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Q: Hi Adam, I'm writing about my mother who has been experiencing excruciating back pain and states at times her bum actually feels numb like it's not in it's right position. Also she has been staggering when walking and for some strange reason if she focuses straight ahead and concentrates she can overpower this staggering but if she suddenly turns her head to the right or left she will stagger. Also cornering makes her stagger more than straight ahead walking. She had a MRI done on her head in which a neurosurgeon in Vancouver diagnosed her with a very harmless, small benign meningioma tumor by her "circle of willis" cerebellar region. Anyhow not to get off track with her back problem, my mother feels that no one is listening to her about her lower back pain and feels that this pain is somehow causing these staggering symptoms. Could a lower back problem mimic these symptoms that she is having. She also had a visual symptom where she said she was having trouble focusing. Since the neurosurgeon referred her to a head and neck surgeon thinking that her symptoms were benign positional vertigo and he said no there was no problem with her ears. So now we are waiting for her appointment with a neurologist and she is planning on requesting a MRI scan of lower back. Part of her symptoms are a loss of balance. For example, she was cleaning the oven and when she looked upwards with her head she was falling so fast that she grabbed the oven door for support and the whole stove fell over on top of her. Sorry for the long spiel but I think it was important for you to hear her symptoms. She really feels that since she has such extreme back pain that perhaps it is the cause of the symptoms. Do pinched nerves in lower back cause neurological symptoms like she's having? Also if we could send a copy of the Mri of her back when she gets it done we would appreciate so much you having a look if that's possible?..thanks so much we're all so worried about her. Sherry

Q: I had surgery for dupertins disease..had the bunches removed...the womb is all healed, but now I have numbness in all but my little finger..the doctor thinks I may have a pinched nerve..I'm scheduled for an EMG in 2 wks. If I have a pinched nerve what will they do...and will the normal feeling come back to that hand...and how long will it take.....thank you Bruce

Q: About 3 years ago I sustained a blow to my quad causing nerve damage in my thigh. Since then, I have been told that my pelvis is "out of whack" and I have a compacted L5-C1 disc. I've had back spasms frequently, but tonight was the worst yet with full, almost convulsions, happening periodically. Surprisingly, they immediately subsided when pressure was put on my hip and it popped somehow. What is going on with my body? Jason

Comment: I once visited a chiropractor with my mother when I was about 15 or so...I had told my mother my lower back was acting up, and she said a chiropractor might help (along with stretches he'd give me to do). After that initial meeting, I felt great. We came back a week later for a check up, and after that, it seemed my back was "out of whack," so to speak. Since that time, I have had this constant feel to crack, whatever it took to relieve my pain. I finally have had some X-rays done, and it seems my lowest vertebrae has very little space between it and the top part of my tail bone. I just wondered if others have experienced this, and what methods you have used to overcome this pain. THANK YOU :) Rebecca

Q: I would like to know how you cured your back pain. I just had anterior cervical discectomy and fusion. I have been diagnoised with djd, ddd, forenteal spondotheis *excuse my spelling please* ruptured disk and bone spurs. In 1997 I had part of L5 removed for a crack due to ddd. I have and am in excruciating pain as I write this. And I can tell you it is not all in my head. So I would like to know how you cured yours. Susan

Q: That sums up my back pain story perfectly. I am a 23 year old guy with severe chronic back pain since I was about 15. Doctors/PT's/Chiropractors were literally no help and I was left to diagnose myself. Years ago, after many misdiagnoses, I came to the realization that it was psychosomatic, but never read such an eloquent piece describing its nature so flawlessly. Besides being more aware, and stretching more often, what are some of the tricks you developed and habits you formed to ease the pain? Thanks, Marty

Q: My sister is 73, she has had scoliosis & osteoarthritis for a few years now. She underwent intense spinal surgery 10 days ago with the screws & rods I guess. My question is> I know everyone heals at their own pace, but she is still in quite a lot of pain. They have her on something in the "vicodin" family & valium. A physical therapist came in yesterday to her hospital bed, moved her legs around a bit, and her hips, which put her in tremendous pain the rest of the day & last evening. I guess the surgery was very successful and the ct scan shows everything healing beautifully. Why is she still in so much pain? Should she just be allowed to rest til her body heals more prior to the rehab exercises? Thank you, Barb

