Back Pain Questions and Answers
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Comment: Hi Adam, I wanted to say thanks for your help dealing with my TMD. I knew it was not physical, but my oral surgeon had me so worried. IT has been 10 months now without pain and I owe it to you. You are the best! Tammy

Q: My 86 year old father has spinal stenosis. He met with a spine doctor who recommended major back surgery with steel rods. In the meantime he has had open-heart surgery to replace his aortic valve. The surgery was put off during this time. Now he is anxious to have surgery to lessen the pain he has. I have many concerns about anyone, but especially an 86 year old man undergoing such a major procedure. My brother saw a TV ad for a doctor who performs endoscopic foraminotomies. We met with him last week and he thinks Dad is a good candidate for this procedure. He operates out of a very small office but has a surgery center nearby. I'm just having a hard time getting statistics on this procedure and also wondering why it's not being used more widely if it is so successful. Any info you can provide would be most appreciated. Martha

Comment: I have had 3 back surgerys 2 were fusions and my pain most of it was gone, but for some reason it keeps going up the spine and now I am going to do the disc replacement. I now have pain down both legs and it numbs my left leg I hope this is the last one. The reason I keep doing the surgery is I do get alot of relieve from it. If the pain would have been there after any of my surgeries I would not have done the 2nd and the 3rd. Greg

Q: I had cervical discectomy done on October 3, 2008 in which all my pain was on the left arm and neck before the operation. After the surgery I ended with pain in the right arm and my vocal cords are paralyzed on the right side and the Dr. doesn't believe they are. I was sent to a throat specialist in the same facility that done the test on my vocal cords and he still doesn't want to here it or about the pain in my right arm. What should I do? Terry

Q: Hi there, in search of an answer to my back pain I came across your site and would like to ask your advise. I am a 33 year old female yoga teacher. I have always been physically active, obviously fit and flexible. My back pain started just under a year ago - I spent a fortune seeing osteopaths, cranial sacral therapists etc but nothing helped at all. At first it was just around the facet joint in the right side of my back and the muscle leading up from this was also very contracted and tight. Then all of a sudden about 5 months later the pain went away. 3 months after this time it suddenly came back after a period of being quite busy teaching and practicing myself. I have just received the results of my MRI which revealed no evidence of disc pathology but mild mult-level mid and lower lumbar facet joint hypertrophy - no frank central canal, lateral recess or foraminal root compression. This recent bout has gone on for almost 3 months now and it has severely affected my life. I cannot teach or practice as I used to and all of a sudden I feel like my life has taken a turn for the worse. I am very depressed. Do you think your book can help? I have tried exercise, rest, anti inflammatories, positive thinking - nothing works. I feel desperate. Naomi

Q: I have had back pain with sciatica 2 1/2 years ago. I had two epidural shots with therapy and it got better. It came back in Sept. and I thought I could fix it with therapy. It got worse. I have had two more epidural shots that did not work. It has been over three weeks since my last shot and I went to a neurosurgeon yesterday. He and the anesthesiologist both said that I have a fragment on lumber 5 disk. I left the office and it is now the next day and since I left the office I do not have sciatic pain. My lower back is still a sore. I have had the sciatic pain for over 2 months and now it isn't there. The doctor does want me to have surgery for the fragment. My question is, do I have the surgery? I have met my deductible on my insurance and would like to have it done by dec. 31 or it starts all over again as far as payments. I'm not trying to sound like money is more important than my health, but it does play a part. Do I have that Ischemic pain and why did the sciatic go away? thank you for any information you can give me. Beth

Q: Hello, In March 2007 I was involved in a car crash. I was stationary at traffic lights and a car ploughed into the back of me. At first we thought it was just whiplash (although the lower part of my back was very hot) but as the afternoon wore on, and after visiting A&E the pain started to ratchet up a gear. I thought I would get over it and my main concern was one of getting the car fixed and getting along with life. The pain increased slowly and with intensity and by the end of April 2007, I was in allot of pain. I was still working but just getting on with things. By July 2007, the pain was horrific, I went to my GP who was not much help so I asked for a private referral to BUPA which I paid for, by now getting up and down stairs at work was unbearable. He diagnosed sciatica but requested that I have an MRI scan done ASAP. The pain was ongoing and never let up and despite the letter from the consultant to the GP they did not act on it until I had to go and see them again through the pain. They put me on various drugs Arthrotec, diazepam, and Diclofenac all of which gave me side effects of diarrhea and nausea so they stopped them. In the meantime I was suffering bullying at work for colleagues and I overheard things such as "she is only putting it on for the sympathy vote" and the worst was being labeled the "office leper". In the end I left but this is now the subject of an Employment Tribunal hearing. I have paid privately again to see a Rheumatologist and I have now seen one on the NHS. Both have now ruled out sciatica, but both have said that I am in this for the long haul and that there will be no quick fix solutions to this. The MRI showed up that I have Lordosis and that there is some degeneration around the lumber discs. My pain is mainly centered over my right hip, it radiates into my bottom, pulsating all the time, into my groin down into my right leg to either side, into my knee, down through my calves and into the top of my foot. Sometimes I can't put my heel down because the pain is tremendous. No one will tell what is wrong with me, they keep saying stuff like Pain Management Clinics and discussing various pain relieving drugs and the classic that I hear all the time is "you are in this for the long haul" - what does this mean? I am looking at my diet at the moment as citrus fruits and juices tend to have an affect on my joints which I have noticed. Is anybody else like this? Is there anything that I can do to get myself well again? I am not giving up, no way, I am not giving in to this. I can' think of anything worse than having this for the rest of my life. Lorraine

Q: My back pain has been going on for almost a year. I have a herniated disc at L5-S1 and I have tried everything short of surgery. I am 33 years old and I don't want to live like this forever!! I have always been very active and now it seems like my life is on hold, running, family vacations, and having more children seem to be a thing of the past. Will this pain go away? Should I have surgery? I have done injections, PT, chiropractors, medrol dose pack, and rest. Nothing works! Like you said just spent money! What is the next step? Please help. Kim

Q: I suffer from neck pain. Please provide some suggestion. Muzammil

Q: Hello,I am writing to you because I'm so frustrated and depressed as a result of all that I've gone through over the last 3 weeks. I'm beginning to wonder if I will get better. 4 weeks ago, I was fine and in good health. I do suffer from OCD and anxiety but it's been in check until I started having all of these health issues. My problems all started 3 weeks ago when I ate some spicy food. I had burning in my chest and throat. I was told it was probably acid reflux and was given Prilosec. All of the symptoms went away on day 2 of taking Prilosec and I was OK until day 4. By then, I had this tight feeling around my neck and my jaw hurt. I went to an E.N.T. and he said I had a TMJ problem and prescribed 40mg of prednisone for 3 days.

