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Q: Hi! I have chronic back pain and had MRI Scan came back herniated disc and osteopath recommend steroid epidural to reduce chronic pain. Is there anything i can do for the meantime to ensure no further damaged will be done on the spine as my work is very physical and involved carrying heavy objects. Many thanks. Monica

Comment: This site is the encyclopedia of back pain. It must have taken you forever to write all this. Thanks for helping us all out. Sincerely, Yvonne

Q: I've had upper back pain for 3 weeks, I attended my GP and was told i had an inflamed scapular muscle. But even after treatment i'm still in pain, the pain is between my shoulder blades, mostly on the right side. I feel very unwell with it and painkillers don't seem to help. I'm getting worried. :( Louise

Q: I think you should add ED to the list of TMS like issues. Clearly blood flow is reduced in this case and it most certainly relates to anxiety and anger in most cases. After reading your book I know it does for me. Thanks for your courage to stand up to the system. Jan

Comment: I just turned 57 and have always been in good health. I work out, free weights mostly. After being away from the gym for about a month, during the summer. I returned to my routine. Glad to be back. The first day back gave me the good burn I love to feel. Day 2..the next morning my right butt cheek really hurt and not in a good way. Only after a few days could I explain the feeling to my Husband. "It feel's like a charlie horse but worse". It has been a couple of weeks now but the pain has entered my lower back and go down the back of the right leg,stopping behind the knee. Sometimes my right foot feels a small tinge. This is all new to me and I have no clue what I could have done. But now, it is time for me to educate myself, with your help, to get control of my life again. I know there's a question in here somewhere :) Thank you! Ronne

Q: i got back pain when i slipped and fell down in bathroom and it is not getting cured since six months. i consulted doctor he said that nothing happened in x ray and said that just discs are compressed, it will cure soon. but my pain is not getting cured can you advice me sum techniques and my age 18. Koushik

Comment: I have been having back problems since 2004 due to a car accident my back has not been better since the accident, i have tried therapy injections to the back nothing has worked there are times i can't move due to me hurting so bad it brings tears to your eyes, i don't know what to do anymore and the type of work that i do does not make it any better either. Patti

Q: Hello Sensei, Wanted to drop you a note of thanks. I was a sad sack with chronic pain all over my back from almost 6 years. I was getting ready for surgery and was scared to death. I found you site and read lots and then read your book and those of Dr. Sarno and Dr. Sopher. I found myself in awe and feeling better day by day. After so many treatments, ills, shots and chiropractic sessions, the pain was worse than ever, but after learning about why I was NOT in pain, that did the trick. I am eternally grateful. However, the real reason I am writing is to extend thanks form my wife and 3 little girls who now have daddy back after missing so many years of quality time together. Keep up your work, since you ARE helping so many of us. If you ever need anything, I will be happy to help out. Just let me know. Sincerely, James

Q: Hi,I get back pain in last 4 yers. what i have to do. please let me know. Thanks, Nataraja

Comment: Dear Mr. Rostocki, I would like to thank you with all my heart for the wonderful book on back pain you have published. I suffered 2 back sprains in the last 1 year and medicines and physiotheraphy provided only temporary relief.I was 28 (was massively depressed as to how my young body could be falling apart so soon)then and kept suffering horrible pain and was at my wits end with no apparent cure in sight or any idea of the trigger (and docs telling I'm imagining it all up). I chanced upon your book through a friend and realized that the 1 sided headache and shoulder pain (in addition to my back sprain pains)I suffered from for the last 11 years were actually repressed emotions dating back to childhood.I started your program 1.5 mths back and although the pain (keeps shifting too) is still there-it is much reduced in intensity and I get somewhat of a semblance of a normal life. I continue to stay faithful to your program and hopefully will be 100% painfree very soon.I am ever so grateful to you. Thank you. May God bless your soul. Swatty

Q: hi, about a year ago i fell out of a cargo trailer, i'm a truck driver. hurt shoulder neck,and lower back . mri showed shallow disc bulge l4 l5 moderate bilateral facet djd l5-s1right lateral disc protrusion/ osteophyte approaches and may contact the right l5 nerve lateral to the foramen. a year later did ct , results showed bilateral facet osteoarthritis l4-l5 and l5-s1 my question sense pain is to a point that i'm unable to work is could this fall that i had caused this bilateral facet osteoarthritis to flair to the degree of pain that i'm left with. I'M A 61 YR OLD FEMALE AND CAN HARDLY GET AROUND CAN'T SIT LONG CAN'T STAND OR WALK FOR MORE THAN 5 MINUTES THANKS, Doris