Q: hi, i am 26 years old.i am suffering from back pain about 8 years continuously. day by it becomes worse. at first it came from nowhere, i can't recognize why it have me. at first it looked like usual stress at left leg, which stay only 6 days. then after 6 months it again happened in previous way. then pain comes to me more rapidly with short interval. days were past with making pain worse and more steady. now i cant stand straightly, my pain spread all around my backside from neck to leg also in shoulders. earlier i was prescribed by orthopedist who gave me pain killer and back pain exercise but no result comes. now my present doctor give some test; MRI the result of MRI mild posterolateral osteophytes with abutting disc with or without facet hypertrophy are casing mild bilateral neural foraminal narrowing at l3-4,l4-5 and l5-6 level. my doctor suggest to see rheumatologist. please help me. I cant bear this pain anymore!!! Mahfuz

Q: I have suffered from back problems as long as I can remember (I am 42 years old now). At the present time about 3 weeks ago my pain started again (no reason I could think of) I did not lift anything heavy or sit or move funny as I am very aware of what I do because of my back. The pain is so severe that I cannot take it anymore its a constant nagging pain. I am very moody because of this and unfortunately take my anger out on my husband and child. they are very sympathetic and just take it (I always feel like a dog afterwards). In any event I have been to the doctor got jabs, pills you name it it does not help. I even went for physio 2 days ago endured the agony but no relief. Chiropractors etc etc cannot help me. Today I went to my doctor so that he can refer me to a specialist for some help. I am so desperate! he examined me again and told me he thinks its a herniated disc (I have no clue what that is) but I am interested in the cure you are talking about. If I tell you I would rather give natural birth to twins each day than endure this pain, I am sure you will know what I mean! I don't wish this pain onto my worst enemy! please help Ricky

Q: Hello. My name is Angie and I am 42 yrs old and I am desperate to get my life back from this lower back and leg pain. I have been a very active person until 2 yrs ago when I had a couple vertebrae fracture. MD advised vertebrae were thinner on one side and stress of lifting heavy object and overwork caused this. No osteoporosis. Arthritis, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease. Had lumbar laminectomy so I wouldn't become "paralyzed" as MD indicated. Have had physical therapy, TENS unit, pain meds, epidural injections, massage, Reiki, herbal remedies, inversion table, back to life machine and still have much pain and difficulty walking. Please help if you can! Thanks for your time!! Angie

Q: My Dad has been out of work since early june, and the,doctors he has seen don't have a clue whats wrong with him. he has back pain groin and side pain. they thought it was nerve damage but they changed their minds. they keep feeding him meds after meds. so i was wondering if you knew of any good doctor who could help my father, we live in NJ. Were willing to travel to Philadelphia. Please Help. Dana

Q: i have compression of L5-S1 &L-3 & L-4 i've had a ct scan then doc put me on lyrica small dosage first 25mg but taking 450mg now and then i had mri at start of taking lyrica still on low dosage when i had mri result showed no compressed nerve only irritation of nerves now that im on 450mg the lyrica is not working has helped a little though. Was the result of the mri because of me taking the lyrica? I don't like taking drugs the bi-lateral sciatica is awful. lucy

Q: thanks for the website and the book. it has given me a new insight to this type of injury. i have a similar story to yours. i injured my back (l5-s1) in the gym when using the rowing machine when i was 18 and have suffered for the past 2 1/2 years ever since. i have tried countless therapists, sports doctors and so on that have 'treated' my condition to a point where i'm able to do more things but it still lingers around - Sitting is by far the worst position and i also get that 'pulling' sensation along my back and my left leg when i tilt my head down (same as you had). I'm way to scared to play any sport again but have started an intermittent process of running/walking. (i use to play a high level of tennis...) For me to cure this psychological induced pain i must tell myself i'm no longer injured in any way, i'm healthy' and i must stop all routines, rituals, and precautions created because of this injury. This includes my physical therapy exercises created for me by a PT. (without stopping my PT exercises i'm basically telling my brain i still think i have an injury). The exercises are there to strengthen my core which protects my spine etc. I stopped doing them a while ago because i got lazy and the pain came back. From this experience, i must believe that they have helped support my back. If i want to play tennis again surely i need these exercises for the rigorous twisting involved in tennis. Can i tell my brain that these stretches are for me to play tennis again? And not for my injury? i feel these stretches/strengthening exercises are important factor in the recovery of the injury. I appreciate your opinion greatly and would love a detailed reply. thank you, Adriel

