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Q: I had back surgery May 18,2008. On May 22, 2008, I had to have another surgery because the spacer device that was placed in my back, had somehow slipped and was resting on nerves along my right leg. After constant complaining from me to my doc, he had a ct scan done. He went in and removed the spacer device. Here it is July 4, 2010 and the same initial pain that i had when i first went to him, is still here. I am worst off now that i had surgery than what i was prior to surgery. The only reason I had the surgery was because he told me that he could help remove some of the pain. Well that didn't happen. That same spot on my lower right side of my back is still in so much pain. What also makes it worse is that the pain in my hips makes it so hard for me to sleep at night or sometimes to even get up off the couch, chair or bed is a nightmare. I have been living with this pain for extremely too long. He has given up on me and seems he doesn't care. Is it possible that I could be allergic to the materials placed in my body and that is why I seem to run an internal fever and always have green thick mucus coming up mixed with blood? Can you please help me? I just want to be able to stand for long periods of time. I would like to be able to take walks. I would like to be able to have one day with no pain at all. Charlene

Q: I have extremely painful lower back and hip pain, and also sharp pains down my hip and leg. I am overweight for my height and questioned if this could be a major cause as the excess weight has accumulated around my abdomen area. If serious weight loss will improve this how could I rid myself of it quickly to heal. Thank you for your consideration on this. Julieanne

Q: Hi,My mother was facing degenerated L4-L5 disc problem and she is mentally not fit to think that it's a common problem. How Do I approach? My doctor asked us about surgery. Ravi

Q: I have just had implanted a Spinal Cord Stimulator, apparently the latest greatest SCS out there. I am on a clinical trial with it as one of the 1st in the UK to have it done. Has anybody else had this unit implanted and if so what have there experiences been? Thanks, Andy

Q: Hello Adam, I am researching alternative solutions to surgery for my father. He has not yet been prescribed surgery but I fear he may be. He has a severely herniated disc between his 3rd and 4th vertebrae. I have been trying to find reviews of the doctor whom he sees at the hospital and have found only a few. So I have a couple of questions: Do you know of a good source for Dr. Reviews? What do you think about DRX9000 Decompression Therapy? and do you have any used copies of your book? an E-Book would not work for me and I cannot find your book anywhere for sale. If you have a used copy I would greatly appreciate that. Thank you. Evan

Q: Hello. Hi, My name is Sean. I'm 18 years old and i live in Waterloo, Iowa. I'm not sure how much you can help me but i have a few things to ask. I'm sending this e-mail on behalf of my father. He's in his mid forties and recently has been having major back pain. Hes seen our local doctors and they have told him that he needs surgery. I'm no Dr. so I cant really express the details of the diagnoses however i do know that he has received shots in his back and is on medication for the pain. I also know that the problem lays somewhere within his disks sliding out of place/pinched nerves/swelling?? Our local physicians, i know, are planning on doing the surgery through his belly, moving out all his internal organs and reaching his back that way. My father is a larger man and the Drs. have given him the summer to lose 75lbs. so they can do the procedure. My mother and i are very nervous about this situation and are currently looking for specialists close to us who can give more information/different diagnoses/or do the surgery however were very much willing to travel. I guess my main question is what are our options? My father is my life and i know this surgery is VERY serious and i could not lose him. I'm sure you are all very busy so i apologize for taking up your time and if i don't receive an e-mail back i would understand but if there is ANYTHING you can think of to help us it'd be greatly appreciated. I know this is a HUGE long shot but i figure if i don't try everything i can then i'd feel awful if something were to happen. Thank you again. Sincerely, Sean

Q: Hello I have been suffering with back pain for over 20 years & just recently it has become almost unbearable. Can you recommend a good back pain specialist? Thanks. Sharda

Q: Hi, While playing with my four year old grand daughter today my daughter, 23 year old, and I were pulling her in opposite directions and now she is complaining of extreme pain in her lower back! HELP!!! I am icing it at this moment, should I go to the doctor immed. HELP! P.

