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Q: my brother has broken his lower back in spain in a car accident, he cannot move it is broken in two places, it was xrayed out there, he is in severe pain, he lives their and the hospital have sent him home and told him to stay in bed for 3 weeks, he has to use a bed pan. It is right do you think or should we fly him back to the uk to get proper treatment? Suzanne

Q: My back pain has been increasing so I went for another MRI. This time they found a 7mm cyst along the medial aspect of the left L4-5 facet which is new since my prior MRI on 5/30/07. There is also a mulitseptated synovial type cyst which appears to project inferiorly off the right L4-5 facet which has increased in size from the last MRI as well Is 7MM big for a cyst? I would love to finally be out of pain in my left side all the way down to my toes and lower back. Do you think that removal of these cysts might do that? I also have grade 1 anterolisthese of L4 upon L5. Desiccation & mild degenerative narrowing of the L4-5 and L5-S1 intervertebral discs. At L5-S1 there is degenerative facet & ligamentum flavum hypertrophy associated with a mild broad-based annular bulge. I know that I have severe pain going down the left leg & into my toes and it's getting worse! Sometimes I don't feel my Dr. believes me but I know it's there. Can you please explain to me if it's from the cysts or from the other finding in the MRI? Basically I guess I'm asking, what the heck it all means! Michelle

Q: I have been injected with nerve blockers in my back at chronic pain clinic for about 8 months now (weekly)I have noticed a pain in my left part of my stomach that started at about the same time It seems the pain increases for day or so after injection then gets less pain . Is this from the nerve blockers or something else is wrong in my stomach? as I have not read anything about nerve blockers having this effect. Ray

Q: My cousin has horrible back pain. Can you please help us find a doctor in the Miami, FL area that she may call upon for help? I was reading about the accu-spina, that may be her interest. Irina

Q: Hi I suffered from severe back most of my life and had been to medical drs. chiropractors. acupuncture etc. I am 57 now and my last episode with back pain was 3 years ago. The pain was so bad i had to crawl to the bathroom. The xrays showed bone rubbing on bone not much hope. I went home depressed because I am a musician and love to play not only that how would i support my family with such a condition. I just got worse. I thought maybe somebody has an answer on line and I came across your book. I read it within an hour and said I will try it. During my worse pain I decided I had a lot of work to do at home and went about it saying I will either do the work or become a cripple.To my surprise the harder I worked the better I felt within a few days thew pain disappeared it has not come back since. The dreaded fear was gone. I later applied this principle to other conditions I had and they got better.I only the doctors could understand the relationship between mind and body. Well they mean well but do not have a clue. From your program I have found the teachings of Abraham and things just get better and better. Thanks, Bill

Q: I was diagnosed with spinal arthritis, I have a crushed disc in the small of my back. I have had this problem for over fifteen years. The pain that I get is my right shoulder blade, it stop me from doing a lot things that I like to do. Is with a part of my spinal problem? Cheryl

Q: i had a rhizotomy done on my lower back in last oct. after i had it done i couldn't walk on my right leg for almost 3 months without crutches and a cane. i can walk better now but my right leg hurts from my thigh down to my ankle. i have tingling and burning and like someone is zapping me in my leg. the skin is sensitive to touch and it numb in the knee area. the dr that was treating me is no longer doing pain management. can you tell me if there is anything i can do for this. i have had several injections since then and tried several nerve medicines and pain meds and nothing helps. i am getting desperate. thanks, linda

Q: Dear Sir, I'm a gynecologist by profession and have been suffering from chronic neck pain for the past two years. Its more of a muscle pain which is generally not present at rest and gets aggravated while i do laparoscopic surgery or open surgery. Looks like my career is at stake because of this pain. Of late i can't operate for more than twenty minutes. Kindly advice. Thanking you, Dr. Damodar.

Q: I am 24 yrs old. I feel a lower back pain when bending forward. Through the day there is very slight pain. The pain does not aggravate too. The presence of the pain is basically known while bending forward only. It is continuing for nearly 3 weeks. Please help. I regularly work out at a gym. I do not take very heavy weights. Sayan

Q: I have severe sciatic nerve pain in my lower back, butt, and all the way down my legs. This started in the middle of my pregnancy with my first child in January 2006. The pain never went away afterwards. I had my second child June of 2008. The entire time I saw a chiropractor. I finally saw my family doctor and he ordered an MRI righ away. The results showed narrowing of the spine, degenerative disc, and a bulge of that disc. He referred me to a pain clinic to see an anesthesiologist. I received three lumbar steroid injections with no pain relieve, but they actually worsened my condition. He then did a diagnostic Lumbar Facet injection. This was so excruciatingly painful I can not follow up with the next 2 procedures ending in a denervation. I don't think he even did the right nerves at the bottom. I am 24 years old and using a cane. I don't know what to do. I am in a out of the E.R. to get shot that don't even touch the pain I am in. I want to see a different doctor, but I don't know which kind to see. I feel so lost. Please help! Sarah

Q: Hi, I was wondering if you had any feedback/experience on the "Back to Life" machine? I just found out my L5-S1 disc pain is actually my SI joint, not my back. I'm not thinking the "Back to Life" machine would help me, what is your opinion? Thanks, Blaze

Q: About a year ago I went to my regular doctor. I told him that I had a numb area on my back. He said everyone has a numb area. A year later my back still has numbness and also tingling! I went to the chiropractor-he took an xray which showed nothing. I have been to physical therapy and no luck there either. The crawling sensation is more noticeable when I sit. This has really stressed me out!!! What should I do? There's no pain--just numb and crawling! Have you ever heard of this before? I am 49 years old. Thanks for your time and help! I am willing to buy your book if it will help but what can I do right now? Gina

Q: Suffering badly. Only 18. Diagnosed with Facet Arthritis. Pain in neck and back. Chronic since Jan 30th 2009. May be psychological since i live in a destructive family. Dunno yet. But nothing worked so far. Would like to read your book. Can i perhaps buy it in the bookstore?? I'M ALREADY SUFFERING. Thanks. Priyanka

Q: hi, i have been suffering with mid and lower back pain since last august. My back actually went on me at work last october and i was off work for 2 weeks. i have had trouble ever since, but since beginning of january it has got worse. i have the pain in the early hours and when i go to get out of bed i am in agony, it takes about 1-2 hours to loosen up. i am still working at the moment but i am not in the best of jobs. i am a room attendant which is a very physical job. i am not sure whether to give up my job or not. My doctor has told me that my job has probably caused my injury. i am having physio at the moment but my pain has got worse, there is no improvement at all. I going to see a chiropractor next week to see if he can help. i am at a loss, i feel very down. i am constantly on iron tablets. i just want to feel normal again! any suggestions? regards sue

Q: After 12 manipulations by a chiropractor for a problem in my upper leg, my coccyx became out of place and caused sitting to be a real problem - and even lying on my back and moving around walking and standing was uncomfortable. My chiro has given about 12 treatments since I complained and is trying to fix the problem, but I can see no difference. I also feel pressure on my bladder and colon which I had not noticed before. Should I continue on with the treatments (the Dr. is sure it will be back to normal eventually). I am really ready to try something else, but don't know what my best options are. Patricia

