Back Pain Questions and Answers
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Q: My name is Shimelis 46 years old. Your website is great in helping me understand my lower back pain. I am hoping that you could point me in the right direction for treatment and to a possible solution to end my back pain that am suffering for more than 13 years. I am unable to alleviate my pain with walking, sitting, standing, laying and also massage which I have started with in this week 4times so far, sometimes I used anti pain like declophenac and paracetamol. My MRI findings has shown 1.the alignment of lumbosacral spine is anatomic 2. The T2 signal intensity of the lower three lumbar discs is reduced with no significant posterior disc bulge or herniation 3. there are minimal anterior marginal Th12-L1 to L4 -5 spines degenerative osteophytoses 4 The lower end of the spinal cord is at L1 - L2 level The visualized spinal cord and conus medullaris are normal in signal intensity 5. Axial image from the L2-3 to L5 S1 levels revealed adequately patent spinal canal and neural foramina 6. Pre and para vertebral soft tissues signals are normal Conclusion OF MRI Mild degenerative spine and lower lumbar disc change. Thank you for any help that you can provide. -Shimelis

Q: Dear Sensei Rostocki: I've had Chronic Lower Back pain since Feb 2000. I've been to a Primary Care Physician,an Orthopedic doctor, a Chiropractor (Piriformis Syndrome?) for 2 years,a Physiatrist (Sacroiliitis?) for pain shots and intense Physical Therapy for one year. I've had Acupuncture as well. Everything felt good while it was being done, but pain immediately followed. I am in relatively good shape and work out with weights 2-3 times per week. I've read Healing Back Pain and parts of The Mindbody Prescription by Dr Sarno. I was diagnosed with TMS by a Doctor last year. I've also read Back and Neck Pain by Amir. I also believe that I have TMS. I believe that my lower back pain is caused by subconscious rage....helping me deal with repressed problems of the past and ongoing stress in my life now as a Father, Husband and Small Business owner. My problem is how to make the pain go away. Can you help with any advice? Thank you, J.C.

Q: Hello Respected Sir, I had a laminectomy of L4-5 and L5-S1 last year in august i cannot sit both b4 and after surgery due to pain and the pain goes through my buttocks into the right leg and bladder is swallow-en too. I did MRI again 3 days back it says: "desiccation L3-4 L4-5 and L5-S1 is noted due to dehydration and degeneration associated with degenerative narrowing of L4-5 and L5-S1" further it says "L3-4 Interspace: marked diffuse annular disk bulging mildly impressing thecal sac, both nerve roots and mildly compromising both exit foramina. L4-5 interspace: almost same as above mentioned level. L5-S1 interspace: relatively large right paracentral disk herniation impressing epidural fat, right nerve root and compromising right exit foramen."

Now i need advice regarding two questions, firstly why didn't the surgery go successful? why the problem still remains and why the dr says your condition got even worse? secondly the dr says you will have to go through another surgery in it we will place screws in your spine. so dear sir/madam do u think i must go for it do u think it will solve problem for me would i be able to sit again without pain? i am struggling for the past three years now, my son says this time we must try the dimension of homeopathy too please advice us what will be your honest suggestion for me? Will be looking forward to your advice very anxiously. Yours truly, Horizon

Q: my back been hurting. it hurt once when i breathed and my ribs hurt a few times. it hurts when i bend. is it anything i should worry about? its getting better now i'm resting i. Shelley

Q: Hello, I had a herniated disk in L4-L5 that went on undetected for almost 15 years; I just had some sciatic nerve pain or discomfort occasionally and difficulty with lifting weight. Recently, while horseback riding, I felt an excruciating pain and immediate paralysis; I could not hold my body's weight any longer. It took me 5 days to get out of bed and 15 days to start walking normally. Thank God the protrusion is towards the back but centered (not left or right so the sciatic nerves are not severely touched). Can I consider decompression? Also, do I have to forget about horseback riding? Anna

Q: Hi Adam, I read your book today and found it surprisingly courageous. I am a coach myself, working with Energy Therapy and am well aware of Mind-over-Matter. Now I will stop complaining, take my psychological search for the reasons more serious. I have two questions left: 1. Did I understand that right: You are only searching for the psychological causes of the pain. See it and accept it. I did not read anything about healing emotions? 2. Before my back pain-time started I loved to go for jogging, but then I found out, that the pain grew bigger, when I did that. So I kept away from jogging. Would you advice me to start with that again and, if it hurts in the beginning, just to go on? Thank you, Marlon

