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Q: I am looking for info about a back problem where the spine has shifted off the base of the disc below it. I have had surgery and am now having crunching or clicking sounds - 4 months out. I really really really do not want to have surgery again. Any suggestions as to what I can do to help promote growth or even if you think this is a problem? Peggy

Q: sir i mailed you about my fathers back pain that was from left side buttocks region to lower portion of thighs and you replied to my mail and advised me to consult a physician. sir we did same, 3 doctors diagnosed it as sciatica, treatment is still running with some painkiller medicines, yoga, hot water massage and one oil massage. sir but still pain is not subsided and indeed it changes its frequency. what next should i do....?? pls help me by your valuable suggestion. pls sir i am waiting for your reply...... Deepak

Q: I have been suffering with sciatic pain for over a month now, I have tried pain killers and muscle relaxants but nothing seems to work. I have gone to my doctor and medical clinics. How can I be pain free and cure my sciatica. Please respond as soon as possible. Thanks, Pat

Q: My teres minor or major underneath my shoulder blade is always bothering me its like everytime i move to pick something up or am just sitting down i'm in pain. Its like a burning pain in my back or a real tense feeling. Do you have any suggestions of treatment? Michael

Comment: I have been suffering from severe lower back pain since i was 18 I'm now 26. When i was 18 i had a car accident where i fractured the L5 disc and broke my right foot and three toes to the left foot. For a week i lay in a hospital not being able to move no sitting, standing nothing at all. It was a very hard time in my life and for 2 years i was recovering. When i thought the pain was gone a year later it was back so severe in my lower back i started getting spinal injections with bone specialists to help the pain for awhile it was working until i had another major car accident since then the pain comes at night and its so chronic it brings me to tears it starts in my back rib cage and travels to the end of my lower spine i cant roll over i cant hardly move i'm living off hot heat packs and deep heat i spend so much money in Physio and at the osteopath trying to help myself. The pain gets so much i'm left so depressed what can i do. The pain is so intense i can hardly breathe at night time, i wake up to the pain and i'm crying. Ive tried everything. And now i'm getting numbness to the feet and hands it all seems to be related my back gets worse and so does the soreness and numbness in my hands and feet. Sandi

Q: Hi. For how long is it safe to do spinal decompression with a machine that has an inclination of about 45 degrees? And for how long is it safe to hang from a bar? :)Olle

Q: I'm a 27 years old male who just got diagnosed with Severe Large disc bulge / herniation at the C5-6 level on the right. The doctor recommended me taking anti-inflammation medication, muscle relaxation medication and steroids medication but that did not ease the pain at all. So the doctor told me the next step is physical therapy and anti-depressant medications and scheduled me to take a cervical epidural injection. She said that this will not fix your problem but might ease the pain. The doctor said if your pain doesn't go away and you can't deal with it anymore (in the next 3 months), I have to go through surgery (which I don't want). Can you please let me know if the VAX-D and DRX 9000 is an alternative solution for me? Also, is there any new treatments that showed better results that these 2 old VAX-D and DRX 9000? Motaz

Q: Hi, I read through your story of having neck and back pain for 18 long yrs and finally finding out "psychosomatic back pain" as the main reason for the pain. My case is similar, my pain in one part of the neck and lower back is since last 2 yrs, not able to diagnose. My work involves sitting long hrs on the computer. But I feel the pain is because of some other reason. I had an MRI done last year and nothing really abnormal was seen, do I need to get an MRI done again...?? Need your help regarding this. Thanks for your time. Regards, Stavan