Q: does spinal decompression really have a lasting effect, or is it a temporary fix ? what is the normal cost per treatment, and how many treatments are involved. Stuart

Q: Just found out i have degeneration of the Lumbar spine. Any recommendations as far as supplements or vitamins to help reverse? Kimberly

Q: i was a very good squash player until 1988, when i first experienced back pain , while playing. I had a milography and was advised to give up squash. I then picked up Tennis, just to add that i have been a good athlete all my life, i am now 52. In 2007, while playing Tennis, i had severe pain and after MRI, it was disclosed that i have a prolapsed Disc of L4 AND L5. I can not walk straight on my toes and have to limp. My right leg has gone a bit weak, now slim by 3mm, i have given up Tennis since 2007, now i only walk or jog slowly. I still have the flexibility of a young athlete and easily bend down and touch the floor with my hands, something rare for a person with a prolapsed disc. I AM 5 feet 10 inches tall and weigh 78 Kgs. I would not like to have a surgery, but do feel a bit of discomfort in my right foot, its like i have tied the laces very tight. I am teaching sport business management in UK. I would be glad to have a feed back , can i cure this problem? Yahya

Q: Hi, there my name is dylan and my father suffers a great amount of pain in his lower back it has something to do with a pinched nerve or his disks he suffered a forklift accident and has never been the same since. i was just wondering could you tell me how you cured you pain. Dylan

Q: Hello, I have a Disc herniation on my lower back which pinching on a nerve. This resulted VERY BAD left leg pains. I'm lucky only ONE leg is affected from the disc herniation. The muscles that hurt the most is my lower back, left gluteus maximus and all the way to my feet.(Whole left leg) No pain in my feet thought, just tingling/pins and needles. I'm only 17yrs old and on my last year in high school and I'll be sitting in my HSC (BIG EXAM for AUS'n students in NSW) And I'm begging for help. I hate not doing the things I use to, i.e playing sports, exercising and sitting without any pain whatsoever or feeling no pain! I think my disc herniation occurred when I strained my lower back from camp 2009 around August. I thought I'd just stretched it out and it'll go away..then a few minutes later, my left glut is starting to hurt..I asked my teacher for stretches to resolve the pain..but ignored it. I still played sports and physical activity whilst I was in pain. I love basketball and I still play whilst I'm sick or pain..was a very bad idea..complete learned my suffering consequences..majorly. The treatment I had was 6-8 months physiotherapy. did not help. Now doing acupuncture and I'm feeling ALOT better than last year, but I still have the pains.. It's been over a year. Please give me advise or solution to my problem. Darren

Q: Have suffered with nerve pain for almost 1 year 2 scans have shown right paracentral disc protrusion at L4/5 with sequestrated fragment down right lateral recess impinging on the right L5 nerve root. The latest scan seemed to show some improvement.. I have a date for operation in August for microdiscectomy but as my pain is not as severe as it was but still there most of the time does come and go i am so confused as to the best course of action. I do yoga and pilates and used to be very active skiing scuba diving etc. I have done some scuba since suffering which didn't seem to aggravate it more. i have had some acupuncture, chiropractic sessions don't know if to do more of this again? I am open to anything and mind body is the way i think but am so confused how to help myself heal if possible. Sarah

Q: My mother-in-law fell ( from a broken chair ) 3 days ago and had to be hospitalized and now has no feeling from below her knee and cannot stand up. I haven't heard of this before and am wondering if anyone has any insight they can offer? Thanks, Gary

Q: I had a spinal fusion (with hardware) in 2000. At first, it was good, very minimal pain for the most part. I had had a bad back for many years, to the point that when my back "went out" i was usually down for the count for 7-10 days. Finally at one point, i developed cauda equina syndrome, which was excruciating. I had my first surgery to do a discectomy within days of that diagnosis. After a couple of months, the fusion was not working, and was advised to go back into surgery to have hardware placed. I developed an infection in the stomach area and almost had to have the hardware removed. With debridgement, we were able to save the hardware. So, now 10 years later, I am in agony once again. The sharp pain down one or the other legs, permanent nerve damage in the left leg with affects my balance/coordination, and very sharp pains across my lower back when sitting and moving forward, or using my legs to move me in a chair with wheels. I can touch spots back there that cause me pain. I have had injections, which don't seem to help anymore, and forget any oral pain meds, they don't work.....I just don't know where to go from here. I am tired of pain all the time, i can't have much fun with my three young grandchildren (I am 48), and can't even dance anymore. Is this something that I may want to have the hardware removed? I would appreciate any guidance or pointers that are out there. Edie