Q: Sensei, Last year I was doing an ab workout and felt a sudden pull and that night had extreme stomach pains. After a few days I felt better but started having breathing problems. Doctors told me it was acid reflux and tried me on medication which I refused to take. I eventually went to a chiropractor who I saw 3 days a week for 4 months. Most of my problems and pain went away and didn't think much of the pain. Now I am no longer going because I choose not to make that a lifelong process. I notice that I always feel like I am in pain which leads to me always needing to get that deep breath. If I am occupied doing something else and not thinking of it I am fine but if something stressful comes up and feel a sudden pain. Reading your pages has really opened my eyes to other possible scenarios and would really like your help in overcoming what I think is a mental issue. I refuse to take any anxiety meds like some doctors want me to do. I take multi-vitamins and apple cider vinegar but I always feels its in the back of my mind. Please Help, Steve


Q: One week ago i was thrown from my horse, i landed on my hands which gave way to the next point of impact my head and then shoulder and then back, wen landing on my head i heard a creaking sound from mu neck, the first thing i did while lying there was to make sure my legs worked and i hadn't broken my neck. I walked home after recovering my wind, very sore physically as my muscles had taken quite a jarring, i thought the pain would go away and so dosed myself up with anti inflamatories, thinking it was torn muscles and ligaments in my back, all around my left scapular area. Five days later i went for x rays, they did my upper body very comprehensively and found nothing broken which i had presumed as all my limbs worked fine. However non the the anti inflamatories i was taking had any effect whatsoever. So this weekend i got onto the web and began reading, my impression is that i have a pinched nerve in my lower neck vertebrae (no pain in my neck) and it is refering it to my left upper back, lying down is agony, sleeping not something i look forward to each night, however a hot bath makes it feel alot better. Any ideas please, they would be much appreciated!! Tomorrow i plan to have an MRI and possibly see a chiropractor after reading your web page which was the best i found on numerous wed sites on back pain. many thanks for your time. garth

Q: Hi! My name is Pam and this is my first entry on this site! My back pain started 1 year ago. I was working as a caregiver and lifting patient after patient,heavy housecleaning, wheelchairs in and out of cars, etc. I was beating myself up. The last straw was when they put on a jog that required lifting a pt. who was over 200 lbs. and dead weight tried to do it and hurt my back so bad I was throwing up. I had to leave and go see my Dr. He took me off work for 3 months. I'm trying to get Workers Comp. but my employer is fighting it. She told me that when I called in I only mentioned my sickness. I did not make a big deal about my back because their Workers Comp. Dr. had informed me that since I'm already being treated for my back by my Dr. They can't do anything about it. And its pre. injury. I would really love some advice on my injury. My Dr. is young and brand new to his profession. All he said that my injury was not good and he will put me on as being a chronic pt. I would like to read you the MRI results from a year ago and if it is serious should I get surgery? I am hurting real bad that its hard to get out of bed, do housework, and all the Motherly things I love to do.Here is a brief explanation of the MRI results... There a disk desiccation annular fissure, and a disk protrusion indenting the thecal sac. ( L3-L4 ) On L4-L5 there is 3.5mm broad-based posterior disk protrusion causing pressure on thecal sac. L4-L5 There is broad-based asymmetric posterior disk protrusion, which it is at its maximum on the left side measures about 3mm and indents the left S1 nerve root. I know that I have damaged it bad since the MRI as my pain level is always 7 and up. Thank you! I can't wait to hear from you! Pam

Q: Thank you for listening to this story. I was in a nasty car wreck in 2006. I broke three vertebrae, and in turn 6 thoracic vertebrae are fused. I now have a strange grabbing pain around my scar where they opened me up. (ewwww) This pain will strike and then leave. Additionally, I get a tenseness of the upper back/lower neck muscles. The doc tries to tell me to just adjust my posture by standing up straighter, however, the bones are fused in a semi stooped forward position. I am grateful for any advice. Oh I also have been working out using pull up assist, and row machine. Luke.

