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Q: I am 63 and Sciatica has attacked me and changed my life within this last month. I had 10 years experience w/lower back pain prior to this recent attack. I am in MN. I know u cannot be exact, but in general, "What are the chances of being approved for Disability?" Mitch

Q: Hello, I am a professional boxing fighter. Before two years a strong backache came over me. the magnetic shows problem to disk 05-i1 and 04-05. I tried medical drugs, physiotherapy and many doctors advice but nothing ever helped me. So I decided to do a laser operation in order to walk properly again. Even after the operation I had some episodes of pain in addition with fear, so that forced me to stop fighting and I began to concentrate on the teaching of martial arts. When I read Sarno's book I believed in him and I realized that stress and tension were the reasons of my problem. From that moment i feel much better and I am training once again! I believe that I am an ideal candidate for TMS. when i am training for a fight i have a lot of stress because is a dangerous contact sport and i think that this is the reason that the pain came on me. now i realized it and i have some symptoms but i am feeling good. i have a fight in 2 months but i am scared if my tms returns like before. How can I be sure that I wouldn't be affected again by this situation? Giannis

Q: I have what seems to be tight muscles aroung the right side thorasic moving around to the front just under the liver area. The area is often sore and when a little investigation of the area is performed, the muscle seems to be wasted away even grissly. I stretch have had massage therapy, chiropractic and accupuncture. I have resorted to the occassional drug (muscle relaxents, pain killers) just to get a break now and then. The problem is long term some ten years. It seems to have gotten worse and is causing mental strain (depression). To compound the problem I can't get a diagnosis and my local dr in particular is dumbfounded. Please help? Alan

Comment: Thanks for all the work you do. Love the facebook page, makes it really easy to read everything new on your sites. We especially love the herniated disc site! Keep up the great work for all of us, we appreciate it. Tammy and Bill

Q: hi, my husband suffers from lower back pain ( almost near the start of the hip). he is a avid trekker , loves cycling and is usually involved in physical activities. But, he is not flexible. He gets these acute pain attacks and it often lasts for a few weeks. the last one lasted for about an year. now, he has recently joined long tennis classes and the pain has returned. Is it advisable for such people not to take up activities like these or will the pain subside when the muscle gets used to the stress. Pls advice. Ramya

Q: My left back have problem for 6 years. I had worked at the hotel for 16 years. what kind of exercise will help me to get rid of my back pain? Will massage help? Thanks David

Q: severe severe left pelvic pain and hip and inguinal --onset during a gyno exam, followed by breaking of left foot and left hand, two different incidents. some back things showed on mri. huge swollen lymph nodes and lots of pelvic vein unusual in woman my age. docs out of answers, prescribing narcotics and valium. losing my whole life. physical therapist made pain worse-- sacrum and tailbone pain. HELP!!! thanks! Dakota

Q: My fiancé had L4-S1 decompression/fusion and L5-S1 microdiscectomy in 2000. Again in 2006 he had L3-4, L4-5 fusion and was diagnosed with Vasculitis RSD. Now about 3 months ago the severe pain, swelling and discoloration have returned. Is this a sign of possibly needing more surgery on his spine, simply the severe nerve damage coming into fruition again, or a sign of something much more serious. Not like this isn't bad enough. On top of everything else, he has such severe leg cramping when he tries to lay down to sleep. They are so bad that he will wake from a dead sleep to standing on his feet. Sometimes they are in his groin area, other times they are in the tops of his feet and they fall everywhere in between. He has been given Lortab for the pain, Soma and Metaxalone for the cramping and they are still giving him neurotonin and welbutrin. What is really going on here. They are now having him tested for diabetes and running liver tests. Can you help me try to be more concise about what to question the next time we go see the doctor. I am unschooled on back injury so this is all new to me. Thank you for your time. I am going to check out your facebook page now. Melissa

Q: Hi, I am wondering if you could let me have the research you talk about regarding herniated/bulging/slipped discs not being responsible for long-term pain and disability. I had an accident in 2004 at work and as I had a spondylolisthesis I was told that if I hadn't had my accident I would be disabled with pain anyway within five years. I had my industrial injuries benefit stopped when the five years was up and so I appealed as I had seen lots of research that stated the natural history of a slipped disc doesn't cause pain. At the appeal the doctor said that it was a prolapsed disc that was causing the pain and disability. I had had a prolapsed disc in the past that got better within a few days but I was sent for an MRI but by the time I had the MRI I was symptom free although the MRI showed a bulging disc. I am trying to find a doctor who will challenge the appeal doctor's opinion but I don't know any in the UK who could help. It seems that doctors don't like speaking out against their peers. I haven't had any diagnostic testing to determine the true cause of my pain. The spondylolisthesis hasn't caused me any pain since I was 17 years old (I was 47 at the time of the accident)and as I produced evidence that showed this condition doesn't cause pain the doctor is now saying my pain is due to a prolapsed/bulging disc. As you say, these don't cause long-term pain but I need evidence to appeal to the Upper Tribunal. Please can you help. Kind regards. Elizabeth

Q: Since I was 15 years old, my back would feel like it is trying to kill its self. It started off that in cold weather my back would make my whole body lock up, to the point that if someone bumped into me I would fall over. If I stand, or sit for too long my lower back feels like a nerve is being stabbed. And even now at age 22, when I work (I work as a dog bather) my back will be ok from 8 am to about 12 pm, then the nerve will be "stabbed" again. It's like it's on a timer. At times the pain is so severe that I can't stand, but sitting makes it worse. And I have to walk with a limp to keep from stepping the wrong way and hitting the nerve. Doctors have said scoliosis is the cause, but treatment doesn't help. do you have any suggestions I can ask my doctor? I don't want to bear this pain any longer. Crystal

Q: Yes why is vitamin d good for back pain? Thanks so much! Michael

Comment: About to spend approx $2K for spinal decompression for spinal stenosis/arthritis mostly at L-4/L5. Want to negotiate with chiropractor regarding cost and to try half the treatments. Leary if treatments will work. I am a 65 yr old, very healthy, at-a-good weight man. 5'9" w/ weight of 145#. Tried cortisone shots, no luck. This is a reliable chiropractor, but I do not want to waste my $ if I can't get at least a 50% less pain level. Thomas

Q: thanks To the Lord i found this site, went through all the stories. you're surely blessed. I started on this low back pain 2 months ago but its becoming worse. I dint fall nor trip. It just suddenly happened after having left leg pain. My left leg would hurt so much after i stretched it straight. And now my lower back hurts so so so much when i sit or stand. I only feel relief after laying down head looking up in a straight posture. I don't know what to do and am very worried. Kindly tell me what to do. P.s i jog and exercise almost everyday to keep fit. What could this be?what can i do. Farha

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