Q: i have pain in the middle of back near spine. can exercise may be effected to cure? please help me, thanks, Safir

Q: Hi,I was diagnosed with scoliosis at 15 but i had severe pain so after doing an MRI scan i found i had disc degeneration as well. I was told this is very unfortunate to have both at such a young age. I was told things would be monitored and that my discs may correct themselves. Unfortunately my back pain has got excruciating and every second of the day is painful and get shocks up and down my body. I have also lost the feelings in my legs a few times resulting in me losing my job in a carehome and horses at only 17. What i really want to ask you is what do you think will be my future prognosis. My original surgeon said it might not degenerate more but i live everyday frightened it might and i have heard of some severe issues and people paralyzed. Also do you have any advice about sleeping as my scoliosis makes my breathing harder and i cant lay on my back or generally get comfortable in any position. Thanks for your time x Abbey

Q: First I'd like to say that this website has been a god-sent to me and I thank you very much for validating my experiences with back pain. I noticed that you don't mention strains/sprains at all. I managed to sprain almost my entire back. Wickedly painful. And extremely common but yet I find it hard to find anyone that mentions anything about it. Why do you think that is? And why doesn't anyone talk about it? Why don't you mention it? Anyway, thanks for all the good you are doing. Anthony

Q: on dec, 31,2007 i was walking through the park when i fell really hard on a patch of ice. it was not until 2010 that a doctor told me about the tailbone. my question is i would like to know if this is the piece of bone that i am sitting on near my thigh near the butt. how long does it take to heal, hurts like hell. can a person be a cripple because of the tailbone injury? doctor did no tests of any kind. Margaret

Comment: Hi Adam,I have just started reading your ebook after intensely searching the net for a viewpoint that I could agree with given I have been given my medical diagnosis of my excruciating back pain. I must have pulled you right in cause reading the first part of your book is already calming me down and giving me hope, as reading your book is like reading about my own thoughts. I have gone through over many years, until I finally couldn't take the pain anymore and stepped off my own timestream to re-evaluate and work out what I was going to do now I was almost incapacitated and on narcotic pain killers. I will gladly keep you informed of my successes with your teachings, but felt compelled to say the above, given I just downloaded your book about an hour ago and how I already feel with just a few pages. I really felt alone and had no idea this was a common problem with people and aging. Thanks for being there. Best Regards, David

Q: Hello Adam, I read some of the articles on your site and I do very much agree that much if not all of back pain related problems are of a psychological source. I was wondering if you might have some advice for me. I'm a 25 y.o woman and apparently, according to the chiropractor I've been seeing, and my symptoms I have a herniated disc in my lower back- L5/S1. The diagnosis was made about a year ago. I also have a minor scoliosis. Interestingly my mother has the exact same injury and has been suffering for over 3 years. The chiro said that my injury might have been because of a genetic presupposition.

When I first began experiencing back pain, I was in excellent physical shape, practicing a rigorous type of yoga for 2-3 hours a day. When the pain began I stopped the practice, which only contributed to a mild depression, in addition to a busy life of a university student, since Yoga is a big passion for me. The first 6 months I went to receive acupuncture therapy (not knowing yet about the discs. It provided a temporary relief and then the pain got stronger. So I went to the chiro who diagnosed me. He told me I might not be able to do yoga at all, and the diagnosis and his statement truly broke my heart. A part of me refused to believe him still. Up until my treatments with the chiropractor, I hadn't taken any pain-killers, although the pain was very intense, I felt it was psychologically dangerous. But with the pressure from school, not being able to sit in a chair for more than 5 minutes, I felt there was no other choice.