Well, on day 2, the tightness went away, jaw pain went away but I started having serious pains from the back of my neck to my back where the spine is. I felt as if something was broken. On day 3, the pain was awful so I decided not to take the last of the prednisone. Fast forward to 2 days later and that problem went away BUT I started having a muffled feeling in my ear, neck muscle spasms, pressure in the back of my head as if I had a vice band around it and a dull ache in my jaw. The spasms were painful so I went back to the E.N.T. and he told me to see an oral surgeon (I do clench and grind my teeth) and prescribed me Flexeril. I also aw my GP who thought the spasms were a side effect of the prednisone. So, I had one day last week when I felt good... no spasms, little discomfort in the ear, and no head pressure. I went to the dentist for fillings the next day and my problems all came back right after. I saw an oral surgeon last week and he said I had very mild TMJ issues... my jaw is aligned properly and that he thinks it's a muscular problem.

Well, I won't be able to see my GP until next Wednesday and I have scheduled an appt for a neurologist at the end of Dec. I am really anxious right now. I'm a 30 yr old female and as I type this here are my problems: 1. discomfort from behind my left ear to my neck. It's not painful but I feel as though the muscle is tight. When I put my head up that feeling goes away. When I'm looking straight or down, I can feel it and I get that muffled feeling as though something is in the middle of my ear radiating down to the left side of my jaw. 2. I can turn my head from side to side without pain but I feel a bit of stiffness in the back of my neck. 3. Some discomfort on and off under my chin where the muscle is. The right side of my jaw feels a bit tender to the touch. 4. A slight popping/squeaky type of feeling in my right nostril when I drink something. My throat does NOT hurt when I swallow. 5. Some pressure in my eye that makes the lids feel a bit sleepy/heavy. My vision is not exactly blurred but it kind of feels like I have to wipe my eye. 6. On and off vibrating feeling in my body. It's a weird "motor" feeling in my chest which may be anxiety-related, don't know. 7. My shoulder blades ache. 8. I keep getting an on and off dull ache in my chest on the left side and on/off raw/sore feeling in throat that comes and goes and feels sensitive to air. 9. On and off dull pain in head near my temple. I don't have anymore spasms in my neck so the pressure/tension headache I was having has subsided. 9. Throughout the day, I feel the need to belch before I swallow. 10. Fatigue... I'm so exhausted and just want to stay in bed most of the time. I'm not taking Flexeril anymore so doubt that is the reason for the fatigue.

That's pretty much it. I do work on my computer and spend 8 hours or so sitting here. I've been working at my computer for 8 years. I have bad posture and have been under a lot of stress this past month. In the past 3 weeks I've had 2 EKG's that came back normal. I had a simple blood test done that came back normal. All doctors said they didn't feel any swollen lymph nodes in my neck. The E.N.T. did not do a scope of my throat but he said he doesn't think there is anything major going on with me. My GP felt the same but it's been 3 weeks now and I'm still going through all of the above. I'm super scared that I may have Head & Neck cancer, esophageal cancer, throat cancer, MS, or rheumatoid arthritis. When I asked the E.N.T and GP about this they both shrugged it off and told me "no" you do not have that but haven't done any x-rays or tests to rule them out. Does my symptoms sound like Fibromyalgia? I did one of those self-diagnostic test online and Fibro was listed as a possible condition I may have. PS. I did have a chest x-ray one year ago and all was normal along with a heart x-ray that came back normal. Also, I don't drink or smoke. Elise

Q: Hi, about a year ago i started having minor back pains and i thought it wasn't a big deal. The pains just started out of the blue, i didn't hurt myself or anything. A week goes by and the pain is unbearable. So i went to the hospital and they did a MRI and a Cat Scan. They found 3 bulging discs, about 3 mm in my lower back, but that's nothing I've come to find. Apparently everybody has bulging discs, its normal. So i went to the Dr. and he sent me to an Orthopedic. By that time i had a really bad kink in my neck, it feels like when you sleep on the wrong side, but worse. i would constantly feels chills of pain all through my body, everywhere. So the Orthopedic mentioned fibromyalgia and gave me lyrica. Surprisingly it went away, but my back pain was still there. So the orthopedic sent me to a pain dr. the pain dr. gave me cortisone shots and they didn't do anything. So now he sent me to a neurologist and i had a nerve conductive test, my nerves were fine. i can only stand up for about 10 min. before the pain really kicks in, so i lie down, but after lying down for a bit, the pain starts kicking in again. The pains are on the sides of my spine on my lower back, almost like right on top of my kidneys but its most likely on the muscles, i hope. I never sleep anymore. the pain is ALWAYS there, 24/7 it never goes away, not even for a second of relief. It surprises me how constant of a pain you can have. I have no life anymore. I cant do anything without the pains killing me. i cry everyday from the pain and because from having this much pain and finding out that NO ONE can find out whats wrong. Multiple dr. thought i was faking and just wanted pain meds. I do take pain meds, but i hate it. i like trying to stay as healthy as i can. If i don't take pain meds. im in way too extreme pain that i really feel like cutting a saw through me. Some people have said that maybe its mental and that its all in my head, but there is no way that could be. I am dying, begging, crying for help. But then i came across your site and i read your story and its almost just like mine i was so shocked. My name is Dustin and I am 21 yrs. old. If you could please respond i would deeply appreciate it. I just want to talk to someone that is going through or went through what I've been experiencing for the past year and find out some information. Thanks so much, Dustin

Q: Hi, i experience lower back pain + a strange numb feeling in my hips + thighs during my menstrual cycle. 2months ago at this time of month i bent down + got a sharp pain across the top of my buttocks + could not get up, this got better within two weeks with physiotherapy + prescription painkillers. Now every month my back feels week in this area + I'm afraid this will happen again, i have had abnormal cervical smear results + laser treatment on my cervix in the past, could this be related? Kerry

Q: My best friend pinched a nerve in her lower back at work. The workers comp doctors have tried prednisone & physical therapy but the pain only worsened. (MRI's & x-rays confirm pinched nerve) She met with a surgeon for the first time today to discuss her options & he wants to try epidural cortisone injections first. I'm, glad that surgery is being considered as a last resort however, I'm concerned about these injections. I know that cortisone is a natural substance that out body produces anyway, but from my research I find that they are rarely pure cortisone. They are a mixture of natural & synthetics. I have also read that studies show these injections can cause damage and it is not recommended to do more than 3 in a lifetime. She has a long time to live yet & would like to know what the long term effects are(negative & positive) before she goes through with it. I have heard that some of these synthetics never leave the body & can cause problems years down the road. Is there any truth to this and are there any other alternatives? Mary

