Back Pain Questions and Answers
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Q: Hi Sensei, my name is Jenny. Over the past 12 months or so, I have gradually developed Coccydynia. At first it was only an occasional problem that arose on days where I had been sitting for some time, but since early October 2009 (5 1/2 months ago), it has been a constant source of pain whenever I am sitting or lying on my back. The pain starts immediately that I sit, and worsens the longer I sit, gradually radiating out over the entire sacrotuberous area. The longer I sit and the worse the pain becomes, the longer the effects remain - eg. an hour of sitting creates increased pain for the following week. 2 hours = 2 weeks of increased pain. I have had a CT scan which revealed no abnormalities of my tailbone - only a central disc protusion at L5/S1 which I have had for 30 years, and which has previoulsy created no problems other than pins and needles under my right foot. I have received no relief from any of the treatments I have tried - Chiropractic, Bowen Therapy, Physiot herapy, Naturopathic, Homeopathic, and Cortisone injection. The Orthopaedic surgeon I saw, could only recommend further Cortisone injections (which didn't work the first time), or surgery to remove my tailbone (which I would not consider). The latest GP I have consulted, suggested that my pain could be caused by a irritated nerve-ending syndrome - no cause, and no treatment available - i.e. a permanent condition. I am at my wits end. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Jenny

Q: I'm 20 years old and I was in a car accident a few years ago. When I got my MRI results, they diagnosed me with mild disk disease. Is it normal for people my age to have this diagnosis after a car accident? Rachel

Q: I've had a lower back operation and still have a lot of trouble with the nerve causing cramps in my whole leg at night time. I try to walk 1/2 an hour every day but have old runners. I want to buy new one's but would like to know what to buy. Please help. Kerri

Q: Dear Sensei! I have a back pain [low back] for many years, it feels like something squeezing me tremendously, it can be comparable to blood pressure- that's how it tight [squeeze me]. I tried chiropractor, physical therapy, massage. Nothing work, after the massage i feel a little better, but my ''regular'' condition get back in a short while. Even in a bed i don't feel better. This condition 24hra day with me. Hope to hear from you. What is your advise,please. Thank you very much. Stella

Q: Hi there, My name is Kane. I'm from Australia. I have been getting lower back pain for the last 6-8 months. The pain isn't all that bad in my back, mainly behind my left knee. I have had an MRI done to see why I was getting this pain. I found out I have a BULGING disc that pinches my sciatic nerve, which gives me all the pain in my leg. My cousin aged 32 has just had surgery to replace a disc in his back. His condition was the same as mine, pain in behind his left knee. The operation cost around $55 000 Australian dollars. I am only 19 yrs old and there's no way I wanna have surgery done this early. My Doctor tells me to stretch and swim, and the disc should repair itself. Looking at your website, I find this information to be correct. Just wondering if there's anything else I can do to help speed up this process? As I am in a fair amount of pain every day. Thank you, Kane

Q: hi, i'm 18 years old and i was diagnosed with 5 herniated disks in my lower back when i was 17, from working, and manual labour, the doctors did a C.T scan of my back and told me the news, when my doctor was telling me about this i was scared and worried that i wouldn't be able to do some of the things i do on a regular basis, i will be 19 on Sunday and i am still struggling and fighting everyday, i would love any advice you could give me, i have tried therapy, and seen quite a few doctors, i'm at a loss for what to do and am searching for anything that will help. thanking you in advance, Crystal

Q: my name is Amin 29 years old single, so my story before one year l feel pain in my lower back, then meet a doctor and did MRI found that the disc slippery between L4&L5 so the doctor advice my to do some practice and swim much as I can, so during this year never feel I am going well and I stop the exercise but still do swimming which is very comfortable with me. l hope the good health for all. Amin

Q: Hello, I have mild lower back pain that is painful when I press on the area of my lower spine. I also have mild hip discomfort and pain. my main concern in a numbness tingling sensation when I touch my hips ( both feel the same) is this normal? I went to the doc and she sent me for physio but I didn't have any xrays done. Any advice? Thanks Tash

Q: Hello, My name is Lisa. I'm 46 years old and spend a lot of time on my feet as an OR nurse. I have pain in the middle of my left buttock which I originally thought was sciatica. I spoke with a surgeon at work who seems to think it is SI inflammation. It does not radiate, and flares sporadically, but lately the flares are more often and last for several weeks to months. I have broken my coccyx in the past and wonder could it be related to that? My family doctor is now sending me to a chiropractic neurologist for treatment. I wonder if you have any information as to the success of this type of treatment? I don't want to continue to take pain medication every time I have a flare as this only alleviates the symptoms not get rid of the problem, not to mention I can not work and take pain medication. Looking forward to hearing your opinion. Thank You. Lisa