At a certain point I stopped going to the chiro because my body felt it was all too much pressure and not much relief. I continued taking the pain killers, because I couldn't function normally otherwise. About 4 months ago I went to 2 sessions of healing, that focused on psychological factors more than the physical ones. It helped me and I stopped taking the pain-killers. I still experience pain sometimes, and still trying to regain the flexibility and strength I used to have. The pain now is more often local, but still spreads to the pelvic region at times. Stretching helps sometimes. I began practicing yoga again about 2 months ago. I feel I'm gradually improving. One thing that bothers me is that I sometimes have "popping" sounds in my pelvic and low-mid spine areas. Sometimes it hurts if I don't move in a way that can release that "popping" sound. What might this be and how can I treat this? How can I continue my healing and eliminate completely the fears that I still have about my spine that sometimes limit my movements? Thank you very much, I do hope you will be so kind and reply, Alex

Comment: Thank you for a great site full of information about all my problems. This gives me a lot to think about and discuss with my doctor. Rufus

Q: I fell off my bike twice. In order to protect my head I arched my back. The diagnosis from my ortho-doctor was that my facet joints are pushed forward and I have facet syndrome. The pain is minimal but,I do not walk well. Sometimes I list to the left and by the end of the day I feel like an extension pole that has collapsed.I am a septogenarian. Is there any thing I can do to improve my walking??? That is the only complaint I have. Sincerest thanks for your help. Pat

Q: Hi there,having had an epidural injection for chronic back pain 3 weeks ago,I have done nothing but sweat constantly,I feel nauseous all the time,is this common,as I have only been like this since I had the injection which has not relieved my pain. Yvette


Q: Hello, I found your site while searching for pain meds for back pain related to scoliosis. I was born with a really rare disease called Multiple Pterygium Syndrome. One of the things associated with the disease is progressive scoliosis. I had a severe case of scoliosis (100 degree curve), and it was mostly corrected surgically when I was 11 1/2 years old. My spine was fused to metal rods to keep it more straight. I have a lot of back pains. I'm not sure if it's because my back had got so bad with the scoliosis. Plus, doctors told me I'd probably have arthritis in my back. Do you know what people take for back pain due to scoliosis and after their scoliosis is corrected? Thanks. ~Alisha

Q: Felt minor pain while simply bending over. Pain continued to increase daily. MRI ordered by orthopedist showed left hip arthritis and bulging of disc at L3/4. Back pain left after two weeks but there is pain and some numbness from left hip down left leg, mostly in the shin area. Will soon start therapy. Are these symptoms consistent with herniated discs or should I look elsewhere. Wonderful site. Thanks. Bill

Q: In 1993 another truck driver turn the 18 wheeler over in Amarillo. I was in the sleeper and my whole lower lumbar was black and blue still have photos. In 1997 No MRI or emg nerve study was done until 1997 when I got a herniated disc at the L4 L5 unloading a 50 gallon hot water heater that fell out of the box and the Mri and emg showed chronic sciatic, MRI showed spondlylothesis, disc degeneration L4 L5, congenial anomaly. My pain increases with work like doing laundry washing car, exercise and when I play with my kids the pain increases to unbearable till I take more pain meds and I have been taking oxocodone for the pain and sometimes the pills do not last the month when I am active. The pain has increased through the years. I am 54. please help me as I love to play with my kids but my meds are not lasting the month unless I become inactive. That means death to become active. What do you think I do not believe this pain is psycological, it is real. With this disability, I do have depression besides. 5 months ago was my last mri and the doctor said nothing has changed. Robert

Comment: Dear all, Somehow my depression lead me to this site after i get fade up from the doctors and decided to search myself about my problem. I am not even sure what's my problem. I have been suffering with my back pain since I was 17 years. I am now heading to the 30 and I am getting more worried because I just got married recently and I am afraid that my problem will increase with pregnancy. The pain I have in my lower back is sever and I did MRI to check the problem again. Unfortunately, when the doctors see my MRI, they told me that I don't have any problem at all and i am young and healthy. Am I lying to them when I tell them that the pain is severe. I don't know now what's my real problem :( Any help or anyone have the same problem. - Whisper

Q: I am a 40yr old male diagnosed with CSS. My symptoms are mostly tingling in my arm and hand and feet. I had an mri, and the results were pretty bad. I don't want surgery, 3 vertebra fusion, but don't know of any other cure. Laser possibly? Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated. What i am looking for is a way to cure my condition without surgery. Please help. (MRI attached) Clayton

