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Comment: back pain, hip pain, for 18 months since lifting a weight (deadlift 120kg I weigh 80kg). Spasms first month on an off, then really stiff, pain in hips felt like compression. After 3-4 months no change although doing physio. After 6months started playing bit of football, sometimes felt okay, usually pain in right front of hip. Ever since not played any sport, difficult to stand , variable periods possible. Persistent pain of varying quality in right hip, sometimes back will be sore. Top front right leg can feel sore. AGE 22 now 24 not able to do much very unhappy. Have been swimming, pilates, stretching for 1 year now, no improvement, DSD

Q: for the last two days i am suffering from lower back pain. i would like to know if it is occurred due to my flab stomach or overweight, as it pains me to get up after lying down on the floor and can't bend a lot. it feels me like something is holding back from it. pls help me to know the problem. thanx , Lois.

Q: i had a back injury 3 months ago. i went to a doctor i had MRI and all that. the doctor said nothing wrong with me. seriously i have pain in my bladder and pain in pelvis and lower back all the time. i went to see urology and gastrology to check for any thing wrong with me. all the test came negative. now i am having pain all the time and afraid in later in life i will end up having a wheel chair. i need to know which specific doctor i need to see and what should i do to determine what kind of problem i am having? thanks. mahdi

Q: Hi, I have been suffering with lower back pain for almost a year now. I have tried remedial massage, back stretching exercises, spinal manipulation, physio & ignoring it! My chiropractor could not diagnose the problem but put it down to my age and occupation (I am 37 & a dance teacher). After many sessions and no improvement I decided to see a back 'expert' who diagnosed leg-length difference, rolling inward hips due to a tilted pelvis (even though I've done ballet for over 30 years which rotates legs outwards from hip socket!) & SI Joint Dysfunction. I was advised to wear heel lifts in my shoe, a pelvic belt to keep me stable, various exercises & not to worry I would get better. Over 2 months passed and no improvement so I decided it was def an emotional issue (I am a very anxious, tense, perfectionist, short fuse etc etc). I took the heel lift out but the next day a sneeze sent a stitch like pain through my lower back and my back is now in a painful spasm on my shorter l eg side and I cannot stand up straight! I am sure it's emotional and I'm really trying to' think clean' but doubt sets in & I'm concerned I've now made matters worse. Your opinion would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks Ali. Ps I have had x-rays, blood tests etc & all is ok. Alison

Q: L4-5 micro disc 1999. same level & procedure 2009. now feel no leg pain but occasional LBP on flexion in the band of muscles above my butt/waist. main symptom is sensation of vertebrae moving/grinding due to absence of disc material--but this does not produce pain. considering fusion or Dynesys. thoughts? i'm 45 y.o. and otherwise excellent health/nonsmoker. Tom

Q: i was going to sit on a chair and it fell away from me so i fell on the floor in a seating position. i was okay at the time but a few hours later i had pain in my bottom so i new i had hurt my coccyx that was two weeks ago and does not appear to be getting better, its painful when i walk, sit, lay down. can u help? Andrewina

Q: having had spinal decompression surgery after being diagnosed with having cauda equina, I have been managing my pain with a combination of pain meds, herbal remedies, pilates and swimming, my condition has got steadily worse. I opted to have prolotherapy with a local specialist only to find myself now in daily pain and in a very weakened state. I wonder if I could be suffering from the original cauda equina again as I haven't had a scan since the surgery. I would be grateful for your input. Arianne

Q: I am desperate!! I have a very damaged back! I have 360 fusion of my spine[1988]. I managed the pain since the surgery until now. I have to take high BP meds and since then I get back muscle spasms starting at lumbar and going up into my rib cage if I remain upright once the spasms start. I believe the meds are causing them. It took two years before the doctor found a medicine that I could tolerate, that lowered my BP. Balancing my spine is out of the question, can anyone help me? The pain actually takes my breath, which makes the pain worse. Yet, in spite of all this, I can walk my treadmill, slowly, for 40 minutes and not have spasms. Evelyn

Q: Hi all. I have been having minor lower back pain for quite some time now (muscular trauma seems to be the cause). I am undergoing short wave diathermy now, and would like to know if it is the right treatment and if it could give me a permanent cure. Thank you. Aqs

Q: Hi, I am a 24yr old soldier serving with the British Army. Over the past few years i've battled injury with my right knee, having 5 big operations thus far and awaiting 2 more this year. In July last year i injured my back whilst moving accommodation, what i believe was as consequence of not bending my knees to put my kit down. I found it impossible to stand straight and found it more comfortable to lean to the left. Sitting down was a nightmare. The medical officer at my camp said "it will get better"....two months later, and mri confirmed a prolapsed L5-S1 disc and two thoracic discs were bulging. I've tried physiotherapy, acupuncture, core stability... but I continue to be in pain everyday. I'm at my wits end and could potentially lose my Army career, what can i do?? Your advice would be much appreciated, Stace

Q: Hi I have had a bad fall on my coccyx and ended up I A&E! The doctor who examined me told me I'd damaged my coccyx!! But didn't take any x-rays! I have been given medication for the pain! and told i'd need physio! But how do i know the extent of the damage without radiology! I'm still in severe pain! Should i go and see my GP or wait a bit longer! Mel