Q: I'm a 51 year old Female that is in chronic pain due to the herniated disks in my neck. 2 yrs. ago it was 5. I had an MRI on 6/25/10. the report is showing that their is more narrowing of the disks since my last MRI. I've had 6 shots in my neck along with extensive Physical Therapy. I have been diagnosed with Bi-Polar 2. After reading your page, I am wondering if that is the initial cause? My Doctor has scared me and my family to death by telling me surgery is my only option. I have a copy of my MRI and the disc that I requested for a 2nd opinion. I would like to be seen by somebody before making such a harsh decision. I just had surgery on March 18th on my left arm for Ulnar Nerve Surgery. I also have a rotator cuff tear on the left side as well. I suffer from depression and anxiety. I really want another Doctor to give me a 2nd opinion and get some help. I'm hoping you'll address my issues and how to resolve them. Thank you. Elizabeth

Q: MRI Impression, help needed to understand it. Got hurt back in Feb of this year, preventing a resident from falling...after treatments from a CP [did not help],and PT [still ongoing for PT], and family DR said nothing major in x-rays of t-spine and neck. Was sent for a MRI, the pain is now Chronic, meds help some, but nothing takes the pain away at all, its there 24/7, worse as the days on, or if I over do it, even sitting in a car...Am on modified duties at work, [had to go back as is WSIB claim], but so far they have agreed to part shifts. Meds on: Tylenol 3 for the pain [2 every 4-6 hrs], Lorazepam [2 x's a day 0.5mg each], was taken off Meloxicam a few weeks ago as it was not helping , and just put on Prednisone last week for a month trail, 5mg each, start with 6 for 5 days, than 5 for 5, till get down to 2 a the results for the T-Spine... IMPRESSION: At T6-7 there is a ligamentum flavum thickening. No spinal deformity. No compression fracture. No central or foramen narrowing. Spinal cord calibre and signal intact. Small focus of susceptibility artifact from the T12 level right of midline in the subcutaneous tissues. IMPRESSION: Minor degenerative change with disc bulging at L4-5. No neural impingement is seen. Back in Feb when this happened, I did feel a pull in my back [bra area], and it has been getting worse as time goes on, PT thinks have a pinched nerve in neck, due to pain in upper back, up neck, across shoulders and down arms, lots of pain in upper bicep area, more so on the left arm. Also tingling in hands/fingers, and my legs feet feeling like they are restless. The pain now starts at the bottom of the back, up to the neck, shoulders/arms/. it used to mostly at the T5-10 area, just seems to keep spreading. Heat/cold, Deep Ice/Freeze it etc gives a short period of relief to about 10-15 mins. The Ultra sound the PT does gives some relief fro 1 to 2 hrs. If you can help any info, would be appreciated. Thanks Sue

Comment: I have been suffering from back pain for years with thinking there was something psychologically wrong with me. I finally decided to go in and get some tests done to see what was the problem and if there was one at all. Later I met with a neurosurgeon who right away told me He would not do surgery on me because my condition was congenital meaning I was born with this condition. The MRI showed a 4cm in length cylindrical hole in my spinal cord. At birth my mother remembered seeing a dimple in my lower back. The doctors thought nothing of it. Now I wonder if a lot of my physical pain issues are because of this hole in my cord. The neurosurgeon said this was unlikely, but I tend to believe different. Theresa

Q: Hi. I am a golf pro,about a year ago at a comp i came of the course and felt lower back pain ,after a short car ride i could not get out of the car, the pain got worse then i lost the feeling in my left leg, I had a scan which showed the discs where touching the nerve it has got a bit better after seeing four different physios, I am still a long way from competing again,do you have any advice or exercise for me. Neil

Q: hi there. i'm asking a question for my wife. she is suffering from a back pain since 4 years of which no cure has been possible. there is all time complain... thing is a lump has formed on her back which is like a connection to her right hand and due to which her right hand and right side of neck pains alot...she is unable to lift her hand and also hold a small baby in her hands for long..due to which she is depressed at its like pain in the back and her right hand...the lump is clearly visible and easily can be touched and sensed its a lump...the extra formation..i want to know what cure can be done and what kind of pain is it.. she has undergone through many tests and all but still it is on...kindly pls help me with this, Rups

Q: i fell in oct. on cement on my lower right side back. i was bruised. iced it and it seemed ok. 4 months later i got debilitating sciatica pain. horrible nerve pain in my hip, buttock and leg below the knee. after 4 cortisone shots, exercise therapy, 7 visits to a chiropractor, 5 months later i still have pain in my right buttock, constant. any ideas on this? it feels like tissue damage also. the treatments i got all failed. Marlene