Q: I am a 49 year old female. I started exercising after a long break about 3 months ago. 3 weeks ago, I started experiencing shooting pains down the front of my legs into my knees. About 3 days after that, I had excruciating pain at the base of my spine, radiating into my hips, down the groin and front of legs. I have tried, anti inflammatory drugs, a Medrol Dospack, 6 depro medrol injections. My pain in less but I cannot stand for more than 5 minutes due to increased pain. I am very conscious of bowel and bladder function because it also increases pain. What are your thoughts. Andrea

Q: Hi! just discovered this site and I feel will be very helpful in getting knowledge and help in coping with my problem. Had severe pain since a month which got unbearable since 2 weeks. My MRI report is: Disc desiccation is noted L4/L5 and L5/Si, there is also focal mild central bulge causing mild indentation on thecal sac. I am 28 years old woman with a 15 month old child. I have always done workouts in gyms enthusiastically but have not done exercises since 6 months and have gained a lot of weight. I slipped on floor about 3 weeks back. Help please, Sam

Q: I am 3 months out of two level fusion surgery. I don't feel right yet and don't feel safe to return to my job as a teacher. Is it reasonable to take 4 or 5 months off? Chips

Q: Woke up one morning with extreme lower left sided back pain which radiated down back of leg to foot. Two days later I had numbness below left knee and slight drop foot. Almost 4 months later I have yet to get a diagnosis as the doctors seemed puzzled. MRI's show mild DDD and only a slight bulge at L4-L5. Pain in now felt in both hips and low back. Had pelvic ultrasound which was neg as were all blood test inc. sed rate. I am not sure what else to do or who else to see. Can you advise? Dee

Q: I have dealt with lower back pain for nearly 20 years but most severely in the change of seasons. I was referred to therapy which made it worse. Then I started with chiropractic which helped tremendously. That said all chiropractors are not created equal search for one that works with and for you. Just recently I had been starting to get more severe pain. Found out l4 was broken in the past about 40-50% damaged. When I was not getting relief through normal adjustments I tried inversion, with an inversion table. World of difference. less pain and adjustments are going easier. I would recommend inversion to anyone, 3-5 minutes 1-2 times per day. no drugs no surgery YEAH!!! John

Q: my son aged 22 is AS patient with prominent kyphosis. is the corrective surgery advised? Ashok

Comment: I recently had the ability to seek outside treatment for the spins and I chose to go to a well known hospital..which I will not name...buts its in Atlanta and they treat head and spinal cord and MS. I have to say that it was truly a disappointment. I chose this place because of its popularity and was very displeased with the attending physician. He was rather youthful for this field, maybe 43 years old. No bedside manners whatsoever. He had a aura of meanness. He actually insisted during a spinal injection that it could not be that painful for me while he was injecting steriods into my coccyx and pelvic area. I was so humiliated; how he be so insensitive to a patient. To suffer with pain is enough; but to actually have a physician suggest that it doesn't hurt...was too much.

I went for about 3 months and between the doctors attitude and the PTs inability to see me on time and when he did...he was too involved with making notes to really provide me with the PT I required. He was disorganized and never on time. I live in fear of not walking on day. I am a very modern woman, even called sexy all my life and to find myself here, in pain everyday but still trying to keep my sanity and beauty is in itself...tiring. But I refuse to give up. I will be doing acupuncture soon and in hopes that it will give me some relief. Shaun

Q: My friend had to have surgery to her neck following a fall she has bolts and screws to c4/5 this was approx 11m months ago.She is experiencing a heavy type discomfort across her the back of her shoulders her surgeon says that he has never come across this before and has given her no real advice. It has become debilitating and her quality of life has been greatly reduced. Your advice would be most welcome. Lynne