Q: My husband is almost 49yrs old , he is pretty active and is not overweight and has been having sever back pain for almost 29yrs off and on.. recently he has been having it more often.. he went to his Dr. and they sent him in for a MRI Lumbar Spine W/O Contrast-TC. They used the Siemens Symphony Maestro 1.5 Tesla Magnetom, utilizing the following Sequences: SAG T2, T1, AX T2, T1. Their findings: T11-T12 level. The Disc is moderately narrowed with loss of hydration. There are some anterior osteophytes. There is no significant impingement on posterior neural elements. The upper part of T11 cannot be Seen. T12-L1 Level- no significant disease noted at this level. L1-L2 Level- no significant disease noted at this level. L2-L3 Level- no significant disease noted at this level. L3-L4 Level- no significant disease noted at this level. L4-L5 Level- The disc has maintained its height. there is slight decrease in hydration. there is broad-based 2.0mm to 3.0mm of disc bulging, which does not significantly narrow the central canal, but does cause moderate bilateral foraminal narrowing. There is mild facet and ligamentous hypertrophy, which in combination with the disc bulging does cause mild central canal stenosis. There is hyperemia of the facet joints bilaterally. L5-S1 Level- The disc is slightly narrowed. there is decreased hydration. there is 4.0mm to 5.0mm of midline protrusion of disc material, which results in mild to moderate central canal stenosis. there is also more broad based protrusion towards the left foramen where moderate to severe stenosis is noted. On the right side, there is only mild stenosis seen.

Their Impression: 1. Disc protrusion at L5-S1 mostly midline, but with left sided foraminal narrowing 2. Mild disc bulging at L4-L5 with moderate bilateral Foraminal Stenosis. 3. Degenerative changes at T11-T12 without significant Impingement on central neural elements. My question is lately my husband has been not feeling any pain in his arms, legs, or chest.(Example: he can pull hair out of his chest by the handful and not feel it.. he burnt his arm on something and did not feel it or remember do it. and he has bruises on his legs and does not know what he did to get them because he did not feel any pain if or when he hit them. I am very concerned, he just started a new job Electrical maintenance. (he repairs machine and perform maintenance on them) So he will not have insurance until September. Renee

Q: I went for MRI today and the result is -Loss of Lumbar Lordosis but vertebral alignment is normal. -At L4/L5 and L5/S1, focal central annular defects are present with mild disc bulges causing a very slight narrowing of the sagittal diameter of the spinal canal and slight indentation of the anterior thecal sac. Summary : Small focal central L4/L5 and L5/S1 disc bulges What does that means? Please help. Diana

Q: Thanks for taking the time to build a great site. Your work is appreciated. As a health professional, I find some of the critical writing to be a bit sensitive for me, but I can not deny that the medical system is not all it is cracked up to be. I found this out for myself after a recent health crisis... Thanks, Robieri

Q: hi,i'm only 14 years old and i think i have a problem with my tail bone (coccyx), i've been experiencing this pain for quite some time,maybe two months or so,the first question my doctor asked me was if i fell down recently, i said no, until i remembered a few years back, i did fall pretty hard on my back because i fell from a trampoline. This incident was about 4 or 5 years ago though. I was wondering if this incident could lead to my coccyx pain,even after so much time. Samantha


Q: I first want to thank you for helping me what I thought for so long was a piriformis or back problem. You said the feelings that I had were most likely conditioned. I read your book a few times and recently purchased Dr. Sarno's mind/body connection for back pain and it makes so much more sense then what the dang MDS and DCS have told me. I was having the discomfort in my right hip and sometimes in the leg and I've read that it likes to fight and move to other areas and now it is in my right shoulder and sometimes the arm as well, I also feel it a bit in the hip still, but generally no more in the leg. It comes and goes and isn't excruciating or anything but just curious: if the pain is there to keep us from our repressed subconscious emotions then why is it, for example, when I took my boat out to go fishing it literally vanished 5 minutes into the trip. Did it somehow simply clear my mind and go deeper into subconsciousness or something temporarily? My love for the outdoors, especially fishing, is infinite. I generally have no discomfort when I'm wading/fishing in creeks/small rivers or out on my boat. Think that has something to do with it? Thanks, Dan