Q: Hi Sensei: I have been dealing with severe back pain for 2 years now, I work in the medical field and at first thought that i would see the spine center where I work. Quick History,I fell in may 2008 backwards down a hill, then slipped and fell on ice at work dec 2009. I have been through 3 different physical therapists 13 steroid injections, chiropractic care, traction I own a tens system, I tried numerous meds non of them worked. 3 mri's a discogram and a ct to follow. I have seen 3 different surgeons with one saying he could fix me and the other 2 saying I am not a candidate. Here are the results of the recent MRI L2-3 minimal disc bulge with borderline central stenosis but no definite foraminal narrowing. Mild facet degenerative changes are present. L3-4 minimal disc bulge and facet degenerative changes are present. There is mild central stenosis and borderline inferior left foraminal narrowing. L4-5 central disc protrusion is seen with disc desiccation. There is borderline central stenosis and mild inferior bilateral foraminal narrowing.l5-s1 disc desiccation is demonstrated which is related to transitional anatomy. Minimal disc bulge abuts the l5 nerve roots. Results of discography Summary: l3/4 was a normal control. S1/2 was a rudimentary disc and findings were consistent with a fibrous disc lacking sensation. l4/5 demonstrated normal imaging findings and pressure parameters, but concordant pain was reproduced at higher pressures; this suggest a mechanically sensitive disc.L5/s1 demonstrated internal disc disruption on imaging studies and could not attain physiologic pressures. Concordant pain was reproduced at low pressures, suggesting a chemically sensitive disc. I have more info if needed. I just cannot get a straight answer on what my treatment will be. I am going to get a nerve block soon to see if that will help. Any suggestions would be great. I own a fitness center and was doing power yoga, spin, cardio, weight training prior to the falls. I am unable to do anything now as my back just goes into complete spasms. Thanks, Andy

Q: I have been having problems with my feet for some time now (2 years or so) one or the other foot keeps giving out, if asked how i would say it feels when this happens i'd say its like a very badly sprained ankle only the pain is more at the top of my foot/feet and not really on my ankle. this only happens to 1 foot in any time but the same to both feet i cant really say how often as it just happens there is no time limit it could be daily it could happen weekly or monthly. i think it depends on how much walking i do or for how long i walk... about 12 months ago i started getting really bad lower back pains around my lower back and lumbar regions as well, the pain is not always there but can be quite painful when it is, i have pain in my back now every morning but it can go after a while once up and about out of bed, the back pain does come back some times when walking and sometimes when just standing up and not really doing nothing. one time i was just stood up planting some veg into pots and the pain come on so bad i had to leave it and go lie down and wait for the pain to go with the use of pain killers. i feel like if i lean forward the helps a bit.

my doctor has sent me for xrays on my ankles and lower back but still dont know what it is wrong. when i had my lower back xray my doctor said to me it seems like its just normal wear and tear that is the cause of the pain in my back (his words). i am 45 years old not 75 and i do not belive that this is the problem with my back as i am not that old. I've seen a foot clinic as the bottom of my feet have also been hurting and my doctor said it could be plantar fasciitis and when i got there they could not look at my feet as my right foot gave out and it was to painful to let them bend it about to look at it properly, the foot clinic sent me back to my doctor saying that they thought my feet problems were nerve related pains and that if my back was hurting it could well affect my feet if it were a nerve problem. it just seems like am not getting anywhere with my doctor with my feet or back problems and would like to know if theres any persons out there that may be able to advise me on what i could do next or what it could be please. kind regards, alan

Q: Hi i am gautam 23 years old, i am a software engineer just because of continuous siting i got back pain in lower back, doctor suggested me to take rest and also to use LS belt at job. i used that but in the meantime when i felt that my pain is gone i went to a amusement park from where it again started and this time the intensity of pain is more. please help me out i need to get rid of this pain i am hell lot irritated because of this pain.

Q: My tailbone has been broken for 30 years and I desperately am looking for a surgeon to remove it. I am a marathon runner and this injury has caused my life to be miserable. I've tried all of the recommended non-surgical treatments; i.e., injections, pain medication, anti-inflammatory medication, steroids, chiropractic work, physical therapy, internal manipulations, seat cushions, acupuncture...EVERYTHING! I live in Newark, Delaware, and none of my doctors (family practice, orthopedic, chiropractors, spine doctors) do not know anyone to refer me to. I've searched on the internet and have had no success in finding a specialist...I even flew out to California last year to have someone who claimed they could reposition my coccyx but of course it did not help. I've spent a lot of time and money over the years and nothing has worked. Could you please help me...I am willing to travel ANYWHERE to have a specialist remove my coccyx. Denise

Q: Hi I used to play soccer alot and had back pain before but it went away.Now I play sometimes and when I do vigrous exercise ,My left back pains when I run and play.The pain is also in the upper leg.When i walk,sit or sleep there is no pain.when i lift my left leg i can feel the pain on my left back.What should i do so that the pain goes away. please reply. Mohammed

Q: Hi, I am 23 years old and suffering with back pain from the last three years however, it has become very severe in the last three months. If I just walk down the stairs or walk for some ten minutes, my right leg freezes and my back continues to sore. I even face problem with neck pain when I stare at the system continuously for 3 to 4 hrs. Please suggest me how can I reduce the back pain. I would be very thankful to you for any suggestions. Phani