Commment: For the past 2 days i have been having serious back pain in my upper right shoulder. I tried stretching it out thinking it was just a muscle strain or something. I put CoolIce on it last night before i went to bed. When i woke up this morning it was better, no pain at all. then around noonish the pain came back. and it is even worse. Emma

Comment: Awesome site man! Tedd

Q: Hi, i've just come across your website and wonder if you could give me some advice please? I'm 20 years old and have been suffering chronic back pain for about 6 years now. It's taken all that time for the problem to be identified by doctors and for them to decide they want to do something. Basically the main problem lies within my (lumbar) facet joints which have Osteoarthritis, but i also have 3 bulging discs in various places in my spine. I've had every non-surgical treatment you can possibly imagine and nothing has worked. it has literally ruined what are supposed to be some of the best years of my life. i can do nothing, i can barely stand or walk for more than 5/10 mins at a time. Basically.. i have just had one last MRI scan and am due to go back to see the surgeon who has told me from this can they will decide whether to do a spinal fusion, discectomy or both. Would you advise these procedures? I really want an honest answer and i don't know anyone who has had a fusion, and the surgeon will always sensor his answer. Also they haven't actually given me a reason for why this is happening to me, every time i have a scan a new problem has appeared... spondylosis runs in my family..does this sound like it? i'd really appreciate your comments/thoughts. thanks :) Amy

Comment: since 2006, i'm suffering the same problem which is lower back pain (spasm) i have spoken to so many doctors and continuously doing exercise as suggested my doctor by still i'm suffering the same problem ... due to this problem I can read and cant sit for long working hours. Salman

Q: Hello, My name is wendy and i'm new to this site, but i think i'm glad i found it. I am 44 yrs old and have had scoliosis since around 14. ortho told my parent sto keep an eye on it and do some exercises. Well obviously it did'nt work. I've been to various chiro's through the years and recently a pt. I was told I have a major kyphosis about 10 yrs ago. I go on the treadmill everyday for 30 minutes, I eat organic and really try to stay healthy. I have always been self conscious of my back, and you really can't tell anything is wrong unless I bend over or turn the wrong way. I've gotten so much better with my posture, and i'm always reminding myself to stand tall. I keep reading that you can reduce the curve, but need strengthening, and specific stretching exercises, is this true, please help i don't want to get worse and i'm willing to do whatever i have to to make my back better. thanks in advance! Wendy

Q: Hi Sir, I was involved in a car accident in May and have never suffered any kind of back pain in my life. Now I am having alot of back pain and was told that my mri stated transitional l4-l5 diffuse disk bulge. But yet my pain is getting worse. Should I get a second opinion? Could this be a result of the accident? Suzette

Q: HELP ME PLEASE. I have suffered with a back problem for about ten years - it initially used to feel like someone whacked a bar across the middle of pack and it used to come on once every few months. However, in the past two years the pain has changed and is coming on a few times every week. i had an MRI scan and was told i have two prolapsed discs but that would not cause the amount of pain i'm in. therefore there is nothing anyone can do for me as they don't know what is causing the pain. I am currently on anywhere between 2 and 20 painkillers a day - walking aggravates the pain, i've tried swimming but that started the pain too. i cant win. i am only 29! someone please give me some advice, i have tried acupuncture and chiropractors but to no avail. please please help me - i've gone and got an ulcer now from all the painkillers. Eve

Q: Hi, I am a 15 year old boy. I am very active and participate in sports all year round like baseball,hockey,football and basketball. Most of these sports I am playing at a very high level. I had back pain 2 years ago which went away after resting it for about 2 months. It was diagnosed as SI joint pain. It first occurred when I took numerous hits in one football game. It came back again this year from the same cause of taking alot of hits in football. I've been going to physio and focusing on stretching the area but nothing seems to be working. I can't run and take part in practices because of the pain. It has been a month and a half since it started up again and it just won't go away. I'm getting very frustrated. I've had two x-rays and an mri and nothing came up. Do you have any suggestions on what my next step of action should be in order to get back on the field? Brayden