Q: you gave me some really good advice some time ago when i had injured my coccyx, at the time i had thought it was just bruised, but as the pain didnt get any better i went back to hospital and was told i had fractured it, my doctor told me only rest and pain relief would help and sure enough it did start to get better, although very slowly. This was about 5/6 weeks ago, then on Wednesday evening i fell down my stairs at home, i only fell about 5 steps, but did so on my coccyx again, i now have yet another large bruise and the pain is excruciating, although i do have strong pain relief, i now have very bad pain in my left hip and have a sharp pain going down my left leg, its almost impossible to get comfy or relieve the pain, i have not been back to the doctors as i think he will just say the same as last time, pain relief and rest! but is there any reason why i now have pain in my hip and this sharp pain going down my left leg, i hope you can help as its driving me insane i can barely do anything that involves sitting, kneeling or bending. Apart from getting myself locked in a padded room what else can i do and what could be causing the additional pain i am now experiencing. Many thanks, Michaela

Q: I have been diagnosed with Spinal Stenosis and it has caused be annoying pain on a daily basis. Is there a pain medication that can temporarily help my situation. I will probably need surgery soon also because the pain is sometimes unbearable. Hector

COMMENT: Hi, would just like to say that I have found your website very encouraging. My boyfriend suffers from terrible back pain...and to say that it is getting him down is an understatement. I am going to advice him to look at your website. Thanks, michelle

Q: My wife had spinal fusion with a screw or rod inserted in June of 2008. about two weeks later she continued with more pain and another mri was ordered by her surgeon and it revealed a broken screw. How possible is this to happen since the rod is titanium or very strong metal. The surgeon initially blamed my wife for having done too much activity(walking too much)but I do not agree. The surgeon put her on a brace for 6 to 8 months and told us that a 60% chance that it would heal itself. It is now April of 2009, we have another appointment soon. What are my options? What should the surgeon do next? Is another surgery necessary? The surgeon said at our last appointment that he would not do another surgery, that "we had ruined his surgery." Please respond and give me some advise. Thanks, Ben.

Q: Is there anyway to reply or contact the other people on the interactive forum? David

Q: Hey, glad I found your site. I really could use your advice. I'm 38 and started experiencing lumbar pain about 10 years ago. I always thought it was those poorly designed seats in my Jeep -- no lumbar support! I would always get lumbar pain when I drove a few hours. Well, I eventually sold the Jeep, bought a Nissan and things were better...for a bit. I started to notice that I would develop lumbar pain when I would stand for even short periods of time. I've seen the chiropracter and an orthopedic. I was told I had slight disc degeneration in the lumbar area. I went to PT and got a little relief. The exercise where you lie on your stomach and push yourself up like a seal helped. Last year as the pain worsened, I was referred to a Podiatrist who determined my right leg was 1/8" shorter than my left. So, now I get the soles of my shoe lengthened. That brought relief, but the pain is now back. Standing on hard surfaces (concrete) gives me lumbar pain. Piano benches give me lumbar pain. Mowing the lawn gives me the pain. I can bend and walk and do everything else, no problem. It's just these hard surfaces. The pain is getting worse and my endurance is getting shorter. Sometimes it feels like it's muscle pain and not just spine related. I think hamstring stretches help, but I need to find something to fix the problem -- supplements, decompression, more PT? I don't know where to start. I'm hoping the degeneration can be reversed. Can you help? Chris

Q: about 6 weeks ago i was wearing a backpack leaf blower and since then i went to the ER they x-rayed and found a herniated disk middle of back. i have pain in middle of my back, under right arm. then it skips to my wrist and into my left (two fingers it mostly just tingles and feels numbish ) I'm waiting on my MRI results, i go back to doc may 19 I'm almost sure theirs nerve damage. i was taking steroids and I'm out of them now, still taking 3 or 4 lorecets a day just to stop pain I don't have ins. is their somewhere in the US if i have to be operated on i can get help Thanks, Darrell

Q: i have back pain from last five months, i got mri done but doctors say everything is normal, but i have pain i stand for 15 minutes. should i go for physiotherapy? Mantosh

Q: Your site found me at just the right time! My neurosurgeon diagnosed me with severe facet joint disease and two torn and leaking discs at L5-S1. He is suggesting fusion as the epidurals I've gotten over the past 10 years have never worked. I am also a life-time athlete (or was) and a 2-time champion bodybuilder. I currently work on a ranch, caring for 2 horses and training my own. I work 7 days a week in a very remote area. I want this surgery and your site gave me the truth about what I can and cannot do afterwards. Unlike my surgeon who said the only thing I couldn't do was haul hay bales and ride for three months. The care you took to put this informative, wonderful site together obviously comes from your heart. I, too, love to pay it forward, and your site is that for me. I will spend as much time here as possible, and I am happy that you have recovered - I hope your cervical problems get resolved as well. God bless you, Stephanie

Q: My doctor is telling me i need to get my nerves burned in my back and then after i have that procedure done he is telling me to wear a back brace.I don't know why i need to wear a back brace after getting that procedure done or how different i am going to feel. He didn't tell me anything about the aftermath of the procedure or how i am supposed to take care of myself. I don't want to get the procedure done if i don't know anything about how to take care of myself afterwards or why i need to get measured for a back brace so i can wear it after the procedure for how long??? Patricia

Q: I have had seared discs in my neck for 20years but this has not caused me too much pain. The past two years I have had acute pain in the side of the right side of my neck and shoulder, at the base of my skull it feels as if there is a lump but if I massage it it goes away but the pain will then move to the top of my shoulder. I also have slightly blurred vision with this and feel as if I am going to fall or faint . When I try and exercise or massage my neck there is a grizzely sound . I have tried to explain this to my doctor but he just puts it down to the discs in my neck which I know it is not . Any info you can give me will be appreciated. Linda

Q: I have had a micro lumbar discectomy L5 S1 end of 2008. Over the last 16 weeks I have closely followed the advise of the surgeon and Physiotherapist. I am feeling much better and much more active but still not 100%. I am keen to return to Jujitsu. In your experience is this possible and what is the normal waiting time to return to such a physical contact sport? Regards, Tony

Q: I underwent a surgical operation on my herniated disc at L4-L5 in 2005. I got well. Now the operation is relapsed and am suffering from this same herniation and the pain is radiating to my right buttocks and leg. I am in pain now. Could you please let me know what cure I can do for ever to this herniation and pain and come back to well being. I highly appreciate your reply to my email if possible please. All the best to you, M

Q: Hi, I am in the UK and have read many pages on your website with interest. I am female and have had back problems on and off since my late teens although they had little effect on my day to day life - I worked on a farm, along with 5 men and undertook the same jobs as they did as I was strong then, In the winter months we did flower picking (Daffodils) and crop planting for 8 hours a day 5 days a week. In the summer months I worked as a chambermaid in the local hotel. I had odd treatments by the physio therapists on the NHS but they always gave me up as a loss - my symptoms was back pain on bending forwards, although I was told that I have a fantastic range of movement in my spine which I think is hypoflexibilty - i could bend right back on then forwards and put the palms of my hands flat on the ground with straight legs!