Q: Hello. I'm very confused right now after reading a lot of your site information, and then after having seen my doctor for the umpteenth time today. I was diagnosed 15 months ago with - yep - Degenerative Disc Disease. I was told by the neurologist that I have neck discs that are bulging. and lower back discs that are bulging. I have arthritis on the inside of my spine against my intestines. (He thought that was unusual.) I was told that my spine looked like that of an old man who had done hard labor all his life. I'm 48 yrs old and female. He told me, bluntly, that I need to keep my back muscles strong to keep me from a wheel chair sooner than necessary. He was quite firm that I would be in a wheel chair in the next ten years. I also was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia this past March. I saw my doctor today because the left side of my neck is extremely painful which is keeping me from sleeping. The grinding, popping, and crunching of my neck is driving me crazy. I also have pain that runs down my left leg on a regular basis and makes my left foot numb. I'm in a vicious circle - I can't exercise because of the pain, yet I'm supposed to for strength! Am I REALLY destined for a wheel chair? Am I understanding your term for psychosomatic as being non-existent? Thanks for any encouragement you may send my way. This after I've been pretty depressed! Barb

Comment: Last year I slipped while walking down stairs, fortunately I only slid down two but the edge hit my lower back. I felt fine no injuries or pain. A month later I felt a tingling sensation in my legs, I thought it was coming from a running/walking routine I was doing five times weekly. I thought because of my age (51) I may be pushing it a bit so I cut back a day. Then I started having hip pain and knee pain. This was more frustrating than anything because I am a very active person and I was beginning pyscologically to limit myself for the fear of pain that I knew would follow. Then there was morning stiffness that followed it was horrible. I would have to hold on to the wall for balance and the pain was excruciating. It would stop after 10 minutes or so but I was concerned and continued to blame it on my active workouts. Finally, I went to the doctor and told him of the symptoms. He gave me a cortisone shot and he told me to lighten up on the running but this had become a part of my lifestyle, I loved the freedom and relaxation I felt afterward. It relaxed me and gave me time to meditate and spend time with praying and talking to God. The pain had started to take over physically and mentally. Mentally because I related doing anything physical to pain. Recently, I went back to my doctor and I told him that my hip, knees and lower back would continue to bother me, not constantly but at some point on a daily basis and I did not want to spend the rest of my life everyday in pain. He had a MRI done and found out I had a bulging disc C-4. He said he did not recommend shots or surgery but running and standing for long periods of time was not good. My job consist of two things, lifting boxes that sometimes weigh 50lbs and standing sometimes for five hours. I cried. Laura

Q: I had bariatric surgery on Sept 10 of this year and about 3 weeks ago, I started having back pain in one spot near the middle of my back and to the right side. It does not hurt sitting and is relieved by rest, but when I am active, or use my arms, it is very bothersome. My bariatric center says it could not be related, though. I need to know who to see and how to treat it. any suggestions??? Cathy

Q: You say the following on your site: "Just for the record, I am NOT here to get you to BUY ANYTHING." Why are you then charging $9.99 for your e-book "Cure Back Pain Forever"? Eirik

Q: Dr. states that due to Herniation of L5S1 and results from Diskagram the disk material is such that the dye runs through the disk and out as fast as inserted. Dr. states that Fusion is only option and that disk replacement is needed for L4. Why can't a disk replacement be done on L5. Dr. says that due to bone on bone in L5 a disk replacement is not doable. Surgery is slated for 24 Nov. 2008, I'm 47 yr male. any physical activity causes much pain. If you have time please advise, I'm very worried. Terry

Q: Hello, I have been experiencing neck/upper/mid back pain which , I think causes mod-severe diaphragm, lower chest and upper abdominal pain. I BELIEVE i have a pinched nerve along my spine somewhere from the mid back to neck area. How do I find out for sure? what test can be done? who do I go to? i keep waking up in the morning with my chest and abdomen cramping and feeling like its on fire and also my neck is so sore and back is too. I think I may have pinched this nerve a while back while working out, or sitting on my chair incorrectly or by a really bad whiplash of the neck one time. anyways, how do i go about finding out and confirming this is a pinched nerve? thank you, Bilal

Q: Hi,I got MRI done for my neck and the report says that there is straightening of cervical lordosis, and also that there is disc hydration and slight loss of disc space height at c5-6 and c6-7 and to a lesser extent c4-5. i just want to know 1. if there my neck can get back to normal position? 2. what is correct posture(appreciable if u can send an image)of the neck i need to maintain. 3. what are the neck positions that i need to avoid strictly? 4. and a few neck exercises that can help overcoming my neck pain? Priya

Q: Hi, this is Kim again. You had mentioned that my back injury could possibly had just set a sign off that this could be ischemic. Is that a sign of a stroke? Please explain to me what that is. The MRI had said it was (likely sacroiliac). Thank you for your time and opinion. Kim

Q: Hi Sensei Adam, I wanted to tell you how much we love the site and how it has helped us overcome 3 separate incidences of back pain in our extended family. We always tell everyone about your site! Keep it up and we will be reading... Thanks, The Humboldt family.

Q: I suffer back pain mainly on the middle/upper right side. I have had pain in the liver area under the right hand side of the front of the rib cage near the liver for the past 6 months. I have a very slight fatty liver and have had a heap of tests showing really nothing. My GP believes that it is most likely back pain related. My physio says I have very stiff back muscles like a 60 year old and I only just turned 40. My GP has again referred me to another specialists to be on the safe side, a liver one. I like to keep active, I exercise, I play golf and would love to be pain free and am sick of all these specialists who find nothing. Have you heard of such referred pain in the stomach organs and if so do you think it is my back and can I fix it. Regards Daniel

Q: Sensei, I am very interested in your view on my situation if you can help. I'm in my early 20's, had back pain since i was 12, along with osgood schlatter, that's another problem area. Ive been diagnosed with a central disk herniations, with annular tears deforming thecal sac @ C4-5,C5-6. I also have a straightened cervical lordosis due to very bad cervical stains/spasms. Last but not least I have DDD at L5-S1, with a herniation/protrusion abutting thecal sac with an annular tear. I have tried decompression,medication,pt,hydrotherapy and the ht/massage being the most effective for a short period of time. I don't sleep at night sometimes because of the pain I am in. Doctors have told me I have a back of a 60yr old, but no doctor has helped me. I was wondering what you would suggest, thanks. jon