Q: I believe I may have the same back problem you once had, I'm hoping maybe you can help me figure out my problem and how I can fix it. I'm 17 and I've had this terrible back pain for years, ever since I can remember. The pain is always there throughout the day, even if it's just slight, I can always feel it. It hurts the most when I sit, do simple tasks such as cleaning, or yard work, anything that has me active for a period of time. It hurts to lay flat on my back and at random moments in the day, my left leg will go weak and I have to catch my balance. I feel almost as if something needs to snap into place. My back cracks intensely when I lay flat on my back and as I get back up it cracks some more and that pain is the worst. It sometimes brings me to tears. The source of the pain is in my lower left section of my back and upper buttocks.If you can help me figure this out or maybe give me a few tips on what I should do to cure this agonizing pain, you can reach me at my email. Thank you for your time. Kat

Q: I am 19 years old i was on my way home from holidays couple days ago and i had sharp pains from my lower back to my bum. Throughout those couple days i took ibuprofen extra strength tylenol and none of those help me at all so i was starting to get extremely cranky because there was nothing i could do. My family was driving from kamloops to home. I complained to my dad and he gave me one of his muscle relaxants and it seem to have ease the pain but the pain was still there. Now i have no idea what is going on if i should go to a doctor or not. My other problem is that my family doctor is not in town for two weeks and i am dreading not going to emergency because i firmly believe that they will not deal with it the same as my personal doctor would. please help me, Stephanie

Q: ok lets start here! back in early 90'S i injured my back pretty bad, i was told i sprained/strain my upper and lower back. I walked bent over for a few months went to a chiropractor every day for a couple months, then went three times a month then twice a month got quite better was able to do most of what i was able to do(at the beginning they wanted to do surgery right away and i declined) well i was able to put off surgery until 2007 and at that time i had already not knowing it already had slight nerve damage in my left foot. so in 2007 i had a partial discectomy at the L3/L4 disc after all the pain and therapy i was pain free(other than numbness in my foot) after surgery the dr told my wife he did not know how i managed to put off surgery for so long, because my nerves that ran through my spinal cord were wore paper thin. well needless to say being pain free only lasted me 4 months, then went from bad to worse real quick. my last MRI showed that the L4/L5 disc was severely ruptured and my L5/S1 were severely protruding, i have severe numbness in my left leg and it feels like there is a constant fire in my left leg between my ankle and my left knee i've been told i need to have another surgery, but am worried this is gonna be a continuous occurrence. i am just curious what you would think the best surgery would be the best to consider with my back situation and history. Dan

Q: dear sir, I am married with 3 kids and the youngest is one and a half. I have been having this lower back pain for a long while and it also leads to my abdominal pain. At times the pain appeals to be pretty acute. I would appreciate it if you could advice me on the situation. thank you. blessings, shirley

Q: How to differentiate psychosomatic back pain from actual structural problems, example I have had two microdiscectomy surgeries, they relieved the acute leg pain but have had ongoing problems. Not in chronic pain as much as just dis-function and severe numbness in my right leg. As of recent I had a recurrence of acute leg pain during exercise session. Had a MRI and EMG study done, seems I have a prominent bulge at L5-S1 and have developed quite a bit of arthritis in my lumbar spine which is not a surprise. So what next? Thanks Sam

Q: hi,i'm a 29 years old girl. i have been diagnosed with l5s1 bulging disc a year ago i still have mild pain in left or right side sometimes, my pain doesn't go with pain killers but it goes with diazpam or xanax. also i had endometrial polyp of overies seen in laparoscopy for infertility. now my questions are that can a bulging disc pain continue for a year or is this pain related to polyp? what sports are best for me apart from swimming? would you please answer my questions and advise me what to do. with best regards, negin

Q: I have visited my doctor several times about my lower back pain, I also had MRI and CT Scan done on me at the hospital where I get my treatments. I was given medications and muscle spasm medication as well but it does not seem to help, I was also given electrodes which are magnetic and I place it on my back with four black magnetic tapes attached to my lower back. I would like to know how I can get rid of this horrible pain. Please respond as soon as possible. I am really tired of staying in bed all the time. Irene