Q: Hello, I have read through some of your Q&A's and find your insight very good. I have been suffering with low back pain for 4 to 5 yrs and it seems to be getting progressively worse. I am 39 & relatively healthy. I have tried many treatments; acupuncture and chiro with very little relief, physical therapy seems to help for a short period of time but then comes back again and again. I have had three MRI's in the past 5 yrs which I would be glad to get to you, the first talked about a slight disc herniation, the second was inconclusive not showing much at all and the last one (this year) shows a bulging disc but no full herniation. I would be glad to get you the MRI's. I am frustrated and am very confused how to deal with this and whether or not it could be solely TMS or truly a physical abnormality? Any help would be much appreciated and if you would to see my MRI report, I can scan it in and send it. Thanks, Peter

Comment: My name is Hannah and I am 22 years old. I have been suffering with SI joint pain for over 5 years now. It started off as manageable pain and over the years has become to extreme is leaves me unable to walk usually once a month for about a week. I have tried the chiropractor, SI joint injections, anti-inflammatory meds, ice packs, acupuncture, physical therapy, i have had an mri, bone scan, x rays all of which showed nothing. The bone scan did show uptake in my si joints. The only thing that has really helped is acupuncture but it is costly and is needed regularly. My next step is to see a rheumatologist to see if i have arthritis. I am depressed and am trying to keep a positive attitude although it seems impossible. stretching helps some...but for the most part i feel helpless. my next step is to try prolotherepy...has anyone else had luck with that? Hannah

Q: i was diagnosed with osteochondrosis at the age of 16. i was told my cervical spine looked like of 40 years of age. since that time i've been suffering excruciating neck pain. i tried all sorts of treatments over the years, chiropractors (dozens of them), massage, physiotherapy. still all failed. in the last couple of years i underwent 2 nerve blocks, though tests showed later on i had no problem with nerve conduction... i spent a fortune to try to find something for pain relief, but all in vain. i'm on the waiting list for the surgery for my degenerated discs replacement. over 2 years now. i was advised to take painkillers, but i wasn't responding neither on lyrica, no tradol, no ibubrofen. it just didn't make any difference. i'm in despair, what to do. the pain is unbearable, and affects my life big time... maybe i should try acupuncture, or osteopath? please help! Veronica

Q: i only got a lower back from time to time when i stand for some time. when i sit the pain is gone. this have only started recently. Victor

Q: hi adam i have pain in my stomach since 10 years ... i take alot medicine with passage of time but didn't recover fully.... in the beginning i felt pain in front side of stomach when i ate something but now have pain in both side front and same in back..... what's the problem .... what problem i have in my stomach.... is it untreatable because i get fed up to go to the doctor again and again..... provide me proper solution... i will wait for your response .. thanks, yasir

Q: I have been diagnosed as small right lateral disc herniation at L4-5 with minor foraminal encroachment but without nerve root impingement. that was 2008. now i am having severe pain in lower back and down left leg to outside of foot. any suggestions? Darlene

Q: I will give a brief history. I was hit by a car 20 years ago and herniated a disc at L5/S1. After two years of various treatments that did not work, I found a doctor who performed a Laminectomy. To this day, I feel he did a great job. I do have some bad days, but they are very far apart. To help you get a better understanding, I love to ride a bicycle and am on schedule to complete 2,000 miles this year. Here is the issue. It seems that my legs are starting to swell over the course of the day and I am curious if it has something to do with my back. I keep myself in decent shape and eat a decent diet as I am 6'2, weigh 185 pounds, and have a total cholesterol is 122. By the way, I am 43 years old. Do you generally see this in patients that have had this type of surgery or should I be looking elsewhere? Mark

Q: mri WHAT does all this mean mild spondylytic features in the mid cervical spine but no significant theca or neural compression. MRI lumbar spine previous surgery l4/5 level. There is also loss of disc height at the l1/2 and l5/s1 levels and several of the lumbar vertebrae appear dehydrated. There is also facet joint hypertrophy at multiple levels but the canal is genrally capacious and there is no significant thecal compression. However, at the l4/5 lvel I am suspicious of a small residual left paracentral disc protrusion and together with facet joint hypertrophy this compressing the lateral aspect of the canal most likely impinging upon the l5 nerve root. However I note that your patients symptoms do not co9rrespond to this. The only other finding of note is that at the D10/11 level there is a posterior osteophyte on the left side most likely related to the facet joint which is indenting the thecal sac, but no significant neural compression is see. Dedicated axial imaging was not obtained. The conus outlines normally and there is no evidence of cauda equina compression. Please help why am I am in so much pain ? Lisa