Q: Hi I am so confused, I am scheduled for a discectomy Friday 21, I have a severe postrocentral herniation at L2-L3 ,A left bulge at L5-S1 that is effaced the dural sac, Since having PT and traction I feel like I have a huge knot in my back when I lean back against something, it feels like a rubberband and hurts around into my left side, I have talked to my surgeon and he says its coming fromL2-3 but does not want to another MRI, Can a herniation feel like a huge knot in your spine? I am so scared to have this surgery but cannot live this way , it hurts to even lean back while driving.. Anna

Q: I know very little about holistic healing. In Feb 2004 while conducting a tactical exercise, I slipped off a 4 foot high series of steps with my right foot carrying all my weight (170lbs) forward to the floor with my right foot landing under it. My left foot stayed at the top step behind me. Instant sharp pain tearing sensation in right buttock area lower back followed by immediate numbness from the buttock to my toes. I was driven to compete the task at hand for failure to complete the circuit exercise meant failure and failure meant job loss within 30 days. I failed the task by 1 second - reported the injury immediately but was disbelieved. Rather I was placed into a 30 day cycle of aggressive training which meant most times I was working out in tears and unable to run without numbness. Driving 1.5 hours to work 1 way meant numbness down the right leg to the toes as well after 15 to 20 minutes.

MRI done over a year later shows age related disc degeneration and issues in the right SI joint with scaring. "left side is unremarkable" First compensation doctor report was conducted 46 months after injury only to preclude me from seeking a second medical opinion since I am involved with a unimodality form of therapy (Massage) as ordered by appeals tribunal. Most recently CT Scan mirrors MRI. And I have seen a back specialist who reports that the modality of injury has seen a super stretch or tear with bleeding of the sciatic nerve (which is the 24/7 cause of my ice pack sensation right buttock)

He thought the release of pain through the nerve root tracing through the inside of my right leg to the instep right foot was Plantar Factitious. He has since ruled this out with a series of tests and X-rays. Insoles did nothing to correct this pain (actually costing me 600 dollars out of pocket) and its been discussed that any bodily damages are permanent, in addition to self healing adjustments may not have been correcting the injury to support my duties. Workers comp believes that I do not need to see a neurologist but rather talk to someone who believes that turning the tap on or listening to rushing water while sitting in a room with people talking about their chemical dependencies (illicit drugs known to myslef due to legal interactions) will lessen the chronic pain and help my body magically repair a torn nerve.

The statement that there is nothing wrong with me "that the totality of pain is in my head" has been used to limit costs in repairing me, however since the good lord has designed humans to sense pain as a feedback mode to cease activities until such time the source of the pain is identified and if possible corrected - these pains and sensations are, in may case, real (not phantom) and are attributable to specific injury. I have taken a series of drugs for pain management, however do not take them all the time due to a high pain threshold. Currently on RX'ed Lycria 75mg X2. My thoughts are that if medicated and conducting the duties as an MP if when I'm pushed to the limit, how will I know if there is pain involved if medicated. I know very little about holistic healing other than the fact that I've requested chiropractic care (denied), Massage (denied as stated above but awarded through appeal) acupuncture (failed) and physiotherapy (failed withing an hour of treatments)

What should I know about holistic therapy to assist treatments of the injury I incurred? I'm aware that whom ever I am sent to is limited in repairing 5 years of injury mismanagement and the tear in my nerves right side back. Currently on debt management program (some stress but manageable) so credit cards frozen lol (stops telemarketers from calling). What type of questions should I ask of this new cadre doctor I am being sent to? Any enlightenment you can spare is appreciated. Earl

Q: : i have a terrible back history. in December 1991, after an accident, i had a disc removed by surgery. the back was opened and all the muscles were cut. the recovery took 2 years. the pain was beyond words. i did not take drugs but i used TENS units and physiotherapy and acupuncture. i used 4 tens units at a time. 2 on the front of me and 2 on the back. one day, after 2+ years, i rolled out of bed onto the floor... and the pain was gone. just like that.

this last July...2008, i suddenly had terrible pain in my left thigh from the hip down to and including the knee. i could not walk. i couldn't stand and i couldn't sit. my family doctor gave me cortisone injections, but the pain didn't stop. he sent me for a CAT scan, and after that he sent me for an MRI. since july 2008, i am taking 50 milligrams of oxycontin every day. i cannot take less. if i take less it does not control the pain.

the photo imaging tests showed (terrible) "severe spinal stenosis" at 5 vertebrae, as well as scoliosis. my back surgery was scheduled for November 3, 2008, at the Montreal neurological hospital...the best in this country. the neurosurgeon was/is going to recontour the 5 lumbar vertebrae and make the holes that the nerves come out of, bigger. also one vertebra has cracked and slipped down over top of the one below it.

at the last minute i canceled the surgery on november 3. i said i was too scared and had to speak to the surgeon. then i began to search on the web and came across your site. i don't understand the actual reality of what you're saying. how do i change my thinking so that the vertebrae will change shape and allow the nerves to pass through with plenty of room. tell me please what do you mean? if you have discovered any kind of alternative solution to alleviating this pain, please tell me. my name is judith

Q: What is the average cost of decompression (like the DRX9000) treatment? Alfred

Q: I hurt my lower right back by pulling a bucket off of a table that was to heavy. For the last year I have had pain in my lower right back over my lower right cheek of my bum,around the front in the groin area including pain down my leg and on the bottom of my heel and up my right side of my back to the middle,and Lord knows other pain that I am forgetting to list, they (PT)say it is a muscle from the damaged area)that has to do with the so called muscle going up my back), along with a headache that is becoming more frequent actually almost all the time (I wonder if the headache is from all the medicine because it is like vertigo but my ears are fine. I say my leg is like a dead leg, it does not feel like I can trust it and It has given out on me twice and it hyperextends a great deal but if that doesn't top it now I am having lack of control of my bladder, but not all the time just occasionally, but I have no sensation that it is coming at all. Please help, the pain management doctors just keep giving me more pills instead of helping me heal and I truly do not know what is wrong with me. I have had an ablasion but it was not as successful as I was hoping. I don't truly know what is wrong. Please Help Kim