Q: Hi, my name Amit .... I have had this problem in my arm which started off when I was training in gym.. I was able to lift weights over my head was too painful in right side on my left arm ... Thought it to be a minor gym injury but it stayed for a while .... Went to gp and he said xray and ultra sound of shoulder and elbow to check for tendonitis but results were clear and it wasn't that.... Problem still persisted... Then gp directed me to physio... Took like 4 sessions to discover it was a pinched nerve in neck ... Physio said will try to treat it locally but didn't help much other then removing to tensions in muscles round it... Took a neck xray of left hand side as I started to get burning and tingling in forearm and elbow till small and forefinger while typing at work... Xray with bone was normal go said neurosurgeon and physio said the same... They said an MRI will show it clearly.... I have not done it yet nor even seen a neurosurgeon... Too scared... As they might say surgery...on high anti inflammtories at the moment on 10 day course .... If conditions don't feel good I might opt for neurosurgeon....I get this choky feeling in my left side of neck in morning and mental state is worsen haven't been to the gym for 3 months now ... I'm totally confused and paranoid and the situation is scaring me. it might be a life long thing ...please advise, Amit

Q: Hi. Around 2 months ago i believed i suffered from a back sprain injury (doctor diagnosis) playing football and yo this date still haven't recovered fully. Regrettably i continued to go to the gym around 4-5 times a week in addition to football and rugby(I used iburofen and cocodomal as well as substantial amounts of 'fiery jack' muscle ointment to help alleviate some discomfort). I have taken 2 weeks off any physical exertion and the pain has alleviated however i still have a slight 'niggle' in the lower back (whether it be psychological i don't know). I can now do all the exercises i could do before except a couple. What do you recommend that i do to recover completely from the injury? Thank you, Cameron

Q: Dear sir, i suffering with neck muscle pain. This pain is observed some time during movement of my head and some time my hand,that time i feel the weight of my head this pain is on right neck side, and some extent it appear in also left side. i SUFFERING THIS PAIN SINCE LAST ONE YEAR AND MY AGE IS 30 YRS. When i move the head above the its limit that time i feel that my muscle tightened just below the neck back side of shoulder. This pain observed some time, after one month it totally recovered and then again 02 month back it observed. this type of cycle appear. Kindly suggest me some treatment or your valuable suggestions. I wait for your reply. Thanks,Hitendra

Comment: I am 59 years of age,I have scoliosis with osteoarthritis. I have been off sick with this since 2 nov 09 As my hospital appointment was the 5 nov 09 canceled by them. I eventually saw my GP late august he said I shouldn't being working with so much pain. my next appointment for hospital 25 jan 10. I have just started physiotherapy a week ago after waiting 3 months taking vit d with calcium tablets since march. would I eventually go back to work is it a bit early to ask. I have been to occupational health but they couldn't see anything wrong with my back. that was feb 10 work wise seems to try to get rid of me. Mary

Q: I am having this pain in my hip (left) for 1 year now. some time its gone for months and then it return with full power. I live in Pakistan and don't have much resources for the treatment. I am 32 years of age (male) married with two kids. I somehow find it funny that when I have 3-4 times intercourse with my wife in a single day I feel this pain. I have also noticed that my left hip has less fats then the right one. Pain is intense right now starting from the lower left back to hip and all the way down to my foot. Please recommend what should I do. and does sex has to do anything with this. Please replay soon, Kashif

Q: hi I purchased a new spring mattress a month ago, it was good but recently i'm getting a lower back pain on that mattress, earlier i used coir mattress where i didn't feel any back pain. Now I tried several sleeping positions on this new spring mattress but didn't help. but whereas my wife has no problem with this new mattress. now my question is should i try to change my pillow to memory foam type since I am using microfibre pillow or is there any technique to reduce lower back pain. Please help me out.. thank You. Nuthan