Q: hey my name is Brian. I'm 19 years, I'd really appreciate your advice. Basically I've been getting pain in different areas of my back for 3 years now, Note: in these 3 years I've been on the computer alot, horrible posture and day and night just sitting down. it started as really painful sharp knifes/needles pain where i cannot move for about 5-10 minutes in my lower back right and left side muscles and then its like it somehow heals after 5-10 min's. but this past year its gotten worse, i now cannot tell the difference between if i'm getting muscle pain or spinal pain, The pain is as if i need a bigger word to describe it other than pain its as if i get 10000000000 sharp needles stabbing the painful area for a quick second and then bam, i cannot move that area for some time then it heals on its own and i'm able to move again. It's gotten so bad now that i feel it near my pelvis, my lower back muscles and in the center of my back close to the spine or maybe on it. It's affected my self-esteem sooo much i get suicidal thoughts! i don't want to live like this anymore, I've gone to a Chiro did x-rays and she said that i was born with some condition where something in my spine was missing and in some cases could cause the spine to slip at stages, i'm not to sure how exactly she said it she used alot of fancy words and medical terms. I don't know what to do anymore, my dad is the typical workaholic (Construction Worker), he yells at me to go do something and he thinks by me working it will fix its self but yet i sometimes can't do simple movements in a game of basketball. Any advice please. Brian

Q: I would like to know if you have information regarding any medical doctors and/or psychologists in the Chicago area who have a similar philosophy of the mind body connections. Debbie

Q: My fiance is suffering from severe back pain from past many years. Kindly help us out. Manjiri

Q: While I was searching for the best Doctors in India to go for my wife treatment, I found your name in the Internet as one of the best resources. Please find bellow the history of my wife with scanned reports and advice us what to do were to go in INDIA. My wife was suffering for more than five years and many visiting Doctors examined her & they are not sure what she has. Her story with her pain started from 2005 with little pain and now more pain as follow: 1-In 2005, she skidded on her back & collided with the edge of a bath shower. She felt severe pain in her right SIJ, which decreased gradually. 2-After 3 months of the first accident, and while carrying heavy brick, she skidded on her back again in the same position which is her right SIJ. And she felt very severe pain which stays as sharp pain specially while setting or walking. Her right SIJ may be slipped from its position. When she fall down, her coccyx was broken which confused Orthopedic Doctors since they thought for two years that the pain she was getting due to broken coccyx.3 - After 3 months, she felt pain in her lower right leg (Calf) & Hamstrings muscles and she decided to do strong exercise to circulate the blood of her leg and while she was exercising & turned her body strongly left & right, she heard a sound "click" from here right SIJ and she felted strong pain in here right SIJ. 4-The previous pain she got in her lower right leg (Calf) & Hamstrings muscles could be the old thrombophebites or a single incompetent perforator vein which was detected in 6/8/2008 and 13/10/2008 after 3 years as stated in the reports. 5 -How she is feeling now? She feels pain in the low back with radiation to the right lower limb. Pain varies depending on her activities & movement and the pain will range from 2 to 9 out of ten. 6 - Can she sleep at night? By bending her right leg in a position until the pain decreases gradually and then, she goes to sleep. 7 - What we are afraid of? We are afraid that she may have tuberculosis in her SIJ. Doctors made TB Screen and it shows some swelling; however, doctors said the result is negative. We made 3 phase bone scan and no result came out and in 14/3/2010 she will have Gallium Scan. 8 - During these five years, what doctors said? I am attaching above MRI, CT Scan, X Rays, Bone scan and other doctors reports and for your easy reference, I have typed the above scanned reports again as follows...Best Regards, Ahmed

Q: I tried showing your website to my mother, who has a fused spine from L4 down to the bottom of her bar due to a terrible case of scoliosis. They could not fuse the bottom, leading to arthritis in her back and hips. Her leg is damaged in addition to pelvic pain and osteoporosis. Is this website of any help to her or is her case too complicated? Sincerely, James

Comment: Thanks for a great site. Jonathan

Q: Hi, my mom is currently going through a back spasm. My dad and I have been trying to help her but none of us have ever dealt with this before. Its been 24 hours, and she can't even move a leg without crying out. Should we take her to the hospital? I read on your site about how the pain should pass in time, but how long is too long? She is on muscle relaxants and vicodin but neither seem to help. Thanks for listening and having this site, hopefully you can provide us with some advice! Margaret