Q: I have read your whole website and it is a wonderful source for the unprepared! I have suffered with back pain for 14 years with little to no success as you state throughout your site. I finally reached my painful limit and sought out a neurosurgeon. One that specialized in replacement or artificial discs. I knew that mine were degenerative and after a car accident which fractured the spine had no choice but to have the surgery. I found one who is versed in these procedures in Daytona Beach. The surgery was a success and I was very happy with both the Dr. and the results. I felt better than I had felt in a few years and my future was certainly looking brighter. However, you are correct, the cage does need to come out, since the back is healed and creating some problems. I would like to reiterate, your mind is a very powerful tool to success and the healing. The better your preparation and attitude the better the results. Thanks for all your information. Back at work and loving life!!! Loren

Q: Hello my name is Steven, I'm only 19 years old but I've been suffering from back pain since a year ago. I was diagnosed with a herniated disc, and over the summer received epidural steroid injections which have had some success in relieving my back pain. However, the pain is always there and I can't seem to get rid of it. I've tried ice packs, heating pads, all different kinds of stretches, anti-inflammatory drugs such as Celebrex, massage therapy, the injections like I mentioned and still nothing seems to work. I also exercise daily to keep my body weight at a good level. The only time I actually get relief is when I lye down or go to sleep. What other methods would you recommend that I try... I'm sort of desperate and would really appreciate your feedback. Thank you for your time. Steven

Q: Want your book. Something shifted from the arthritis in my back with so much pain in right leg was in hosp. with a stroke. I'm really scared now. Doctors could not find any thing to be treated for and all the pain medicine did not take it away. I took SARNO's book to pain clinic not much response from them although they knew of him. Randa

Q: Hello Adam.......Hurt my low back about 2 months ago doing a "dumb" lift out in the yard ....I knew I should not have done this immediately after doing so ......About a half hour later I bent over to fold up a gazebo canopy and felt a sharp pain left lower back ....iced immediately and rested and woke up next day surprised I was not in worse shape.....Went to bathroom and got up from toilet and "blam" right hand low back...severe back /leg pain ....Had one similar incident back in the 80's when I was in my late 20's 55 now ....have had minor flare ups over the years but nothing like this one .....Taking a long time to heal up this time......I am walking lots and started physio...gentle stretching only ...seems to be helping...but again very slow...starting to freak out that it's not going to get better and of course the fear of re-injury if /when it does....Any feedback greatly appreciated ....Thank you, Bill

Q: I'm looking for a physiatrist in the Sacramento area, any help would be appreciated. Stephen

Q: i have read all of sarno's books, fred amir's book, schechter's materials, watched the videos, can i buy your book in some form that doesn't have to be read online? do you suggest any other books? thanks, cindy

Q: HI. I AM 21 YEARS OLD SUFFERING FROM LOWER BACK PAIN. My MRI report says 1.small broad based right paracentral disc bulge at L4-L5 causing minimal impression on central and right lateral canal. 2. small broad based disc bulge at L5-S1 causing minimal impression on thecal sac and inferior recess of exiting neural foramina bilaterally. PLEASE GIVE ME TIPS TO CURE IT COMPLETELY. irsah

Q: Dear Mr. Rostocki, I hope this email finds you well. I bought your book more than a year ago, and it completely cured me of the horrible back pain i had had for years. In the last weeks it has returned and I am trying to trace my steps and do the process again, but it seems more difficult this time. Is there another way to tackle the second time around? Does the subconscious know the second time around I am trying to get rid of thepain? Please help if you can. thank you again for everything. I have recommended your book to many many people. Andres

Q: you know any practitioners in the sacramento, CA area who work around the ideas of "knowledge therapy", or dr. sarno or dr. schechter's ideas? i live 30 miles north of sacramento. also close to chico, grassvalley/nevada city, davis, roseville. i'm looking for doctors, therapists, psychologists, whoever.....really desperate for relief from what seems to be sciatica, piriformus,etc. in right lower back/leg/foot. have had MRI. don't want surgery. MRI shows 2 bulging disks, other changes usual for my age of 62. thanks....cindy

Q: Had a hard fall at work my reg doc took x-rays and said I had a compression fracture of l5 and I needed to get a ct scan got a ct scan two days later and the ct scan didn't show a compression fracture. Why would x ray show it but not ct scan? The ct did show mild degenerative spurring of the endplates in the lower lumbar spine. Mike


Q: Hi, I live in New Zealand and I'm 47yrs old with with a great husband and two very beautiful, VERY active wee boys aged 1 and 3yrs, we live on a farm in a semi rural area. Mid July I started to get niggly, crampy type pains when I got up and when I tried to sit in the morning, over a few weeks they got worse till the pains shot down my right leg and sometimes my left, any forward leaning movement would nearly drop me to my knees in pain. The pain also radiated in my lower back and into the underneath buttock area and my hips sometimes felt like they were in a vice. Coughing or sneezing were like electric shocks. I also had tingling pins and needle like sensation in my left foot. I initially thought I had pulled a muscle or pinched a nerve and then thought I had sciatica pain. I eventually went to my doctor about two months ago and was referred to an Orthopedic surgeon who had further x-rays and an MRI done in September to confirm his suspicions. I went back to see him end of September and was devastated at the results. The MRI report interpretation is as follows...L4/5 spondylolisthesis 4mm erect that increases (6mm) on flexion with High grade severe central canal and bilateral recess stenosis isolated to L4/5 level due to grade 1 antherolisthesis from facet joint degeneration. Additional ligamentum flavum hypertrophy and probable synovial cyst immediately anterior to the left ligamentum flavum contributes to the stenosis. There is retrolisthesis at the L3/4 level; the L3/4 disc space also appears slightly degenerate. There is a partially sacralised right L5 transverse process that articulates with S1.

I have seen two spine surgeons and a both are recommending surgical treatment of the stenosis/spondy to prevent possible bowel/bladder and leg movement/strength loss plus a disc fusion decompression laminectomy with instrumentation and a cage and a pelvic bone graft and facet joint removal by traditional open back surgery. I DO NOT want to undergo an operation of the type my surgeon here suggests, and DO NOT want a rigid fusion. My husband and I are very active and have two extremely active wee boys and live on a farm in a very active lifestyle and to even consider this type of surgery plus a 6-12mth recovery with no guarantees is not an option I want to have to explore. My little boys are my love and my life and they took us a VERY, VERY long time (over 12yrs) to have, years of IVF/operations etc. I run, jump, swim, climb trees and sand hills with them and I do not want to lose that. I don't smoke, and drink only socially very occasionally. I do work hard and have done hard physical farm work for 25yrs so that may be a reason for my worn out back but I need it fixed not fused. As I mentioned above I am 47yrs young!, weigh 56kgs. I am on no medications other than minimal pain relief as required (panadol or the very occasional diclonfenac).