Q: Hi again! I wrote this question maybe 6 weeks ago and you had a question as to if the MRI was before or after the second back injury it was before. I have not yet been given a referral for a second MRI. My claim is still pending and now have an Attorney My condition is now getting worse week by week. I now get complete numbness in my left leg that makes me susceptible to falls. The last fall i fell down some steps and landed right on my lower back now I can barely sit, bend, walk, etc. I also get severe pain in lower left side of back that goes down my left leg to my toes that are numb and tingling. Now this next part is strange! I have trouble urinating and having bowel movements. Does that have anything to due with all this? I tried to due physical therapy yesterday and the pain was so bad I got sick. When the P.T. she examined my back she was shocked at how swollen my back is! So what do you think all this could be? I'm scared to death of surgery. Do you think I will need it? I've never have experienced so much pain in my life. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thank You. Pam

Q: when i lay on my back and move my legs like i am riding a bicycle i hear and feel a clicking in my lower back/side area. after a while the clicking goes a way. can you tell me what is clicking and why it is there and then goes away? Chris

Q: I have had over 10 years of lower back pain. X-rays showed 7 years ago that I have problems (deterioration) with lumbar region in L4-5. My dad had a herniated disc and surgery at about my age (40 years old) and I may have inherited his bad lower back. I try to exercise, do various stretching, but pain persists. A lot of sitting (in front of computer and in meetings for my job) or standing leads to greater pain. Driving can be most painful. From your experience, where do you recommend I start? Thanks, Rob

Q: I just turned 45 years old. I have been suffering from continuous chronic lower back pain for over 20 years. I have been to chiropractors, doctors, physical therapists and psychiatrists with no cure. I have had adjustments, PT, massage therapy, acupuncture, trigger point injections, stretching exercises with limited short term relief. Last week I went to yet another psychiatrist and will be getting yet another MRI of my lower back. I haven't had a good night sleep in over 20 years with no known physical damage to my back? How do I make it go away forever? David

Q: My wife has middle back pains from time to time and every few months she has extreme back pains from which she faints. When she comes back from passing out her pain is gone completely. She works in front of a computer a lot and does not do regular exercises. Any idea what can be caused by? Regards, dimitri

Q: i have back pain from buttocks to foot. too much pain. mri report. doctor says no need surgery. on medication and bed rest. now just i saw your article on sciatica. the same problem i have. sir can u help to about treatment for sciatica i shall be very thankful to u, khalid

Q: Hi I was diagnosed via mri in march with 2 herniated and 2 bulging disks. a sudden pain in left arm seemingly out of nowhere sent me to dr. mri showed herniated disk causing a pinched nerve at C 5. i'm in pt now, doing a variety of things incl traction. pain comes and goes, and moves around within upper part of arm. neck itself not usually painful. any suggestions ? I'm 49 years young today actually and have always had poor posture, so I've been told. thanks for your fdbk. Howie

Q: I had a 3 disc laminectomy in 1983. I had a successful back surgery - 100% pain free. Injured on the job resulted in Failed Back Syndrome. I have sciatica, spinal stenosis, vascular insufficiency, degenerative disc disease, disc compression and currently, I suffer from extraordinary pain due to peripheral neuropathy. Can PN be due to chronic low back pain and compressed discs? Ed

Q: In Feb 09 I had a car crash someone went into the back of me I was told I had whiplash but after 8 months of agony I demanded that I had a x-ray which the doctor said showed a fracture of the t6 vertebrae but after mri scan no fracture was found doc said possible it was fractured but had healed in the time i waited for scan. I still have terrible pain i am unable to sit,lie down or stand in one position for more than 5 minutes, i cant sleep with the pain and i get red hot feeling in my feet and i can not do the simplest of jobs without the pain going through the roof very quickly. The doctors have give me tramadol which only take the edge off but need to take 8 before they work. I got a letter today telling me the mri scan showed a minor disc bulge but not touching the nerve they recommend injection into the back to deal with pain, but no one can tell me why i am getting this pain can someone please give me some advice. I am 40 yrs old and feel my life is over any help would be welcome. rosie

Q: Hello, I present myself, I am Awad, I am from Libya, I suffer from herniated disc cervical from 6 months ago. I write for you to know what I must do. Thank you for your opinion.