Q: HELP!!! I think I'm going crazy. I have spent thousands since April trying to fix my back. MRI showed annular tear at L2-3, bilobed bulging disc at L3-4 with tears, and bulging disc at L4-5 with central annular tear. I have done EVERYTHING....decompression, it possibly that this can actually heal on its own. If so, how long could it take? I read something stating that it could take up to 9 months, but it has already been 5 months. Even had the steroid injections. I feel like every doctor I go to is just "spinning my wheels". I'm tired...physically and mentally...I am desperate. I guess I'm needing some HONESTY and encouragement. Any information is greatly greatly appreciated. Missy

Comment: I had problems with my back for close to 20 years. I would turn wrong or bend wrong and would have pain for a few days. Motrin and heating pad worked. Until Jan this year. One Saturday in Walmart I bent down to get a couple bags of birdseed. I felt a slight pain in my lower right back and thought get the Motrin and heating pad ready again. By the following Friday I could not walk without assistance.The pain was like nothing I had ever felt. My lower back to my hip, down my leg to my foot. After x-rays and an MRI I was seen by a surgeon and surgery was done in February. I could walk with out pain the afternoon of the surgery and thought all well. About 2 weeks later the pain returned and when I called I was told it was probably the sciatic nerve healing and could take up to a year to heal. I saw the Dr in June for a follow up after another MRI. He said it showed a small herniation he said was not bad but the next step would be fusing L4 and L5 vertebrae but suggested I try physical therapy. I did PT for 2 months with some improvement but sill have pain if I walk to much or stand to long. Usually by the end of the day is when I feel the most pain. Also my first 2 toes on my right foot are numb and I get sensations in my toes as in electrical shock. I can only wear certain shoes because my toes cannot grip. .Its been six months now. How long does it take to heal? Should I be still having pain? I have thought about having another MRI and returning to see the surgeon but I don't want to just be a complaining old woman. I am 64 years old and was unable to return to work after the surgery. I am also a diabetic which I keep under control. Peggy

Q: I had a disc removed from my neck L5 and it has been ok. I have some numbness in one hand but this is due to the damage of my spinal cored. My question is my fusion. I have no bone growth after a years time an was curious if this is or should be a concern. I am still very active and I am afraid of braking it. What say you? James

Q: Sensei Rostocki, I am also a martial arts instructor which makes my sudden onset of severe and near debilitating back pain that much more difficult to deal with. I have been suffering for nearly 4 months with sciatica symptoms (back, right buttock and right leg pain and burning). I have tried chiropractors, recently under went two facet injections for alleged facet joint arthritis and have been sticking to a stringent routine of stretching and exercise in an exhaustive effort to find permanent relief and be able to return to the life I had just 4 months ago. I the pain is crippling both mentally and physically at times. I would love to learn more about how to treat both types of pain (both the physical and mental) and any information you can provide will be infinitely helpful and greatly appreciated. Thank you. All the best, D. Steve

Q: Hi again. I have contacted you several times now with great insight and I thank you so much for it. Real brief, I sent you MRI reports of my back and nothing was wrong. I read your book along with one of Dr. Sarno's books and my ischemic right hip tendon pain and minor sciatica went away. After a few days the pain raped my right shoulder like none other, so much I was almost in tears. I also had some radiating pain down the same arm at times. (I 100% knew it was TMS and worked on getting rid of it). That went away after a week or so (it was on and off, experienced quite a bit of rage/sooth ratio as well during my times of fishing). I was getting ready to work out after I thought I was pain free (which I was) and when I was going down for my first pushup my right shoulder (it seemed as if they were my right terres (sp) muscles quickly tightened up and became painful, along with the muscles directly under my arm pit). I know I didn't condition myself to feel this pain because this was the first time trying them after my bad shoulder pain. I couldn't do a pushup without pain so I stopped. They did not hurt at all any other time and the pain would go away fairly quickly when I got back up. I had thought I may have been low on potassium and water because I wasn't drinking much water and not eating healthy in the 95 degree weather we've had for several weeks now. So i started taking supplements and drinking more water. I also think it could have been from a new position at work. (I've read new jobs can create TMS but this job I was not nervous about, it was just another easy job in the warehouse). It was a little more physical though. Quite often I would have to lift 30-50 pound boxes and pick them up to about chin level and kind of toss them over a convair belt so they can get in their desired shipping lanes. I know the shoulder muscles and the armpit area muscles (right upper rib cage area) were used a lot during those movements. I don't recall any weird feelings at the time but it was extremely fast paced work. That was two weeks ago when I started that position. Now I can do pushups more and only feel a little soreness in the armpit area. The tightening of my terres have gone away, but then again I haven't really pushed myself quite yet because of my busy schedule. My question is do you think this is the last attempt of TMS in this location or possibly an "overuse" of a muscle that isn't used that much? Thanks alot, Dan