In the three weeks between specialist visits the cramping vice like pain and the full on sciatic type symptoms have 90% gone, gets a bit grabby first thing in the morning but can pretty much stretch out of that. I still however have the constant tingling in my left foot and had one 15-20min instance the other night with my right hand doing the same tingling but only that once. My lower lumbar back aches on a 7/10 scale when I have been busy running around and lifting/carrying my 14mth old baby or doing lots of walking/standing or driving. I have totally laid off all the hard physical type work since the severe stenosis diagnosis as like I said he scared me silly. I have been searching for surgical alternatives and found minimally invasive surgery overseas using implants rather than fusions but most recommendations come back that I need fusion as the alternatives wont be enough to successfully treat all my spinal problems.

I want to lead my same normal lifestyle for the next 60yrs !!, well perhaps slightly modified :-) Not be told at 47 that I can't do anything, not pick up my kids etc or I will suddenly be paralyzed if I don't have the surgery. I am REALLY confused and scared now and have no idea or what to believe..I can clearly see on the MRI films that the spinal canal is severely compressed, the cross section is almost nonexistent on the L4/5 level and with there also being a cyst that may be growing bigger plus the tingling in my foot.......I would REALLY greatly appreciate your opinion...Many, many thanks! Michelle

Q: Hi Adam, I wrote to you once before, before my TMS diagnosis from Dr. Schubiner in Michigan. You were very helpful in gaining some early insight. This was back in late 07- early 08. Overview: July 07- started having sciatica symptoms in L buttock, hip and thigh. With numbness in both pinkie toes and lateral heels. Of course freaked out that this was MS, lupus or a laundry list of other neurological nasties. When the traditional route. Pain clinic ( epidural steroid injections), PT, rehab Dr., 3 opinions from neurosurgeons. All had different ideas as to the cause of radiculopathy. ie: herniated disc ( see MRI report), leaking disc (IDD), piriformis issues, and that my anxiety magnified the symptoms. Was offered a spinal fusion... I ran. Learned about TMS, read all Dr. Sarno's books. When through Dr. Schubiner's program in March of 08. This was the first and only time symptoms started to lessen. But I have never been able to fully eradicate them. Symptoms started at a time when I loss a close friend to cervical cancer and my best friend was diagnosed with lung cancer. I was the caregiver for both. ( should mention i am a nurse, blessing and a curse). Also adult son was having financial difficulties. Had lost my 40 year old husband to massive MI in 01, but in 07 his mother was questioning his death. thought there was foul play, and blamed me. She has never dealt with her grief. We no longer talk. Fast forward to this past summer 08. i had to have surgery on my big toes for arthritis. Had to take a medical leave from work for 12 weeks. Symptoms improved greatly. Not real happy in my job right now. When healing of toes allowed, went to Punta Cana for a little vacation prior to having to return to work. No symptoms at all there. Felt great. ! week before returning to work, had a flair of sciatica in left hip and buttock. Thought to myself, hope this doesn't go back into the toes. Sure enough it did. Not to the extent of original pain back in 07. Tried to keep thinking psychological, not physical. This I believe has kept it to a minimum. Dr. Schubiner is convinced this a classical case of TMS. And that I need to get rid of the fear in order to get 100% improvement. I agree, but here in lies the problem. Getting rid of the fear. Not going back to the physical. As a nurse I find this most difficult. Any suggestions on how to rid one of the fear. And the nocebo effect that the previous diagnosis's have left me with? I want my life back. I journal, write, talk to my brain. Try and think of whats bothering me rather than physical when symptoms occur. It's hard to stay that path. part of my doubt arises from the fact when others speak of TMS symptoms, they seem to focus on pain. Sure I have some. But the numbness is what sends me into panic. Should also mention I have been in therapy. And have been diagnosed with PTSD and GAD. Also I see you book of sale on your site. But looks as if it's only in e book form. Is there still a hard copy of this? I would love to have that. So i can read wherever I may be. And not sure if my computer skills and computer itself will lend to a download of this sort. My MRI report is as follows:L1-L2 L3-L4, L4-L5 all pretty benign..mild bil facet arthropathy, mild foraminal narrowing. L5-S1 broad based disc bulge with slightly more focal central disk protrusion. The ventral epidural fat has been effaced. Mild flattening of the thecal sac anteriorly. Overall there does not appear to be central canal compromise. Also noted by Dr.s who read actual MRI pictures, the nerves are not touched by the protrusion. This is why they "think" it may be a leaking disc (IDD).

So my questions are this: 1. What do you make of the MRI and the symptomology? ( I know your not a Dr. But I'm sure your extensive research has taught you much re; these issues.) 2. How do i get rid of the fear. Need some fresh ideas on this. As this seems to be whats holding me back. 3. Your book, still available in hard cover? 4. Is a year and a few months to long to consider this a TMS issue? How can I get over this wall I've come too? 5. Is numbness a common TMS feature? Have you heard of others with my symptomology that have been cured of their TMS?

I love your site, nice job. And look forward to hearing some fresh input on my situation. I hope and pray you are the turning point for me. I am getting exhausted trying so hard to fight the sciatica the fear and my on going health anxiety. I hope you find it in your heart and have the time to help me, I'm running out of options. And i don't want to end up back in mainstream medicine, as they were not helping, rather guessing. And what they had to offer was not what i wanted. Thank you so much for listening, Patty

Q: Hi Sir, For last 4 months there is pain in muscles of neck on both side.Diagnosis say no spondilytis. when this pain started it was very severe but now it has subsided but every second day have to take pain killer. Exercise reduces pain but have not cured it totally.This also gives a total body ache and does not feel like exercising without medicine. please help, Pradeep

Q: Hi I am a 33 year old lady who has just been diagnosed with a minor compression wedge fracture of T7/8 vertebrae. I have a 5 month old baby to look after and am at the end of my tether. I have suffered the pain of this injury for 3 months now and went for an MRI scan about 6 weeks ago. Today I have been for a dexa scan which will confirm if I have osteoporosis or not. The reason for this email is that I have had no treatment for my injury since I did it, I have tried osteopaths, physio, acupuncture and I do seem to be getting better but am still in alot of pain. It is difficult as I have a baby to care for and I am increasingly worried about the damage I may continue to do to my back whilst looking after my baby. Please can you give any advice to the kind of treatment I can expect to get, how long a wedge fracture takes to heal....will it heal?? I am very fit and active and wondered if I should continue to exercise or will this make the problem worse. Please help...a desperate mother. Kara

