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Q: hi. i experience a sharp coldness on my back. it seems as if its inside right along the vertebrae. i would like to know if there is a cure and what could the cause of this. Mike

Q: Mr Rostocki! I have arrived today in your site after days of research in this topic. I was surfing - of course - because of my "since 3 months lasting" upper back pain. I am 46 year old male, sporty enough not to happen this with...and reading the relevant part, I started to feel it is about me. It was shocking...reading your article was the last kick for me to put together the whole picture of my last 2 years history, how could I get deeper into a forest, loosing the feeling of happiness. Thank you for the mirror you gave to me. I just downloaded your e-book, but without reading a word of it, You already helped me to realize, where I am (at the bottom anyway :-), but I know now I need a lot of changes, and from here, I hope, the only way is up ! Thanks again, Warmest Regards, Joseph

Q: Do you work with any doctors in Arizona? I have suffered with eczema on my hands for 22 years and am convinced it is a TMS condition. It is getting worse and I'm afraid of serious complications. I would love to work with you, directly or indirectly, to overcome this condition. Thank you. Virginia

Q: I was wondering where you purchase your Kratom tincture for back pain? Thanks! Shawn

Q: Hi, Since last four months, i am experiencing peculiar kind of pain on my lower back. It happens only when i get up after sitting and after lying down on the bed. Also,not able to change the sides while lying down on the bed. Please note that while walking,bending, twisting and running no pain experienced. I have to take a support while getting up and it will take at least five minutes to stand with severe pain. Once the posture is normal/straight,no pain experienced. I have shown to doctor and bone density was checked- normal. Some back bone exercise were prescribed and doing on regular basis, but pain increases. I personally feel that some nerve has been compressed at some point. Appreciate advice on the above. Thanks in advance. Anuradha

Q: I was doing deadlifts when i felt what seemed to be a muscle pull on the lower right side of my back. It seemed to be a few inches to the right of my spine, almost over the top portion of the hip. It wasn't a terrible pain. I continued with a few more sets with good form and didn't seem to have any major problems. An hour afterwards I was a little sore but nothing too bad. A little while later I was bending over slightly, reaching for something on the kitchen counter, when I felt something pop, then very bad pain. It actually felt like a tight muscle slipping over a bone. It was in the same location as the original pain while lifting. For the next day I could hardly sit down or lay down in bed because of the pain. Standing up and walking actually made it feel better. I have recently started deadlifting and have had similar pain a couple of times in the same location but the intensity was much less, more like a dull ache. It would be hard to bend down and tie my shoes for a couple days then my flexibility would be normal. I went to my primary care doctor who did some tests with putting my leg and back in different positions. He concluded it was muscle spasms. He said none of the tests on the sine were positive. He gave me pain meds, which i didn't take, and naproxin. Today the pain is less then yesterday but still hurts. The odd thing is I feel fine walking and can jog in place with no pain. I do not have pain radiating down the back of my leg. Any ideas as to what the problem might be? I have a chiro appointment on monday for a second opinion. Also, i have read that sometime rest can create more problems because everything tightens up more. I would like to do some light jogging but am not sure if I should. I do not have a history of back pain. Tim

Q: Hi, Plz tell me when stem cell back pain (Disc treatment) will be available if any. Thanks A lot. Mohammad

Q: Hi I appreciate your site, and all the work you are doing on behalf of others. I am struggling with back/SI joint pain etc. for for the past year, and it has been unresponsive to treatments in any lasting way. I have read John Sarno's books and would like to do the work he writes of in a more formal manner. I feel like this is the "missing link" in my pain struggles. My question: Is there anyone in Toronto, Canada who is doing seminars / treatments based on John Sarno's work. Thank you, Donna