Q: Hello Adam, my name is Katie and I am sixteen years old and a former gymnast. When I was fourteen, I preformed a backflip on the trampolines and accidentally landed on my neck and upper back. It hurt very badly at first but then the pain eased and I decided against telling my mother in fear that she would force me to resign from my team. Two weeks past and the pain in my entire back was almost unbearable. Cheerleading tryouts were coming up and I didn't want to miss them because of my back, so I told my mother my back was hurting but left out the part about the accident. She took me to our family doctor and he looked at my back, said that it looked like I may have scoliosis. He prescribed me muscle relaxers and sent me home. I did not attend tryouts because I was afraid that I wasn't in strong enough condition to try out. My back pain was very small during that summer, barely even noticeable, but when school started back, so did the pain. My parents took me to the hospital and I got x-rays that didn't show anything but scoliosis. And again, I was sent home with prescriptions of Naproxen, Tramedol, and Flexerel. Because I go to an early college high school, my college class for the freshmen required me to take weight training near the end of the first semester. My pain came back and was 10x worse. Ever since those classes, my back pain has been terrible 24/7, nonstop. It has been hurting to the point where I'm crying and cannot sit or stand for more than an hour. I cannot carry more than 15lbs now either. It hurts all the way down my spine from the top of my neck to my tailbone. I've noticed a difference in my back as well, my head is off center, one shoulder blade is higher than the other and my waist leans toward the right even if i stand at straight as possible, I've gotten dimples that were never there before in my lower back and strange lumps that are very painful have developed between my shoulder blades. I have the very worst pain between my shoulder blades and my lower/middle back where there is another strange, large lump to the right of my spine. I've become very weak and had to permanently resign my gymnastics team, and school's starting back soon since I go back early. I can't even carry a bucket of water. What should I do? I have not yet been to a chiropractor or an orthopedist. Katie

Q: I read your articles with great interest and while I agree that all pain can have a psychological origin I believe it important to rule out the physical before assuming such. Along with this I have severe neck pain and stiffness, My fingers will sometimes involuntarily contract or I will feel that there is band around my wrist, additionally most of the time when I turn my head from side to side I can hear the grinding of what sounds as if it is bone on bone. So I have difficulty w/o feeling defensive in passing this onto some psychogenic issue...are you saying that beyond my hearing an feeling this pain in my head, it is a result of my head, mind, not the degeneration or muscles. In voluntary movement by itself can be scary...appreciate your reply..Thank you, Larry

Q: Is it still possible to buy your book in book form? and others do not have it...Maybe we are old fashioned but at our ages (60 and husband 67) we like to hold the book and be able to make notes in the margin. I am trying to convince my husband of a possible psychosomatic element to his life long back pain...tough going at the moment! Please let me know how I might buy the book if you could! Susan

Q: In August '08 I had a spinal fusion on the l5-S1. Ever since after I can't even walk! The surgeon went through the front. What could be the problem? I have done PT but with out weights. I feel I need to build my lower back strength up. What is your opinion? Thank you, Andy

Comment: I like the information I am finding here, but I saw one piece I had to take exception to. One of the links stated that science has proven that most ulcers are caused by stress. Recently, the opposite has been found to be true. Science has proven that h.pylori and not stress, spicy foods, or Jersey Shore causes upwards of 90% of peptic ulcers. Certainly, stress can cause one to have stomach discomfort and a host of other gastro issues. Sean

Q: Hi there, I was recently diagnosed with a small disk bulge after 4 yrs of glute, back and hip pain. I have yet to really talk about what to do with the doctor (my physio let me know about the results), but I wanted to know what you think my options are? I really want to try anything but surgery. I've done physio and core strengthening for years and it didn't really do much, although they didn't know about the disk bulge, so i don't know if that would make a difference. in any case, what are your recommendations to treat a disk bulge? i'm a bit scared now because i'm worried the only solution is surgery, which i really want to avoid - i have a major brain surgery a few years ago and i don't want to go under the knife again. any help is very much appreciated. thank you for your site! it is amazing. Josh

Q: hello Adam, we corresponded a while ago. i really enjoy your site and i think you have done a great job getting a lot of these important ideas out there. i myself have had a typical back pain story that has resulted in failed treatment and lack of improvement until i read your site, found a doctor who did not believe in surgery and also read dr. sarno's books. most recently, i have developed some symptoms of foot drop. it feels as though my foot is weak and harder to raise off the ground than usual. one time i even had to drag it for a short distance although it rarely gets that bad. i had an MRI and the doctor did not feel there was any reason to be concerned. he is against surgery so that was a good sign. a month after the MRI, i started to experience this foot drop. i'm not sure if i should go back to that doctor or if this is a more serious problem. i don't know if i my foot drop is caused by actual nerve irritation or if its ischemic in nature. any thoughts you have would be appreciated. Dan