Q: Hi there. My name is Amy and I am 23 years old. A year ago, i was sitting on the floor and when i got up, i felt so much pain in my back, i thought i was going to pass out. I was in agony for days. My back was having uncontrollable spasms..anyway, for months after that it was hurting but then about 5 months later, the pain completely disappeared. 6 months ago, i was laying in bed and the spasms came out of nowhere!! Ever since then, i haven't had a day where it hasn't ached AT ALL! I go to physio once a week. A ct scan showed that i have a minor slip bulge (i cant remember which disc but its one of the lowest and most common), scoliosis-which isn't that bad and some degenerative changes...THAT'S WHERE IT HURTS...i have arthritis in the middle of my spine. My spine doesn't hurt-but the area just next to it feels like a massive knot. My physio said she thinks its inflamed and she said it's not a knot. What does an inflamed area feel like? It's an extremely sensitive area. It doesn't ache everyday...but there's definitely something there. My physio said she feels that my condition has been caused due to lack of strength- i'm very weak and small. She said that i shouldn't be in this much pain from "some degenerative changes" what do you think? I think i might get a cortisone..have you had one? I can only stand for a small amount of time and then my whole back feels tired, like i've been carrying a really heavy backpack on my back for hours. If someone rubs my back, its like "ohh wow don't stop" lol...please help! Do you know roughly how long it takes for ppl to strengthen their back? Amy

Q: I was in an accident where a girl was on her cell and t-boned the driver side of my vehicle. I was driving at a slow pace and she was going about 25 mph. I have been having on going and chronic pain in my head, neck, shoulders, arms hands and fingers as well as my lower back, and down both legs, feet and to my toe tips. I experience tingling and numbness as well since November 2008 a year and 3 months ago. I would like to send the MRI report I have just received done on my cervical spine and lumbar spine. I have spoke with many doctors in Richmond over this time frame with not much success and decided to go to a different hospital and they did these MRI's - I just received the report/ Do you have a fax number - I am unable to scan my report. Thank you. Sincerely, Christina

Q: Hi Sensei, I have a lower back pain that seems not to go. Some days i feel better but the pain is always there. I can send you an MRI to check. Where though? Doctors told me to undergo an operation, but i believe there should be an easier way to cure my problem. I am planning to take glucosamine...will that work? Thanks, Juan

Q: I have had back pain for about five years. In the past six months it has progressively gotten worse. I have been to three chiropractors, and orthopedic doctor, family doctor, and I have had decompression therapy on the DRX9000. I haven't had any relief. I have recently started a program attempting to balance any muscular imbalances that I have. I haven't noticed any significant decreases in the pain that I have. I have pain from my neck to my lower back and I also have sciatica down both legs. A couple of weeks ago, I had injections in my piriformis muscles to relive the tightness. I still have the sciatica. Everything burns really bad.

I don't know what else to do. I had an MRI about a month ago, and it didn't show any significant bulges or herniations. Sometime when I get up out of a chair I hear and feel a pop in my lower back. Sitting makes my back hurt the worst. I have had to drop out of college classes for the time being because the pain of sitting is so bad. I'm only 27, and I have been active all my life. Do you have any suggestions on what could help me heal and get rid of the pain? I have noticed that the spinous processes are very visible and stick out further in my lumbar spine around L1-L3 more than anywhere else. I don know if that has to do with anything or not. Please help. I could send pictures if I need to. Thanks. Neil

Q: Dear Sensei, 2 months back I was sitting in a chair when something locked in my lower back, I had pain going down my left hip to the leg.Upon MRI found out herniated disc L5/S1. Doctor gave 4 days of bed rest then I was back at work(teaching kindergarten)I had 12 sessions of physio, was given Arcoxia for pain and Lyrica for nerves. I also found out I have osteoporosis just the onset (i am 42) I recovered fairly quickly but the pain does not go away completely although there is no numbness in calf or foot. I now take medication strictly on need to basis which is generally every other day. Here are my questions :is it ok to have bearable nagging pain for which I take Arcoxia or NSAIDs say every other day or does this mean that eventually I will have to have surgery as I am not getting pain free? My other question is that I used to be fairly active,now when I walk at a moderate pace for 45 minutes or do exercises for the back, I get stabbing pain in back or anterior thigh pain, even slight sharp pain while walking: should I stop walking, take bed rest or continue walking and ignore the pain walking, how can I lose weight when with my metabolism I need to diet and follow a workout to lose weight( I have put on 5 kgs)? I have started taking weight reduction medicines like xenical and reductil,do they have any adverse effect on herniated disc and osteo? Please help me the doctors are very vague in their answers. I will be in your debt forever, please help. Thanks, Memi