Comment: hello to all. two years ago [2008] i was in a bad wreck driving a dump truck when the right steer tire blew out. the truck took a hard right turn and run off the highway taking out 200 yards of pines and oaks full grown. since then i have been in a lot of chronic low back pain. i always hurt but can still get around a little on my own but there are times i wish i would just die from the intense pain that goes through my lower back, hips, left leg. i've been going to a brain and spine center every month for two years. i've been doing nerve block shots and burning of the nerves. in which neither gives relief for more than a couple of hours if that. some mornings when i wake up if i'm feeling okay i'm still scared and full of fear. i know that sometime before the day is over i'm going to be hurting so bad that i'll be screaming in pain. just three days ago i had to call for an ambulance to come to my home and take me to the er. i was told that my vital signs were off the charts more than a woman in the midst of giving birth. [god bless you every one] it is so hard to explain this type of pain unless you experience it for yourself. i hope that never happens. but what i hate the most is the look in someones eyes of disbelief of your pain especially a physician. they're suppose to help. but if they cant pinpoint the exact cause they try to blow it off as if you were telling a lie. i belief that i'll never be pain free again. i've went from working, exercising, happy life to needing help with everything i do yes even to the bathroom. my only happiness is knowing one day it will be all over when i leave this earth. just needed to get some things off my chest for a little. thanks for your time and god bless - Landis

Comment: My back pain started after a car accident, which I was told I had whiplash. Prior to this accident I had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. In time the pain settled in my lower back area of L4-L5. After debilitating pain and inability to have a normal life, I searched many doctors over this 5 year time span. Had every treatment available to an outpatient, epidural injections, trigger point injections. even burned the nerves to kill it, this was temporary relief until the nerve regenerated a different path and the pain increased. A nerve will always attempt to reconnect, which increases the pain. I have undergone back surgery in January 2010. Planned was to remove the herniated disc insert a cage and use a fusion to stabilize. I have scoliosis and as a teen worn a Milwaukee Brace for 3 years. When the doctor was in there he decided to repair the lower scoliosis, as this was the area of excruciating pain and spasms. My end result was fusion with flex spring areas in between,to allow me some movement between each disc. Fusion was L3, L4 L5 & S1. I have been in PT since beginning of March. I start in a aqua tank w/treadmill, move to table exercise, then machines row pull, shoulder pull on same machine, bench press 60lbs with my legs. Walk on normal treadmill 1 mile and the ball was just added with a march step. My problem is after all this exercise I cannot do anything else - Nothing. I am so totally exhausted I go home and collapse. If I have a doctors appointment - that day is done, I have no strength to do anything. As mentioned above I have Fibromyalgia, which is widespread muscle and joint pain. Different time periods this is worse than others. Since this surgery I have been in a flare, which means the pain & all symptoms are in an active state and everything is exasperated. The tiredness is horrible and I don't know if it is from the Fibro or the surgery recovery. As I said I can have one thing planned per day, be it grocery shopping, a doctors appointment, or clean the bathroom. This is from surgery date of Jan 6 and today is April 22. I need extreme encouragement to just hang in there - this is NORMAL, or do I need to reach out to some other source? I have a rheumatologists for the Fibro but I don't think the surgeon or the PT people are in touch with what fibromyalgia can do to a person. Cathy

Q: I have had sciatica pain on and off for years now, but for the last week I have had chronic sciatica pain. The pain on a a scale of 1-10 would be 10+ I am unable to lie down, sit walk or do anything without the nerve pinching. My right leg goes into spasms and the pain goes down my right leg,through my buttocks, ham strings, calf and into my toes. The leg is numb.I walk dragging my leg.The doctor has prescribed an anti inflammatory drug called naproxen, but it has not helped. I have tried cold packs, sitting in steam rooms and walking to exercise it but with no results at all. I am a self employed painter/decorator and unable to do my job. Please advise me on what to do next and how to resolve this. problem. Keith

Q: i have had a muscle injury for at least 3 months in my lower left back. i have a had an mri no disc problems and i am active in physical therapy that seems to be getting me nowhere. my job is very physical and i cant take off is there something else i should be doing to heal and make sure i don't re-injure myself. also will i be able to heal doing what i am doing. Adam

Comment: I am having trouble pain and sore, I can walk about a 100 yards and I have to sit down, I can't stand anywhere for a time over 5 minutes and I have to sit down, I have been to doctors and other help people, 2 chiropractors for over a year, a physiotherapist for about 3 months. No help or very little. I live in a small village near a small town in south western nova scotia, the town has a 3 story hospital, the first floor and a part of the second floor is the hospital and the rest for other things, in the town there are 4 doctors, 1 who works only out patients, and 1 who does not go near the hospital, and that seems the way things are, very few doctors and nurses, and very little is going to change. Thanks, Bill.