Q: Approximately 4 months ago I got very sick from drinking a bit too much and began vomiting profusely. Id say within a 12 hour period I vomited or dry heaved violently at least 20 times. After about the 18th time i noticed that i had a bit of pain on left rear portion of my neck (where i have had a previous injury at c3-c4) and felt some light tension that ever so slightly pulled my head to the side. To make a long story short, within 4 weeks i had a very bad head tilt and my scm started to go into a dystonic cramp. I went to a neurologist and they diagnosed me with cervical dystonia (not even an xray was taken). I received a botox injection, due to the nature of my work, i had to get back to work, and although i am doing much better, i still have some bad pain and restricted movement in the area i suspected was injured. is it possible that a herniated disc or torn ligaments could cause the symptoms i was/am experiencing. Its been over three months and have had not dystonic spasms to this date. Jeff

Q: Hi there. i've been suffering from tailbone pain for the last 5 months. After finally being directed to the "proper physician" who could diagnose me, my scans/x-rays show that the bottom Piece/knuckle/whatever part of my coccyx appears broken from the rest of the tailbone. As you can imagine sitting and standing from a seated position is very uncomfortable. Also, riding my motorcycle has been limited to 10-20 minute trips. not fun. If that's not bad enough, i now have 2 bulging discs in my lower back that add to this discomfort. I'm 41 years old and i move like an 80 year old! the doctor says there's nothing i can do about the tailbone but wait for it to heal on its own. Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. - Jay

Q: Hi, Back in November 2009, I had a sudden onset of pain that shot down my leg. I am not one to have back pain so this was a shock when it happened. After MRI's, CT scans and x-rays, I was diagnosed with a far-lateral herniated disc at L4/L5. This herniated disc has caused my leg to go numb and weak. My EMG results state that I have muscle/ nerve abnormalities and that they are damaged. I have been to 2 orthopedic surgeons, one neurosurgeon and one neurologist. All but one said I should have the surgery. My leg has gotten stronger but the weakness is still noticeable to me as well as the numbness. My back pain is very minimal and physical therapy didn't seem to help much with re-gaining the strength in my leg. I guess my question is, is it worth it to get the surgery? If the disc is pinching on my nerve, isn't it best to remove it to free up the nerve to give it a better chance of recovering? Many thanks,Laura

Q: Sensei, I can appreciate your 18 years of back pain, I am currently in my 17th year, and it has not gotten better, but worse. I had a snow tubing accident in 1993 which broke my back between the T11 and T12. I was fused and rods were used for 18 months, then removed. From that time until 2005 I only experienced tight muscle spasms, which felt like cinder blocks on my back. In 2005 I started to experience leg pain, along with lower back problems. After months of therapy, pain management shots, etc. it was determined that I should have therapy for spinal stenosis in my lumbar region. After 5 hours of surgery correcting some bulging discs, a break and the spinal stenosis, I am now fused from my L2 to the L5, with permanent rods. Unfortunately I broke two screws on my rods within 2 years which resulted in additional surgery to pull the crushed disc out and insert an artificial disc, this was done one year ago. Now the pain continues and a recent MRI indicated I now have spinal stenosis from the lower fusion to the fusion at T11 and T12, and that someday this too will need to be operated on. Meanwhile I no longer stand up straight as hard as I try, and my back pain is constant, not to mention that my right foot is partially paralyzed and my ankle and shin are uncomfortable. I'm going to try acupuncture next to see if I can get some relief, I am not eager to have any more operations, and promised myself that I would explore all other options before giving into another surgery. I would love to know how you elevated your 18 years of pain. Carol

Q: When something comes up that is unpleasant, I immediately get great pain in my very lower back and feel very weak. It seems like at times it has to be an important something to cry about situation, and then other times it can be something as simple as my husband saying he has to go out of town for two days. I just shut down and my neck and lower back and stomach go array and I am not right and in a lot of pain and weakness for a long, long time. What's that all about? Ursula