I have always been on the heavy side but always looked a lighter than I am and in 2004 I achieved a goal of losing 5 and half stone to 12 stone uk size 14. This I kept up with lots of fun exercise like cycling and swimming in the sea etc. I then had a repair for a rectocele in July 2004 and after recovering from that I found that when I went off for a walk I was experiencing bad back pain for the first 30- 45 mins of the walk until I felt the joint had 'oiled up'. In the summer of 2005 I noticed that on walking the big toe on my left leg became numb, so thinking it was my shoes I bought better ones but it made no difference, then in Feb 2006 I traveled in the car for a long while to see a friend and that evening whilst walking to the local chip shop, my left leg became completely numb - so much so that it looked like I was drunk and I needed my husband arm for support. On my return I was sent to see a consultant who told me that I needed a laminectomy as it would eventually result in incontinence. I had the operation in April 2008 and recovered relatively well until mid June when I got up one Saturday morning and found that I could not stand up straight - my bottom was always sticking out. This not only gave me more pain but limited me severely in the distance I can walk. I am now trying to lose enough weight to have fusion surgery by another Neuro surgeon that will straighten my spine. I am due to see him on 22nd April (next week). I feel in myself that if I can stand up straight I can handle the pain but I feel as though I need to lean forward on something all the time, I am standing and sometimes sitting in an upright position is uncomfortable. I am interested in your book, and wonder if this available in the UK. I hope you find my story of some interest. Kind regards, Jo

Q: I am suffering from disk degenerative disease. I am in alot of pain and over the years it has gotten worse. I am also getting it on my neck . How in the world did you get rid of your pain. Do we not have to have surgery? I would love to live life without pain please help, esmeralda

Q: Hi Sensei, Severe back pain.I'm 33yrs old fit male and I'm now considering a back replace 2 desiccated disks. I've had X-rays , nuclear and MRI done on me and everything turned out normal except: 1>LUMBAR SPINE WITH STRESS VIEWS:Prominent Schmorl node formation of the inferior vertebral endplates of L3,L4 & L5.?? 2>MRI:Some disc desiccation at L4/L5 & L5/S1 levels and broad based disc bulging at the lower 3 intervertebral disc levels does not result in significant sequelae.?? There are hyperostotic degenerative changes of the L5/S1 articular facet joints.There is a small para-articular cyst adjacent to the right L4/L5 articular facet joint with lesser degenerative changes at this level. Lower lumbar disc desiccation. Also: Why don't the back (disks) heal itself like other parts of the body? Thanks Raymond

Q: I am Karthikeyan (Catty) from Chennai, India. I am a Professional Speaker, Sales Professional who is in sales for last 23 years. I am very Passionate dancer also. Recently, after a long tour I came back home and I had a severe back pain which made me immobile for 10 minutes with giddiness. i lied straight on plain floor and crawled to reach my hand phone and called my colleague, he reached there and took me to near by hospital I was given a pain killer injection and there after Xray, diagnosis etc. doctor said it is lumbar spondylosis. I avoided Pain killers and went for Heat fermentation and Gel application. For next 15 days I was moving with Belt and Hand stick , but was working. I also took a Ayurvedic medicine. Then i happen to see the Yogic Video cassette of doing small 10 minutes stretched of Four Postures. Now, I am also teaching others these stretches. I suggest these stretches on should do even before the pain attacks. This incident also taught me a lesson in life. Wishing you all a Peaceful and Painless life! regards, Catty

Comment: Dear Sensei, I would like to express my thanks for the book you have send me. Its been about 2 weeks, I started reading your book and I can feel some difference already. I think still there is lot to go, but at least I started noticing some relief. I am reading about 10 pages daily and so far I read book twice. Also for you info, when I went to India for vacation last Feb, I even tried Homeopathy medicine. I didn't feel any relief either. After I came back in March I purchased you book and started reading. After reading your book, I felt I m having NOCEBO effect. I started long breathing exercise and writing down all the emotional things I faced so far in my life as you mentioned in the book. Even though I didn't face any physical or sexual abuse in my life so far, I'm an angry person and with a lot of fear (mainly on health and finance). When I first had my back pain, the fear started increasing more and as fear increased, the back pain increased too.But now after reading your book, I started not to be afraid of fear/back pain and started sharing my thoughts with other people (family/colleagues/friends etc) and expressing my feelings. (previously I am kind of reserved and not used talk to people much before).Finally, let me know if you recommend anything more out of your experience or if you want to share any other true stories. You can also share my story with others anonymously. Please don't use my email or name.Thanks you very much for creating this wonderful website and book. Any kind of reply this email will feel me happy. - P

Q: My dad is having severe pain in the back and he couldn't sit even for 5 secs but he feels better if he keeps standing.....Doctor told him that he is having problem in L5 due to oxygen deprivation and asked to take rest for 15 days....Is there any diet or exercise for speeding recovery? Jaileen

Q: Hi,I used to do squats but with no problems. After leaving them for a month or so i experienced a sudden stretch in my lower back and since then i have severe lower back pain. It increases if i bend down. Now i can not even cough without pain. Please let me know what can i do? regards, Vivek

Q: Do you know of patients who had the Charite Disk Surgery, from DePuy-form of Johnson and Johnson, who are suffering with Autonomic Neuropathy after the surgery? Kristy

Q: I feel helpless. I have been suffering from lower back, hip, and upper leg pain for more than 8 months now. I am also now starting to suffer from middle and upper back, neck, and arm pain as well. I have been to an orthopedist, several physical therapists, a spine pain and sports medicine specialist, a couple of acupuncturists, a couple of massage therapists, and a chiropractor (among others), but so far my situation has not improved. After two MRIs, two sets of X-rays, and numerous tests and many, many appointments, I do not know what else to do. Please, help me. I am not the same person anymore. All I desire is to get rid of this daily pain. Sincerely, Roberto

Q: i am 21 year old girl. since 4 months i have been having pain in my lower back. it has started radiating to the hips and right leg. there is some disc bulge in L3-L4 diagnosed through an MRI scan. i have trouble bending. the pain is getting severe day after day. and whenever i bend i feel some nerve is being pressed upon in the spine. please help me. the doctor is suggesting epidural injection in the back. shall i go for it? please tell me what can i do to get a permanent cure? Pooja


Q: Hi, I stumbled upon your site in the middle of the morning because I cannot sleep due to neck and back pain. I am a 48 year old overweight female. I had an MRI several years ago and was told I have bulging disc in my back. My history is that I have been in several minor car accidents in which I was rear ended. So, I have arthritis in my back, neck and shoulders which has not been a problem for me until I had a hysterectomy 4 weeks ago. Now I'm having severe pain in my neck that radiates down my back and shoulder on the right side. Is this something common after surgery or maybe a result of the epidural? I am desperate for some sleep and will be awaiting your answer!!!!! Dee

Comment: Just wanted to thank you. My husband was in a motorcycle accident yesterday. I am so worried, I'm walking round like a zombie. He has shattered 2 vertebrae amongst other things. Your website has given me some very good info and I now know what to ask the doctors. Thank you again, Polly