Q: I have read all your information about tailbone injuries but have one other question. I injured mine in August of last year and am still having pain and actually it is getting worse and I'm having numbness and tingling down my left leg and in my left foot. Is this normal with tailbone injuries? I was hurt because I was doing something incredibly stupid lol. I was riding as a passenger on a 4-wheeler but was sitting toward the fuel tank facing the driver. He jumped a small hill and when the 4-wheeler landed, my tailbone landed very hard on the fuel tank and more specifically on the fuel cap. I have no insurance and very little money so I need to know what I can do here at home that will help this, Thanks for your time. Billie

Q: Hi there! I have been experiencing constant pain to my upper back and also my right side breast is painful. It has been painful for quite sometimes now. Sometimes it doesn't disappear. I can still tolerate it but sometimes its really painful. My left shoulders feels a bit numb or shall i stay it feels like my muscles are tired. I already have a 14 month old baby and i only breastfed him for 3 months. Is it possible that I have a cyst or worse a breast cancer? I hope not! Amber

Comment: Just a quick thanks for your site and book. Excellent! Sincerely, Murthy

Q: I have had back and neck pain for around 6 years now and I'm only 24. I have tried physical therapy, chiropractors, and other forms of treatment and none have really helped a lot. How did you fix the problems you have been having and how long did it take. Zach

Q: Hi I have suddenly been getting sore hips which has been creating lower back pain! The hips are sore when I walk, and esp. after sitting for a long time! I am only 23 years old! It is worse at night, creating back pain and leg pain (feels like growing pain when I was younger) I have also been getting this related? Is my soreness of hips serious since I am so young? Help. Thanks, Vic

Q: Is there any way to buy a hard or soft copy of your book. The only options I've seen are PDF, not sure what that is. I definitely would like to buy a copy. Thank you Joseph

Q: I am 22yrs old and when i was 15 i had a triple laminectomy it did give me some relief for maybe a couple of years but now everyday tasks are so difficult. i don't even want to get out of bed in the mornings. the pain is so bad on and off that its really affecting me emotionally and physically, i've tried physio hydro, medication, clinical pilates, massage, physical exercise.. i have no currant mri scans as i havn't had one since the op and all the gp's i see just say the same thing.. even when i went to the emergency room last time it got too much to handle, they sent me to physio and that was it. maybe theyr'e missing something but i don't know how to emphasize how bad this is to them. please please can you suggest what my next step should be because i cannot continue down this path! Nikki

Q: hi my names chelsea and for about 2 years now i've had severe back pain in my lower-mid back. it hurts in the same spot all day everyday and recently my hand and my foot on the left side only have been tingling. i went to the doctor and they gave me a cortisone shot or whatever and had no effect on my back if anything it made it worse. please email back. -chelsea-

Q: I am 25 years old and just about a month ago started to have terrible hand/wrist pain. I thought it was arthritis but I am only 25!! So I started to develop a nagging pain on the left side of my neck. I saw a chiropractor for about a month and nothing changed. In fact, I think things got worse. Now I have TERRIBLE throbbing pain in my upper left back. I have had an x-ray and the physician said it was a compression of my C5 and C6 discs and another chiropractor (I had only a consultation and x-rays with the second one), said I had DDD and that it's something you would see in someone 60 years old! I have an MRI scheduled for tomorrow but I'm just scared. I'm too young for this and I want to know what the long term consequences are and if I will ever get my active lifestyle back! Any information would be so helpful! Thanks!! Erin

Q: m trying to figure out what is causing my pain in my back. I have osteoporosis in my spine and hip but my pain in my back comes like once a month and lasts for two weeks. It is intense for that two weeks but then goes away, I am 53 and pretty healthy outside of this. Any thoughts?? Thanks, Sandi

Q: I've had back problems for 7 years now diagnosed with Scoliosis, ddd, and spinal stenosis i'm 25 now and have had epidurals and steroids didn't work and now have been refereed to a surgeon wondering if there is something out there i could have done through medical or not need help! Alicia

Q: i have recently have really bad back pain. i visited a and e and told it was due to muscle injury and spasm. they gave me some tablets but have had no affect. it gets to the point where it is crippling me. i no longer know what to do. what worked for u? i'm open to any ideas. please help i have a 3 year old and struggle to play with him at the min. charlie