Q: Hi, I have been reading up on some of the stories and information on your website, which I must say I have found quite useful. I wondered whether you might have any advice for my condition. I have been living the past 6 years with Chronic neck pain, it all started around 6 years ago when I slept on the floor without a pillow, when I woke I had a throbbing pain in my neck, what I should have done was rest it until it got better but stupidly I did not and I continued weight training in the gym, than ever since it has just got worse and worse. I have a desk job and as you can image all the muscles in my neck freeze up and cause my such discomfort, pain and it also effects my moods quite badly. The pain is a strange one, it is focused around my shoulders, neck and back of my head, the muscles are always so tight and it gives me terrible headaches. Sometimes the pain tends to wear off a little depending on what I doing and than it will just come back even worse. When I first developed this injury I saw a chiropractor, a physiotherapist , a sports massage specialist, I then went private and saw pain specialist , this included having an MRI which came back ok, and I was then given Botox injections in my back not neck, this did not work. After about a year of trying to solve this issue I gave up as it was costing so much and I had enough of the disappointment of not getting anywhere, and over the years I have just learned to live with it. Unfortunately just lately it has got even worse and is really affecting my life in general and I know I have to do something, someone has suggested a cortisone injection to help the muscles relax, any thoughts on my situation would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks Matt

Q: i have burning pain on the outside of my rectum. the dr. diagnosed the pain from a nerve in my back. i took cymbalta which got rid of the pain but had too many side effects so i had to stop. then the burning came back. is there anything else i can do i had an mri and nothing showed up. Marion

Q: I'm 38 male, very active, sports, every once in a while i get hit with severe lower back pain to the point where i can't find relief from the pain whether i'm sitting, standing(crooked) or laying down. This last time (about a week ago) I went to the chiropractor and massage therapist still haven't found any relief but now my left leg, just the skin, feels numb and my hip feels like it has to "pop". I'm frustrated and tired of this recurring issue. Any exercises or stretches I can do to find relief and hopefully keep this from happening again. Thank You in advance. Paul

Q: You mentioned in your article that you were diagnosed early with DDD, and that the therapies were only symptomatic treatments, but you didn't mention what the 'real' source of your pain was. I'm very curious, because I have a young friend who was recently diagnosed and she's in a lot of pain despite her physical therapy. I would love to know ways to help, even if it's just a little, and any advice you have would be golden to me. Thank you! Rynn

Q: I need some help/advice. Background- I'm a senior in high school and baseball player. I've never suffered from back pain and I'm still trying to determine if it was sudden or a gradual increase in pain. But basically the diagnosis I've come up with is a latissimus dorci strain. It's moderate pain and it hurts to throw, but I've played two games through it at first base just to reduce the amount I have to throw. I'm scheduled to pitch tonight in the conference championship and have a few scouts coming out. The main thing I'm worried about is causing more damage or more pain come state playoff time which is in a week. technically I'm not sure if it's a lat strain or a tight muscle.. But it all started with little pain under my right arm pit on my back, and as of now the pain is well, a little more painful and starts below or at the shoulder blade to about 3/4 down my back on the right side. So I'm a little desperate for what you think it could be and what you think I should do. Help would be appreciated. also, I typed this is on my iPhone so I apologize if it's all Over the place. Thanks for reading and thanks for helping. Colton

Q: how do you lay down after surgery if you are not supposed to move your neck? Taryn

Q: I don't have chronic back pain, but, instead, chronic nerve pain in my right elbow. I have undergone 2 unsuccessful surgeries, and my problems continue. I have gone to numerous orthopedic surgeons, occupational therapists, pain management doctors and a chiropractor in an attempt to resolve a problem that only continues to worsen. I am on many medications and have been told I am depressed given my condition. I am frustrated, and would just like my symptoms to resolve so my quality of life returns. I have begun seeing a pain psychologist, but I am very interested in this knowledge therapy and whether it may work to help my condition. So, my question is, would this knowledge therapy work to help me? Karri