Q: My story. On Dec 31, I was purchasing a car and all day long I had what I thought was a crick in my neck. Two days later I was having extreme pain down my left arm and numbness in my index and middle fingers on my left hand. It was so unbearable that I couldn't sleep. If I tried to lay on my back my arm would go numb and then throb with the same pain. I went to the dr and they looked at xrays and an mri and said I had a herniated disk in c6-7. The doctor wanted me to have injections to relieve the pain. I decided against that. To the doctor's credit she wasn't advocating surgery because she said I was still young, I am 40, and she said a fusion would only weaken other parts of my neck. I play tennis regularly and work out with weights and am relatively active. I decided to do physical therapy and see a chiropractor. After a week of treatment I started to feel a lot better except for mild numbness in my fingers. However, on this Monday, I was pressing my head doing an isometric exercise and I felt immediate sharp pain down my arm and now it is all back to how I was in the first week this started. I have been researching, talking to various surgeons and trying to decide what to do. Any ideas? I have never been so down in my life. I believe I can beat this without surgery but my pain is real. HELP! Matt

Q: My daughter 20 years old fell on the floor two days later she complained about a pain in her lower back, i took her to my doctor and he took an x-ray of her spine. The shape of her sacrum was very different from everyone else. It made a square shape versus a "C" shape. Like a "T" but missing the right side of the "T" or an upside "L". Should I be concerned? Regina

Q: Hi, I am 15, every time I go to bend over I feel a strong pain. I can bend back up to an up straight position, but it hurts like crazy. My sister is also in pain. She was playing a game of basketball, and now her back hurts. She can't do anything without a sharp pain. Please help me and her out soon. Sincerely, Konor

Q: I have 4 compression fractures in the spine. (they say osteoporosis)I have been taking Prolo Therapy to strengthen and rebuild tendon and ligaments. Prolothearpy is very good! It rebuilt L1 and L3 very quickly. It really saves people from having surgery. With Prolo, they put an irritant in there to stimulate growth. I have pain in the ribs and hips. I always had a flat stomach but since the fractures my stomach bulges out and it feel like it pulls up and under my ribs. If I push in and down on my stomach it helps release the pain in my back and hips! I can't stand very long as I get so uncomfortable and it feels like it is hard to breath. Can you please tell me what is going on? Loraine

Q: Dear Sensei, I am a first time visitor to your website and I was hoping to find some treatment answers to DDD, Degenerative Disk Disease and scoliosis. Is there no section for those very common diseases? Eva

Q: Hi, my daughter's father suffered a back injury, whilst he was playing a game of football, he landed the wrong way, and has since had pain that is worsening everyday! he has had facet joint injections as doctors have diagnosed him with degenerative disc disease. in l4 and l5 although he has a chip missing from the corner of one disc which is related to the incident, and has damage also in his neck! The facet joint injections have not worked so far so he is looking at surgery although reading you're web site i was questioning if the doctors have diagnosed his pain properly especially if the injections have had no effect thank-you for your time. Amanda

Q: My 85 year old mother has three broken vertebrae (T10, T12, one f the L's). She is in agony. She was using Vicadin, and now Oxycodone, and it still is terrible. What can I do here at home to help? Specifically, what kind of chair is good for this - she is currently sitting in a cheap rocker that is probably awful for her. she doesn't want to lie down all day because it relly hurts to get up from lying down. Any suggestions would be great! Margaret

Q: i have a back pain for the last 12 years. i got it from a road accident. a mri report tells me that I have a disc reduction between cv5 cv6 cv7 and pain also in my neck. the doctor suggest me to operate it. but they say to that there is no chance for improvement or then only 30 percent. plz tell me that how can i should do to be able to improve myself. i have a very painful life. plz do something for me, Zafar

Comment: I was reading thru your site and you mentioned that in 2009 the doctor could not explain the vertigo type symptoms. Vertigo can sometimes be caused by trigger points in the SCM muscle (Sternocleidomastoid) muscle. You might already know this. I have not had a chance to read thru your full site. Just in case, there is a great book called The Trigger Point Therapy workbook by Clair Davies. Go to the page on the SCM muscle. I always ask my clients to read the first 3 chapters of this work & also Dr. Sarno's Book on Healing Back Pain. Hope this helps, Lisa

Q: To start off, I am not writing because I have back pain. My pain is on my right side of my body. Primarily the right arm - which starts at the shoulder and then radiates down. If I use it too much, then not only do I have pain, but numbness and tingling. If I'm on my computer, within 5 minutes I have to sit on my hand because it is too cold and then pain becomes too much. It also affects my right leg from my hip to ankle. I've been told that my herniation is from my C5-C7. My doctor has tried muscle relaxants, pain medication, and nerve blockers. Unfortunately, none have worked and most cause too many symptoms to try for any amount of time. Any thoughts as what I can do to help with the pain and possibly heal the herniation? I've gone weeks on bed rest with no help. I'm a mother of three boys and continued rest is not an option. Thank you for any assistance. Barbara

Q: Please clarify this for me. essentially no interval change. diffuse posterior bulging disc L4-L5 is identified deforming the thecal sac and bilateral L5 nerve roots. Posterior bulging disc L5-S1 is identified extending into the epidural fat abutting the bilateral S1 nerve roots. slight loss of normal disc signal intensity and height is identified from L5-S1 disc level space. an increased lumbar lordosis is identified. Thanks and God Bless. Daphney

Q: Hi this is Manjinder I am suffering from back pain. I am looking for magnetic therapy in my area, Fremont, CA.