Q: Hello, My name is Alex and I am a back pain sufferer. I'm currently 20 years of age and very physically active, I have been an Emergency Medical Technician for three years and have always been involved in martial arts and personal training. When I was 17 years old I had to hold a patient up for a long amount of time and suffered a herniated disc because of it (I found out three years later/just a few months ago) and suffered on and off pain symptoms since. Recently, the pain has become almost unbearable and I was forced to take an MRI and to my horror, I discovered that I had herniated my L4/L5 disc three years prior (and my L5/S1 disc is hypoplastic, not sure exactly what that means but I am told it should not cause any pain). I was online and came across your site in a heat of desperation of being in so much pain at such a young age (which I know you can understand). After finding out about my back, I dropped out of the Fire Academy and pushed backward on my time at work (full time for a hospital), and became suddenly fearful of physical activity and riding my Harley Davidson. Since discovering your site I have read Dr. Sarno's earliest books and have found that I perfectly fit the Type-A, perfectionistic, hyperresonsible and conscientious profile. I have since been trying to completely digest the fact that there is no structural abnormality in my spine, just TMS, just some serious repressed anger, anxiety (my mother suffers from mild agoraphobia which has skipped over me...At least mentally apparently physically it isn't too shy) etc. Since reading Sarno's work I have discontinued my physical therapy and have continued with a personal trainer and I continue to personal train clients, teach CPR and work as an EMT; in a year's time I hope to return to the Fire Academy.

However, I find myself wary. Since I was a child I have dreamed of joining the military--doing something overly exciting with my life. The most devastating notion of my herniated disc was that it was taken from me. But after reading Sarno's work, I wonder if it is? Is it recommended for me to return to the Fire Academy? To explore joining the military in about ten years? (I'd like to make my money before I join; make sure my family is perfectly sound in case the impossible happens). Can I do plyometrics and run without wearing out my spinal joints at such an alarming rate that at 50 years of age I will be in chronic pain? I am terrified (this doesn't help TMS, I know). So I suppose the short wind version of my question is how much physical activity can I do? I accept the fact that I can most likely do a good deal of it now, in my young age; but how much of it will compound and adversely affect me later in life? I want to live a life free of pain; I'd rather not choose a lifestyle to induce it...almost regardless of my dream of living an active lifestyle since I was six years of age. Please help me out. I know that you've lived a very active lifestyle but your talk of more than half of your back being herniated...How much pain are you really in? I know that after you reach your late 60s your discs essentially dry up and those herniated discs won't mean much...But how much of it has affected your joints? How much has caused you pain? Help a young woman seeking direction? I am hooked, lined and sunk on living an active, fit and enjoyable lifestyle and will stay in shape regardless of military experience or the Fire Service; I just want a gauge of how bad or how good it can be--how terrified I should be; if at all.

Thank you so much for all of your time and consideration; with this site, with reading this far. You are an inspiration to me and I cannot really thank you enough. I have not read your book yet but it is my next purchase; I'm trying to read as much as I can. Hope you're having an enjoyable summer. -Alex

Q: Hello. Hope you are hanging on. I'm Joao, 24 yr old from Portugal.Here's my story: Started feeling some little pain on my right glute on 2006. At first thought it was a damaged muscle or something. I could not remember doing any special damage to my back, just made everything my colleagues did. As the pain didn't go away, I took an Xray. Scoliosis was found to be the root cause. At that time, I could not sit down, but walking was OK. I made some treatments, with some hot and wet towels in my back, some ultra sounds and massages. No need to say that the effect was none. Problem continued and eventually my family doctor (that's how we call it here in Portugal) asked me to do a MRI.

