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Welcome to the back pain story section. This resource is an interactive forum dedicated to all of you who suffer from horrific back ache. Here, you can share your painful experiences in an effort to raise public consciousness about the plight of millions of patients worldwide. This is your chance to talk about how back pain has affected your life, as well as the lives of those you love and who love you in return.

I already wrote my story. Now, it is your turn. Please take the time to write your own back pain experience to share with our caring international community. Your experiences and insights might be very helpful to other suffering patients and could possibly even help some poor soul find a real cure. We are all brothers and sisters, united by our suffering.

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Back Pain Story Guidelines

Please take the time to write quality back pain experiences. Adhering to the following guidelines will expedite the publishing of your story on The Back Pain Authority:

* Please include your age, diagnosed conditions, treatment history and results. You can make note of anything which worked well for you and the therapies which were a waste of time. Feel free to be creative and include how back pain has influenced your life.

* Take your time and write a comprehensive history of your pain. Your story will be read by huge numbers of patients, so make every word count.

* Please choose the best submission category for your back pain story. If you can not decide, submitting to the general back pain category is fine.

* Please use a word processor and correct spelling and grammar before submission.  Do not use all capital letters, or your submission will be rejected.

* Please write enough to be interesting and do not be worried about writing too much. There is no such thing. If it makes you feel better to write, then go for it. We want to hear it all.

* Please be truthful.

* Please do not name specific persons or entities in your story.

* Please do not submit telephone numbers or links in your story.

Thank you for participating in our online back pain community. As always, we are a family, made up of different nationalities, genders and backgrounds, but alike in our pain. Let us make our situation known to the world and not stop until the medical community listens.

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Back Pain Story Policy

Cure-Back-Pain.Org reserves the right to deny any submission for publishing or edit any submission for content, spelling or grammar. Submissions will be published only on Cure-Back-Pain.Org and will be completely anonymous. No personally identifiable information will be included with your submission.

Specific information on how Cure-Back-Pain.Org will use your story can be found on our privacy policy page.

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