Q: Hello, my back pain started in the third trimester of my pregnancy. My son is now 2 yrs old still I experience back pain if I stand or walk for more than one hr. So what type of back pain is it? How long I've to bear it? What can be the causes for this pain? What can I do to cure it? Ruchi

Q: I have had several shots in my back. Before I started these shots I could walk even run a little but my back feels fine now but I am having trouble walking. I walk like i'm drunk and I don't drink. what can I do to get my leg strength back. Douglas

Q: I am a 55 year old female diagnosed with degenerate disc disease with spurs 25 years ago. Three years ago it had gotten so bad that I had a fusion on my neck and spurs removed. A few weeks ago after an MRI my family doctor sent word via his nurse that I had a pinched nerve and was making me an appt. with the surgeon that did my neck surgery because I needed to be seen as quickly as possible (have an appt. July 13).he For the past 4 days the symptoms are also in my neck.I'm having tingling in my neck sometimes into my chin area,pain around my shoulder blades just like I had before the fusion, one place is is sore to touch and where I had rotor cuff surgery this past January is beginning to really bother me too.I've been restricting my activities for months and the pain is so bad now I'm almost immobile. I take IBU and muscle relaxers with no relief.I was just wondering if a pinched nerve could radiate up to my neck when the MRI that was taken I believe was of my middle and low er back? I would appreciate your opinion as I am getting so confused from hurting from my neck down to my feet. Jackie

Q: Hello Adam, Thank you for the wonderful web site. I had an laparascopic appendectomy done 9 months back. 2 weeks after the appendectomy I started having little needle pricks in the front of my right hip and felt that the muscles were very tight. After couple of months there was tingle pain down the legs and the butt muscles had like tight lumps and also pain from the start of the hip all the way to groin which worsened when I walked. Then after 8 months after surgery this pain started to radiate to my left as well. I went to the doc then and had MRI done. It showed bulging disc of 2-3mm in my L4-L5 and L5-S1. After few days I started having back pain. Now I am going for physical therapy and after exercises it seems to be better. But I have this light muscle twitching when I do sciatic stretch exercises and I want to make sure there is not something else. Please help me, I am trying to keep the positive thinking on this. Bhama

Q: Hi. I read your article on psychosomatic back pain being the most common cause of back pain. I really don't understand this. My back hurts SO bad, there is no way this could just be in my head. And I can hear my back pop hundreds of times a day. Did you just train yourself mentally to disconnect yourself from your pain? Lisa

Q: Having been seen a chiropratic doctor for several months for lower back pain i sudenly developed a pain in my left calf. I then went to see my GP who diagnosed sciatica and refered me to an orthopedic doctor. I phoned chiropractic doctor and explained what was happening she then said the sciatica was probably due to the treatment around the area she was working on.i then decided to not to go back to chiropractic doctor until after i had seen the orthopedic specialist. One sunny afternoon i started to cut my lawn and got stuck crawled to the phone and GP came out to visit me and told me I had two slipped disc that was 15weeks ago. I am in terrible pain in my lower back and chronic sciatica now in my right leg down into my foot. I was referd to physio but I was in too much pain I was going into spasm and they could not work on me. I am now taking cocodamol every 4hrs putting on ice packs and not much relief waiting now for MRI.I wish now I had never gone to chiropratic. Any advice would be welcome. Marilyn

Q: Will I need surgery with my lumbar spinal stenosis? My pain is to the point that I can hardly walk at times, especially in the mornings upon rising. I suffer all in my hips, bones and muscle joints all the way down to my ankles and feet. Diane

Q: I am 22 and have lower back pain that goes down to my bum and hips, i don't do physical work and i cant stand for to long, i generally sit. it has been going on like this for over 8 years now, and i am not overweight at all. I have been to doctors, physical therapy and acupuncture but nothing works. What can i do to get rid of back pain? Arnold

Q: the following problems, 1.tiny schmorl's nodes at d12 to l13 end plates. 2.coronal SI screening shows mild marrow hyperintensity at both inferior sacral ala- ? Marrow edema 3.Mild disc degeneration changes in lumbar discs. No significant posterior herniation of disc. Kannan

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