Q: i am having severe back pain because of the excessive gap between my left hip joint........I'm unable to sit constantly for long stretch of time. i am feeling uncomfortable while riding my scooty...please sir, suggest me some remedy for my problem.. i am waiting for your reply..thank you, Gautam

Q: I had a laminectomy in December 2009. The surgeon said he repaired disc problems, spinal issues, pinched nerves, etc. I saw pictures of all of these problem areas and was impressed with the surgery itself. The problem is, ever since I cut down on meds, and started physical therapy, the pain has increased in certain areas. I don't know if I somehow hurt myself during therapy or what. The doctor says it may be that the surgery did not cure me of the preexisting arthritic and osteoporosis conditions. So who do I consult? Can I get better? Marcia

Q: Hello! I came across this site and its so far the only one I have been able to find that allows me to reach out to someone. I am only 21 years old and I suffer from Chronic back pain. I have been in several car accidents-rear ended and a very minor case of scoliosis. I am at a point in my life where I don't even want to wake up. I don't want to die, I just don't want to be in pain and have to work in pain and move in constant pain. Most recently, like today it has gotten to the point where I don't want to read about any treatments anymore. I don't want to go to the doctor anymore. I just don't care anymore. I really hate going to the doctor for many reasons. One they really think you're only going in there to try to get the drugs, truth being even though I am young, that's not what I want, I just want help. REAL help. I have paid my office copays monthly for a good 2 years now for these doctors to tell me the same thing; ice:heat:sleep and repeat. I just need something more, I need something effective for this low back pain. I even do yoga regularly. If you can advise anything would help. What is something I am lacking, should there be vitamins involved? Do I need treatment from a specialist you think? Amanda

Q: Dear sir, I am rahul only 24 yrs old , suffering from chronic back pain. I am having severe back pain since last 2 years. I am a software eng. (After doing engineering i started working 2 years back) I always loved to be the best, where ever and what ever i stand for, but because of lower back pain, all those emotions died. I live every day with back pain, always fighting and frightened at every posture change. Happiest day in my life would be when i'll wake up in the morning without back pain. I can not sit more than one hour at a go, my heart cries to see myself in this state. I have shown to many doctors, gone to many hospitals, but there was no permanent cure . I get leg pain, i cant walk for long time as well. PLS HELP ME IN THIS REGARD . What can i do to cure this. Hoping for your answer, which could change my life. Thanks a lot. Regards, Rahul

Q: I am going through perimenapause and my periods are all over the place, my question is, while I am having my period I am experiencing severe low back pain to the point where I cannot barely put my shoe on or my pants without being in severe pain, it is mostly on the right side, does this sound normal? I am 48 years old and I have always been regular and never had any problems besides your normal cramps and some pms. Maria

Q: My chiropractor says that my pelvis is tilted on one side which causes my back and neck problems. It does not take anything for pain to start. My low back (below the curve stays sore constantly) What can be done to alleviate this contact achiness? Anita

Q: I am online researching because I have had this sharp sudden pains in my middle back, mostly on my right side. It started last evening and I cannot sleep and have just taken Aleve for the pain, but it is so often ( approx every 30sec) and it does not kill the pain. It is so sharp that it makes my eyes water and I cry too. It almost takes away my breath. I tried heat/cold. Today it is still there and I am about to get a doctor's advice, but cannot see him for another week. Do you have any ideas, suggestions? Thank you for your time. Patricia

Q: What would you recommend for treatment. I have the following issues lower disc degeneration which is on the sacroiliac joint which makes it impossible for me to sleep at night without painkillers and many pillows under my legs. I am not overweight and do alot of exercise except for running. I have had many steroid injections in my facet joints, osteopath treatment, acupuncture etc everything and still have no relief. My joint also rolls forwards when my muscles go into spasm. I just don't know what to do anymore and the doctors have had enough of me. I have spent a great deal of money in seeking cure. yours constantly in pain. Fiona

Q: I have a herniation at T12-L1. I have a pain that feels like I am being stabbed right at that sight. Pain radiates around to my right, not all the way around but close. Should I seek help or will this go away. Julie

Q: I am having pain not in any bones but right side between buttock & cage. My doc recommended me MRI & ultra sound. Ultrasound of abdomen was normal but MRI wrote: - Mild posterior disc bulge at L4-L5 causing minimal thecal sac indentation. Please advise is this very serious and also precautions & Total cure. The problem started after I played & lifted my 18 month nephew but I thought that it could be just a normal pain. But now I think the reason could be this exactly. Gaurav