Q: My name is Allen I'm located in Panama City, FL. I'm 57 years old and over weight.I work as a professional pilot, flying commercially for a time share company in OH. While loading bags in my airplane a few years a go I hurt my lower back, in the past year I have had two Laser procedures done on lower back making me worst than ever before pain wise and strength. The most recent procedure I had done was just last week which was Neurostimulation Therapy which was a test before the real one was put in as an implant into my but cheek upon the leads being put into my lower back I felt immediate relief from my lower back pain and the pain in the calves of my legs, but my left leg and left foot caused a considerately a lot of pain and had me not walking very good. Upon removal I had immediate relief in my leg, but not in my left foot. my toes in my left foot feel like they could bust at any time with sharp pain coming out the ends. Any suggestions, the only thing that I can figure is upon inserting the leads into my back the doctor relieved pressure that could have pressing on my spinal cord from scar tissue. Thanks

Q: I am in my late 60s and have never had a back problem until about 5 weeks ago. I am experiencing excruciating and debilitating pain in the coccyx area. The pain seems to be focused in and around the rectum. I was in so much pain that I went to the emergency at the local hospital. They found nothing and suggested that it was hemorrhoids. I then went to a Bowen specialist who gave me some relief. In the past 5 weeks I have had only two 'easy' days. Walking does seem to have an easing effect but I am never without pain and sleeping is so disrupted. I take no drugs. Can you give me any idea as to what the cause may be? Lin

Q: I'm 56 years old and hurt my back approximately 25 years ago carrying a large dresser down a flight of stairs. I have had constant back pain (left side only) some groin pain (left side only) since then. I have never had leg pain. An MRI showed a disc rupture at L5-S1. I've been told I'm not a candidate for surgery. Any suggestions? I've tried everything - physical therapy, epidurals, chiropractors, spinal decompression, prolotherapy injections, and acupuncture. Kevin

Comment: Hi, my name is Sam, I'm 21 years old. About a 3 years ago I began working at a theater in Chicago. Over the course of the summer I began to experience some acute pain in my lower back. I never fell or had any sort of blunt force to it. Over the years I developed extreme chronic pain in my left hip. Along with this my lower back pain became almost unbearable. I finally got the nerve to go to the doctor (I have a small fear of them as I've had many surgeries on my ears through out my life). He diagnosed me with Trochanteric bursitis and gave me dexpak (steroids) to stop the inflammation and hopefully stop the pain. This did absolutely nothing but make me feel very ill for the 10 days I was on it. About a week after I was off this my hip popped and causing my lower back and hip to feel like 100 hot knives stabbing me at all times. I have a very high pain tolerance and it has become absolutely unbearable. I was referred by my doctor to an orthopedic surgeon and given pain pills (something called norco I believe). The pills offered very minimal relief and for some reason I am having to wait a month before seeing the new doctor. My pain medication was out after two weeks (I was prescribed 20). I am now finding myself getting fewer and fewer hours of sleep because all I do is toss and turn. I can't seem to find a comfortable position. In the two weeks I had the pain pills I decided to go to the Mardi Gras parade downtown. I took two (more than I ever take but I new I would be walking a lot), I still felt the pain but it was dulled. I got to the parade at 11am, it started at 4:30pm (in Louisiana, waiting for the parade is just as much fun as the parade itself). I was with a group of friends who decided to walk to the other end of the parade route. I figured that it would be fine if I took two pain pills. By the time we got to the other end I could not walk back. Not only did my left hip and lower back hurt worse than ever,the pain also spread to my right hip. I was literally crippled for 2 days. My girlfriend is a physical therapist and she has been doing stretches and strengthening my back as much as she possibly can without me crying in pain for hours after (crying in front of the girlfriend isn't something I find to appealing). I am currently in grad school now and most of my classes are across campus from each other. By the last one she has to come get me from the building because I can no longer drive my car. I am one day away from seeing the orthopedic surgeon. I am praying that he can find the cause of this so I can some what alleviate the pain I'm constantly in. If you are reading this then you yourself or you know someone who has experiencing something like this. Thank you for reading and please if you have time say a little prayer for me :) Sam

Q: I am 49 year old male. First time (approx 8-9years back) I felt lower pack pain after a jerk on two-wheeler riding but it was for few days. After few years acute back pain appeared suddenly while I was i office. I do office work mostly on computer (9am-5pm). I took medicine and it vanished for few years. But now from 7-8 months it appeared again. This time doctor took X Ray and told me that it is due to less development of a vertebra by birth at the lumber region. I took the medicine Medrol (8mg) once a day and Mahagesic MR4. Also did traction and SWD physiotherapy exercise for one week. The pain is now bearable but not eliminated. How can I get relief from this. Hem