Diagnostic was clear: My spinal channel was too shrink (???) I still don't understand what this means and whats the relationship with the pain. Also, I had (have) a disk protrusion in L4-L5 (and L5-S1). The explanation was due to the bad standing positions through my childhood. I could see in the MRI the disk coming a little behind and touching the nerve. I could not understand why this caused the pain, but this picture lives in my head everyday.I could not understand why I could run but WHY I could not sit down. Why? Why Why? I went to the so called "best Portuguese neurosurgeon" who told me that I should be gone under surgery right away in 2007! Discectomy it was (some tissue was removed between the disk and the nerve). Big mistake. The pain didn't go away at all. The surgeon in the end told me to "relax" and "everything was fine" and to "take warm water baths". I swear I could punch him in the face when we told me that. I continued with my life... Strangely my pain moved away: Now it hurts less in the leg but more in the glute. Now I can sit OK (most of the times), while I couldn't do that before the surgery. But the chronic pain remained.

Please note: I'm a bodybuilder, I lift heavy weights, I run some miles every week, I play soccer with my friends and I have NO PROBLEMS AT ALL, it just hurts a little when I'm finished. BUT, if I have to stand in a line (like shopping) I have crippling pain!! Why is this??? I also notice that when I'm with mild fever or ill, pain gets worse. I surely put more pressure on the spine when I run or do weights. Whats the sense of all this?? Today I'm having an acute pain for no reason at all. I had my last weight lift Friday and today is Monday. I come from a family with back problems. My father also have lots of herniated disks. I have one funny story of him. In the beginning of 1991, my father was in his bed, HE COULDN'T MOVE, WE HAS SITTING, HE COULD NOT EVEN LAY DOWN, HE COULDN'T EVEN GO TO THE BATHROOM. Suddenly, the War in Golf started. My brother, came from the living room to his room yelling "father, come and see, the war started!". My father RAN from his room to the living room. He literally JUMPED AND RAN. After some minutes watching the beginning of the war, he somehow remembered his pain, and couldn't move AGAIN. Another funny thing, is that in my family, people tend to get better as they grow older. What's the sense of this? Shouldn't it be a DEGENERATIVE disease? Well, I'm now 4 years in pain, I read your book again and again. And it makes sense to me, because I have MANY repressed feelings, mainly because my education made me repress them through all my life. The problem is that the pain is so real that turns all this thing to a real handicap, that makes me think that the problem is mechanical. I don't know though if I do HAVE IN FACT a physical problem or not, or is this just psychological?? I just know that this is a very very tough road. Thank you, Joao

Q: I have had chronic back pain going on 8 months. All started as I went back to work. Constant bending over and sitting. Got transferred to another position and now sit most of the day. First half of the day I have no pain as the day wears on I have unbearable pain in the lower back whether I am sitting or standing. Only relief is laying on my left side and applying ice. Next day same routine. Days that I am off work the pain subsides because I can lay down throughout the day. Have seen Neurosurgeon, Orthopedic Surgeon both said no to any surgery. Had spinal blocks and numerous chiropractic sessions both without success. Inversion table has not helped. L5-S1 disk is totally black or dried out with mid-level annular tear. Do not know if the pain is radiating from this disk area on the SI Joint however it feels as though a nerve rolls over on the lower back area and I have no relief until I lay down. Contemplating on quitting work but I hate to. Any idea of any other procedures or any idea if the pain could be coming elsewhere. Robin

Q: I have recently been diagnosed with a bulging disc c6-7 on the right side however For the last 10 years have suffered intermittent numbness and tingling of the face and upper torso. the tingling also causes both eyes to twitch along with causing my mouth to turn downwards and I have no control over it -- I was referred to a Neurologist who said i suffered an electro light disorder. Its 10 years later and i still have the same issue but to complicate it also have been diagnosed with rotator cuff tendonitis on both right and left shoulder. Have had burning in my trap muscles across the right scapula for the last 5 years. I am thinking the bulging disc was brought on by the other issues I have. I have for the last 10 years been able to tolerate the discomfort. I have stopped working out with weights and gone to strictly cardio -- i also have psoriasis an auto immune disorder which i have been taking humira/enbrel injections for the last 5 years so i have trouble buying into it as an arthritic condition when I am on the normal dose for a RA patient. I am 44 years old and feel 90. I sit at a computer desk 8-10 hours a day so I am also aware I don't have perfect posture. What I want to know is how or what kind of Dr do I see to fix it all because my mind thinks its all inter-related and my Dr takes each thing individually instead of in its totality. AM I off the mark is it all a series of unfortunate unrelated and isolated events? and I would like to see one DR to fix them all and its not my internal medicine Dr my Dermatologist or my Ortho. Any direction you can give me would be great. thanks, Julie