Q: Hello Sensei, I have had constant lower back pain after sitting for a extended period of time (2 hours +) for about 10 years. Mostly, long distance driving begins to get to me more than anything. Since I've began getting involved with Triathlon, duathlons, and half marathon's in the past couple of years, I've noticed that every injury I "self diagnose" (ITBS Band injury, pulled groin, pains in the ankle & bottom of the foot) always have a footnote that possibly relates to lower back problems. I'm beginning to wonder if this all ties together to an over shadowing issue? Has any of your finding shown these symptoms tie to lower back problems and if so, is a Sports Medicine Doctor the best route or a family practitioner? Thanks, Jason

Q: Hi Sensei, I have a story and a question, I will try to keep this brief. I am 20 years old and for the last 7 seven years I have battled with constant pain. I had an injury on the soccer field and had to be carried off on a stretcher. All the scans and tests were done and nothing serious was found. I had pysio and after a while it was much better. A year after this the pain began, it is constantly there. I am unable to sit or stand for too long and yet I am able to play indoor netball, yes it is sore but no worse than normal. I have had many tests from MRI scans to x-rays, I have seen doctors, specialists and tried many prescription drugs for pain. I get more disheartened, as each time I am told that there is nothing wrong that anyone can see and then I end up being palmed off. I am at the end of my wick and I just want the pain to stop. I have started having issues with other parts of my body like my shoulders pop out of their sockets every now and then also my knees are no good so I have to wear braces. I pretty much cant fund anymore treatment and I am wondering if you could give me some direction or answers? Will your book work for me? Do you know where I can get help? Thanking you in advance. Dan

Q: Hi there,I have central disc protrusion & annular tear at L5/s1. for the last 8 years. for the last one week i have pain inside the penis (mild pain) constantly. No swelling, no redness. I wonder if it is a pinched nerve affect. Please help. Ps. no numbness around. kind regards, rao

Q: Hi, i have been to my GP yesterday about a problem with my arms. Every time mainly in the night when I'm sleeping. Half of my arms loose all the strength..i cant even move them. its like there gone to sleep...they become heavy and i cant control it. Its like there is no blood circulation happening. It happens every time my arms are bent or folded. the only way i can regain contentiousness to my arms is when they are straight. Even that is a struggle because i have to move my whole body to make them straight.The Doctor said it may be a side effect from doing weight lifting. He said that my back is leaning towards chest or something, which is pulling the nerves in the arms He said that my back should be more straight. (my posture should be chest up & back down) I do, do weight lifting but i don't work on only one part of my body. I do a full upper body work out 3 times a week..Biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest, back, abs.. So i don't really know what the problem is. I do my research before i do any kind of repetitions..I always keep good posture when I'm doing the lifting. I'm 19 years of age living a very active life. I know I'm not hunched back or anything but i do slouch around sometimes. The doctor said to get a personal trainer's advise and also showed me some new back exercises. So any suggestions on what could be the problem for my arms to loose there strength when there bent for about 2 minutes. Thank you. A.B

Q: I am experiencing stabbing pain in my right side back above the hip. Please advise Marcelino

Q: Hi, I am writing because I am a relatively healthy 46 year old single mother with 2 disabled children ages 5 and 6. I suffered a back injury in 1987 which resulted in several surgeries from 1987-1991. I have a fusion at L4-5, S1 and had hardware instrumentation removed in what I thought would be my last surgery in 1991. I had my two children and many years with little to no pain but last year was rear-ended in a car accident resulting in C5-6 problems. Since then, I have had lower back problems and neck problems. The pain can be severe and crippling to dull and manageable but it never quite goes away. Two weeks ago, I took my children to a party at a bookstore where I sat on the floor with them to watch a movie. I could not get up afterwards and lost strength, sensation and movement of my left leg. I had excruciating pain in my tailbone and could not sit at all. My neck is sore and stiff, my midback is painful and my lower back and left side has diminished strength plus pain and numbness. If I try to sit for more than a few minutes, I also get pain in my right groin area. I went for an MRI but it was mistakenly ordered by my PCP without contrast. Even so, it shows that I have DDD and narrowing of the foraminal openings. I also have some mild disc bulging above the bone fusion sites. The other shock to me, was that some metal was detected embedded in the left side bone fusion at L4,5 S1. I was under the impression that all the hardware was removed in 1991! I am thankful it did not move during the MRI!My concerns are that I need to get at least 30 more good years out of my spine AND I have my two children to think about. I am being sent to an ortho doctor on Tuesday and I want to be sure that I am prepared to make some good decisions regarding my overall spine health. I am a bit concerned about the possibility of further surgery and I am also unsure of the medical doctors I will be trusting my spine with. Any suggestions or direction will be appreciated. I had great doctors in Chicago, but I have not had the best care in Tucson, Arizona over the past 6 years with myself or my disabled children. I have the habit of thinking that I am Wonder Woman. I have been very fortunate with my spine over the years post-op... I eat well, exercise regularly, am active and positive. I do not take meds unless absolutely necessary and have always prided myself in a more holistic approach combined with minimal medical interventions when necessary. Thank you for your site and your time. I am hopeful that some of your information might lead me towards a plan to keep my spine health in check for the next 30-40 years or so! Sincerely, Skye

Q: I had a severe head on car crash (70mph+) 2 years ago and injured my back and neck. I still have sciatica in my right leg and have had a MRI scan of my lower back. I also have a tingling sensation in my pinky and ring fingers. The surgeon said that one of the discs in my lower back has completely gone and one of the vertebra is rubbing the nerve. He is suggesting an operation to correct the problem but i would love to know if there are any other options you could suggest.Many thanks, John

Q: I am a very healthy 55 year old. Exercise five to six times a week including weight training. In the past year, I have experienced pain in my left buttock, outer left thigh, and the outer part of my lower left let. I do not have back pain. This pain occurs ALWAYS when I ride in a car (or drive a car) for 30 minutes or more. Sometimes it occurs when I sit in chairs for extended periods. I have read about sciatica, but I simply do not have back pain. What do you think? Pamela