Q: I love your web site. I am 51 in great shape and have just been diagnosed with spinal stenosis at l4/5 and S1. Nerves are being pressed a little on both sides, resulting in no left foot push off. Neurologist says this nerve may come back but unsure. Pain is intermittent, but always stiff in AM. Saw three Boston surgeons, all had different opinions on how to solve. However all agree that I will need spinal fusion at some point. I am doing acupuncture, physical therapy and workout regularly. Since I have no pain due to the nerve issue, albeit a slight limp, I can live with this forever, instead of short term surgery to fix. Just looking for your thoughts on surgery or my next steps. Thanks so much!! Rick

Q: i have had bad sciatic pain for 67 months- it is interfering in my life. MY MRI show slight to moderate stenosis between L4-5. I had these symptoms 10 years ago and practice john Sarno's philosophy and it worked- this time it isn't. I have done physical therapy, chiropractics and recently a epidural injection which provided some relief for the first few days and then it came back. I believe in the mind body connection- but i need help. I live in South Orange NJ. Who can I contact? Amy

Q: Hi, i have been suffering from back, neck, shoulder for about 5yrs now , but the pain was manageable with exercise, yoga and walking. I had hysterectomy done in 2007 after 3 months of surgery i started having more back pain and a weird one, pain starts from my right buttocks goes to my groin (vulva) area to the inner thigh. this pain seem to be nerve pain, and this pain has made my life so miserable. it has effected my marriage life as well as my daily day to day life coping with my children. I had a MRI as well which shows posterior bulges of L1-2 TO L3-4 disc and ligamentum flavum thickening atL4-5 AND L5-S1 LEVELS. Well i wanted an alternative therapy for this pain if there is any. I did try nerve block as well but it help me for only a couple of months. I would appreciate if you would help me with your answer, and i am from U.K. thanks, shabnam

Q: It started in Sep 09. I was running about 6mi/day, 6days/week. I started with hip pain, preventing me from sprinting. I took a break and just biking or swimming instead. Then, a month later, I start to feel pain in my lower back. It is by sacrum area. It's a small electricity shock in my lower back. The dr sent to see physical therapist. I was getting better, but my legs and my back still bother me. By Dec, my therapist thought that I should be ok on my own. I finally start running again. However, by late January, I start having problems. As I tried to start running regularly, my hip flexor and my itb hurts. As soon as my glute gets tight, my lower back would start. During this time, I was still running once in awhile. I mostly bike or do elliptical machine. Last week, after regular exercise, I sat down at my office, then the pain from lower back just shot everywhere in a matter of seconds on a chair. I went in to see my therapist that afternoon coz I can't stand the pain. I had a hard time walking and sitting. After the therapy, I definitely feel better. I went in again today. My therapist and my doctor start to talk about herniated disc. Though I don't have much of the symptom for nerve problem. I do have some weakness in my left calf and both thigh. My legs get sore if I sit down for a long time. Do you think this is sign of herniated disc? Only the last time was a pretty excruciating pain, mostly it was painful, but tolerable. Let me know what you think. Looking forward to hearing from you. Nan

Q: I got an Imaging report which states that there is straightening of the cervical lordosis with disc disease between C4 and C7 with some encrochement on intervertebral foramina which can cause radicular symptoms. C1-C2 and the precervical soft tissues are intact. Can someone translate this to plain English? Dario

Q: hello, I had my l4-l5 fused back in 2001, but have never felt any better just never went back to work and suffer from chronic pain 24/7 and i have lost all hope. Now they say that they can remove the hardware. Is this common? and also has anyone else had this done? What kind of recovery time am i looking at. Also did it make a big difference after anyone has had there hardware removed. thank you. art

Q: Dear Sirs, This is VENKAT from INDIA, have been suffering from BLOODY BACKACHE for the past 7 years. I have consulted specialists regarding this and find no solution. Even X rays and other reports are also telling that there is no defect & everything is NORMAL. Now i am hardly 35 years old man. I am unable to find better solution to overcome this problem. In this connection i am coming to you with great hopes. Basically i am ACCOUNTING PROFESSIONAL with a DESK JOB. Warm Regards, VENKAT

Q: I have been suffering with severe neck pain since moving some furniture on January 1st. It wakes me up constantly in the night, in the mornings my neck is so stiff, I can't put my chin on my chest or move more than 30 degrees left or right, it takes me about 30min-1 hours to move freely without pain, but movement is still restricted even once i've warmed up. When i'm still the pain, often feels like the burn you get when you work out, my muscles in my neck do feel have that lactic acid feeling, and on movement the pains are sharp. I've been doing pilates and gentle stretches, i've changed pillows, concentrating on not using my head for momentum, keeping my posture good. Today I had an MRI scan and discovered i've got a herniated disc in the cervical region, along with some early onset degenerative changes, I'm 39 but use to be a gymnast and a coach, so my joints have done more than their fair share. I just want to improve the pain, stop taking pills and be able to move freely again - what's your advice on how to get better? Thanks Nicola