Q: I have neck pain, it's been 4 years, it's start from my sleep position is not good so when I wake up my neck can not move and it is very sick. after that I try to consult with Chinese traditional doctor, but what has he done, he used a big coin and electric to make my blood normally run. until now when i want to move my neck, it still hurts, please I need your advise about it. Regards, We min

Comment: After a minor flair-up in high school, my back pain began in earnest at age 21 in 1972. The "source" was trunk rotation while shooting a lay up. I had surgery in 1973 after tests showed a deterioration that I latter learned was merely a normal stage of back evolution. Surgery was not successful in alleviating the debilitating pain. I tried many modalities before reading "Healing Back Pain" in 1997 as a result hearing about the Dr. on the "Howard Stern Radio Show". The book seemed written for me. 27 years of pain, gone in 4 weeks and a new, questioning, outlook on pain forever more. The past 13 years have been almost free of back pain and symptoms always retreat when I remember and contest their source. The euphoria when I first realized it was possible the book might extinguish my pain was only exceeded when this was accomplished by use of a tool/technique that I will always have. God Bless Dr. Sarno.

Q: Hi, I have tmj disorder and it causes havoc with my upper neck, a few months ago, I stood up and felt sharp pain in my upper neck, it felt like my head dropped an inch, now I have trouble turning my head, I can feel the soreness etc on the right side of neck mostly. Now both are acting up and my life is gone from good to horrible, Everyday Ice and heating, I wear a splint for my tmj disorder, resistance training, walking stretching, yoga for back(just started today) but all of these give me temporary relief and at times can even do the opposite and aggravate it. The worse part isn't the pain(not alot of pain, unless I turn head suddenly) but the anxiety (anxiety panic attacks)I feel because of it, do you have any suggestions. I have a new cervical traction pillow, but that to can aggravate my neck if I use it for to long a period(more than 30 mins) Garth

Q: I was in a auto accident may 24th 2010, I was hit and had side to side whiplash along with a bulging disk, herniated disk with a ruptured. I had a ct scan, mri and x-rays. the mri showed the problem as well as the x-rays. I am to see a spine specialist on june the 24th. I know that they want to do surgery. Can this be fixed without surgery? I am not sure what to do. any advice would be so helpful. angela

Q: Hi my name is jeff and i just turned 23. i first got back pain right before my 22 birthday so its been little over a year. my pain is weird but its ruining my life. i lost my girlfriend i'm depressed i used to be a strong healthy guy. i worked construction since i was 17 and think that is what caused my pain my symptoms is when i stand in line the pain in my lower back pinches my nerves and feels like my muscle is sore in my lower back. i'm getting treated with a chiropractor and its been little over four months and little results. i feel like there is no hope i don't have any insurance and want to see a spine specialist but don't have the money. i need my life back i'm only 23 and been suffering for over a year! the weird part is that my pain goes away when i'm sitting down like when i stand in line at a store its hell. i always want to bend over with my elbows on my knees that relieves the pain or when i sit down or squat down before this pain i was active i loved to go hiking go to the gym and now i don't do nothing. i feel locked up in my room every day. before this i had a real pretty girlfriend and we dated for four years she left me because i couldn't take her out and i always was in pain so all i wanted to do was stay home. i feel like if i get the right treatment my pain will go away cause i'm only in pain when standing i sleep good and the morning it feels like its gone and then as my day goes on when i'm standing at a store or pumping gas the pain comes in to play i need help please help me i'm only 23.

Q: thank you, the real "doctor" for me. i am from India, this is a completely genuine site with immeasurable benefits beyond recognition or expectation, very valid in comprehensive knowledge. this site so precise and real that i got well within hours after reading it completely, so many anomalies, confusions, right diagnoses, got cleared. i can't describe it, simply brilliant, God Bless You i don't know your name but i am sure 18 years pain you suffered has led to such a result, God bless you. Iqbal

Q: Please help me, I have been suffering with muscle spasms in my lower right side of my back now for a couple of yrs, but it's happening more and more frequent now to the point 4wksago I had such a bad one(the worse ever) I was rushed into hospital and put on morphine, diazapan and all sorts of other drugs, I was in 5 days and am now suffering from depression, fear of it happening again! Panic attacks, anxiety etc, I'm a mess! My spasm would happen for no reason at all, and pull my whole spine and hip up on one side, it's now happening every 8 to 10 wks and my quality of life is just going down hill fast, on having a scan they say I have worn discs and general wear and tear but can not see why it keeps spasming and therefore giving me no advice or treatment or help other than muscle relaxants, diazepam pain killers etc and I am just getting weaker and weaker, my chiropractor helps from time to time but relief just doesn't not last. I am in total fear now of the next episode and just don't know what to do. Would swimming help? It's happening so often that my posture is terrible, bending to one side, which is putting more pressure on that side so probably what's making it happen more often, what can i do? Someone told me to drink lots of water, take magnesium, glucosamine and swim? ... I have lost a stone in weight (was only 9 stone to start with!) through fear now I can't sleep, eat, work, and just don't know which way to turn. Please help me :-( my name is Tina I am 43.