Q: Hi! I'm 19, and I've been having back pain for quite a few years now. I work as a waitress at a local restaurant, and I think that may play some part in the role of the pain. I have looked through many articles and websites, and I'm just not sure what to think. I have upper back and shoulder pain - sometimes I don't have any pain for a while, but other times it's constant for sometimes a week or two. Many times it starts in the upper part of my back, mostly the left side, and then continues up through the shoulders. The left shoulder is the focal point of the worst pain, and sometimes it sort of shoots back and forth between the two shoulders. In addition, a few times, I have felt a tingling sensation in my back. I don't know whether that's considered acute, chronic, or some other type of pain. I also read about fibromyalgia, but that talks about pain in numerous places. One other thing that I feel may be a possible factor is my breasts. I'm about 5'4" weighing 135 and I wear a D cup. I've tried heating wraps and heating pads, and the pain goes away while the heat is there. However, once I take the heat away I can feel the pain right away. What do you think would be the best thing I can do for myself? Tanya

Q: I'm healing from a bout of salmonella poisoning, and I am experiencing severe back pain and muscle spasms during the night. Could this be an inflammatory response to the recent infection? How would you treat it? I'm taking 10mg Flexaril, but I don't get through the whole night - it wears off in 5 hours or so. Ice? I hope this will go away. I don't typically have any back pain. Thanks for listening. Hope you respond. Linda

Q: Hi Sensei, It's me, John again. Just wanted to say thanks for adding your new section on spinal cord injury. This condition affects my family and I was happy to see such good info on your site. keep up the great work, we all appreciate it! John

Q: Help, I have a broken coccyx and this occurred 6 months ago and all orthopedic surgeons I have seen tell me there is nothing to do but get massages, physio or shots to kill the pain. DO you know of anyone in Montreal that can assist me through massage to get my pain in balance the bone has since fused 7cm to the right and hurts when I get up and sit down. Thanks, Marc

Q: I hurt my back 10 years ago. It took several years to have the pain get to the point where I sought help. In the last 2 years I have had Neurolysis injections 5 times. They help a little, but it is temporary. I get about 3-4 months of relief. Recently I started having sciatic nerve pain in my right buttocks and a little numbness in my leg. The pain in my right buttock is severe. I just started Physical Therapy this week, and I am encouraged. Oh, yeah, I am about 28 pounds overweight and am 54 years old. I started walking at night and with that and eating well and PT, do you think I can avoid surgery in the future? Thanks for your time. Tim

Q: Dear Cure Back Pain, I am 16 years old and a very competitive softball player. This is the most critical time of my career in terms of college recruiting. I have several universities interested in me for my softball abilities. I am 5'10' and 165 lbs. and very strong. I just had a n MRI that says I have a slight herniation between L4-5. I am very upset as I am now sitting out some very important tournaments and camps for my college aspiration. I have never been injured before and i do not know how I did this. I have read your site and I am in desperate need for help and quickly. Will I be able to play again soon? What can i do for immediate resolve? Please help as I am very upset and too young for this to happen. The pain is mostly when I bend forward. I do not have shooting pain or numbness of any kind. Thank you for your help. Sophia

Q: Hi, I had L4/L5 fusion L3 laminectomy in oct 2003. I went back to work until Mar 2006 when I had a two level C5-6-C7 fusion. With new MRI tests I am being told I need full cervical laminoplasty and L1-L2 fusion with some T level laminectomy work. What do you think about the laser procedures? Isn't it better to try this first or something besides the fusion/laminoplasty? Any advice will help. My symptoms are full spine pain with sitting /standing, looking upward, my legs get weak with a little walking 8-10 minutes is about all I can tolerate. Thank you, Dave

Q: I understand the concept of ischemia and I believe that is true. But what about numbness and loss of motor function? My symptoms occurred before I had an MRI showing a large and complex herniation and extrusion of the lumbar spine. I'm afraid that if I don't get surgery I will lose function of my right leg. The neurosurgeon says without any doubt that compression on the nerve is causing my symptoms. Your input appreciated. Bart

Q: At 51, I've have been diagnosed with Spondylosis and have ongoing discomfort. But I have a symptom that I'd like to confirm is part of this or is it something different. This symptom has happened about four times, the first time when I was in my mid thirties. It feels like something is bursting in my upper back and I can feel it travel. Really painful, stabbing burning-like pain. I get nauseous and break into a sweat. Today's event lasted about 8-10 minutes, the longest so far. Any comments on what this might be? Thanks very much for your feedback. Linda

Q: I have been suffering form SCIATICA for the past 1 year. In the initial days the pain was very serious and the doctor advised me for 2 weeks bed rest. and now i am recovering by doing physiotherapy daily. But the pain at the buttock still persists at times. What i really want to know is there is any permanent solution to this. I have gone through many websites and found many sort of treatment. but am not sure which one to use. Could you advice me on this and also since i daily bath with cold water, is this also not advisable to do? Shivaraj

Q: Hello, Is it possible that my pain is truly gone for good? I read your book and several by Dr. Sarno and have been feeling so much better. I really can't believe it to tell the truth. The process just seems too simple to actually be a real solution. Despite my good results, I can't help but think that my pain will return. What should I do? Grae

Q: Dear Sensei,Thank you for an abundance of information about back pain on I am very interested in your book. Unfortunately, PayPal still does not accept payments from my country (Serbia). Is there any other way of payment that you are accepting (like Arigatou gozaimasu, Strahinja

Q: 7 days ago, after lifting weights( it's not heavy lifting. just lots of reps) I was leaving and missed a step on the stairs. My back has been sore ever since and the bad part is I can't exercise. I try every morning to pick up the barbell, but I drop it after one try. How long will this last? Michael

Q: I'm 26 years old and I'm suffering of herniated disc over my neck (C2/C3 & C4/C5). I've tried physiotherapy treatment over the last 2 months but the pain is still there. The dr has told me to consider surgery as the last resort. What shall I do now? I'm currently feeling demotivated and lost of hope in life. Dilla

Q: Hello, I fell down a set of stairs in the dark. I burst fractured my L1. This was October of 07. I wore a brace for several months. I can walk etc. but I am still in so much pain in my lower back. I can sit, walk, and stand for a short period of time before I have to move. The burst fracture has healed but it has been compressed and my spine has gone into scoliosis. My doctor believes I should not be in pain and doesn't know what is causing it. I have had physio for 10 months. Presently, if I am in a low sitting positions or squatting I cannot get my right leg working as it should and someone has to pull me up or I climb up on something. I can see a bony thing from my L1 and it looks like it is pressing against my spinal cord. It appears that it is still attached to the L1. Any ideas of what I can do besides take pain pills? Thanks - Marny

Q: Hi I am a 43 old female , I am scheduled to have a lumbar discectomy on November 21, I have been talking to people and talked to one person who had this done over 12 years agp, he is now in a wheel chair and his feet are just shriveling up, now I am really scared, what are the chances of this happening or does this have a name? Carmela

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