Q: Dear Sir, My father-in-law aged about 55years is facing severe back pain and joint pain. He is hefty and tall. Pls advice me how to bring down the pain and steps to avoid back pain and joint pain. Sometimes he cries out of pain. Kindly suggest. Awaiting your kind reply, Thanks and regards, Girish

Q: What did you actually do to help you get rid of pain? I have pain in my lower back and i just got 18.Iv been visiting doctors, massages, and even witches.Pain is still there, and doctors say its all fine but i still cant get rid of it.I really need something to help me because my life has just begun and im restricted in my actions.i want to be free again! Looking forward to your answer, Lauri

Q: I have had upper and middle back pain for 8 months now. I had mri ex rays which say mild arthritis costovertebral joints inferiorly schmorls nodes at t8 to t11 I ordered the reports myself . said this wasn't causing pain. I have been to two mds one chiropractor. I now have severe muscle spasms when standing . I can no longer sit for more then ten minutes at a time. My question is what kind of doctor is going to tell me what is wrong with my back? please help. Darla

Q: I had an MRI finally after years of constant back pain. In 2000 when I first started having problems, I had xrays and now, every 6 mos or so my back/hip/leg goes out on me, and I spend a week unable to walk. this has been 9 yrs off and on. my back stays hurting, only at different levels, from hurt (4/10 to 10/10) never completely goes away. Anyway, I received my MRI report and can't understand it all. Can you help? Also, could this have been the problem all this time? I had an MRI without contrast and picked up my reading today. Since I am NOT savvy about anything spinal, please help me decipher the results: Note: I DO know what degenerative disc disease is and I know the location of the disc L5-S1 but am clueless about most of the rest.

Study type: MRI of the lumbar spine without contrast. 1. There is mild levoscoliotic curvature with normal alignment 2. The L4-5 Level demonstrates mild degenerative disc disease with disc desiccation and mild narrowing. There is a mild central disc bulge and early bilateral facet arthropathy. There is no central canal or foraminal stenosis. 3. The L5-S1 level demonstrates mild degenerative disease with desiccation and narrowing. There is a small broad based left paracentral disc protrusion which partially fills the left lateral recess and touches the left S1 nerve root within the canal. There is mild bilateral facet arthropathy with mild left foraminal stenosis. Velma

Q: Dear Sensei Adam Rostocki, My name is Matt and I'm 25 years old, about 3 years ago I woke up with excruciating pain in my lower back, shooting down my right leg. I did eventually go to physical therapist and eventually healed about a month later. Now my back pain decided to start up again, my worries are that I've been wanting to become a career firefighter, because it's my passion; the worst thing to hear is "I don't think you'll be able to do firefighting with your back being the way it is." This is coming from friends and family. It is depressing for me, but I keep telling them the same thing, "no matter what I'll be a firefighter." When my back really starts to act up, I ask myself, "am I really going to be able to do this?" Anyway, to make the long story short, what is your advice for me? Sincerely, Matt

Q: I was in a car wreck in 06. I was told I had a sprained back and neck. I went to physical therapy for a few months, got the shock thing to my back. Then ins wouldn't pay for anymore. In Jan of 09 I went to the dr because my lower back was hurting, they gave me shots in my back and some prednisone and muscle relaxers. I ended up falling down a flight of stairs on my rear end the next day which made the pain worse. Last week I went back to the dr because my back was hurting SOOOO bad. They have ordered a MRI and today my back is the worse it's been. My left lower back hurts so bad and is making my left foot numb, my right side is hurting also but now when I breathe my left side hurts, it's a dull pain. I can only bend over from my waist about an inch before my hole back starts to hurt. They said I may have a herniated disc. Does this sound like a herniated disc? Dana

Q: Hello. I have had back pain in my lower right hand side of my back with radiating pain into my right hip. This has been going for at least a month now and has actually got worse. I cant even lie on my right side or on my back as it is too sore. I have to lie on the left and even now this is sore. I have even been getting shooting pain into my hip today. Is is Sciatic? Thank you, Helynn

Q: Dear, I am writing to you in my mothers name. She has spinal injury after epidural anesthesia. please if you have some time, send me an e mail, I would like to send you diagnosis and explanation translated in English. it is very complicated for me to write it in English because I am from Serbia. Thank you in advance. Best regards, Maja

Q: some years ago, I fell over my neck ever since I have annoying pain on my neck I do exercises to alleviate my pain sometimes It does help but, Mostly When I stand up 5 - 6 hours it pains. pls tell me what you suggest to me to overcome this problem. Turedi

Q: How did you cure yourself ? I have started a regimen of swimming and special diet and have early signs of success. Did you exercise? Andrew

Q: hi sensei, my lower left side of my back is giving me pain when i have been sitting in a chair and t stand the i can hardly straighten i and when i do i walk like a skew duck. or when i am lying in bed and i want to stand up i have to first lie in my side then put my legs off the bed and lift myself with my arm can you help me? Danny

Q: Have you heard of the Antalgic-Trak decompression system? I looked at the Vax-D and DRX9000 and they look very similar to each other, but not like the Antalgic-Trak. I am starting treatment with the Antalgic-Trak today and was wondering if you had heard anything about it or had any feedback? Thank you, Kris

Q: I have had back pain for a couple of years now. I was told that I had a strained my back while I was conducting combative training when I first started feeling the pain. I had a difficult time walking running sleeping, etc with it and none of the doctors knew what to think of it they basically gave me pain killer and had me go to Physical Therapy for a month and put my on a profile to keep me from having to do PT. Now almost three years later the pain is back and now I am experiencing new symptoms with the old. My pain is located about the mid of my back to the right side of my spine, I have a difficult time bending to either side front and most of all back. It hurts the most when I bend backwards and when I go forward I sometimes get a sharp shooting pain that comes around on to my ribs or so it feels but I can not tell you which rib just a local area. I am experiencing right leg pain and head aches often with neck pain. Do you have any suggestions for me? Sabrina

Q: what are the effects of cold on muscle spasm??? Rita

Q: I have had 2 spinal fusions [L4-L5,L5-S1] in two surgeries, by two different surgeons, at two different hospital, in a period of 18 months. I want to know what my disability rating should be [ballpark]? My nurse case manager said between 25 to 30 percent. I think it should be alot more than that. I have been thru alot, physically and mentally. Can you give me some insight on this situation? Thanks for the help. Bobby

Q: Hi Sensei, Just a simple and sincere thanks for all you do! Joan

Q: Thanks for your this web site where we are writing to you some of our back pain problems. And hope will get a good advise from you. Pls see below my Story:I am also a patient of Back pain, only 28 years. Last 10 years i am suffering with this backache. Several times i have taken doctors advise. They have given me lots of Test like as Blood, Urine, Ultrasonogram, X-ray even very recently i have done MRI of dorso-lamber spine area. But not yet found any type of positive things at all. That's why, they given me some painkiller. After take those medicine my pain certainly remove but not permanently. My actual problem is my low back pain in spinal cord area. Some times this pain start from lumber area to dorsal 6/7. But this pain is running non stop. Whole day i feel back pain.Sometimes this pain is going too much high. That time i am not able to do any kind of work even sitting, laying, walking & standing. Recently with this back pain has add one of my leg pain. This is my right leg. After knee this pain has come down. Some times it is very difficult for me to move my leg or band knee. Specially while i want to stand-up from sitting position.At this moment actually what i need to do? Would you pls advise to solve my problem. Because i am suffering too much now. Hope you have realized my exact problem. If you need any more information to give me a better solution then pls ask me as soon as possible. Thanks in advance for your nice co-operation. Best Regards, Mohammad