Comment: The pain started after I was laid off from a very high stress job in the financial sector. The culmination of stress from a few years probably precipitated the pain, as well as a change in lifestyle from a desk job to a stay at home mom job where I was leaning forward to pick up my daughter and her toys a lot. Then I put together her new Pottery Barn bed, and it was all over for me. I was in constant excruciating lower back pain whether in motion or lying still. To regain some pain free motion I visited a chiropractor who adjusted me and gave me some ART (active release therapy). I didn't really get a diagnosis from the chiro, just a general approach that my back pain seemed to be due to very tight hip flexor muscles and IT band ares. The ART and adjustments helped release the lower back and hip area which had felt locked before in about 2 - 3 weeks of treatment and nothing but rest (no walking even). By that time I was dying to become active. I started doing Bikram yoga (hot yoga developed first by a body builder to rehabilitate his injuries). I could feel the various muscular knots and gnarls in my back individually, and also the blockages in my abdomen and center that were causing the back pain. Sometimes the yoga would feel helpful at other times it felt like I made the pain and injury worse. I also started doing lower abdominal exercises to help release the back. Now, when I really tighten my lower abs, I can feel my lower back let go a bit.

I am now in the third phase of my recovery - an anti-inflammatory diet (no sugar or meat) in the hopes of cleaning out my gut and depuffing the irritated nerves in my back and IT band and related areas. As I sit here and type, I am aware of the pain in my back. I am hopeful that I will be completely pain free one day. Lower back pain is also related to fear and inability to let go of the past. To combat that I sit Indian style with legs crossed, back very straight and lower abs sucked in tight. Now let the universe support that position and let go of all the tight areas in the lower back and butt. Saira

Q: hi i'm 20 years old and i've had a herniated disk for about 2 years.. i've had the epidural steroid shots, tried physical therapy, i just got this inversion table that you lay upside down in and i'm not sure if that's going to help or not im almost losing all hope of even getting rid of this thing. all the doctors i've seen have wanted me to get surgery and even one that wanted me to get a spinal fusion! and now lately its been getting worse to where i cant even barely get out of bed and walk around. it hurts to walk, stand, lay down, sit down, i cant ever find a good position. should i go back to physical therapy? the doctors also said i that my 5th vertebra is fused with my pelvis. any way, do you have any suggestions? cody

Q: i am 49 years old and work a heavy manual job. i was in a car accident 11 yrs ago and hurt my back and this is when all my back pain began. i was in therapy for 2 yrs and nothing helped they told me i had torn ligaments on the right side of my spine and pulled muscles with sciatica irritation.i was having what they called inflammation flare ups in my spine every second month that lasted for 4 weeks which was very painful and couldn't walk for 3 weeks and on the 4th week started to walk baby steps. had ct scans and bone scans and blood work and all came back good. i had to return to work and had back pain so bad i had to get help getting out of bed in the mornings. and i am still having pain which is now worse with hip pain and ankle and foot pain and sharp tingling in both feet and numbness in my both legs. i cant seem to get help with this they just say nothing is wrong with my back. something is wrong with this kind of pain in my spine. i am begging you please help me with this pain its ruining my life. hoping you can help me, nancy

Q: Hi there,could you please let me know if my brother can have kids,his a paraplegic his been on a wheel chair for 15 years he said his a T10. Nomsa

Q: My Dad has no range motion in his arm and he has receive one steroid shot. He has had two mri and today the doctors told him he has a herniated disc in his neck. Surgery has been recommended. What do you think? Tonya

