Back Pain Saved My Marriage

Wow, it has been twenty seven years eleven back surgeries and countless Doctors and procedures and I still live in pain 24/7. To make a long and typical story short, I went through the ping pong process of many doctors and opinions all well intentioned with my best interest at heart. I now have my lowest four levels fused after the old way with 40lbs plaster body cast, three times, with bone out of both sides of my hip to being completely redone with the most successful way to fuse a spine to this day and that’s what I want to share with you today.

The last surgery I had to use this new way to fuse was about four years ago and its called BMP (bio morphogenic protein) You put wire cages between the vertebrae and soak a sponge type material with BMP solution and place in the cages along with bone chips from your spine and your body. Over six months, it uses your own blood to grow its own bone for the most complete solid spinal fusion supported with rods and screws to come out later. The beauty of this is they do not harvest bone from your hips or iliac crest, since this is were most fusion patients have pain for the rest of their lives. I have a medtronic spinal stimulator implanted and take morphine daily along with Percocet as needed for the pain from were my bone was taken from my hip. I am retired on disability and miss my work terribly and am still blessed with my wife and to grown children. I am 56 yrs old.

Now to explain my title… I would still be working three jobs and working all the overtime at my first job of 33 yrs that I could get. I was always worried about money even when we had more than enough to get by. Instead of trusting God to meet my needs, being a guy tried to build my own security by myself and at the expense of my family. I believe God slowed me down using my long drawn out back ordeal in order that as the family leader, I had no choice but to trust Him to meet our needs and being slowed down; I had time to focus on my family and was able to have many wonderful experiences to remember and cherish.

NOW LISTEN, ATTITUDE ATTITUDE ATTITUDE, I read all the time people blaming their pain on the Drs, the staff, the equipment, the procedure, poor pain meds, and on and on. I worked until my last surgery and would still be at it, but my company said no more, take care of yourself.

There is no miracle short of God to ever make your back new again, do not let your back run your life. Take what you have left and make the best of it with your Attitude setting a fine example to those who see us. - Guy

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