Q: please tell me what it means. Degenerative disc disease L3-4, L4-5,L5-S1. diffuse disc bulge at L3-4,L4-5,L5-S1, with left paracentral annular tear at L5/S1, causing mild indentation of thecal sac with mild B/L neural foraminal compromise at L4-5, mild left neural foraminal compromise at L5-S1. My friend have a problem regarding leg pain and doctor suggest him to do the MRI scan and this is the report's impression which i got please tell me what it means? Harinder

Comment: I have struggled with back pain since 1992. I had a discectomy and laminectomy in 2006. The pain returned within months. In August 2010 I had a fusion on L4/L5/S1 with screws, rods etc.. I still have back pain after very little exertion. My Disability Benefits have been terminated and I am unable to return to work. I worked for the same company for 23 years. My job required 100% Travel. I was in and out of a vehicle all day long. Now not only do I still have pain, I am facing financial ruin, and suffer from depression and anxiety. My life and my future changed drastically in a matter of months. I don't know what else to do. I am laying here watching my life and all I worked for fall apart before my very eyes. Greg

Comment: Degenerative changes in Lumbar Spine with disc bulge at L5-S1 level causing indentataion of thecal sac. it is observed that no significant neuroforaminal compromise. Masood

Q: I am 29 years old and it all started in my lower back. i have had shots put in my back so many times and it just gets worse. now the pain is in my back, hips, and legs and i am having trouble in my feet also. i feel like my legs are numb all the time. is this normal and what can i do for it besides the shots and pain meds? Angela

Q: what is the effect of Disc bulge at C4-C5 and C5-C6 levels if the bulge is causing indentation of thecal sac on the individual. Raisa

Q: I had arthroplasty between 5/6, and fusion between 6/7 about 5 days ago. My neck generally feels fine, but the nerve pain down through my shoulder is worse than ever and I'm starting to get worried. Too early to be worried? What is the general time frame to feel improvement? Gary

Comment: Hello Sensei - I too have suffered with level 5-6 back pain for 15 + yrs. Last wk I downloaded and read your book cure your back pain! Less then 24 hrs after I read this and thought about things, my back pain has gone down below level 2.. This has changed my life in one week and I'm not kidding. My story is long and detailed but I've worked at it in all the wrong ways until I read and clicked with YOU. I read Dr. Sarno bk 15 yrs. ago no click. But the light just went on and its very BRIGHT in here. Thank You. I will be in touch again, - Tom

Q: Hello, I have excruciating pain in my neck and right arm. I went to get an MRI and they located a herniated disc in my neck. They also located a partially torn rotator cuff. I wake with torticollis almost every two weeks to the extent that I cannot get out of bed without assistance. I am having a lot of pain and the doctor gave me oral steroids for a week and then asked me to do physical therapy. I am afraid physical therapy will make it worse? Can you give me your thoughts? Thank you. Stephenie

Q: My 40 year old brother has been diagnosed with a grade 1-2 spondylolisthesis with bilateral pars defects. It has become symptomatic in the last 6 months and is causing increasingly more pain, which is now mostly unbearable. He works as a construction laborer. He's had two injections that did not relieve the pain. He's had 6 weeks of PT that has not helped. The orthopod wants to do anterior/posterior fusion. I am desperately seeking alternative solutions as I don't agree with the treatment plan. What types of conservative, functional therapies would you suggest. Thank you very much. Sara

Q: If I am going to have Hip surgery and I have tailbone pain what can i expect to happen or is there no worry? Charlotte

Q: Hi i have had a mri scan and been told i have lower back disc disease and 1 tear in 4 of my disc. also have had sciatica. for the last 2 years i have had collar bone pain and neck pain on one side and its getting worse on and off pain. could this also be another back problem? many thanks, claire

Q: Hi my name is Rudy. I would like to know how to get rid of this pain I feel on my lower back down my leg. One day I woke up with this pain is been about 3 months already. I felt down one day and I think that's what made this pain, I don't remember I always had back problems since I was about 21. I'm 41 now. I do lift weighs but every time I stop working out to take a break, I Hurt my back. please help, thank u.

Q: What does this mean and how severe is this stage of back pain? Small posterior right para-central extrusion of L5-S1 disc causing compression of right S1 route and minimal compression of thecal sac. Krish

Q: Is there a non surgical procedure to correct compressed nerve in lumber slip disk # 5,6,7,8,9,?? Being on pain medication needs to stop ASAP. Melanie

Q: i am suffering from back pain and neck pain which at times extends up to left arm. i saw a doctor MRI done.... in which there was a little bulge on L4/L5... please advice me how to cure this problem. Vikas

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