Q: I have severe lumbar pain only when I sleep I wake up at around 4am with pain so severe that my back feels like it will snap if I move too fast but after being out of bed for an hour or so I am 80% pain free for the day again. I have tried many things like changing bed mattresses, massage, acupuncture & physio. None seem to work. A friend has suggested exercise for my back and stomach muscles so I have started some strengthening exercises. Please could you suggest anything as I am getting very tired and cranky at times and don't like going to bed knowing the pain I will endure in the mornings ,this has been going on for about 8 months now. I have in the last 4 months noticed I have developed a nervous head tick maybe this is related to my back problem. I am 49years old and was diagnosed with scoliosis of the spine in my 20s but haven't had to much trouble my left shoe is built up to compensate for the short left leg. PS the pain started after a major house move. Helen

Q: Hi- glad to have found this site. I am a middle aged woman who has never had back pain issues. A year ago, a slight pull in my glutes turned in to raging back/hip/leg pain which has completely reduced movement and the quality of my life. Medical findings (bone scan and x-rays) revealed only an inflamed SI joint. I have been working various treatment modalities from the start with little lasting success. My question/concern is about the SI joint. My doctors simply said to put heat on it; different readings I have done indicate either it is from other muscle/trigger point pulls etc. What frightens me is that some practitioners I have seen and literature I have read have said there is/will be permanent damage to the joint, which causes me to despair because the pain I am experiencing is so awful. I really want to believe that I can heal this. Any feedback you can give me on this would be greatly appreciated. Dee

Q: I appreciate everything you have put on your site and in your book. I do have one question though. What do you do for the pain while you are dealing with the PIPS causes. You say to quit babying your back by removing braces, specific routines for it, and medicine taken for it. I have done that and I am starting to work on the root cause of the pain which for me started in 2001 with a specific injury to my back. My problem is without the pain medicine I am not functioning very well during flare ups. So I was wondering should I be taking advil, flexeril, and the like while I work out potential causes of PIPS? Thanks,Peter

Q: How good or bad is my back regarding the MRI Finding Report? I feel intense Pain getting in and out of my car and bed. And med to great pain 24/7. Here's my report. FINDINGS: Images are evaluated in the neutral, flexion and extension positions. There are congenitally short pedicles, which mildly decreases the AP diameter of the spinal canal to approximately 13 mm There is straightening of the lumbar lordosis. The vertebral body heights are maintained. The conus medularis ends at L1. T12-,L 1 : There is no significant disc bulge or protrusion. The neuroforamina are patent and the exiting nerve roots are normal. L1.2: There is no significant disc bulge or protrusion. The neuroforamina are patent and the exiting nerve roots are normal. L2.3: There is a disc protrusion that abuts the thecal sac. The neuroforamina are patent and the exiting nerve roots are normal. The disc protrustion measurements are as follows:NEUTRAL: 2,3 mm FLEXION: 1-2 mm EXTENSION: 2.3 mm L3-4: There is a disc protrusion that abuts the thecal sac. There is mild spinal canal narrowing and mild neuroforaminal narrowing. Disc protrusion measurements are as follows NEUTRAL: 2.3 mm FLEXION: 2.6 mm EXTENSION.: 2,3 mm L4-5: There is a disc protrusion that abuts the thecal sac. There is mild spinal canal narrowing and mild neuroforaminal narrowing, Disc protrusion measurements are as follows: NEUTRAL: 2.3 mm FLEXION: 2.6 mm EXTENSION: 2.3 mm L5-S1: There is a disc protrusion that abuts the thecal sac. There is mild spinal canal narrowing and mild neuroforamlnal narrowing. Disc protrusion measurements are as follows NEUTRAL: 3.5 mm FLEXION: 3.3 mm EXTENSION: 2.3 mm IMPRESSION 1. L2-3, mild disc protrusion that abuts the thecal sac. 2. L34, mild disc protrusion that abuts the thecal sac. There is mild spinal canal narrowing and mild neuroforaminal narrowing. 3. L4 5. mild disc protrusion that abuts the thecal sac. There is mild spinal canal 1arrowing and mild neuroforaminal narrowing. 4. LS"S 1, disc protrusion that abuts the thecal sac, There is mild spinal canal narrowing and mild neuroforaminal narrowing. 5. Straightening of the lumbar lordosis which may be due to myospasm. Thank you for your interest and time to help me!!!! Bone