Q: I recently developed severe mid back pain and numbness and tingling in my hands arms and numbness and tingling and weakness in my hamstring in my legs and toes. A few years ago I developed severe intercostal cramping which I relieved through Dr Sarno's book. This new development is 10 times worse than the previous episode. I have been under enormous stress the past month and this came out of nowhere. I started the program yesterday and really got serious with it this morning at 4am when I could not sleep. I was able to get the pain to release when 2 percosets AND 2 FLEXERALS wouldn't. I am now canceling all chiropractic appointments and no more meds for the pain. How long before my tingling and numbness subsides? Any clue? Wallace

Q: Jerry is in an automobile accident that severs his spinal cord at the L3 level. After his recovery, he wonders if he will still be able to have an erection. What would you tell him? Rose

Q: Hi, About a year ago I started getting severe shin spasms which were traced to some ill-fitting orthotics. Eventually after many sessions with the podiatrist we removed the orthotics in the hope that the constant shin pain would go. These shin spasms caused me great emotional stress as I am a very active mountain biker, and I have a big mountain biking event coming up in July.

Normally with an injury I get on and it resolves itself, but I have become obsessed with this constant shin pain, and although the physio seems to have fixed any underlying issues caused by the orthotics, such as L4-L5 tightness and tibiofibula joint tightness, the pain in my outer shin continues on both legs. Weirdly, normal pain killers don't seem to help, i.e. NSAID's like Ibuprofen, naxopren etc.

Can you help shed some light, do you think it may be stress/psychosomatic due to the upcoming event ? If so what steps should I take to help resolve it ? Thanks for you consideration. Mark

Q: Hello: I AM 44 AND I had a ski accident over two years ago when a snow boarder came from behind me and after buckling my knees I landed on my back across the side of his upright board. I felt immediate pain in the L1-2 area where I fell. I spent the next two weeks going to chiropractic therapy and was flat on my back in pain for almost two weeks. After that I felt badly bruised, however was making slow progress. Over the next year I felt an occasional pain off and on, but didn't feel it was anything too bad. (I've always had a high tolerance for pain). In March of 2009 I had began to have terrible back spasms and have not been out of pain since. The following shows my first MRI in June of 2009 and the second MRI just last month. I have been feeling the pain getting worse, no matter what I do. I've been through physical therapy and steroid shots and nothing seems to help. I have terrible pain in the lower back area around the sacroiliac (which I am waiting for approval for shots to see if the joint is affected), however I also have a lot of pain in my middle back that runs down to my gluts. I only get relief from heat and rest, however the pain returns with movement. After my orthopedic surgeon reviewed my latest MRI he is recommending a discectomy on L1-2. My concern is that the disc has gotten much worse in only 10 months and I don't know if I should have the surgery now before things get even worse over time and I need a full fusion. I would rather not do surgery, but if I'm only delaying the inevitable, I'd rather do it sooner than later. I appreciate your thoughts. Debbie

Q: About 20 years ago I slipped down some stairs in a cottage in France badly bruising my back from the middle downwards, it was painful but at that time it did not stop me walking or bending. However some time later after some light bending I got doubled up with paid and was unable to stand up straight an MRI showed a bulging disc. Physio and exercise got me back on track. I have been told I am hypo mobile and am quite fit generally for my age which is 61 (ugh) I am 5 ft tall and weigh 8.5 stone. My problem is that I am very stiff bending side to side forward and back is fine. I have had a bad back once again after a pilates class two weeks ago, severe lower back strain which radiates around to the front and a pain under neath to the back of my pubic bone the part which sits on the saddle of a bike? I have been taking ibuprofen and although I am a clinic manager for a physio clinic have not had any physio this time around. Do you think it is the old injury or something else? Susan

Q: I had surgery 3 years ago for scoliosis. My curve was 45 15 degrees. I have two rods and 8 fusions. I am in pain while standing / walking. My X rays show the rods are in place,nothing wrong, but I'm in pain. My doctor says its my muscles / rib cage. My only relief is to sit in a recliner chair. I am a 61 year old woman. I'd love to talk to others that have had this operation. Cherl

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