Q: I have had on a scale of 1 - 10 a constant 8 for about a month. The pain radiates from my neck, down the right hand side of my tricep and into my fingers. My doctor just called and said my MRI showed a "severe herniation" of the cervical spine #6-7. He says surgery is what I need. Scary! Do you have any thoughts that might help? Paul


Q: I have to say first that all my life up until I turned 24 years old I have never had any kind of back problems. I have worked from the age of 13 years old and everyday up until I turned 24 and my back started hurting and then my left leg stated going numb and I fell carrying a tray full of food to my table. I told my boss that I had to leave work and go to the hospital then I was seeing my reg. doctor for the longest time and he put me in pain management and that didn't help much cause the doctor didn't even sit down with me to tell me what all the test results was. I always had to look the stuff up myself or I had to call the doctors office to where I went and got the test done and always found out that way . But my thing is that I have been dealing with this pain in my back for almost 6 years now and no matter what I do or try to do, nothing works , I try and put ice on my back but when I do I feel like I have 100s of 1000s of pins and needles though my spine and I can't handle it its bothers me to much, or I'll fill the tub up with straight hot water and I'll soak in the tub until the water starts to get cold but within 20 min. after getting out I hurt so much more then I was. I don't understand how for the first 23 years of your life you never have any kind of health problems and then wake up one morning and be in so much pain all the time nonstop and not know or understand where it came from or understand why you are having all of this pain that you never had before . What I really need to know is what are some things that I can do to help my pain from taking over my life and making me miserable. I do not know what to do I have tried everything and anything. If I walk too much I start to hurt when I sit to long or run, laying down anything and everything that I do or try to do to easy my pain just by a little bit it never and nothing never works. Please help me cause I really don't know what to do and this is causing so many problems for me and my loved ones. Nobody wants anything to do with me cause I am not to pleasant to be around when I am in pain all of the time, most of the time I keep to myself and don't hang out or want to do anything of even want to talk to any of my friends, I really hate what my life has become since all of this with my back has started and at first it was only my left side that I was having problems with but now its my hole back my left side to the right side and from the top of my neck all the way down to my feet in my arms and my hands also I don't know what to do. Please help me if you can? Joan

Q: my daughter has been dx with juvenile scoliosis with 14 degree curvature. I would like to try anything, everything to it progressing. Could chiropractor help me? Is there a chance it could get worse with intervention? I am willing to try anything as long as I know that it will not make the condition worse. Any exercises you recommend? Thank you, Renee

Comment: I am 25 years old and I have been suffering from lower back pain for 5 years, which has become severe and debilitating in the last 6 months. I was a personal trainer but my lower back pain forced me to end my career. Any movement I perform makes it worse: washing the dishes, taking out the trash, getting in and out of the car, etc. I have tried several treatments with no success. In fact, my pain has gotten worse since I started the treatment. Electro-stimulation, ultrasound, traction, inversion, massage, spinal manipulation, ice, heat, anti-inflammatory medication, pain killers. I have no health insurance, no income and nobody to help me financially or emotionally. I have become depressed and spend most of the day sleeping, laying in bed and searching the internet for answers. I don't know what to do, I fear that I will be like this for the rest of my life. Thomas

Comment: I am a 41 year old woman and I first put my back out eleven years ago. It has happened a couple of times a year since then and I go to my doctor or chiropractor and have it put back in. Within a few days I would be fine. However three and a half weeks ago I felt a stab of pain on getting into my car and by that evening I was standing sideways. This is my usual pattern so off I went and got it put back in. I have found no relief though despite seeing my chiropractor four times and my doctor twice! I've been told by my doctor that I have a bulging disc and it just needs time to heal. He hasn't done a scan and when I asked about it he said it wouldn't change anything. I still can't stand straight and am in almost constant pain. The frustration is very hard to deal with and I'm scared that this is turning into a lifelong condition. Back pain is not taken seriously enough by those who don't experience it for themselves! Martina