Q: I had some brain injury in childhood resulting spasticity in upper limb since then (last 25 years). Now last two months having sever neck pain, MRI for cervical spine says: c3/4 there is 2.5mm right paracentral disc protrusion affecting cerebrospinal fluid into spinal cord. There is mild bilateral neural foraminal narrowing. C4/5 there is 4 mm central disc protrusion mildly extending superiorly behind vertebral body which abuts and mildly compresses ventral aspect of spinal cord, there is mild bilateral neural foraminal narrowing C5/6 there is 2.5 mm left paracentral disc protrusion extending left neural foramen, resulting in mild to moderate left neural foraminal narrowing c6/7 there is posterior osteophyte ridge and approximately 3mm right paracentral disc protrusion that conturs ventral aspect of spinal cord. There is no significant neural foraminal narrowing. Aparadh Questions: how serious is this? I am 30 years old female, and open for surgery if it is must do for avoiding future old age problems. Any excercise, epidural injections relieve my contition. what care should I take in daily activities?

Q: I am a 57 year old female graphic designer who works on a computer. I have beginnings of stenosis in the cervical spine C5-C7 and SI joint dysfunction and lumbar bulging disks and DDD. alos they found a small perineural cyst at S2 which everyone is blowing off. I am having extremes moving and popping of all joints in the back and alot of pain. No one is listening. I can't even stand or sit without pain - I feel like I have spinal instability. I went to pain management and since he knows I don't trust shots he told me to do pilates - I can't hardly move. A neurologist said I didn't have a disease - go swim. It used to be manageable until I took some long cars trips and ran across a field a couple of times in October. May be I lifted something too heavy. Is is possible I just need to improve posture and get more muscular strength. I get physiotherapy, deep tissue work massage and chiro but nothing is helping now. Pain in mid back and burning pain in low back and butt. Please help, I getting extremely anxious.It I just want to lay in bed - that is all that fells comfortable. Chris

Q: I underwent spinal fusion surgery (L4/L5) and a laminectomy back in May of 2010. I am experiencing numbness in my mid-back region and my right hand/arm and right leg have numbness and tingliness, especially after walking exercise. The tingling sensation disappears after an hour or so after exercise, but the numbness remains. My eyesight has severely worsened after the surgery. I now need reading glasses to read a newspaper where before I did not need to. Also, I have noticed at night when driving, if there is a car ahead of me where I have been seeing their lit taillights, when the car is no longer in my sight of vision, if I look left to right, I see a "trail" of red, lit taillights, which lasts for several minutes. What do you think is happening, and should I see a neurologist? I feel if I go to see my surgeon, he will pass it off as not surgery related. Thank you. Vicki

Q: I am suffering from back pain at lower lumbar since 05 years. on 15/12/2010 i have made an X-ray for LUMBO-SACRAL SPINE AP & LATERAL VIEW INCLUDING BOTH S.I. JOINTS and my findings are as follows : 1. Bone density is reduced 2.Lumber Curvature is midly straightened 3. Osteophytes are noted at all lumber vertebraes 4.Disc spaces are maintained 5. Both S.I. joint are normal. please give me an idea, what type of medicine, food, physical exercise are necessary to recover this problem. Nahian

Comment: my back is from hell, down the legs to the feet. narcotics have nothing on this pain. i now have diabetes and most doctors will at some point blame the pain on it. but i do have some herniated disc's in my low back. i also had a cervical fusion done on 3 disc's and have more pain than before the operation. this has been going on for 7 years. Roger

Q: sir, my name is sajal. i have back pain and leg pain, sexually no strength, and sometimes i have to urinate 12 to 15 times in a day. after going toilet, my lower abs both side pain. can you tel me what i have 2 do plz. i'm so worried about this.