Q: I have had the most outrageous thoracic pain for two years which began shortly after a very severe fall and a big change in my lifestyle as well. During this I also had a severely herniated disc but put off the surgery until the nerve pain in my leg was so extreme I could no longer manage. I had lumbar surgery ten years ago and had it again in December. That part is great though I did end up with some apparent permanent nerve damage in the left leg. But the thoracic pain is so intense it is often debilitating. I have tried everything there is and only learned in PT that my spine is rotated and that they feel it is myofascial pain. PT does nothing but hurt, I am aware of the psychological component. I walk at least two miles daily but am going nuts with this pain! ANY thoughts? Just lying here on the couch and it is aching and burning and now includes my right shoulder....Thanks for any thoughts. I am 54 and need to get my life going again... Constance

Q: I am 3months postpartum. Pelvic pain started early in pregnancy and has continued, radiating down my right leg to my foot to the extent I limp most of the time. I had a controlled induction and and difficult 12 hour labor. I am concerned that physio helps but only for few hours. My pelvic, lumbar and sciatic region are very painful during treatment on both sides but heightened on the right but I am desperate for cure. Should I be asking for medical input at this stage for ? further diagnosis or hold off. thanks in advance, Ashley

Q: Sensei Adam: I feel fortunate to have found your site and to be able to perform my own research, but I am somewhat overwhelmed now and would appreciate some guidance.I have had lower back pain for years, but have always been able to manage it and live with it as it would come and go...but a couple months ago something happened (I can't pinpoint what exactly) and I have had constant pain since. It seems to only affect me when I am sitting for extended periods or sleeping - I have been able to exercise and bicycle without pain.

I went to a local spine clinic for an MRI and the results are somewhat mind-boggling: L1-L2 annular tear, L2-L3 annular bulge, L3-L4 annular bulge, right paracentral disc protrusion and foraminal stenosis, L4-L5 annular bulge and foraminal stenosis, L5-S1 disc desiccation and severe disc space narrowing plus severe foraminal stenosis...WHEW!!! They recommended an epidural to relieve the pain (at $590) but nothing else. I then had my doctor look at the MRI results and he suggested consulting with a neurosurgeon for possible surgery, which I would prefer to avoid at all costs.I am sorry for this long winded account, but I figured the more info you have the better and I am now pleading with you to help me - I have a paper review and a CD copy of my MRI if you could at all possible find the time to look it over. Thank you, Jim

Q: Dear Sir, I appreciate your psychology of pain. I too suffering from muscle weakness (to what Doctor called RSI ) since last two years and stress aggravates the situation. I am computer professional and sitting on PC for two hours has become difficult. Almost unbearable pain starts if I sit forcefully. I work well if I sit on neck rested chair and I do not feel any pain in neck. Is it possible that I will get cured completely and what should be my treatment line. My MRI shows one disc herniation six month back but I do not have any radiating pain to arms. I tried lot of exercises for strengthening neck muscles but all in vain. Please advice. Thanks in advance. Sachin

Q: Hi...firstly can i start by saying THANK YOU for such an informative...totally eye opening insight into the world of back injuries..and the real reasons behind them!! Your extensive knowledge on this at times...most complex and misunderstood of the medical complaints is MIND BLOWING!! Just minutes on your site and one does not want to stop reading... and exploring deeper into the world of back complaints...particularly as i am too a sufferer....and long to be set free from the pain and suffering!!I would love to share my story with you....although i will warn you is somewhat long winded and not easy to fathom out....even i struggle immensely with it and its my story!! I would however like to firstly ask a quick question which i am hoping you will have an answer none of my so-called doctors and consultants ever seem to have the time to answer...and its really BUGGING ME!! Are you able to tell me what the difference is between exhibiting neurological muscle weakness in the lower limbs....particularly my left that of just normal muscle weakness in the lower limbs....again more evident in left side?? I have been told by one doctor that he feels my symptoms and signs are that of just normal muscle weakness....yet by another doctor have been told he deems my signs and symptoms after being examined to be of a neurological cause....thus leaving me i have no idea what the difference is and how this shows through the exam they carry can they tell either way?? I would be so truly grateful if you could help would mean alot. I will also like too like i say forward my story on to you as i would love to hear your opinion!! Thanks again...i really am in AWE of what you have achieved in your life and with this site....CONGRATULATIONS!! Kindest regards, A very confused very fed up and very slightly nutty mum!! Jaimie

Comment: Hi Sensei Adam, I am writing to tell you that it took me 2 months to fully beat my chronic back pain, using your book. While this seems like a long time and I was ready to give up several times, it was worth it. I was in pain for almost 20 years, so I guess it took some time to fully end the suffering. I did enjoy a progressively better feeling day by day, which gave me the confidence to stick to it. I am recommending your site and book to all and just want to thank you for all your work and good intentions towards fellow patients, such as myself. Blessings, Teddy

Q: Hello and wow, what an amazing site you have! Full or resources and information!!! Thank you for this, you are helping so many with your dedication and info! Back pain! I have a bit of neck and lumbar/sacral, sciatic pain off and on. But my boyfriend is getting chronic lumbar pain. He has no dr, no insurance. Maybe this is a good thing. I sort of do healing touch with him a little, he doesn't believe in it, and it hasn';t done much to help the pain. He is seeing a chiro and paying out the nose for it and it is not helping yet either.

I have been reading for the last 3 yrs about how our fears and thoughts create our dis-ease. I am thinking that is what his deal is (mine and everyone else's too). He would never buy that tho. I am thinking that is what your e-book is about. I am planning on buying it, but I better not get some kind of scam out of it later! (Just had that happen to me w/online purchase). You seem honest and true tho! Abraham-Hicks and Louise Hay talk about this heal yourself attitude towards pain and problems, disease, etc. Are you familiar with them? How did you find the secret to the cure? Any help with this from you--- I would so greatly appreciate, since I would love to permanently git rid of my pain and his!!!! Thank you so much and God Bless you!!! Marcy

