Broken Neck and Back

My fiance was recently in an awful vehicle accident in which his SUV went off a 30 foot cliff, landing on the front and flipping several times. He has 8 breaks in his back, 3 of which in his neck at C2, C6 & C7.

The surgeons were able to successfully, we think, take a bone chip from his hip and fuse it from the C4, C5, C6,& C7. We absolutely understand that he has a long road of recovery ahead of him. He also broke his sternum horizontally across.

Can anyone relate to his pain that he is in?

He has also undergone another less invasive surgery because he also had some spinal cord fluid leakage which after being patched, showed signs of leaking again.

I am hoping to get him home soon but if anyone could relate to us and give some insight into how long this excruciating unbearable pain will be with him, it would be somewhat consoling.

Thanks, Erin

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