Comment: I've had chronic back pain for over 25 years from Dystonia. I have tried to treat it in a variety of ways (family practitioner, orthopedic surgeon, chiropractor, massage therapist, psychotherapy, alcohol and a neurologist). I appreciate all of the information that you provide on your site, but I was disappointed to see that you give little credit to Rolfing and perhaps even mislead what a Rolfing treatment entails. I just passed my 1 year and 3 month mark seeing my Rolfing specialist. Since my specialist is also a PT, she takes my insurance. I saw immediate results during my first visit and continued progress with each additional visit. Over the last month, the pain has been absent (after 25 years). I'm grateful that I included this treatment method in my journey. Nothing else and I mean nothing else has been able to help me in this way. My Rolfing specialist understands that the issue is multi-layered. Rolfing is not just deep massage. It deals with issues related to how the brain reacts to pain in the body and how muscle memory works. Rolfing is bringing my body back to its natural state. My solution took a long time and in the end was a mix of Neurologist (Botox), Rolfing/PT specialist (Pain management) and a family medical doctor (sports injury specialist). The word that I would use to describe my solution is "multi-faceted". Thank you for the wealth of information on your site. Martha

Q: Prior to my Dx. of Scoliosis I began to experience extreme back pain. The pain started in my shoulder blades and scapulas and slowly moved into my back and down my spine and into my right iliac and down my leg. I was Dx with a 20 % curvature in my upper and lower spine. The pain is much worst after working a 6-8 hour shift. Due to the pain existing prior my Dx I do not believe the pain to be somatic in nature. The muscles in my back become so fatigued that it is difficult to hold myself upright at night. Is it possible that the pressure and strain which is being placed upon the muscular structures in my back are the cause of the pain which I experience. Terra-Lynn

Q: Hi Sensei,I am having trouble finding the books recommended in your book cure back pain forever. If you could let me know where I could find them I Would greatly appreciate it. Great book fantastic web page...keep up the good work. Lea

Q: I have pain in my middle back when i push on it or if something else pushes on it. i also have a sore tummy, and my tummy makes bubbly noises/feelings i am 15 and haven't had my period i was wondering if it could be because i am trying to have my period or if it could be cancer? Victoria

Q: I have been experiencing lower back pain and even mid upper under the shoulder blades 2 sides of my back, especially after I awake in the morning is the most excruciating. I don't know why I have been feeling like this for almost 2 months now and I don't know why, please help me!!!! Manal

Q: I have an ongoing back pain between the lower back and bum it does not really hurt if i stand up straight correcting my posture and only if i am sat down or slouched does it begin to hurt. it usually goes whilst i'm training. what is this due to? Kaine

Q: Hi i have this lower back pain for a few years now i have herniated disc, i also suffer from stress and anxiety not sure if its caused trough the same pain i'm trying some exercises not sure if i'm doing the right one for my condition i have lots of back pain spasms all the time body feels tight i smoke but trying to quit i have tension headaches as well with neck pains please please can you help me thanks, Sharvan

Q: Back in 2006 I was doing heavy squats and herniated the two lowest disks in my back. I have been dealing with chronic pain ever since. I could not bend over to pick up a pencil without pain. I finally got fed up and went to a chiropractor. They took x rays and said that he would trade my back for his anyday of the week. My xrays looked good. However my hips seemed like something was wrong. One leg looked longer than the other. He drew lines on the xray and it showed that my hip was somehow not keeping in line and that was causing me to experience back problems. I got my "adjustment" and left. I felt better for a while and right back to square one. Since then, I have gone to another chiro for second opinion so to speak and go the same results. My question is why can no one tell me what is causing this to happen? How can I prevent it? Most mornings I wake up and pop my back/hip and go to work and am fine for a few hours, then I can tell my hip is acting up again. I am only 3 0 years old and tried to play basketball with some other guys and had to quit because running up and down the court and jumping caused me so much pain in low back and hip area. I do not have any pain radiating down my legs or anything. Just feels like a lot of pressure like something needs to give. Bobby