Q: i was in a motorbike crash. a guy done a uturn never saw me and we collided i was doing 45kph. i slide up my petrol tank my hips get caught on the handle bars and i smack off the side of his car and roll off he drives for a couple of feet and i end up under his car. i was knocked out for a good bit of time not sure how long. spent two weeks in hospital. had CT scan MRI and xrays. lots of bruising and was told i had globalised severe soft tissue injuries. since then i was told i might have a uretal stricture. i was also treated for trigger finger and had cortisone injections. i am taking 2 kapake 4 times a day, 2 100ml zydol sr and tramadol 2x2 per day. i'm still in lots of pain even on the high dose of pain killers and get little sleep im sure i have insomnia since the accident. anyway i'm wondering if anyone has had an MRI and the results were wrong. before the crash i was very active jogging 2/3 times a week, martial arts and also working as a chef. my life has almost stopped because of this. the pain in my lower back is worse and alot of pain still so long after.the pain reaches down to my toes from my butt. also between my shoulder area of my back is painful burning. i am now out of work and obviously not jogging. maybe something might show up on an MRI that they missed. i have copies of my mri,ct and xrays. Warren


Q: Since having a catheterization, I have had a pain in my buttocks, radiating down my leg. A sonogram was done at groin and ankle to check blood flow and showed that it was ok. The pain is worst when laying down or sitting for long periods. After I get up and walk awhile, it subsides. I do not having swelling of the leg and the leg temperature seems normal. Tom

Q: Hello, My name is Renata and I am 27 years old. I read your story. I have left side lower back pain for about 6 months now.I've been at 4 different doctors and nobody is able to help me. Now I ave scheduled MRI. I do not know what to do and were to look for help. This pain makes my life miserable. Can you tell me what helped you? How did You cure yourself?? I will appreciate your answer. Renata

Q: I was diagnosed with a herniated disc in my neck on 1/27/09 and to this date it's still not better. I do therapy 3 times a week and the pain is still there. I've been off of work since 1/27/09, and I can't seem to get better, the pain is sometimes unbearable. I've been through a lot in the part year in a half. My Father was murdered September 30, 2007 by his girlfriend of more than 17 years and she shot him several times, ending his life with two bullets to the head while he was down. To this date we are still going back and forth to court and the trail has bot began. My relationship with my Father was the best that any child could ask for, this lost has taken a big bite out of my life, my children and siblings, it's still painful. I tried going back to work after his death, and found that I was not sleeping and eating. I will sleep at the most 3 to 4 hours a week, because I cannot accept what's going on. So on October 30, 2007 I went to see my doctor, and was diagnosed with depression anxiety, lack of sleep, so I was off for three months. I then went back to work on February 25, 2008, because my job felt like I should be fine. I worked but was not able to give it my all. I started forgetting my stops when I was driving, causing me to be late, and stressing even more, I could not perform my job duties to the best that I knew how, but I still kept going because I needed to work, and I still had to continued court for my father. This year on January 13, 2009 my first cousins husband killed her and turn around and killed himself, and every since them my neck has been in pain, I'm unable to take this pain. Can you please tell me if stress has something to do with this herniated disc? I just want to get my life back together. Thanks! Annette

Q: Hello, I wonder if you could give me some advice, Last Friday i feel down some concrete steps while out shopping, My doctor has told me that i have a hematoma which covers almost half of my bum and lower back, its a massive black bruise and that i may have bruised my Coccyx and probably pulled a muscle, I have had my medication increased as the pain is so bad, i cant sit for long or drive, How long is this likely to go on for, As i cant sleep and movement is very limited, I an worried about work as i do have to drive all over the country, is there anything i can do to speed up my recovery, Please i hope you can help. Thank you, Jaknite

Q: Hello again Sensei,Thank you for your time, my mri I had before the plasma disc decompression surgery read as follows: At L5-S1, there is a right paracentral focal disc protrusion. This abuts but does not definitely displace or compress the right S1 nerve root sheath. The thecal sac is unaffected by this process. Impression: Focal degenerative changes at L5-S1 with a right paracentral disc protrusion. This abuts but does not obviously displace or distort the right S1 nerve root sheath. This is the mri report from Feb.2006, I did have another just before surgery in 2007 but the report is in my doctors records. I am 31 years old and have been out of work for 5 days waiting on steroid injection to reduce inflammation which my pain management doctor says is the main problem causing bad stabbing pain in low back and numbness in left leg. What do you think would best relieve my symptoms without a more radical surgery. Thank You Michael

Q: my husband has lower right side back pain and it goes to his testicle and if he does his daily work there is no pain but as soon as he starts to sit to long the pain comes back in his lower right side. can you please give us a idea of what is going on and no he says the pain is starting to go to the left side also. any help. thanks. Clyde

Q: Dear sensei Adam Rostocki, My name is Michael and have been dealing with low back pain and numbness in my left leg. Seven years ago I tried to lift a large steel roll down door, dropped to my knees and have been dealing with pain ever sense. I had a mri in 2006 that showed a focal protrusion in my L5 S1, went through pain management and had a plasma disc decompression surgery done in may 2008. The surgery took away a bad spasm I was getting down my leg but left a stabbing pain in my low back which is now accompanied by major numbness in my left leg. I just had a new mri with contrast and it reads as follows:L-5 S-1:There is a moderate disc desiccation and disc height loss with a diffuse disc bulge and posterior annular tear resulting in mild central canal stenosis but no significant neural foraminal stenosis. The facets are normal. Impression: L-5 S-1 degenerative disc disease with relatively mild stenosis. I am worried about the pin and needle sensation in my left leg and am tired of covering the stab in my low back with pain killers, muscle relaxers, and sleeping med wile still having pain and trying to work full time. Thank you for this website and any advice you can give. Michael

Q: I started experiencing lower back pain about 1.5 years ago. I was fully active and exercising at the time for couple of years. The pain I feel is a dull achy pain in the middle of the back (feel like the pain in deep muscles on the right and left section close to the spine). I have seen numerous chiropractors, acupuncturists, physical therapists and spine surgeons. My MRI results showed literally NOTHING problematic in the lumbar area. I was recommended to do specific back exercises and attended Back Gym Pool classes for months but no significant improvement. Then I stopped and did only one specific exercise (lying back extension with pillow under my stomach) as well as stretching and I was 90% improved for three months. I started exercising again and in two weeks the pain came back. It wasn't instantly. I actually felt much better when exercising. It comes with a slight discomfort and turns into an achy pain in days and stays. Recently I had some home physical therapy sessions including electrical stim. and heat pad. I felt better but only for a week. Now I'm feeling some pressure in the area and discomfort ONLY when I'm lying on my back and sitting with my back against the seat. I find almost instant relief when I'm lying on my face (prone position)and standing. I can sit upright with my glutes backwards and feel OK. But I can't put my back against anything. It feels like my skin gets itchy and pins and needles also sometimes numbness. I feel very good when I sleep. I wake up with no pain. It gradually increases during the day. Gets better when I rest only with the positions I mentioned before. My general health is good. Little bit of stress of course with work.