Q: since last more than 2 years i am suffering from left side lumbar spine foot-drop problem, since then i am using foot-drop splint, and i am using shoes to walk, coz i can't use chappals/sandals as it comes out,my toes are not having rip on it ,also my left feet up/down movement is not happening, i have done MRI SCAN,IT SAYS:


Q: I have lower back pain,which they tell me is sciatic pain,left leg pain,tried physio,chiropractors,now laser therapy,all seems to be a waste of time and money,now have a strange tingling sensation in upper left side of back and middle left finger the same, i have no clue whats going on, neither does my doctor,any hints? Robert

Q: I have a 15 year old daughter who has spinal stenosis and degenerative disc disease. I was told she was born with this, yet we cannot trace this to anyone in our families. She already has had back surgery to remove the stenosis and a herniation. Every doctor I've been to seemed had never seen a child so young with so many back issues. I would love to speak to the person who commented about being diagnosed at 16 with DDD. Can you put me in contact with them or forward my Email to them. Valerie

Q: Hi Sensei Adam Rostocki! Your website is great in helping me understand my best friend's diagnosis. I was hoping that you could point us in the right direction for treatment and to a possible solution to end her excruciating pain that she is in 24/7. She is 29 years old and diagnosed with spondylolisthesis. She also has fibromyalgia. She is unable to alleviate her pain with walking, sitting, standing, laying, pain medication, anything and everything. She's tried physical therapy, the epidural shots, and the electric current treatment. Doctors are not optimistic whatsoever. Her MRI s have shown a degression with each one that she has. It's really bringing her hopes down into depression. She's a single mom of 3 and feels she's missing too much of her children's lives. I'm trying to find a solution for her. They suggested spinal fusion, but said that it could possibly only help maybe 10% of her pain. Where should I be looking for better answers or for a doctor that is optimistic and very good at this ty pe of procedure or diagnosis. All of her doctors that she's seen so far seem to be clueless or demeaning. Please let me know of where I should be looking. Thank you for any help that you can provide. -Stephanie

Q: I have had lower back pain on and off for the past 8 years. I'm 27 now and each time it comes back it seems to get progressively worse. It's onset is sudden with extreme pain in the center of my back with pain radiating down my butt and leg. Is it possible that I have a herniated disc?and what can I do to help in relieving the pain? Thank you for your time. Jason

Q: hello sir, I am sunny (21 yrs old) suffering from lower backache from last 1 yr. This pain happened to me 1 yr. ago when i fell from bed and got a little jerk in the lower back region and after this i am suffering from this pain. I had gone to many doctors and had my treatment and X-ray but all in vain. In my X-ray it was stated that the X-ray is normal and only some muscle is compressed.From all this i got relief for only some days and after that it again continued but it was not cured fully. Now Sir will u please help me with your better suggestions/exercises/treatment. I shall be very much thankful to u for this kind of act. Sunny

Q: How did you heal yourself? I can't take the pain anymore!! It makes me hate everyday of my life, this is not how I want to live. If you can help in any way...? Michelle

Q: Started in lower back and it would spasm and if I coughed hard I would basically be in severe pain and my legs would buckle from under me. When I hit a certain spot It's like a sciatic nerve and man cant move get up or anything. Has been 2 weeks and still has not gone away and have never had it this bad. The pain will move from the right to the center and then the left which is wierd. I use to get the sciatic problems in my butt years ago and could not walk but went away after I quit being a truck driver. So I am 50 now but I had a motorcycle accident in 2007 and shattered my pelvis in 3 spots and split it up the middle so they said I would need hip replacement later. Probably has something to do with it so I am hoping you might have some sort of answer for me. Thanks Brian

Q: I have back pain starting from last 9 years & Actually it become worst year after year. in the beginning (first 4 years) i was complaint from lower back pain especially after sitting for long time on Computer & that time it was released by using temporary pain relief. after some the frequency of pain complaint was increased even by doing small activity like (cooking, watching TV). later on the pain was moved from lower back to upper back then neck. (currently the pain moving around all my back & neck , shoulder & both back sides. I went to many doctor & I did therapy sessions but there is no improvement (even all medicines & pain relief not helping me. Please advise me. Best regards, Faisal