Q: i am a dentist from india. please provide your solution for the problem below. patient aged 41 years, suffering from numbness on whole left side for past 7 years, giddiness, headache, knee pain. MRI shows- BULGING DISC AT C4 -C5 AND C5-C6 LEVELS NARROWING THE SPINAL CANAL AND SLIGHTLY INTENDING TH E THECAL SAC.PLEASE GIVE YOUR SUGGESTION AND ADVICE REGARDING THIS. THANK YOU, Dr.Nagendran

Q: Could you recommend a physician that specializes in TMS near Bozeman, MT? Thank you, Wes

Q: Treatment options for severe Radiculopathic pain in lower legs after spinal surgery. And how long do these pains last? Boudewien

Q: Afternoon, like you I have been experiencing some sort of chronic pain in my lower and upper back and I've tried just about all of the treatment methods on your list. I have read all of sarno's books and I even purchased your book and got some relief from knowledge therapy. Not that it isn't awesome it just wasn't working for me. I finally stumbled upon Moshe Feldenkrais and Thomas Hanna and awareness through movement therapy and got some long awaited relief and results. Unfortunately, it still would not get rid of my left sided QL, piriformis, and si joint pain so went and saw an osteopathic dr referred by a friend. After a thorough check and numerous tests he confirmed that I have short leg syndrome he didn't do an xray but he was extremely thorough with his evaluation. Now I've been to tons of specialists and I'm extremely open minded to anything but no one ever picked up on that. He put a minimal lift in my left shoe and for the first time I feel some great relief in my left side. Now I read your information about your experience with SLS and how everyone was telling you something different, but in my case even though it took 11 years someone finally brought this to my attention and it seems to be working. It is at least helping my mind. My question have you seen anyone with pain cure resolved from a quick fix heel lift, it makes sense why it is working. I initially went to him for prolotherapy but he said I may not need it. Since the lift cracking and popping has been very minimal as where before it was pretty constant. Hopefully I am a success story and am on my way to some pain relief. As long as it is not hurting anything is it smart to leave the heel lift in?? Should I only be convinced that I have a short leg when he does an xray?? Thank you and sorry for the lengthy email, Joe

Q: Hi Sensei Adam, You wanted to know how my TMS sessions went. I finished the TMS class with Dr. Strack. He was very good and listened to all my comments and read pages of info I sent him. If anybody is in the Chicago/Midwest area he is well worth seeking out. I am working the mind/body thing. I've read Sarno and just bought your book. I'm also working on anxiety. During the class the constant knot I had in my back disappeared, and I'm able to drive long distances without jarring spinal pain that I would get. I sometimes am confused over whether I am still suffering referred pain in my abdomen (T-7/8) from the disc protrusion or if it is related to another TMS substitution. I'm working on that too. I have "mild" scoliosis at the point of the disc protrusion, according the the doctor. I'm fighting the TMS demon and trying to convince myself that it won't be the cause of some further problem or is not the cause of my abdomen discomfort. What are your thoughts? Thanks. Best to you. Richard

Q: Can you read my mri's of the cervical and lumber spine, I got hit on the top of the cervical 4 to five years ago, it felt like a sledge hammer had hit me so hard, I black out for a second or two, my life has been a living----- ever since. I stay in pain, was paralyzed 2 days, got nerve root problems and herniated disc. Can you help me, they want to do surgery at the spine institute this month but I am scared of any of this, but I am down in the back also, can hardly go, much less walk, please help me. Ramona

Q: Where can we find the treatment Knowledge therapy that you mention? thanks, Aban

Q: I am 20 years old. i am from india. i have backpain in the body from 5 years. I have back pain on sides the spine when rotate the body both sides i.e. Foot fixed and upper half body rotate then I am find backpain m.r.i. Of spine & all reports of the body is normal. Sir talk to me what the reason of this back pain . Plz help me the treatment online. Good morning sir. Chandramol

Comment: Just thank you! Sincerely, Abigail.