To summarize my symptoms 1- Deep Achy lower back 3- Discomfort and tightness lying on the back and sitting the back against chair ALSO 1- Rarely it radiates to my sides upper glutes but rarely 2- Tightness in the lower, middle back, upper back. My range of motion is good and feel slightly tightness bending forward (since I'm very flexible I can bend really good. Since the MRI results show nothing, I really don't know what to do. p.s I have a leg discrepancy about 1.5 cm. since I had a broken femur in 1995. I have been using an inside shoe lift of 1.2 cm since I have experienced pain and one of the doctors recommended ot because he tought this could have been the cause. But it really doesn't make any difference. I had good months (only 4-5) and bad months. It seems the symptoms are recurrent. What could be my options? Could it be related to some other problem? What else can I do? If you could help me on this, I will really appreciate it. Cem

Q: I was wondering if your product will help me. I have a herniated disc that is pinching 2 different nerve roots, causing my foot to be numb and radiating pain down my calf. I had a MRI and saw a neurosurgeon. He want me to get surgery Microdiscotopy, but he's willing to wait for a month or so since I've been slowly improving. Will this product help me? Teresa

Q: Hi ! there, Just was trying to understand the reason behind the recurrence of my lower back pain and landed up in this website. Firstly let me congratulate you for this philanthropic cause of our dedication towards our common problem , its premature to write about the content of this site as only today I located while systematic browsing. I wish to first tell you my story and ask for a solution later on. I used to have a perfect back until the problem started in my schooling days when we used to play cricket with the season ball on cement / mortar places ( Extremely hard surfaces), I had an obsession to be the fastest bowler and thus imitated Brett Lee's action and used to seriously bang the ball on the ground as per Mr. LEE's action. I knew in the process i was digging the grave of my back as we never warmed up before matches and neither did we warmed down post the game, just due to satisfaction and interest in the game. Soon after my studies picked up pace and I refrained from playing and started biking across to various friends for group studies and to our reference tutors. In the process we used to hurry on time lines and the reckless riding of bikes used to silently murder the back muscles etc. Then all by God's grace went into the engineering studies and post that it was all ashes as continuous sitting followed with occasional fast bowling in the evening on the terrace was worsening the situation of my back as every 3-4 months I was on bed rest for a number of days. To get instant relief I used to ask my Grandmother to press my back with her magical foot and i was up and running in seconds, but in the process I kept ignoring the concrete need of finding a basic solution to this chronic problem which I am facing till date from the last 5 years.Now the situation is no good when I am on the job the regular sitting cycle still kills me. Now that I have gone thru a number of websites and got a firm basis of what I have actually done, I wish to seek a permanent solution of this problem. Just to concise the matter I wish to convey that : I have a sedentary work style and I go for playing badminton everyday @ 9 - 10 PM. I keep a cushion for having my dinner meals well before 8 pm to avoid digestion problems. Could you please suggest any suitable ways to cure this problem forever. I know you are really doing a great job, hope you would find some seconds for responding to me and help me in getting out this 7 year long patience of going under this stress cycle. Regards, Shashank

Q: I got injured down my back during the squat exercise(100kg+) on 30th December,last year.There was stabbing pain after 3 days.I started to take complete bed rest.The stabbing pain started to reduce after a very few days.After 4 weeks I had done MRI of lumber region and 2 discs(L4L5,L5S1) showed a very little bulging(almost unnoticeable and there was no sign of tear or deformation in interdisc space). The stabbing pain is gone completely now.Doctor told me the bulging is getting reduced.But (sometimes) I still feel an uncomfortable spasmodic pain(not sharp or intolerable)in lower back region after sitting for a long time (more than 30 mins) and if I walk or lay down then the pain goes away.And I'm frightened of weight-lifting again.Nowadays I always keep my back straight.Is the pain coming from it? if I press my lower back (muscle and bone joints)with fingertips a very little spasm is felt.I'm doing back strengthening yoga. My question is "Is my disc bulging gone completely?""How can I cure my remaining back pain completely?""Will I ever be able to lift weight again?""Can I do cardio on treadmills?""little jerking movements (i.e.traveling by car/bus) can worsen it"? "Should I wait and rest till the pain is completely gone?" "How can i make my bone joints and cartilage strong?" Muhammad

Q: Hi, I underwent a disc replacement operation of l5, s1 on 5 March, I am just looking for info on post op effects, aches and pains that are normal, or any I should be concerned about. Also looking for ideas on how to help my recovery. Thanks, Tracy

Q: I have got acute back pain, L 3 L4 is slight bend .I remain in the bed for 15 -20 days at a stress I live in kolkata. please advise me. Chanchal

Q: I have polio in my right leg my age is 43 right leg is shorter than left leg and also thinner too.that's why I have a back pain please let me know my remedy I live in kolkata. Bidisha

Q: I love your website, and have a story to contribute that might be able, to save someone else from suffering the same fate that I have been enduring. I was injured in 2003 and that caused me further injury of a more serious nature. I would like to contribute with my story which entails,2 shoulder injuries, both left and right. whiplash, concussion, brain injury, thoracic fracture, cervical injury, lumbar injury, tailbone injury.

I developed severe depression during 2008 that made me suicidal but have since climbed out of that deep whole and would like to share my complete story so others who may be injured or in the same circumstances as i am, will have the information that they need to protect themselves. due to the multiple injuries and everything I have been through my story is long and could fit in many categories. Any suggestions how to send my story might be extra helpful. Sincerely, Bruce

Q: I had a fall 8 months ago, where I landed on my left side hitting my hip face down...I immediately had lower back pain which is constant, intense 24/7 pressure. I've had x-rays and bonescan done and they came back normal. I've seen specialists and gone every day for physiotherapy for 4 months straight. The doctor put me on Morphine which has done nothing for the pain. On a scale of 1-10 my pain level is a constant 10 with the odd good day where it will be at a 7 or 8. I have been off work for 6 months and am told to return since they can't find anything wrong with me except that I have chronic pain and that I should suck it up and deal with it. I wonder if its a pinched nerve but the Doctor and specialists refuse to send me for an MRI..their advice is to take morphine and suck it up and deal with it...which I have been doing...I'm a single mom and am struggling to function most days... but there has got to be another way than being in constant pain...any suggestions? Thank you Kris

Q: My mom has spinal fractures due to osteoporosis , she was in unbearable pain for over a year and went through a series of injections, it seem the fractures are healing and her back pain has finally subsided but she now has stomach pain all day, the only relief is while she sleeps.She has gone through a series of tests and was diagnosed with an ulcer (which is also healing) from all the pain medication , The doctors believe her stomach pain is caused from her back, if this is true will it ever go away and is there anything she can take to help with the pain? Denise

Q: My pain management doctor has suggested me having a spinal fusion to end back pain I have had for years.What should I expect as far as the chances of my recovery? Is there any danger of it leaving me worse off than before? Are there any major risks involved? I am currently on fentanyl 50mcg patches.It helps a lot but not completely.Back surgery scares the crap out of me. Can you give any advice on this? I would be eternally grateful! Thank You, John

Q: I'm curious as to what resources you used to research fibromyalgia. Some of your information, such as oxygen deprivation to parts of the body, I have never heard of. As a Fibro sufferer for many years, with multiple other genetic and chronic illnesses, I know that it is not psychosomatic. Yes, there are uninformed doctors out there that believe that about fibromyalgia, but the up to date research proves it is not. Lauren

Q: I have had over 12 back surgeries over the past 20years. As of now I am pretty sure there is nothing structurally wrong with me that is new, just all the old stuff from the surgeries. I have had the addiction to the pain killers as well. I would like to know the best herbal remedies to help reliever the back pain I have. I also know that some of the pain if not all is psychosocial. I also want to get control of that as well. I have tried all the medical procedures they could think of. I am tired of that. I want to try the holistic route now. Thanks Kelly