Q: I am 48 yrs old Cerebral Palsy condition since from birth. I would like to know about lower back pain that I encountered since 2009. I have tried almost everything, like medication, spinal cord xray, but I don't know what wrong with me. The pain becomes worse when I am sleeping with my stomach, i even can't roll out from bed because my lower back is painful. then it also affects my feet. what is the cause? what can I do alleviate this problem? Caroline

Q: I was in a serious car accident and fractured my c-3,c-4. I have alot of pain in all of my back and still in my neck. I got my 3rd cortisone shot last week and no relief on the 3rd one. Actually hit a nerve, and my left arm went crazy and hurt like hell. It's been 11 months and i'm going nuts. Some days are ok but still cant do much on those days either. Does anyone have an idea on recovery or is this going to be a life long thing? Joel

Q: Hi my name is Gemma i have been suffering from back pain for 4 months now it started out of the blue at the back of my shoulder and since then spreads around my middle and upper back. I have 3 young children two of which are twins and the doctors and physio have said the pain is caused by muscle overuse. I have eased off carrying heavy things as much as poss and had acupuncture and painkillers none of which help much or last very long. I was intrigued and open minded about the knowledge therapy as i do let things get to me however my main concern is that i was perfectly happy before this started other than having normal stresses and strains of a busy mum. Can this work for me if i never had any real worries or concerns before i'm not sure how to deal with these subconscious problems if i don't know what they are. We have no financial concerns a very supportive husband and family life was busy and tiring at time but i was generally happy and content. Since having this pain i'm finding it harder and harder to stay positive as the pain is constantly in my thoughts. Every time it eases off and i think yea, it comes back again for no apparent reason. The pain is making me miserable and as i wasn't miserable to begin with. i find it hard to accept that misery could be causing it. This is not to say that i don't believe in this method i could see how it could help people who have issues which may have triggered pain but can this help me as i really need help. I don't want to become obsessed with a cure as that makes you think about it worse and ultimately makes the pain worse. I'm at a loss. Gemma

Q: Sensei Adam Rostocki, I came about your website by browsing the internet and looking for information regarding the pain I am having. I would first like to give you a little background information (it will be long winded-lol). I am a 33 year old husband and father. I work as a police officer. I enjoy staying fit and I am an avid weightlifter. Approximately 6 years ago, while serving in the Marine Corps, I injured my back. The doctors said I had suffered a slight tear in the L4/L5 disc. They also told me that there was slight degenerative disk disease (DDD), and spinal stenosis. I had a "viking procedure" done on my back which cauterized the disk. I have had ESI's, pain medications and Physical Therapy. Gradually my back started feeling better and in 2007 I competed in my first powerlifting meet and pulled (deadlifted) nearly 600 pounds with no pain. Fast forward to 2009. While lifting weights, deadlifting to be exact, I was doing max repetitions with 405 pounds. All of sudden my back started to hurt....bad. I instantly stopped lifting and lay down on my back so I could relax the muscles as much as possible. The pain gradually got better and about 6 months ago, I had an MRI procedure on my back which showed nothing significant. The doctor did not mention DDD, spinal-stenosis, or anything else. He prescribed me Physical Therapy (PT). At PT they started me with a stretching program, and also gentle massage. After weeks of doing PT, I finally said there was nothing they could do, that I couldn't do at home as far as the stretching was concerned. I stretched everyday (or at least almost everyday) before I lifted and the pain became less, but it was still "tender". I stayed away from deadlifts and only squatted lightly. BTW, my form on my lifts, are at an advanced level, meaning I know what I am doing. Well, as of right now, sitting on my computer, I am having a pain that I have never experienced before. I have no idea what it could be or what caused it. The doctors have started me on a "4 step pain relief program". The first step was a steroid injection. The pain is not sciatica according to the tests that the psychiatrist did on me (twisting, turning, and pulling on my legs to see if it hurt). The pain hurts in my lower back a little, but absolutely kills underneath my left butt cheek. I think it could possibly be the piriformis muscle but I am not sure. It hurts to extend my left leg the most. Any kind of extension in the left leg hurts my lower left back and left butt. I am at a loss. I try to ignore the pain, but to no avail. When I stand up from sitting down for long periods, I get a throbbing pain that makes me have to stop moving until it stops. The throbbing usually last about 10-15 seconds. One other thing that might help. I have constant back muscle spasms. My back is constantly tight. When I get a massage, it feels good at the time but within and hour the spasm is back. From the top to the bottom is a constant tightness. Again, I am at a loss and not sure what to do. I apologize for being so long winded but I wanted to get most of the information in.

