Boring Saga

I was told, later in life, that as an infant I had torticollis, which was treated by hyperextending/pivoting my neck, done in screaming fashion. This is kinda ironic because as an adult for the past 35 years, this primal scream has been building. It started in my 20's while doing heavy physical work for a living.

Since I was a young teen, I was told by an orthopod doc pal of my dad's that I had a condition called spondylolisthesis and should start a sedentary workstyle, instead of the path I was traveling. I laughed it off and went to the chiropractor for decades, which I was able to deal with.

Along the way, I had a family, job change (Emergency Room RN), and kept on. Then I contracted hepatitis C and was treated with chemotherapy/antiviral combination therapy with apparent success in wiping out the disease and restoring normal liver function. The only thing is it upset, apparently, some natural emotional balance I was always fortunate to possess.

My current pain syndrome, which frankly I hate to assign a description, has forced its way into my existence to where anxiety, depression severe sacroiliac, trigger point muscle pain, neuropathies to legs and feet and hands (carpal tunnel), GI upsets, etc. . has become the rule of the day. Tyrannically interfering with daily activities to the point where no therapeutic modality seems to work.

I mention in the title boring, because who wants to really hear someone on a regular basis bitch and moan about their discomforts. I am interested to hear other fellow moaners or ex-victims of this self-imposed or should that read "opposed self" lifestyle. - Rick

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