Q: hello, I just read your "spinal fusion" section. I figured i would tell you my story, it seems to fall right in with everyone else. where to begin....I had been experiencing pain radiating down my left arm into my hand, numbness, and weakness etc... for over a year. well July, 2007 I was diagnosed with a osteoblastoma on my left c6 facet joint. The Dr recommended a "2 level fusion" c5-c7 with a hemilaminectomy of my left c6 facet. she said it was my only option! well i had the surgery, and my life has gone to hell!!! The pain I'm experiencing now is so much worse than before!! it has been 3 years since my surgery and I'm in pain everyday. oh i forgot to mention that "I just turned 23" I was only 20 years old when this surgeon told me this was my only option... so now I'm sitting here at 23 years old with chronic pain, wondering how I'm going to live the rest of my life like this. please!! if your doc says a fusion is the only option, get another opinion before agreeing! I have seen very few success stories from fusions. especially more than 1 level... Jake

Q: Had a spinal fusion last Nov 30. I am in such pain from the hardware, It digs and pinches all the time. Cannot sit comfortably at all. If I run an errand it feels like a vice on my spine. Was my surgery done incorrectly? Karen

Q: hi, i have suffered for around 3 years with episodes of what i can only describe as a crescendo of a sensation in my back. I i cant really say it's pain as such much more of a discomfort. it does on occasion reduce me to tears (the not knowing i think). It can happen in any part of my back, like a "whoosh" of sensation traveling upwards. I am seeing an osteopath who says i have slight kyphosis and i know from an xray i have mild osteophytes forming. when i get this sensation i feel my bowel movement changes more to the constipation side and i can fell shivery. I am having a bout of this now which i due to past bouts will last about two weeks, it doesn't stop me lifting, walking etc. i've been to the gp who is at a loss, about 18 months ago i was in A&E with it (they did not know what it is but did not have any tests) - i guess no one knows which route to send me down. Has anyone described this sort of sensation before. please help. Pauline

Q: I have been having back pain ever since i can remember.My parents used to think that it came from carrying a backpack when i was little. When i was 15 i was diagnosed with scoliosis. i started going to therapy but stopped going. I didn't have time i had to work and take care of my son i had at an early age. They had told me that if i didn't take care of it then i could be paralyzed. that's what scares me now. My pain is getting worse. It is on my upper back and i also get alot of headaches on the back of my head. I try going back to the doctor and they said that nothing is wrong with me. I cant even provide for my kids because my pain doesn't let me be able to work. I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME AND HAVE BEEN SEARCHING AND ASKING DIFFERENT PEOPLE TO GET AN ANSWER. I AM SCARED TO BE PARALYZED. THIS PAIN NEVER GOES AWAY AND IT GETS WORSE IF I START MOVING AROUND. IF YOU KNOW WHAT MAY BE THE REASON PLEASE LET ME KNOW THANK YOU. Christina

Q: I have a herniated disc that after 10 months has not healed. L5-S1. I often awoke at night in pain, from a good sleep as my body subconsciously extends (arches) and puts pressure on the disc, causing intense sciatica. This has set me back months from where I once felt I was getting better. What should i do? This is incredibly frustrating, not to mention painful. It has become chronic and causing me fear when i go to bed at night. Please help! David

Q: I am 41 years old and I have extreme lower back pain! It's in the area right above my buttocks. The pain is so extreme that I have to crawl to the bathroom. I do not have a job lifting heavy objects, so I have no idea why i have this pain. This pain first happened about 6 months ago, and it went away after I was giving a shot in my hip. But now it is back again and this time the shot did not work. I am really scared, the pain has been going on for a week, the pain is so intense it shoots down right leg making it almost impossible to walk. I am extremely worried what could this be? A friend to me it my be a Herniated disk. Brijanae

Q: Is there a translation of Dr. Sarno's works in Hebrew. If so, how can I purchase them? Also- are there any practitioners of Dr. Sarno's method in Israel?? Thanks, Yaakov

Q: I have lower back pain just under waist on left side,mostly after sitting. i had a pituitary tumor surgery 2 month ago. I am very far away to my country now, so can't able to contact my Dr. thanx, pawan

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