A topic idea that I have been pondering is A.R.T (active release techniques). I am told that A.R.T. is fantastic about helping end back pain for most people. Thank You for your website and for caring for us "strangers". Any information you could provide I am sure will help. This pains me and many others like me, I'm sure, is really affecting me and playing with my kids. I cannot sit on my butt and extend both legs out in front of me because it hurts too bad. It is irritating and sad......... Sincerely, Jay

Comment: I have a prolapse disc which have developed facet joint arthritis. I have had every injection possible with no effect my lower back aches as well as my glutes. I sit it pushes up in to my lower back when I cross my right leg over my left extreme like electric shock goes through my inner knee and tingling in my big toe when putting on socks help the back spasms scare the life out of me. exercising makes things worse Pete

Q: i have back pain for a hour or so and then i have really bad stomach pain which is unbearable its like a pain in the middle of my rib case like pressure then it moves down and is all around my stomach any suggestions? Carly

Q: I have a general question- A friend of mine has chronic back pain and is going to be undergoing nerve block shots in his back. He has heard that one of the side effects is possible lack of sex drive for a period of time after the procedure. Have you ever known this to be one of the side effects? Debbie

Comment: Pain after Lumbar Fusion- Rock Bottom. I started having lower back pain in my teens but it wasn't until my early 20's that I herniated my first disk. After several bulged or herniation's of L4 or L5, I was diagnosed with severe DDD at age 28 (with the back of a 60 year old, so I've been told). I did three rounds of bi-lateral steroid injections, pain meds, physical therapy and core exercising. I had hit rock bottom and was not a candidate for a microdisectomy due to the amount of degeneration. I had a transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion in Sept 09 in Chicago. I really like my surgeon and trusted that this was the right choice, after I had exhausted all non-surgical methods. It's now 6-7 months later and I have just started having severe pain again. I am having shooting pains through the right side and down my leg. I am hunched over walking every morning and can't do much of anything exercise-wise as it all hurts too much. I am still on a good deal of pain medication. I am at a loss as my doctor said my latest MRI shows I am "healing beautifully". However, I am in such agony that my quality of life has gone down drastically and I feel like I went through this major surgery for nothing. My doctor has basically told me that there isn't much else he can do. I know I'm young and I should be healing quickly and that according to my MRI and xray's, there is nothing else visibly wrong. I wonder if there are others in similar situations or that have suggestions as to where to go from here. I feel like I'm dependent on the medication but I literally can't function without it. I can't sit for long hours at work, I can't sleep comfortably, I can't do anything physical, and I JUST turned 30 years old last week. This is rock bottom. Erin

Q: Hi Adam: Thanks for having this site. I read Dr. Sarno's books in December 2009 and am convinced I have TMS. I have neck pain and migraines. I'm still reading the books daily and doing the "homework". I recently was able to stop all meds for migraines and got off caffeine. The question I have is it seems to be a one step forward and two steps back process. I was wondering if you had set backs in your recovery and what you did to get past them? Some days there is no pain the next day I wake up with a migraine. Debbie

Q: is it true that women can get alot of back pain after having an epidural shot? alma

Q: I'm searching for answers. I have been suffering from severe low back and hip pain for 2 years. I had an mri when the pain first started and it indicated a bulging disc at L 4-5. I was able to relieve the pain through traction and regular chiropractor visits, but the pain would still come back every few months. I was still very active in between painful episodes, and was able to hold off the pain by working out most of the time. However for the past 4 months I have had severe pain, getting worse and none of the treatments have worked. I have had traction, physical therapy, facet joint inj. 3 epidural cortisone inj. acupuncture, nutritional diagnoses, tried stretching exercised, and bought an inversion table, but still my pain worsens. I have recently moved and am seeing a new spinal specialist who sent me for a 2nd more recent mri. It came back negative. I am going for a CT scan today. I am starting to wonder if this is not a spinal issue. The pain was so bad a couple days ago I could not walk. It radiated down my tailbone, across both sides of my buttocks, and wrapped around my hips down the backs of my legs. Do you have any suggestions as to what else this could be? I am at a loss, I have spent countless hours researching this, and have spent ridiculous amounts of money on drs and testing. I don't want to live with this the rest of my life, I cant, and I just want my life back. Please help! Sarah

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