Barbara's Back Pain Experience

I must tell you the things that may have contributed to the back pain:

1. Long relentless visits on the internet. I spent a lot of time with these so called "dating sites" looking for a companion after a broken relationship. This is enough to motivate one to sit endless hours clicking and sitting in a position that causes irritation and inflammation. This is not normal to be sitting hour after hour pecking away at a keyboard. I view my back pain as punishment for engaging in such harmful activities.

2. Long working hours sitting at a bench, even if not a keyboard, and working 12 hours a day 4-5 days in a row. This definitely contributed to the loss of my elasticity, flexibility, and strength of core and surrounding muscles. Human beings are not designed to live such a limited life in such positions without movement for unlimited number of hours.

3. Excess working hours take away other hours that are used to promote health and well being, such as regular exercise and proper food preparation for good nutrition. Lack of exercise weakens the core and back muscles that support the spine so it doesn't collapse due to gravity.

4. Beds. I can't say enough about beds. I tried the Tempurpedic. It is a most delightful and comfortable bed. However it surrounds itself along one's existing abnormality. In other words, if you have too much of a curve in your back, it only surrounds to support whatever shape your back is in already. It does not correct the alignment, but merely supports existing condition. So that bed had to go. The next bed was a most expensive Simmons Firm Mattress. Ouch....after one night, I knew I was done with that one as well. Waterpedic? That was best, but still not as good as my Coleman Air Mattress (which I take with me to go camping!).

5. Injury (sports, car accident, falling off a horse, whatever). An outside force that impounds stress on the spine causing the muscles to spasm and inflame. Rest, ice, compression and elevation is one remedy.

6. Nutrition: Lack of bodybuilding materials can contribute to degeneration of the spine. Proper food combining and elimination of products that seep calcium out of the bones must be observed. To help muscles and back I have tried hyaluronic acid, chondroitin and some of those other "tissue building" supplements.

7. Proper chairs. I have a computer chair that I sit on to relieve the stress by forcing the body to sit in such a way that keeps the spine straight and not slouched. I even got my bookkeeper to start using it! You can get them at Staples or Office Max, or any other office supply store. Hard to get in and out of, but what a relief for a sore back.

8. Monthly visits to the chiropractor is a good way to keep the spine properly aligned if exercise time is limited. They fix it for a little while, but you still have to exercise to maintain the alignment. The more you exercise, the less time is needed at the chiropractor. Its your wallet and your time...either one works!

9. Pillows. Can't say enough about the neck forming pillow such as Tempurpedic, that puts a curve in your neck allowing room for your head. I've had a whiplash accident that the doctor from the insurance company told my doctor that I had been diagnosed with permanent damage. After six months of chiropractic treatment and one of those pillows that I have been sleeping with it for over 20 years, I have absolutely no neck pain, even though my job requires me to keep my head positioned down, causing stress on the neck. This pillow is a miracle. Simple and easy. Contributions to neck pain: Falling asleep reading a book with extra pillows propped, thus interfering with proper alignment of the neck and causing stress and inflammation. Good habit: Just before dozing off, remove the extra pillow and sleep only on the curved neck pillow.

10. All these things contribute to well being of a back and neck. Its simple, cost effective, and long lasting. By taking these simple steps eliminates the possibility of further degeneration of the spine which could end up with degenerative discs and surgery.

11. Most important of all. If people follow all of these steps and believe that their body is designed to heal itself with a little help, the brain will then send energy to the part of the body where healing is needed. This will eliminate the need for drugs, pain medication of all sorts, and elimination of toxic chemicals which only contribute to further degeneration of the body. Yes, its true. With healthy bodies around us, doctors will lose customers. Their goal is to keep you as a customer or they can't buy their boat. Your job is to keep from being a consumer of "health services" by servicing your own health!

Please pass this on. This will encourage people to take responsibility for their own back pain and will generate possibility of health and wellbeing.
Thank you for your time and attention. - Barbara

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