Bad Case of Hyperlordosis

When i was a young boy, other kids used to tease me about my protruding buttocks or say that I was shaped like a rooster. I always had an extra size waistline compared to normal.

In actuality, I have no waistline at all. My rib cage sits on top of my pelvic and hip bones.

Because of my age (69) and weight, I now have a severe case of sciatica. All these years, I knew something was not normal about my back, but no doctor I saw would tell me anything about my condition.

Being no doubt top heavy over the years has not helped my condition, for i have lost inches in height.

Until the past few years i did a lot of walking, but of late, I would be lucky to walk 100 yards without great pain in my hips. Thank you for the information that I have been seeking for years about my back. - Joseph

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