Q: Hi, I found your site appealing as you yourself have also gone through this back pain for long. If you can really understand my case and help me even a little by just giving me right direction (not even detailed cure) i would appreciate it most in my life. 8 years back (i am 26 now) , i was trying to lift a friend (bending to pick with no support) while he was lying on bed. He was heavy and all the more he held the bed tightly. This caused a jerk in back and i tried to heal it with ointments etc. then on it went into my mind that something is wrong with my back and when i used to bend and lift some weight, it used to hurt (like burning and as if sm1 hit a sudden blow). i kept using ointments. 6 months later, while playing golf, when i twisted to hit, that was the final blow to existing injury. Then i was bed ridden for 3-4 days taking pain killers. That point i realized, my back and thus all my activities, everything is FINISHED, you see how could i suddenly assume that. The disconnection felt at lower back was such convincing that i felt now i will not be able to do anything. Got X-Rays and MRI done, doctors found nothing in that and only advised me some leg raising kind of mild exercise routine for 3-4 months. But then i continued this exercises and all till date and condition has improved very slowly over 8 years to now when i am still not normally able to lift weights, feel uneasy after standing some time, my abdomen feels hollow, seems no strength in lower abdomen. Back gets cramped and tired frequently. This back and abdominal muscles weakness is always on mind, i am aware of them all through out day. feel uneasy to lie down on stomach for long time. Even upper back gets tired easily now. Though there is no acute pain as such but discomfort and uneasiness, weakness is there. Just one jerk in lower spine area and how come all my back and abdominal (oblique etc. all core muscles ) muscles seem to have gone for a toss. Basically i am not able to know what has happened and how it will cure. Nowadays i am doing core strength (crunches, obliques, balancing etc.) exercises and visit gym to strengthen back. This whole pain period of my youthful time has cost me a lot. It has eroded the confidence and liveliness. Now i am thinking to visit a doctor and re-visit the muscles again to know what has happened to them (spasm, some other disorder or what). my MRIs and X-Rays had been all-clear. Please help me in whichever way you can. I am located in India. Thanks n Regards, MG

Q: Hello, I have suffered back pain for around 5 years now and i am 32 years of age, it started after trying to pick up a heavy object without using my legs, i also believe as i was grieving at that particular time had an impact. It really got worse when i went to the golf range and hit two balls and something just popped. Ever since my back pain comes and goes. I am a keen golfer but have stopped playing as it seems to aggravate my back pain. I am able to go to the gym and run on the treadmill which fortunately does not seem to effect my back. I have been using a chiropractor and have tried an Osteopath and recently purchased natural anti-inflammatories from the US. I am now more than ever determined to rid myself of my back pain but i require guidance on how to achieve this? This problem has a large bearing on my mood and my relationship with my wife. The saving grace i have had was around 12 months ago i was able to play golf and go gym and my back was fine then one day stupidly i picked something up awkwardly and since then it has not been the same. Any advice would be helpful and gratefully appreciated? regarding my health i am fine, i eat fresh food and i am NOT overweight. Yours Faithfully, Pally

Q: i suffering from back pain since last 10 year it gradually increase. pain start from back and redirect to back thigh and numbness occur and increase intensity of pain in back when i seat on chair pain was relieved.i do daily exercise and my wt 82 kg height 5 fit 9 inches. when i press the lumber region where pain occur some relief at site. i couldn't stand continue half an hour during walking no any pain occur but when continue standing pain start and when sitting pain is gone. plz give me advise what i do for pain. still i never consult any doctor. Suresh

Q: Can a back injury, old or new, cause severe pain or a feeling of a nerve being pinched just behind the top of the right hip bone just below the rib cage? When this happens i feel like i want to drop to the floor. So far xrays have found nothing. Muscle relaxants or pain killers and anti inflammatory drugs don't seem to work. The lower back pain is right across the whole back, from left to right. I am going in for a complete physical and hopefully something will turn up. Thanks Richard

Q: My back has been hurting for a week I'm over 50 a started playing kickball for a recreational sport. The lower above my buttocks and abdomen and legs hurt. When I sit lay down and walk. Does this sound serious? Regina

Q: Hello my name is Shaporia and I am in desperate search for an answer to my question. While going into labor with my son I asked for an epidural. I was given the epidural and the labor pains stopped. However , every once in a while not to often I get SEVERE back pain. Its not just lower back pain , but its all over. Its so severe that I can't walk, I have chest pain, I can,t breathe and it takes about 30 minutes before the pain begins to slowly go away. Now my question is, Is there a cure that I can take to where I won't have anymore back pain due to the epidural, or is there something I can take at the moment when I'm going through this crisis? Shaporia

Q: I am a 37 year old, healthy woman. I have had back problems for as long as I can remember. I had x rays taken at 22 years old, and they discovered that I had degenerative disk disease, caused from years of sports, most importantly gymnastics at a highly competitive level. My latest problem was 2 days ago when i could not get out of bed, the pain was causing vomiting, Then the pain radiated down into my buttocks and legs, and no position other than lying flat on my back, gave me some relief. I have been to my family doctor and he has ordered an MRI scan, and oxycotin pain relievers, because my previous meds were not helping at all!! I need to know what is your take on surgery as an option?? I would really appreciate a reply. Sincerely, Louise

Q: Hi there. I have looked through your site, and I think that this has been more helpful to me than any other place I have gone to research my condition. I've had an MRI done on my back and it was found that I have a ruptured disc and DDD, at least that is according to my Orthopedic Surgeon. I admit I believe what this man has told me of my condition as the MRI does show a drastic difference between the "healthy" discs in my spine (they are white in the MRI results) and the unhealthy disc (it is pretty much black all the way through). I have not done any PT to date, nor have I done any stretching or acupuncture, etc. I do plan to do this. Currently, I have limited my activity (and for the last 2 years) due to the discomfort and sometimes pain in my back. I think the biggest issue I have experienced thus far is limited mobility. I am 32 years old and would very much like to have the freedom of movement I should have at this age (ie, sitting down without pausing and groaning,standing up in one fluid motion without having to constantly adjust, maybe even comfortably lifting things, being able to stand for hours at a time, or maybe be able to go backpacking without the lower back pain that is now associated). Do you think surgery will fix this? What about stretching? Or strengthening my back muscles? My doctor seems to blame my body shape (tall and thin) for the problems. I can't really fix that... Thanks, and again, as I said, I have found your site very helpful. I am glad that you have put the effort into building it. One final mention that "millions" of people have had more pain after surgery. Is this a real number, or are you exercising hyperbole. Cause I'll tell ya, I don't like those odds. Thanks. Steve

Q: Hi, I have been with a terrible paralyzing pain along the waist-line that has moved from one side to the other for over 2 months. I don't have herniated disks but it seems to be an inflammation. Stretching has helped but the pain comes back. It gets worst after sitting for long. I don't know if is psychosomatic, but it has been there already too long and don't find a come back. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks Gloria

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