following sequences were performed - 1. Sagittal and axial T1 and T2. 2. Coronal T2. Findings: Desiccated disc at L5/S1 associated with end plate degeneration. Associated moderate-large sized posterior central -left central extrusion of the'disc. Moderate narrowing of the central spinal canal, but more significantly there is narrowing of both subarticular recesses especially on the left side, contributed to by mildly hypertrophied ligamentum flavum and facet hypertrophy. Narrowed recess here is a potential cause for left S 1 neural impingement, as the nerve root emerges from the dural sac. There is also moderately significant narrowing in the right recess at this level, which could be a potential cause for right S1 neural irritation or impingement also. There is relatively mild and diffuse posterior bulge of the disc at L4/S, without any significant central canal recess narrowing. Discs at L 1/2, L2/3, L3/4 are unremarkable. Foraminal narrowing at LS/S1 bilaterally is relatively mild and is due to minor upwards foraminal bulging of the disc with a minor bony contribution due to osteophyte formation. There are no signs however of foraminal neural impingement. Vertebral alignment is well preserved. No pars intra-articularis defect is seen. Minor extra-foraminal protrusion of the disc at L5/S1 on the left but this is without signs of significant extra-foraminal impingement on the exiting left L5 nerve root. Pattern of mild facet joint degeneration L4/5, L5/S1 bilaterally. No bone destruction. No paravertebral soft tissue mass. Conus termination appears normal. Bone island in L3. Sacroiliac joints normal. COMMENT: Moderate to large posterior central/left central disc extrusion L5/51. Moderate narrowing of the central canal and thecal sac but significant narrowing of the recesses especially on the left where there is likely to be impingement on the intradural and emerging parts of the descending left 51 nerve root. My doctor suggested surgery. Please help as I don't understand this medical jargon at all. Rohit

Q: I have for year had missing spaces in my vertebrae. This has caused me excruciating pain for years. When I was a child, I was thrown down stairs and hit my tail bone. I get some relief from a chiropractor, who I see weekly, but he says he can only give me relief, but no cure. I have also turned down surgery, needle treatment and pain pills. The pain is getting worse, making me periodically bed ridden, and occasionally, I have ribs that pop out. I keep looking for a doctor that can help, but they don't offer much hope. Can you suggest what I might look into and with whom. Thank you. Priscilla

Q: I slipped on an icy hill but stopped myself before falling. My back has been in swollen and in spasm on the left side for 5 months. I had x-rays and mri (lumbar and thoracic) which were unremarkable. I had pt (ultrasound,tens, and massage)with no result to my pain and mobility. I'm on a long list of meds that do not help the muscles or pain. Have you every heard of someone's muscles doing this for so long? I'm frustrated and angry. No one can tell me what's wrong with me but they (many doctors) all agree somethings wrong. What should i do? Dan

Q: Is there someone in the Bay Area who I can see for therapy. I have been trying to do it on my own but am not successful. Thank you. Pat

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