Comment: Hello, my name is Randy and as of 12/28/09 i am the new owner of 2 herniated disc's in my lower back. L4/L5 and L5/S1. I have flattening of my thecal sac and some nerve problems with my bladder now because of the injury, as well as nerve problems in my legs. I was a delivery driver for one of the largest soda companys in the world. you know, the big blue truck? super bowl commercials? you know who. anyway, I am in severe pain constantly. I have been to doctor after doctor through the workers comp system, as well as surgeon after surgeon. They say i need surgery but im to young and all i will do is open myself up for 3 or 4 more surgery's in my lifetime. Im 24 years old, married with 2 kids. I just started pain management 2 weeks ago and start physical therapy agian today. My pain management doctor gave me Tramadol, after i told him that ive tried that twice by two diffrent doctors and it does nothing. He just wants to be safe and start at the beginning with me he says. Whi ch i can understand but im also sick of being in pain. He also sent me for blood work to check me out, due to all the combinations of other meds the many doctors have given me. The funny thing is that some of the meds that i have been on almost the whole time have side effects that include BACK PAIN, AND LEG PAIN!! why am i taking this doc? oh whats that? i cant just get off of it cause it can cause permanent psychosis? fantastic!! the florida workers comp system is a joke, and i cant wait to get off of it so i can go find my own treatment! thank you so much for creating this website, i look foward to reading your book!! Randy

Q: I am a 46 year old female 5'3 approximately 120 lbs. With the exception of my lower back, I am in excellent health. I'm not over weight, walk approx 2 to 4 miles a day, eat healthy, don't drink or do drugs of any kind. I do however, suffer from extreme back pain to a degree I cant find the words to explain. On a score 1 through 10 (10 being The WORST PAIN) I would give it a 10+++ or 11++! Approx 2 years ago I began suffering from server lower back pain to the extent each morning when I awake I cannot get out of bed on my own. Each morning My husband helps me out of bed, it "normally" takes approx 15 minutes for my back to loosen up and I can get moving to get ready for my day. I have had every tests under the sun and been given many different answers that seem to make sense at the time. At least the answers I received prior made sense until three weeks ago when I had my first and unfortunately not my last "Severe Back Attack" that had me screaming, crying and begging for help. Upon waking I immediately felt extreme pain it was much, much more server than most mornings. As always my husband was there to help me up only this time I was screaming in pain and begging him to help me.

It took approximately 30 minutes to actually get me out of bed. I tired the usual things walking, stretching, sitting, standing, even tried going back and laying down in hopes of relieving some pain, any pain! Nothing worked I have never felt such pain. I am currently unemployed after 22 yrs at the same job I loved, therefore, insurance along with finances are tight and rushing to the hospital was a major financial worry for me. I was praying the pain would ease, I was WRONG the pain continued without stopping for one second and I am sincere when I say Non-Stop, I thought I would die. After wasting the entire day and evening late that night I went to the emergency room at the hospital. They immediately gave me 3 shots and 2 pills to contain the pain. The doctor took 2 xrays gave me the name of a specialist (who's on vacation) wrote me a 4 prescriptions and sent me away.

Since that emergency trip to the hospital I have had two separate "extreme attacks" where I feel as if I am literally dying. The Doctor's tell me it would be best if I saw a specialist while I'm having a severe attack it would help them diagnosis I feel like there not trying or doing everything they can. I'm scared, I don't want to go to the doctors only to get prescriptions for more meds! I need to know if I'm ok? I'm really scared. Thank you for your help, Debbie

Q: Hello Sensei, My name is Josh and I am one of your success stories who lived in Tahiti, not sure you remember me? I was checking in to your website, making sure I got the URL right so I could recommend it to yet another friend. I went to the "your back pain" story part of the site and thought that I might find my own story of my miraculous recovery. I didn't find it and was kind of alarmed to find volumes of horrific stories of people who obviously had not read your book and done the exercises. Where are the positive stories to point people in a positive direction? I surely just didn't see them. As for me, I am still healthy without a single bad flare up in a number of years since the treatment. Sometimes I get warning pain in which case I make the lists and follow the directions in your book. Thanks and I hope all is well. Josh

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