Car Accident Low Back Pain

I was in a car accident on October 13th, 2008. My sister and i were going out of town to visit family. She looked in the back seat to check on her son, which 5 minutes before this, the 4 year old little boy yelled at me to put my seat belt on. She went into the grass median. When she noticed this she jerked the wheel to the right and lost control of the car. we went into a small ditch and stopped in the woods. I was screaming in pain. My back hurt. I thought i was going to die, But i was more worried about my niece and nephew who were crying. Thank God they were crying from shock and they were scared, not from them getting hurt.

My sister was also ok. The trees had the drivers side door blocked so she had to climb over me and climb out of the passenger side window. I remember a man coming to the car and helping my sister tie the door to a tree limb so he could get to me. He never told me his name, but he said that he was a medic in the army and that he had just got back from Iraq. He stayed with me till the ambulance got there.

The paramedics got me out of the car and put me on a stretcher. At the hospital I had x-rays of my back and foot taken. Yeah I had a bad cut on my heel I had 6 stitches. The x-rays showed that I had an L1 compression fracture.

After 10 hrs, the nurse came in put a corset brace on me then discharged me. After getting home, I went to chiropractic therapy for 6 weeks which didn't help one bit. I wore that brace for 6 months. After 8 months the fracture would not heal on its own, so I had a vertebroplasty where they put medical cement into the fracture. Still no relief. I had an mri which showed that they didn't put enough cement into the fracture. There was nothing that they could do for risk of the cement leaking out of the fracture and damaging my spinal cord. The mri also showed I had bulging disks at L3, L4, and L5.

I started going to a pain management clinic which didn't help other than eat up all of the 30 thousand dollars that i had received from the settlement. Yes, i received more than that... 100 thousand... but after the lawyer got paid and after all the doctors bills was paid, this is all i received and in 4 months that was gone too.

I still wear my back brace some because I don't have health insurance so i cant go to the doctor. Did i mention that I'm only 23? So i have the rest of my life to be in pain.

I wake up in pain and i go to sleep in pain. The only thing that helps is a heating pad. Its now January 2010, still in the same pain back in 2008. There's nothing I can do other than just deal with it, which is getting harder each and every day. - Crystal

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