Q: About 3 years ago I started getting an ache on the right lower side of my back, at 1st I put it down to the fact that it was at the time my father had suddenly been diagnosed with terminal cancer and I refused to leave the hospital (even sleeping on the floor in his room) as it was so sudden (4 days from diagnosis until his death, basically it was in his liver and he had been living with the pain for months without realizing) so I thought that the pain was coming from sleeping on the hard floor and having hurt my back many years before lifting something incorrectly (this injury was on the left hand side though, but since then I had always had an "achy" back but had learned to live with it as it was never more than stiffness or mild pain) so I thought nothing else of this pain as it seemed to fade after a while, then about 2 years later I noticed that my back started to ache in the same area on the right hand side if I stood up or walked for extended periods of time, but again it was only mild discomfort, so I wasn't too bothered by it, then in Oct 2007 it all started going wrong, basically I found my mother dead on her living room floor one morning (from COPD) and although she was elderly and not in the best of health this was quite a shock and TBH I don't think I handled it too well and eventually I was referred to a psychiatrist who diagnosed me as depressed with anger issues and admitted me to The Priory for counseling and it was while I was in the priory that my back pain started to get worse and worse, after 6 weeks they started to allow me to go for escorted walks but upon returning I was in quite a bit of discomfort and had to lie down to relieve the pain. I was having this counseling for 4 months but eventually my work stopped paying me and I had to return to work to pay the bills even though my doctor didn't think I was ready, it was a catch 22 as my house was in danger of being repossessed due to me not being able to pay the mortgage, however within 6 weeks of me going back to work I had been taken to hospital 5 times by ambulance due to the most intense pain I have ever suffered in my lower right hand side of my back, the only way I can describe it is if someone has gotten a pair of red hot pliers and had grabbed the muscles and is twisting them (I am assuming its a muscle spasm) this pain has caused me to collapse while walking, the sweat pours out of me it looks like I just got out the shower, I vomit, scream out in pain, sometimes it lasts for a few minutes, but usually it is several hours, so I went to see a back specialist, who did an MRI and said the scan was unremarkable but it did appear that some of my facet joints had dried up, so he performed a procedure where he injected a lubricant into them to see if that would stop the pain (The MRI also showed a facet cyst that was in the area I was getting the pain, however he did not want to remove with surgery unless totally necessary) however the facet injections had no effect and he sent me for another scan, this time with a contrasting agent to get a better look at what was going on, however before I could have this scan, my work got fed up with all the time I was having off and made me redundant (after 14 years service!!) and therefore I lost my private healthcare and I never had the 2nd scan and so I had to start the process again using the NHS, but as I had my original MRI on disc, I didn't have to wait for another scan and the orthopedic surgeon I showed it to seemed to think that the problem was being caused by the cyst, so to cut a long story short (well trying to lol) he removed the cyst and implanted a coflex implant in the L4-L5 region to strengthen that area of the spine. It is now 18 months since the surgery and I am still in the same agony as before, except it seems to be getting worse, I cannot walk more than 100 feet without being in pain, I find it hard to stand or even sit upright and I have just been discharged by the same surgeon as follow up scans appear "normal" for a person my age (37) and therefore I have been referred to a pain clinic to pain management and to learn how to live with the pain, TBH my quality of life is that poor (I never get to go out and am basically stuck in bed 24/7 too scared to move and sometimes I don't even have to move to get an "attack" as I call it) and I am at my wits end and when the pain in really bad I honestly consider if ending my life would be better than carrying on the way I am, so I'm guessing that I am asking is, having read this site, I am wondering if my pain is caused by emotional issues rather than physical ones and where do I go from here. (sorry for such a long post, but I wanted to be as detailed as possible, thanks) Darren

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