Q: I was in a hit and run car accident in August 09. I have 3 herniated discs in my lower back. L1,L2,L3 with protrusion and extrusion. I went to therapy for five months and three ESI's (epidural steroid injections) Nothing has worked and I have horrible pain every day. It never goes away. I have two small children that I can't even pick up. I am only 28 years old and am having a hard time dealing with the constant pain.I cannot sit, stand, walk or lay down for extended periods of time. My back pain is affecting every part of my daily life and I feel stuck in a rut. Any suggestions to relieving the pain would be greatly appreciated Kelly

Q: Sir, My name is Sajesh, I am from India, I got in an accident 7 years before-I fall from vehicle- but still now i feel pain all over my body. I feel numbness,stiffness all over my body. I took my MRI and CT scan, that shows there is a compression [wedge] on L3 vertebra. There is no neurological problems. But i feel pain, especially when I sit on stool. i consulted so many doctors, no one can give the correct answer. i feel stiffness in my skin, when i do some kind of action, at that time due to severe pain i cant even talk with others. i hope your appropriate answer will send soon.

Q: I had a spinal fusion in 1975 when I was 18 years old for a 1st degree Spondy. I had numbness in some of my toes and leg pains. I'm fused from L4 to L5 to S1. The surgery worked for that pain, but about a year or so later I developed unstable SI joints that became as painful or worse than my spondy. Thanks to prolotherapy I have been able to control this problem. I could not live without the two prolo injections into my SI joints yearly that is required to control my problem.

I've also have a stiff neck daily most likely from my fusion. A spinal fusion to your sacrum screws up your spinal bio mechanics greatly. I think this is because of the Dura connection. The sad part I actually had a posterior sacral base and not a spondy. I guess you could of called it a hang nail because the symptoms were terrible. I could probably correct the posterior sacral base with the arthro stim adjusting devise and prolo to the L5 / S1 joint.

I'm certified in Spinology spinal adjusting and have dedicated my life to spinal care even though that is not my profession. I had to study it to survive and function.. Do you have any info on others who are fused to their sacrum? Bill

Q: Hi, I have been experiencing back pain for almost a year. This originally seemed to stem from a bout of pleurisy in which i saw a doctor for pain in my side. Antibiotics did not do much good and so i saw a physio who used many techniques including massage and stretching the area. This seemed to help and i was free from pain for the next four months. I then started with a severe stiffness in my mid to upper back, thoracic spine area as well as feelings of bruising in my right upper rib area and two weeks later I could not move my arm up or back which sounds like my rotator cuff. After much discomfort, lack of sleep and many visits to the doctor he eventually seemed to take me seriously and referred me to a physio to no avail. Then he sent me for a chest x ray which showed up clear. He referred me to a orthopedic specialist in the hospital who did x rays on my neck shoulder and cervical spine and all of these seem to be ok apart from normal wear and tear to my neck. The specialist said he didn't need to see me again if x-rays were satisfactory so where did that leave me? On going back to my GP he pressed areas of my neck which he said was very tense causing me immense pain. He gave me some strong anti inflammatories and some anti depressants in a small dose to act as muscle relaxants. This has taken the edge off for a few hours but i would really like some answers as to why i have this chronic pain. I enjoy sport and going to the gym but am finding it hard to get remotely motivated. I feel like a 41 year old hypochondriac as I really don't know where to go from here. I would be grateful if you have any suggestions? Thanks Joanne

Q: I am a 79 year old woman & have had facet joint injections which was no help, i've had an operation for spinal stenosis which was of some help, i've now been recommended to have an injection in a ligament in my lower back, is this the same as the facet joint or a different part? Valerie

Q: Hi, i'm hoping you may help me... I am 32 yrs old mum of 4, and for 3 weeks now my spine has been causing me alot of pain, it will get better with pain killers but never goes away. I have tingling in my hands and feet also. worried i went to see my gp, she gave me a good exam all over and said she feels its nothing but muscle pain as i'm having anxiety attacks over it being cancer! I have had no injury, i do pick my young girls up alot. No weakness in bladder or bowels. Just a pain in one area that sometimes moves to another area. Its painful to touch. I'm really worried about cancer.. please can you give me some advice? many thanks. Lianne

Q: I had spinal fusion @L5-S1 on 04/07.I still had pain so a different doctor did a lumbar discectomy L3-L4.That was in 08/08. I still had pain on the left side of my back to the knee. Then in 01/09 the 2nd doctor wanted to do a disc replacement with a possible 3 level fusion. so I went to a pain management doctor, who put in a spinal stimulator which does not work. the leads keep going up the spine. This happens 3 X times all ready. so do I go for the fusion or give the pain doc. a 4th try. Thanks, Kevin from new york.

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